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Patrick says

By "fascism" I mean all forms of totalitarianism which require you to show papers simply to move about normal life.

And you, @ThreeBays are clearly supporting this kind of totalitarianism. You are therefore an enemy of basic human rights.

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Patrick says
Do you support the requirement that people show papers to move about normal life?

No, I do not.

I think the whole issue is really interesting though. We're not in normal life, we're in a pandemic, it's more like war time. Even so I don't support the idea of covid vaccine passports being enforced. I get that private industry thinks it would benefit them, but the idea has too many issues. Let people decide to get vaccinated or not; it will have a similar effect.
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Shaman says
This gives a chance of dying from Covid vax at 40,000,000/1000= 1 in 40,000

Older people got vaccinated first right? 1 in 40,000 people dying while being vaccinated is a statistical anomaly at best. The 1 in X odds of dying of anything in any given year are below.

Age | Men / Women
55-64 | 112 | 178
65-74 | 42 | 65
75-84 | 15 | 21
85 and over | 6 | 7
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Most of the people I work with got vaxed or are getting it soon. Symptoms have ranged from nothing to tired / sniffle for a week.
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joshuatrio says

94.5% of people who took the Moderna shot had a reaction.

Almost 10% had a severe reaction.

All this shit is on the FDA website.


60% of the Placebo group reported a reaction too, since people report headaches, tiredness, etc. without taking anything.

You have a 3.2% (1st dose) and 17.2% (2nd dose) chance of getting some fever / headache / fatigue. This is less side effects than the seasonal influenza vaccines, lol.

You have a 0.01% chance of having a Grade 4 event like a serious fever.
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mell says
Pretty much the same chance as having a grade 4 event due to a sars cov 2 infection, but with no long term safety and side effect data.

That's not even close to true.

Anyway, it seems seasonal flu shots have a similar chance of side effects if not worse than the reports on these covid vaccines, and as an adult with kids that are little germ magnets, I don't think twice about getting a flu shot.

If you have allergies or illnesses then don't get vaccinated. This is just my opinion, but I think those that don't want to get vaccinated for purely political reasons are hurting the economy that they so claim to support.
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There's 580,000 deaths of covid and 3000 reports of deaths in people who took a vaccine (doesn't mean they died from the vaccine). Just saying.
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Onvacation says
Why do you continue to push thus unnecessary, dangerous, experimental biologic agent?

I'm just LMFAO at the FUD on this thread. Up to you whether you take it or not I don't care - if you're worried about it that much then let the men take it.

It looks like about 55~60% have at least one dose already in the Bay Area and this will go up quickly now that 18-50 year olds are eligible since yesterday. That's why our schools are going back to full open in 2 weeks.
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Patrick says
Compare Texas and Israel graphs linked to above.

New cases lead deaths, and Israel is definitely on a stepper improvement trajectory than Texas.

March 1 7-day average new cases
Texas 7693
Israel 3566

April 15 7-day average new cases
Texas 3499
Israel 202

Texas is not doing that bad, 43.87% already got 1 dose.

Compare UK with over 50% is leading in vaccines compared to other Euro countries that don't have enough supply. Germany has one dose in 15%.

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Ceffer says
Don't watch this one if you have had the jab:

This new episode of Game of Thrones is great!
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joshuatrio says
Six cases of blood clots reported in MSM for the traditional vac results in it being pulled off market but a couple thousand of deaths reported to VAERS for the mRNA and nary a peep in the news. Mmm hmm sure...nothing to see here folks.

It's not rocket science... ~8000 people die every day of all causes, so by this point you'd expect ~4000 deaths every day in people that are in the vaccinated group. The ~30 reports or whatever a day to VAERS ring alarm bells when they show unusual patterns.
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WookieMan says
The stats are all there. Yes people in their 30's can die from it. They also have multiple co-morbidities and the other influenza strains likely would have killed them anyway. We also have an extremely large old population in the US, Boomers. They're going to start dying more rapidly from a bunch of things.

Yeah, a lot of Trump voters are going to die in larger numbers (they tend to be older, and they tend to buy into the anti-vax political propaganda). It's the usual Republican tactic to pump up the health and wealth of the elites, while making their own voter base suffer and pretending it's the left elites' fault.
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Onvacation says
So why is a manly man like you pushing this shit?

