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Occidental Dissent. The voice of the angry white male supremacist. For people who think breitbart ia too squishy and liberal.
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WillPowers says

They either plan to stop disinformation or help to spread it to help the Democrats win in the midterms!

That's fair considering the huge amount of disinformation they spread to get trump elected.
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WillPowers says
Ken Vogel, a Democrat-reporter at the New York Times, has been forced to report that powerful Democrats linked to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might be in the Mueller crosshairs.

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WillPowers says
MORE BAD NEWS FOR PODESTA, MERCURY & SKADDEN: As part of MANAFORT’s plea deal, he agrees to testify before all grand juries in DC and "elsewhere.” The inquiries into @PodestaGroup, Mercury & @SkaddenArps are being run out of the Southern District of New York.

Where did vogel say democrat? I'm not seeing it. Can you point it out? . I guess you didn't get the memo that the mercury group ( former rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.)) is a republican lobbying firm. They all knew that European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECFMU) was a front for Yanukovych and Putin. The emails that have come out show the lobbyists in the groups laughing and making jokes about it.

How does breitbart know that Mueller has zippo? Did Mueller call breitbart up and tell them?
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clambo says
I like having a piece in the center console of my car. I'm not likely to be carjacked without making some resistance.

I like having a small .380 in my shorts here and there if I am in the mood to carry it around. Nobody expects a tan guy in flops and shorts to be strapped.

Pepper spray works too but some people are more dangerous.

Pop goes the weasel.

Cruising the hood a lot? Here's a life hint, stay in places where there are grandmothers and baby carriages. Leave places with drug dealers and hookers. Easy fix.
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He was only failed until ruskies started buying hundreds of trump condos through shell companies.
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clambo says

Singer Island, Palm Beach county is just a few blocks away from the dangerous areas in Riviera Beach, FL for example.

and you are forced to go there by who? I lived in NYC in the 70's which makes the "danger zones" in south florida look like disney. A very little bit of common sense will be much more useful than a gun in your jock strap. If you are really that paranoid carry a throw away wallet. Do you really think some hype is going to kidnap you? There were only 26,00 cars stolen in the entire state of florida in 2017. Car jacking is so rare florida doesn't even break it out.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Rosenstein reportedly made the comments to then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe,

Reportedly. Did you miss that part? Hilllary reported ran a pedophile sex ring from a pizza parlor. I'll wait to see the gun camera film. BTW when will we have proof about hillaries sex ring also?
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dr6B says
Prohibition has been tried and is tried now, has not worked, so will not work in future.

As long as prohibition gives the god and guns crowd hard dicks and gets the politicians pandering to them reelected whether it works or not doesn't matter.
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Do they make a telephoto lens that big that it will show up in the picture?
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Tenpoundbass says

“Over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said during the call.

Fucking really big DUH. No one realized the dems wanted to block K? This is some kind of new revelation some how? ROFLOL. You can' t make this shit up. It's always fun to get a good laugh on patnet.

Tenpoundbass says

According to the , this was about the same time Feinstein received the letter from Ford.

This was also about the same time I took a really good dump one day. Coincidence? I think not. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa.
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komputodo says
. I say that anyone that thinks it's OK to talk about a president's DICK on TV has no shame.

So it was ok for trump to talk about his dick size on national tv when he was candidate trump?

“He referred to my hands—if they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee it.”

You can't make this shit up.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Conservative values is all about incestuous childhood rape, exactly as the Founding Fathers commanded!

It was a girl. That's much better than average for the GOP..
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barrister says

When the next great stock crash will happen
When it happens obama deficits will be fondly remembered as being small and quaint . It's going to take some time for all the tax cut money to roll through the system. Without a black swan (keep an eye on the corporate bond bubble) there should be enough momentum to carry through the 2020 election. But that was the whole point of the tax cut, a giant pump and dump to carry trump to a second term.

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Patrick says

In one of her tweets Hopkins calls Poland one of the safest countries in Europe,

Except for all the countries that are safer, many of whom took in considerable refugees. But hey don't let facts confuse a good bogus narrative.®ion=150

As she reflects on Poland’s culture she compares it with the cities and countries of Western Europe. Poland, that is seen by Europe’s left as an authoritarian or even far right state,

WTF. Authoritarian far right countries are supposed to be safe. That's the whole point.
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I don't see the post of K's published writing that says that he did it and he was wrong. Did I miss it? Can you post it again?

