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anon_61c8a says
Is that really who we need negotiating everything for the US?

MAGA with people who can't stay out of bankruptcy themselves. Look at oil leases. Give away prices with the cost of oil so low. The government is having a fire sale right now. A good businessman would wait until oil companies were willing to pay a premium then offer leases.
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anon_df5d8 says
errc says
Yesterday another gun nut MENTALLY DERANGED individual slaughtered 17 innocent Americans in Florida.

There, now it's accurate

Gun nut and mentally deranged are not mutually exclusive. I would have thought that was proven beyond doubt by now.
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Strategist says

If Trump's lawyer paid her, maybe it was the lawyer who was banging her, and paid for services rendered.

Hope springs eternal in the trump alternative reality.
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anon_8f378 says
You'd think if snopes was such a liberal farce, somebody would be able to actually post something from their site and show how they are lying. It ought to be easy.


Somebody? Anybody? more crickets chirping Come on TPB you can come up with something more recent than 2009. Can't you?
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ThreeBays says

Go back and read what I wrote? Hint, it supports what you're saying.

anon_8f378 says

I was agreeing with you.

My apologies. It wasn't clear if I was being called a troll without thinking skills or the references were about the trump cult followers who bring hypocrisy to a new level never before seen in history.
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NoYes says
Shooter was a Damocrap......silence from the fake news again?

The only white nationalist democrat on the planet apparently.
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WookieMan says

This seems far fetched without even doing any light lifting.

The leader of the group announced this. Do you suppose he doesn't know what he is talking about somehow?

The picture of him I saw cruz was wearing a MAGA hat.
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anon_c9d2b says

anon_c9d2b says

Please read.

The problem is, you won't hear about these situations on your favorite Liberal MSM channel. It goes against their narrative!

Where are all the stories of people mistakenly shooting their families, neighbors, friends, the wrong people, themselves, etc.? You won't read it in american rifleman. It goes against their narrative.
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WookieMan says

I frankly hope the white nationalist part is true in a sense. If the AP is going to fuck something like this up then I truly am scared of the media and I'm not a trumpcuck. This would be a nasty mistake just jumping on some white nationalist saying it was over a girl, yet he didn't know him. Does the AP not proofread?

WTF? The leader of the group says the shooter trained with them. Reporters reported it. That's how news works. What's to proofread? What in your mind is fucked up about that?
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anon_aa28a says
Tim Aurora says


There you go!

When, not if but when, the economy tanks the deficits will soar far beyond 1 trillion. This courtesy of the same people who said Obama was wrecking the country with the same deficits in much worse economic times. Democrats are pretty poor, but the republican party has become a total joke. I belonged to the republican party for a long time back when being a republican politician meant doing more than sucking ultra rich libertarians dicks.
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HeadSet says
A person with Chelsea Clinton's background is in no way qualified for either the top tier NBC News job or the board member job. Any honest assessment would show she was hired at these high paycheck gigs to gain access to and favor with her parents. If Snopes was not biased, Snopes would have admitted that fact without the hollow statements on Chelsea's merit.

Doing human interest fillers is a top tier NBC News job? Really? A back round like advanced degrees from Stanford, Columbia, and Oxford with work at a major consulting firm? That kind of back round?

Seems to me snopes reported the actual facts involved and left out any opinion whether she was qualified or why she was hired. One would think that is what a fact checking organization would be doing. At least someone reasonable would think.
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zzyzzx says

Neither, anyone who thinks so is a fool.
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Sniper says
The Armed Citizen (497)

Read these amazing stories which highlight accounts of law-abiding gun owners in America using their Second Amendment rights for self-defense in this online edition of the Armed Citizen.

FYI, that's 497 different incidences that a armed citizen stopped a bad guy.

How many people shot friends, family, or some innocent person by mistake? Not seeing that number in the article. Want to highlight it for us? There are over 1000 kids a year that have unintentional gunshot wounds or are killed unintentionally. How many do you suppose were bad guys?
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Where are the arrests of the business owners? Where are the raids at purdue, tyson, smithfield, or trump properties? Christ you can pick up 212 illegals in a couple home depot parking lots any day of the week without breaking a sweat.