Like I said, I don't care what you do. Those that got scared by the anti-vax propaganda (supported by conspiracists and alternative medicine "Doctors") are mostly in Trumpist circles that I won't shed a tear for.

Getting my shot in a few hours along with the rest of my elite friends. I'll let you know if I get an erection lasting over 4 hours.
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WookieMan says
There wasn't enough a month or so ago, J&J had to pause, yet now they just open it up to a 32 year wide demographic? Which is a shit ton of people. They don't offer it to children, because they know it doesn't kill them and likely more toxic to them. Now it's being offered to a demo that also cannot die from it.

J&J got paused and it's still paused. The Pfizer/Moderna shots haven't been paused. They don't offer it to children because the trials were staged with children last. Pfizer just completed their Stage 3 trial in 12-15 year olds with the claim that it was 100% effective and side effects were the same as the adult trials. Will expect it to be offered to children once the 18-50 group is mostly done.
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Cases in Scotland care homes align perfectly with % of vaccinated residents (4 weeks after vaccination).

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Got the Vax an hour ago at Levi's stadium - beautiful view of the field. All Pfizer.

porkchopexpress says
I would just rather defend against it naturally vs some experimental method for which we have no idea what the long term effects are.

I respect that, but my opinion is I'd rather get the Vax than the virus. The immune response (fever, etc) is going to be there in both but worse with the virus that multiplies uncontrollably and also has means to suppress part of your immune systems. The mRNA doesn't reproduce itself, and doesn't fuck up the cells lining your lungs which we don't know the long term effect of either.

On of my reports got light covid last year, but then felt crap for 6 months with headaches and lethargy.
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joshuatrio says
Scary shit here.

LMAO. Might as well ask a bunch of women if their period was weird and their partner brushes their teeth. It's going to give the same answer.
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porkchopexpress says
Why didn't the CDC, FDA, Fauci, etc. push for that level of supplementation/treatment? Because in order to get FDA emergency authorization, you CANNOT have any viable alternative therapeutics. They played politics with people's lives when there are clearly VERY solid options to protect ourselves. What does that tell you about the motives of the "powers that be" to get all of us "vaccinated"?

I'm not inclined to think it's political when lots of countries that aren't that politically affiliated see the same thing.
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porkchopexpress says
How is this NOT political or monetarily driven? We have proven drugs and supplements to treat this now, but our country did nothing to promote it.

Well, you say there are VERY solid options but in practice the results are not that proven to be very solid plans. Here's just a recent controlled study concluding Invermectin doesn't help at all

Countries that had a plan to procure enough vaccine to set on herd immunity seem to be doing the best, with the virus in rapid remission. I'm strongly thinking to invest in the US.
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The summary on Ivermectin is here

TL;DR it's not estimated to be effective as "pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies suggest that achieving the plasma concentrations necessary for the antiviral efficacy detected in vitro would require administration of doses up to 100-fold higher than those approved for use in humans". Some small studies show improvement in outcomes, some nothing, some worsening of outcomes - so broader studies are being conducted. The idea that it's being ignored is a political argument.
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mell says
This bullshit "study" is just FUD used to make more money to the vaxxer industry. Whereas the numerous other studies where Ivermectin was used in people with serious symptoms cut down death and hospitalization to up to 80%.

Even if that were the case a reduction of 20% doesn't seem like it would be a replacement for vaccines.
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WineHorror1 says
I have, secretly in my mind, wished that the vax believers would die en mass so that Freedom would once again be loved as it should.

The hypocrisy in this post is remarkable.

I keep hearing that rightists want half of Americans to perish so that they can have their political way. The true roots of fascism right there.
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porkchopexpress says
Really? Anyone on the Right wants half of Americans to perish because of one comment? Don't be silly.

Not anyone/everyone, but some do on this forum. The guy just said he secretly wishes a large group he disagrees with would die. This forum is full of similar little comments anticipating war as the solution to win against the pesky democracy.

"IMO, if anyone should pay the price, it is these people. The love of Freedom is not shared by all of us. It is obvious. Let those that do not love Freedom be the ones to pay the price."

See, simply demonize a large group of fellow Americans and then you can justify anything.
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Onvacation says
These evil globalist are always three steps ahead in their forceful takeover of the last bastion of liberty, AMERICA! Maybe the "vaccine" is just a test of our ability to follow orders.

