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just any guy says

Interesting question. I grew up very religious but left in my early 30s. I now have no belief beyond science, which certainly makes logical sense, but it's not comforting. The human mind has evolved to a level of needing a sense of identity and meaning, which science does not currently provide. I would like to believe in something more, but I haven't found something I can genuinely embrace without dismissing it as an illusion. I'm exploring universal energy as an option, but I'm open to ideas as someone jaded by man-made religion.

maybe you grew up with the wrong religion. Did you research all religions before abandoning the idea?

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bob2356 says
anonymous says
That compares with $46,344 a year in Manhattan,

What western expat works in Dubai for 58k a year? I never heard of any. Where the fuck do you rent a 3 bedroom house in Manhattan at all? Idiotic. They can't drive 10 minutes to Abu Dhabi , Ajman or Sharjah if rents are too high in the city of dubai? It's a really small country and Dubai is a small city. People commute from Albany to NYC for christ sakes. I know, I did it for 4 years.

10 minutes to Ajman, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi? Really?!!
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Combined income: 120k
House paid off in Orange County, CA
property tax: 7,700
2 kids

win or lose with the new tax bill?
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I honestly believe that each year more and more mothers are choosing formula over breast milk for convenience and that is the reason why more kids are getting hit harder every flu season. Breast milk plays a vital role in the immune system development.
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Find biased researches done by other people who share his opinion and shame the other guy without questioning themselves and doing some deep neutral research.
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I think what she meant was Israeli money that was donated to Israel by the US only to find its way back to the congress. She should choose her words more carefully.
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Kakistocracy says
Tis true. My knowledge of the California market is far more than you suspect. The past and current pain threshold before people become unhinged is $4.00 per gallon but it can ride up to $5.00 per gallon on average before anyone in politics or their cronys really has to worry.

The public whining when the price goes above $4.00 is tolerable nuisance and a cost of doing business but it gives the local media something to do with another round of why are gas prices to high stories.

Normally the way it works in California is, to raise the price by 50 cents, they would gradually take it to $4.00 from $3.00. Then after a lot of public whining, they would scale back to $3.50. Whining stops and everyone is happy. Mission accomplished!
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I have only one advice. If your GF is controlling and always wants things done her way, or gets upset over minor things, disrespecting at times. Run as far away as you can and don't look back. DO NOT Marry Her. If you think people change with time, NO THEY DON'T.
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This great! Finally!
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I have only 1 CC. It is an Amazon card and I accrue points when I use it which I like. I pay it off every month so don't pay interest and enjoy the benefits.
Any fraudulent charges have always been reversed without any issues.
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International flea markets, garage sales. That is it. Other than that, use cc, pay it off every month, enjoy the points!
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Quigley says
Too bad it has such a strong taste.

If you’d said donkey winning I’d have known you were talking about Occasional Cortex.

Not true for all goats. You should try Goat meat in South Asia or Somalia if you ever get a chance. It is amazing. Unfortunately, very limited places in the US import form these countries and it is very expensive.
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Wonder how many on Patnet are from this agency
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Why didn't Hitler finish the job?

You have to separate Jews from Israelis. There are many Jews who are against what Israel stands for.
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Or the author had an insight and was warning. No one took a note in Iran.
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No one likes a bully till the bully is on your side. Then all of a sudden the bully is A-O-K
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350k all cash with 230 HOA and 2200 pm rent

B.A.C.A.H. says
If you're paying all cash there's probably worse things you can do with your money.

You'll have your hands full already with California Property Taxes and HOA. With those and interest on a mortgage loan, it just doesn't pencil out for me.

Probably some Cool-AId drinkers here will "prove me wrong" with their point of view.
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The weapons industry has to eat too you know!
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If the government didn't allow non US citizens/residents to buy up properties after the 2009 bust, I think the situation would have been very different today.
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Could it be that many of these cases were Covid-19 related but since covid-19 was not official yet, they were grouped under flu?
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Because budgets are in place to help the weapons industry keep you alive and shield you from every other country out there to get you.

Screw healthcare; you should be thankful you have a life.
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I wonder how the insurance companies will deal with the claims when the dust stettles
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Shouldn't it be " why does Asprin work? Because it's white"?
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Either this, or apply the same rule for housing.

BayArea says

6.) The tax rules on used car purchases are a travesty. It’s wrong for the Gov to collect sales tax every time a used car changes hands. Take a $55k Lexus bought new in 2010. The government collects $5k sales tax. Two years later the car is sold for $40k, and the Gov collects $3.6k, and so on. It’s wrong!
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I've been working from home and will probably be in this situation well into the next year. I am planning on moving to Europe for a few months to live with a cousin and work from Europe. Is it wrong if I don't inform my company when I'm sure there will be no impact to my work hours and performance?
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Awesome. Great feeling. I paid mine off 3 years ago. I wish the annual tax would go away too.
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Guess it's time for women to arm themselves.
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Election2020, you should follow Michail Boris on twitter. He is a big supporter of Khalistan.
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Defund the pigs
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I wish more people had this kind of thinking
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The worst thing a guy can do is get married in the US.
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I personally know a few women who make a lot of money and have no interest in getting married and having a guy tell her what to do.

KgK one says
What if men get married with someone who makes more or equal $ then less chance of getting robbed later as much. Not many females make good money. But when they do they have hugh attitude, busy with work , and try to date ceos so difficult to deal with. One in while u can find diamond in rough.

My biggest issue is PMS, women turn into new crazy illogical person. Gives me lot of stress.

Real dolls is the future.
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Modi is the single worst thing that happened to your country. He will continue dividing the people. God save you guys.
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Religion is not a culture. It is a belief and belief is a choice. Christians were Jews is a retard's conclusion.
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Someone's gotta pay for the failed F35s
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She's a politician; all politicians are cunts; and so...
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