Just more kabuki theatre for the base from people who talk about removing the illegals but don't want them gone at all. Bread and circus. Works every time.
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anon_61c8a says
If people were really fleeing SF, you would see a decline in prices of rent and houses.

Bingo. We have a winner. Poorer people are moving out with u hauls, richer people are moving in with moving companies.
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anon_b42bb says

and homicides have gone down. Imagine that.

and all crimes have gone down. A lot. Imagine that. I like how they compare murder rate with the number of guns. Bogus chart and more right wingnut bad math. Should have been the gun ownership rate. Which is actually falling. The number of guns has increased because the hard cores are buying and owning larger and larger numbers of guns. One person with 20 guns isn't the same as 20 people with 1 gun.

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anon_8f378 says
It's about banning some types of weapons whose only purpose is mass killing. Closing loopholes in gun laws. Restricting gun sales to particularly high risk groups of people. Those laws aren't already on the books.

Try back round checks on every gun sale and prison time for anyone who sells a gun to someone who couldn't pass. That would still be limited since the reporting to the back round data base is voluntary and a lot isn't reported, there are huge problems with the NICS database itself, and there are big backlogs of data that isn't entered. But it would be a start.
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WookieMan says
bob2356 says
WTF? The leader of the group says the shooter trained with them. Reporters reported it. That's how news works. What's to proofread? What in your mind is fucked up about that?

Refresh the link. Story and headline updated. You proof read the quotes I put up earlier in this thread. The quotes the reporter decided to use in the original story contradicted each other, in the same article, one paragraph apart. I wish I had done a screen shot on it.

I said it looked fishy and like lazy journalism and I was correct. The way this article was presented was total click bait and completely inaccurate without the reporters CONFIRMING the information they were given. You don't just report what you were told, especially with that serious of an allegation.

Prosecutors make allegations not reporters. You can't make an allegation for something that is perfectly legal like training with a white supremest group. You could make an assertion which could be correct or incorrect.

This is all BS. Reporters report the story as it exists at the time. If new information comes in that changes the story the the new information is reported. Reporters do that every day. That's how reporting works. Unless you are fox news which is simply all opinion all the time.
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CBOEtrader says
Ok, so marketing under a fake name is apparently now a crime.

Try reading the article or the indictment. The indictment lays out what they are charged with including title and section of the US code. Yes, violating campaign laws is a crime the same as it always was. Did you think it wasn't somehow just because russians were involved?

CBOEtrader says

Soooo... not only is there still zero evidence of any trump campaign wrong doing, but wtf is the charge against these 13 russians?

Why are these related in your mind?
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CajunSteve says
but the NRA is not far behind.

The NRA is nothing but the lobbying and marketing arm of gun manufacturers.
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Sniper says
Malcolm says
Australia’s rate fell to a record low. It is slightly lower now at just 1 death per hundred thousand.

Deaths may have dropped but violent crimes and attacks went UP because people couldn't defend themselves. Is getting a violent beating by a thug acceptable because the thug wasn't shot by the homeowner and lived?

Your proof is missing somehow.

There were 11 mass shooting in Australia from 1986 to 1996. The number since then is zero. quod erat demonstrandum
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Sniper says

Case in point, what's the difference in these two rifles?

One shoots 5 bullets and then must be reloaded one bullet at a time. The other shoots 30 bullets (up to 75 with extended mags) and can be reloaded almost instantly by simply clicking in another mag . Which is better for killing lots of people fast? How many less people/children would have died in florida, ct, tx, nv etc., etc., etc. if the shooter had to put in 5 bullets one a time after the first 5 shots?

Are you really such a crappy shot that you need to shoot multiple 30 round mags in the woods to hit something? I never had any trouble hunting with my old bolt action winchester model 70 featherweight. Although I will say my hunting partners rem 700 was more accurate.
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Tenpoundbass says
all of they have done is turned every 1st world nation into a Shithole country.