Let me get this clear in my head. Grabbing some girls tit who- was so concerned that she didn't even remember it and stayed friends is the same as throwing someone down, holding them down while ripping off her clothes who thought she might die are the same thing. I want to party with your daughter.
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mell says
lol the chart clearly proves the point, on average the safest countries are all middle and eastern Europe where clearly a conservative trend has been sweeping the countries. Italy will join soon if the coalition under Salvini can do its work long enough. Ukraine is pretty poor (still) and France/Britain is currently a lost cause. In northern Europe the most leftists government, Sweden, has disastrous crime whereas Norway shut its borders long ago, Denmark recently and even Finland has begun doing so. All proves the point. Spain always used to be very safe, but I expect that to slide hard if they stay left and keep taking the rapefugees the other mediterranean countries don't want. They are just starting to fuck up.

You need to check your numbers of crime vs number of refugess. here is an interactive chart.

Look at the refugees vs population. Austria has the highest percentages but is the second safest country in europe. Germany took in almost as many as Austria and has almost the same crime rating as Poland. France took in 1/3 as many as germany and is the third worst in crime. Italy took in half as many as france is 4th worst on crime. Finland took in the same as france and is 4th safest. Denmark took in about the same as france and is right behind finland. Ireland took in 1/4 as many as France and is 5th most cirmes. Belgiam took in 1/2 as many as austria and is #10 for crime. Bulgaria took in 1/2 as many as Belgium and has the same crime. Spain??? seriously??? Spain took in same number of refugees as poland since 2015. Want to stand on that hand or draw some new cards? Norway is down with greece and bulgaria crime wise, two countries that took in about twice as many refugees as poland.

Want to explain how this all works since the numbers and your narrative don't match at all? It's true because I believe it should be true doesn't count.
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WookieMan says
Yeah, not seeing it to be honest. Until job numbers start declining, things will be fine. No need to say age, but we're entering a baby boom right now for millennials. Kids need shit. That shit creates jobs on a massive scale that are sustainable. Call me out later, but I think we're entering a post WW2 era of expansion if there's a period to compare to.

Boomers are skeptical of anything positive it seems now, which is why I mentioned age. Not a knock, I just think there's some jealousy. I'd be surprised if there's anything close to a 20% "correction" in the next 8 years or so. Call me out if I'm wrong, which I probably will be, but there's too much money going to be sunk into family creation over the next decade.

There is no way to compare the post WWII era with today. There isn't 15+ years of pent up demand, there isn't a wartime manufacturing powerhouse ready to convert to making consumer goods, there isn't zero foreign competition because we just bombed every manufacturing nation flat. .

The 80 million millennials needing shit is going to be considerably offset by 70 million baby boomers dying and not needing shit. There is going to be a shitload of boomer houses for sale. Lots of them in the wrong places. Be very interesting to watch the markets.

There will be a correction/recession. There always is. It's never different this time.
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lostand confused says

Quoted for posteirity. This is your reponse to his own words-not the accuser-his own. Glad you think molestation is such a joke. Oh and Kavanaugh denies it-the accuser doesn't even know which year it happened, how many people in the room etc etc. But Spartacus is not disputing anything-he admits it. Liberlas have serious issues-you guys-now I understand how Nazism, Pol Pot and communism started-you guys are willing to justify anything on your side and vilify anything on the opposing side. truly evil.

Judging by those vile words-how many people's daughters/underage girls did you party with or as you say grab their tits-you obviously think it si no great deal.. A drunk 15 year old who didn't remember -you think grabbing her tits is no big deal, after she pushed his hands off-vile, evil stuff. Lord know show many little girls you partied with.

My believes on molestation are not part of what I posted, you made that up. . I asked if you believed it was the same thing. Simple question. Nice bunch of irrelevant bullshit that totally dodges the question.

