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H1B has ruined the lives of American tech workers. They have placed their minions in companies like Apple, Cisco etc. as executives to only hire their own kind, own caste, family members etc. Trump should ban all H1Bs and take care of hungry students and workers first. The H1B can always go back to their homes in India after their project is over. Where will the Americans go? We have a mortgage/rent to pay and support our families. God help us!
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Well H1B is part of the problem. I will describe you the scenario how it all works. Infosys (A large Indian IT company) recruits for their Bangalore office and trains them on "American" IT projects. After getting trained, the Indian IT guy who may top of the caste system comes to the US holding H1B, L1B, Business visa etc.. He gets a permanent job at Apple as a manager, then he gets promoted to a Director and then eventually to a VP or CEO. Once he gets his base strong he recruits almost 100% workers from his network at Infosys, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra etc. while a guy like me who scrapped floors to get an education in the US will be slowly sidelined and eventually let go. The tech companies have created a "cabal" like mafia so that no outsiders can penetrate. A high paying job enables ones to buy a home, start a family etc. Why should we outsource when we have qualified workers here in the US? I hope they make it law to train and hire American students and workers first.
I spoke to one politician one time about this issue.. not sure what else can I do. I guess now a days money talks and bullshit walks.
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Look at the number of India based companies like Infosys, Tata, Wipro, Tech Mahindra whose founders don't even live in the US. They have cronies inside Tech companies like Apple in an authoritative hiring positions and only hire their own kind. Do we still in America or Banana Republic? Does any politician have the guts to ban these companies and American companies like Accenture from bringing cheap labor to eliminate American jobs? I just got a call from a friends friend (US Citizen) that we was terminated from his High Tech job. This has to stop.
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