Strategist says
Maybe the socialists like Hey You, Jazz, Dan can enlighten us.

Maybe people should enlighten themselves as to what socialism means. Simply calling any type of government function socialism is just stupid. Seems that capitalists never mind government/socialism that benefits them, only government/socialism that benefits other people bothers them. Want to know who spent the most money and effort lobbying for the bank bailouts? The uber libertarian Koch brothers organization. I guess losing billions in the stock market gives you a certain moral flexibility (kudos to John Cusak in Grosse Point Blank) in your libertarian values.

Really incompetent and/or maniac leaders have ruined many countries capitalist or socialist. Bad leadership like chavez or mubarak (egypt was quite capitalist when mubarak took over) can destroy any country. Simply seizing private property then giving it to your friends and cronies to run into the ground while they are sending huge amounts money to swiss banks isn't socialism no matter how much someone calls it socialism.

Perhaps TPB could enlighten us as to which 1st world countries he has visited that he found to be shitholes. The ones I've visited the last few years are doing very well. I wouldn't want to live in a true socialist country, with no private property, but the 1st world social democracies are almost all very good places that I would (and have) live in no problem at all. . .
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CBOEtrader says
bob2356 says
Try reading the article or the indictment.

Ok Bob, enlighten us as to how marketing is somehow a campaign law violation.

The link to the indictment is right in the article. Click on it. Then go look up the statutes for each count in the federal register. I wouldn't dream of denying you the opportunity to embark on a voyage of discovery allowing you to improve your knowledge of the laws and legal system you live under. Enlightenment is a wonderful thing.

CBOEtrader says
This wasn't "russia". This was 13 Russia nationals. The indictment claims they were spending $1.25 million/ month on their operation. The ads they mention would absolutely not cost more than $100k max, so I estimated $50k.

Mueller shared all the financial records from the investigation with you? Including all the ad purchases? That was certainly nice of him. Are you some kind of special friend? Can you post them for us to see also or did Robert ask you to keep them to yourself?
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Tenpoundbass says

My kind loses out in Socialist societies, I end up in the mass graves. I'll go down fighting when we turn Socialist.
I don't know what you Utopia you think you have planned, but no it wont be warm and fuzzie it will be the violent hell on earth it always is. I'm talking some bitches with me before I go down though.

Which first world countries have you have been visiting exactly?

So you are saying you don't use any of those socialist roads, police, fire, schools, internet, electricity, sewer, water, air travel, courts, military protection, homeland security, food inspections, regulation of toxic waste, etec. etc. then?
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Patrick says
I do believe Trump is at least trying to do the right thing. Maybe most other Republicans are cynically pretending to help US workers while actually selling them out, but so far I still think Trump is on the side of the American people.

What are the right things for the American people trump has done exactly? List them.
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Black Panther is boring. It managed to be more ponderous and plodding than bladerunner 2047 which is a high bar. Does anyone in hollywood know what the word editing means any more?
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Sniper says
Great, so is that why car deaths have risen to record levels over 40,000 last year and 3 million were injured from all this NEW safety regulations?

Doesn't sound like government regulation and involvement is working very well.

Actually they are working well. What isn't working very well is some people grasping the concept of rate. As in fatalities per mile travelled which have been dropping quite nicely with government regulation and involvement. Down a third in the last 15 years and 60% since the first regs started. It's a math thing, conservatives always seem to have trouble with math
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Sniper says
Gun show background checks go on ALL the time.

So that's why it's called the gun show loophole. Because gun show background check go on ALL the time. I'm so glad that point was cleared up. ROFLOL.
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HeadSet says
An AR-15 is a semi-auto weapon, which is no more deadly than any other long gun. In fact, a pistol may be more deadly than an AR-15 in a school setting by being easier to smuggle and conceal. If you recall, the VA Tech shooter used pistols and killed 32 people in two separate attacks.

Nonsense. High capacity quickly changed clips, rifle or pistol, make killing large numbers of people possible. Name all the mass shootings done with a revolver or non clip rifle reloading one bullet at a time.