Do you believe jaywalking is the same as hit and run? There is a reason the law has levels of offenses unlike the spewing of ideological bullshit.
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Hard to believe anyone would give a shit about an incompetent evolutionary that died 50 years ago never mind start a thread about it..
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lostand confused says
I answered very clearly

You didn't answer at all. Do you believe it is the same thing? Simple unequivocal English sentence that is generating lots of tap dancing, ducking, false narratives, insults, suppositions, implications, , and irrelevancies. But no answer.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
TrumpCuck says
I think these people scour the Internet looking for things to get upset about.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

We should actually think about permanently firing teachers who wear the shirt of mass murderers.

TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says

Caitlyn Jenner's Caption On A Photo With Steven Tyler Receives Serious Backlash

Exhibit A of scouring the internet looking for things to be upset about.
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LeonDurham says
What I find amazing is with all these dead people on the rolls and all this supposed voter fraud--why can't anyone actually point to dead people casing votes??

Two Scoops?

Voter fraud requires someone actually casting a fraudulent vote. It's amazing that nobody can ever show this simple act with all the rampant fraud that the right continually complains about.

The trump commission will be releasing documentation of all the voter fraud soon. ROFLOL. So far many studies have found fraudulent voting is something like .00001%.

Trumps voter fraud attack dog Kris Kobach announced in a press conference that he had found thousands of people in NH that had registered with an out of state address (remember trump said thousands of people were bused to NH to v0te). Just as his dick reached maximum hard someone pointed out that they were college students using their parents address. Whoops.
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Russians are fucking clowns.

Those clowns are winning at social media propaganda and cyber warfare all over the world. Just look at patnet for an amazing amount of posts that are unquestioningly regurgitating misinformation from the russian social media propaganda machine without a clue where it originates. The russians have the getting people to react without thinking thing down to a fine science. .
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bob2356 says

Want to explain how this all works since the numbers and your narrative don't match at all? It's true because I believe it should be true doesn't count.

Crickets chirping. Where are all the russian rapeugee propaganda kool aide drinkers to explain the contradictory numbers? Why is Austria the safest euro country before and after taking in the most refugees? Did they somehow send all the criminal refugees to sweden and only keep the good ones? Great trick. Why is homogeneous no conflict no refugee poland only mid pack way behind refugee overrun austria?

Who deleted my post comparing 2014 crime rates with 2017 crime rates? Pretty fucking lame.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
100,000 new Americans per year is fine. That's all that's needed.

Our current policy brings in those who simply to latch onto the Welfare State. Something that did not exist in the 1920s and acted as a mechanism to prevent freeloaders.

So true, they became mobsters instead of collecting welfare.
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Got to love right wingnut statistics and math. Add 2+2 and get negative pi. So the number of times people go to the doctor vs pull out a gun is???????????????? ROFLOL. Good one TPB. Keep the laughs coming.
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DUH, thank you captain julian obvious. Does assange also believe the sun comes up in the east.
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And what exactly did they win? A wave upon wave of sanctions? LOL.

Painful sanctions. Please sir may I have another. ROFLOL.

No one knows YET if they won an election for trump. They took over a good size chunk of the Ukraine and picked up elections for their fascist right candidates all across Europe for sure.
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NuttBoxer says

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true percentage-wise.

So find out and let us know.
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theoakman says
Anyone who's ever been to the ER realizes that hospitals can often be places you go to die, not to be saved.

So don't go, problem solved. Or quiturbitchen and open your own ER that does the job to your satisfaction. People will flock there and you will be the next bezos.
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WookieMan says

Is this a joke? From the article:

“People are bigger than they used to be. So we’re making the aisle smaller and the seats narrower. Sounds like a recipe for a dangerous situation,” aviation attorney and pilot Brian Alexander said.

How can the isle be smaller and the seats narrower if the fuselage is the same width?
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Tenpoundbass says

Most fleets have been replaced Jets are narrower now. When you fly some smaller airlines or even Asian Air routes, you'll fly in 20+ year old planes, the isles are twice as wide. While the planes have just as many seats, but they are wider with longer legroom.

The 707,727,757,737 use the same fuselage 148 inches. The airbus 320 series ( A318, A319, A320 and A321, as well as the ACJ business) all use the same fuselage 156 inches. . The A300,310,330,340 are all 208 with the A350 which replaces the A340 is at 221. The dreamliner is 5 inches wider than the 767 it's replacing.

