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Yeah, but if the (admittedly) lame KISS never existed, we may never have been blessed with The Melvins.

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Bay Area,
My wife and I had student loans like your wife ($250,000 between the two of us). We were never able to deduct the interest because we had too much income. We rented for those 17 years of repayment, so we just took the standard deduction. If you bought a house and own a rental property, you might be able to get creative with deductions, but you should probably ask around and see if you know someone who's in a similar situation (or consult a tax professional).

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Was that Harlem Nocturne?
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Patrick says
Why is governor Newsom handing out taxpayer cash to illegal aliens?

Because he needs their votes!

Hee hee. I had to read it twice to get the joke. Illegals aren't supposed to be ALLOWED to vote.
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I'm in Los Angeles and my wife and I have gotten 3 warnings from the county lifeguards. The first time, the lifeguard tried to stop me as I was about to paddle out. I told him "It's cool, we're not hurting anyone," and he says, "Oh yeah, is that your backpack over there?" He was in total cop mode.
I said ,"Yeah, that's our stuff Do what you're gonna do." Then I paddled out. He didn't touch our stuff.

LA county lifeguards don't ticket, but they can call the cops who do. The guy in Manhattan Beach cussed out the guard, so the cops gave him the $1000 ticket. I'm really struggling with this because I've always had a good relationship with the local guards. Maybe Miki Dora was right.
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Yeah, and the guy holding a sign at San Elijo had another one that said "Kim Prather is a kook." My wife's an MD, and said some of these "epidemiologists" are stepping up with their half-baked theories. Prather's ALREADY walking back her spiel!
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I think the woman getting punched out was Baltimore (check the PSA art in the background).
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Jesus, enough with the photos of cops with awkward smiles embracing the people they're supposed to be policing. There's no way to differentiate between a protester and a domestic terrorist. The lady you're hugging might jog around the corner and steal 5 pairs of skateboard shoes after you leave. It sure would be awkward to have to zip tie her after the hug!

I've been watching old Adam-12 episodes on Me TV during the lockdown. It's on from 5-6 p.m. in the Los Angeles area. It's great! You'd never see Officers Reed or Malloy hugging citizens. They've gotta stand apart, be objective, protect private property, etc.

I've gotta know Newbie, how old are you?
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I think that's a .380 auto.
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This is an interesting thread! I still consider myself a gun noob, so I'll add some info that might be helpful.

Last week I waited about 40 minutes in line outside the Turner's Outdoorsman in Signal Hill (and I had an appointment!) before I was let in to order a new 9mm. There weren't any 9mm pistols in stock. I've been wanting to try a CZ 75, so I put a deposit down and they said they'd call me when it comes in. I figure sometime in August. The price is $669.99.

If you live in California, you're limited to 3rd generation Glocks. The newer ones aren't on the California Handgun Roster. This can be a problem if you're looking at pistols from online gun shops. Online gun shops HATE having to deal with Cal. gun laws. Many won't even ship to FFLs in our state anymore. The best-priced 9mms online are RARELY California compliant.

For 9mm, I only have a S&W SDVE 9mm (my first gun). I like it, and can shoot it fairly well. It has a tactile loaded chamber indicator, so I think it's a good first pistol, and pretty cheap (when I bought it 5 years ago).

I think the CZ 75 is the pistol I should have started with. It's all steel and heavy, so it's probably going to have less recoil than the SDVE. I'm hoping I do better at the range with it. It has a thumb safety, too. I'm not sure if Bay Area or Patrick have semi-automatic pistols yet, but if I had to start from scratch, I'd try a big heavy gun with a safety for my first 9mm .
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Jesus Christ! Surfing is the only reason I still live in Southern California!
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I ordered a CZ 75 9 mm pistol from Turner's in Signal Hill on June 24th and haven't heard anything yet.

As far as ammo, the Big 5 in my town has some .22 LR and .380 auto but nothing in 9 mm. There are no guns left on the rack (except for BB/pellet guns). Whenever I go into Big 5, the one employee who is authorized to conduct firearm/ammo transactions isn't working. I found out that he always works on Fridays and that's also the day they get new ammo shipments in, so I'm just gonna make it a habit of stopping in every Friday. That might be a way to get your hands on 9 mm because I'm sure it doesn't last long once it's put on the shelves.
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I looked up those clones (Tristar/Canik), but they aren't on the roster of CA approved handguns list (what a surprise). I did see that the Hi Point C9 is on the list. I thought that might a good thing to have in the trunk of my car when I go to work in the hood. I'm still waiting to get a call back from Turner's Outdoorsman telling me they've got my CZ 75. I'll post when I get it so that folks on the thread can see how long it currently takes to get a gun in California.
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The one on the right might be a Russian agent.
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This stuff is way before my time, but I ran across it recently and it needs to be hyped. The Crazy Rockers were one of those Dutch/Indonesian groups ("Indorock" genre). What incredible technique and sound quality! Hard to believe that's a live video from the sixties.
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This is some of the more approachable Melvins stuff. Now THIS is my generation. Kurt Kobain was their roadie and they influenced him.
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What a great drummer. He reminds me of Jim Fox from the James Gang.
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I wonder how many people know the other name for Brazil nuts?
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As I get older I listen to the harsh stuff (Motorhead) less often, but Hawkwind still sounds great (without being too grating). Stacia had huge jugs!
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I can't believe Gascon is going to be the fucking D.A. here in Los Angeles. This guy doesn't think ANYONE should be incarcerated.
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The Road Warrior
Beyond The Valley of the Dolls
The Exorcist
Dirty Harry
Apocalypse Now
The Last Detail
Repo Man
Hard Eight (low-budget noir pick)
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I think the dystopian novel with the homo future is "The Wanting Seed" by Anthony Burgess.
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I was always super stoked to find my a new issue in my dad's stash. I always thought that someone should compile all the Chester the Molester cartoons and reprint them, but it looks like the artist (Dwaine B. Tinsley) was a scumbag (molested his own daughter), so it'll probably never happen.
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I just sold my copies of those 6 books ebay for $2000. Here was my description:

All 6 Banned Books by Dr. Seuss in Excellent Condition!!!. Condition is "Very Good."
The "Very Good" condition is because I wrote the Accelerated Reader number and book level in pen on the publisher's information page of the book (see photo). The Cat's Quizzer has no pen marks. Otherwise the books are in excellent shape. I used them for read alouds to my class (with the overhead projector) and I was the only one who touched them.

Ebay ended my 7 day auction for trying to sell these "hate products," so I'm relisting with a "Buy It Now" price of the last bid I received. Hopefully one of the bidders of the cancelled auction will make their way to this one!
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If you've got a copy of any of the above titles, put 'em upon ebay. Make sure you select "Buy It Now," because ebay is cancelling auctions of these books left and right. A 7 day auction gives ebay plenty of time to shut you down.
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Bitcoin says
there will def. be a run on guns/ammo after Biden coming out with his calls for a gun reform.

I don't know, Bitcoin. I don't see how the ammo availability can get any worse (in So.Cal).
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