Still waiting for someone to come up with why they need multiple 30 (or more) round clips for hunting
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someone else says
Mandate repeal, tax reform, decline of ISIS, increase in US manufacturing, end of TPP, record stock market, letting ICE actually enforce US law (I personally know a guy who worked for them). Pretty consistently acted on what he said he would do.

LOL. Not the 1% the other 99%.
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Patrick says
It needs to be made mandatory.

I'm sure it's on the top of trumps and all of the corporate donor;s list of legislative priorities . I'm positive that trump properties requires e-verify for everyone working there, including sub contracters workers.

You do know there is no time limit on employers correcting ss number mismatches (aka fake numbers) don't you? The requirement is reasonable. Since ss has 120 days to respond to inquiry's that makes the minimum 120 days before an employer has to do anything at all. Plenty of time to come up with another fake number or for seasonal work to end. I'm sure fixing this and getting all those illegals out of good american jobs like processing meat/fish and picking fruit/veggies is also top of the trump/republican/corporate wish list.
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Another BOMBSHELL. Be still my beating heart. How can Americans manage to live their daily lives with BOMBSHELL after BOMBSHELL after BOMBSHELL coming at them?

Wow, this is really inimpeachable information, especially coming from such a well respected source. Just look there are pictures, affidavits, confessions, bank statements, emails, cancelled checks, the whole works. So with that kind of ironclad case it would appear that bill will be sharing a jail cell with hillary, and obama once the indictments come in for the BOMBSHELL memo. Or maybe not, looks like someone forgot to load the powder and primer into the bombshells. Whoops.

No mention of the grassy knoll or the mafia or pizza though. Very suspicious.

Thanks for the morning laugh TPB.
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Sniper says

Not these percentages again, some just haven't learned math.

In 1978 there were 73 million households, so 51% of 73 = 37 million were gun owners.

In 2016 there were 126 million households, so 36% of 126 = 45 million were gun owners.

Quick math question, which is larger, 37 million or 45 million?

What was that again about "right wing math"?

More households own guns NOW.

Quick math question. In any group of say 1 million people (assuming theoretical even distribution) are there more or less gun households at 36% now than at 51% then? Hint 510,000 is larger than 360,000. Right wing math strikes again.

So if a country A has a million people with a million gun owners and country B has 500 million people with 1 million and 1 gun owners that means you are more likely to get shot in country B because they have more gun owners. OF COURSE, how could I not have seen that?

Yes those troublesome (if you don't understand them) percentages do matter.
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Sniper says

The NRA has ALWAYS called for sensible background checks.

ROFLOL. The NRA defines sensible as any background check that would not prevent a gun sale. The NRA used to call for sensible background checks when it was actually a group of gun owners not gun manufacturers. Those days are long gone.
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Strategist says

If you replace dictators and Islam with democracy, you will see something that has never been seen in the Middle East.......PEACE.

Wow, you are saying there has never been a war when a country was a democracy. That's a very interesting interpretation of history.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The pressure is on. Here come the real wage gains, esp. for the bottom 20%, that we ought to have had for many years. No more gaming the labor market with illegals.

How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

TwoScoopsPlissken says
Wages for small business employees reporting they are raising wages at the fastest rate since 2000

Unemployment is the lowest since 2000. Maybe there is a correlation some how? Na, that's just silly. Paying people more when competition for labor is tight. That has never happened before.
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Strategist says
anon_72630 says
"The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth"

Only because of non democracies.

Non democracy defined as anything we don't like?
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Quigley says
bob2356 says
How many less illegals are here than when trump took office?

How would you determine this? They aren’t exactly checking in. Maybe you missed the bit about them being “illegal.”

The way the number of illegals has been determined every time someone wants a political talking point. If enough had left to substantially affect the wage market it would be pretty obvious. Didn't happen. Less people have been deported under trump than obama. Only 80,000 people that were already living here were deported last year. Not all of them were working. Do you suppose that was enough to affect wages in a labor market of 125 million people?
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Hey, you guys keep claiming there is no such thing as an assault rifle, but want to use assault rifles in statistics. Sorry you can't have it both ways.