Remind me again which planes are those that are narrower than the ones they are replacing?
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Unemployment %% is literally the most useless stat when it comes to analyzing Russian economy: when economy takes a dive they don't layoff people, they lower their pay and/or delay it for months (or sometimes even years). Amazingly Russians still keep coming to work.

Want back that up with something other than it's true because I say it's true..

What you need to pay attention to is the recent (very unpopular) move to sharply and suddenly raise pension (analof of our Social Security) eligibility age and increasing (arleady draconian) VAT from 18% to 20%. They also literally confiscated the Russian analog of IRAs/401k's and signaled they will not be returned even in the future. These are not the moves which betray "economy doing great".

Government spending isn't the economy, either in Russia or America. BTW what was the retirement age? Oh right 55. Russia is trying to get ahead of their own demographic pension problems before it blows up in their face.. There are 42 countries with VAT above the draconian 20%. They didn't confiscate the pensions, they confiscated about a year's worth of contributions. Bad but a long way from your very misleading statement. Don't think the US congress isn't eyeing IRA's every single day. There have already been proposals floated that a percentage of IRA's should be required to be government bonds.

So your argument, the economy "isn't doing great", Russian economy has never done great.

This all relates to the russian propaganda machine/cyber war how exactly?
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bob2356 says
Russia is trying to get ahead of their own demographic pension problems before it blows up in their face..

Except several years ago Putin literally had a "read my lips" moment when he said "there will be no raising of pension age while I'm the president".

Is there a point here? A politician making a promise that they know they can't keep, then doing what they knew needing doing after they get in office. That's never happened before.
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Goddam TPB. You really outdid yourself on this one. The tin foil hat hall of fame video. I bookmarked it so I can show it at parties. Yow do you find all the shit you come up with in only a short 24 hour day?
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Patrick says
Soros does seem to have been a big investor in Paypal, and used that influence to tell it to stop accepting payments for Alex Jones.

Yes of course, I read all about it on infowars the go to site for accurate information. .BOMBSHELL The rest of the right wing echo chamber ran the infowars fairy tale word for word. ROFLOL.

BTW Soros owns 4.4 million shares (see the funds 13-F) of paypals 1.2 billion outstanding shares (as per nasdaq and the SEC). Sure right Soros being a 0.44% owner in the company gave them a call and said drop inforwars. ROFLOL x 2

Patrick says

And Soros did survive the Holocaust (he is Jewish himself) by working for the Nazis, confiscating money from other Jews and turning it over to them.

and now we double down. That's pretty impressive for someone who was 9 when the nazi's started sending hews off to concentration camps and just turned 14 when the soviets rolled into Hungary booting the nazi's out. ROFLOL x 3.

Looks like Putin's propaganda gnomes scored twice on this thread. . No thinking required when you have the "facts". ROFLOL x 4.
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Evan F. says
I have had several friends pack up the Los Angeles area for Portland OR. They love it.

Yep Portland is now CA north. That's why I left.
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BayArea says

- Safe
- Good for raising family
- we don’t need a huge metro city but prefer not to be way out in the country either. We still want restaurants, stores, some life... balance is good.
- a place that’s maybe more bipartisan would be nice. We are both tired of feeling like the only individuals in our perspective offices who aren’t far left leaning.
- we wouldn’t necessarily need to stay in CA, but somewhere within an hour or two flight of the Bay Area would be preferred due to family.
- I’m in tech so having some job prospects would be great. My wife is in a field where she could work pretty much anywhere.
- I’m not a huge fan of scorching weather so Arizona would probably not be a good option.

If this isn't another mental masturbation thread I would say check out bellingham. I lived in OR and WA for a long time. Seattle and Portland are both out of control and overrun and have pretty much lost their charm. Bellingham has very impressive schools, a total outdoor lifestyle (as in mt baker and the sound), and not totally unreasonable cost of housing. It's also a kind of off beat funky anything goes kind of place. It is left leaning. If that really bothers you maybe check out Spokane. Tech???? Weather is what it is. Take it or leave it. A couple hours drive puts you in Vancouver or Seattle (of course once you are in Seattle a couple hours drive is about 10 miles). I almost moved there about 15 years ago, but chose south padre area instead because of professional reasons.aka much higher pay and advancement opportunity.

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