What if the globalists are distributing the immunity for a virus they already have? What if the virus they are about to release is so horrible that those that can't survive the experimental biologic agent would never survive the coming plague?

To throw fire on your conspiracy message -- when I got my vax they registered my ID on a computer before telling me which vax/line to go to. The imagination can run wild.
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Onvacation says
ThreeBays says

To throw fire on your conspiracy message -- when I got my vax they registered my ID on a computer before telling me which vax/line to go to. The imagination can run wild.

Will you miss us when we all die?

Yes! I will think of you from the fences of camp pfizer.
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Do they have Trump2 in charge over there?

Peter Juni, the scientific director of the table, said he was “at a loss” trying to understand why the provincial government announced a suite of measures that didn’t account for his group’s advice.

Nathan Stall, a physician and the assistant scientific director of the table’s secretariat, said he was dumbfounded by the government’s rejection of science and common sense.

Andrew Morris, an infectious-disease specialist and also a member of the table, said his reaction Friday was a mixture of shock, disbelief, anger and sadness.

Alison Thompson, a member of the Ontario COVID-19 Health System Response Bioethics Table, another group advising the Ford government, said she and her colleagues were stunned, especially by the absence of enhanced protections for essential workers.
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Patrick says
Thanks, interesting.

World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.

One of the things I've observed during this pandemic is having Dr. next to your name and an opinion can mean squat. Particularly doctors that go out and appeal to authority to push their opinion while sharing little or nothing in the way of science.

This one is a vet doctor, who's been in upper management but doesn't have his name to a scientific paper since 1995, and has his own theory about a vaccine he's apparently working on, aka. conflict of interest.
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PeopleUnited says

PeopleUnited says
Welcome to the great reset, new world order new normal.

Glad to see you've resisted getting persuaded into any delusions here, lol.
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She seems to be saying let's have some guidelines like no masks when hospitalizations fall below a certain figure. Makes sense.

Gandhi also thinks that adjusting the recommendation would help engender more trust in public health officials

Engendering trust in chronic conspiracy theorists be like...
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J&J vaccine sounds more invasive than the Pfizer/Moderna ones to me.

J&J Pathway
Take an existing virus (adenovirus) -> replace it's DNA -> inject the virus to infect cells in the host -> the virus injects it's DNA into your cell's nucleus and instructs the production of RNA -> the RNA tells your cells to produce "spike proteins" -> your immune system builds immunity to the spike proteins.

Pfizer / Moderna Pathway
Inject the RNA that tell cells to produce "spike proteins" directly -> your immune system builds immunity to the spike proteins.

Honestly I think these new mRNA vaccines sound cleaner compared to the older way of growing vaccines in chicken eggs.
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The whole bogus theory that immunity against covid spike proteins might cause an auto-immune attack of womb cells is based on a total ignorance of how the adaptive immune system works.

If you don't agree then answer this question: What mechanism prevents the immune system from attacking your own cells?
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richwicks says
It's not that the immunization that supposedly prevents sars-cov2-19 causes infertility, it's that it's possible that's not all that is in the injection.

It's an injection to cause an immune response, you have no idea what other immune responses it produces.

For all you know, arsenic is part of the vaccine.

Sure sure. I'm not talking about miserable conspiracy theories, but what the ex-Phizer guy warned.
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Patrick says
I also suspect that your body has ways of identifying and not fighting proteins made by its own ribosomes.

This would lead to the possibility that everyone who gets the "vaccine" will become more likely to get severe Wuhan Virus Disease, not less likely.

Explain why you think that? How would that work?

The whole covid virus is duplicated by your ribosomes.
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stereotomy says
@Threebays claims that the "vaccine" causes the ribosomes in our bodies' cells to reproduce the entire covid virus - all proteins, not just the spike proteins. This is contradicted by the very manufacturers of the "vaccine" themselves; therefore the statement is patently false.

I did not say that. @Patrick read it correctly.
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Patrick says
So maybe the immune system learns to recognize a set of proteins as the virus (like you need to recognize different features to know a human face), but has some way of marking those that were made by free-floating mRNA fragments, calling those part of your "self".

You willing to bet your life that we know everything about how this works? Sure feels like a mass experiment on innocent people to me.

I took the shot, so yeah

If I was worried that resistance to Covid spike proteins will cause infertility or other nasty probelems, then I'd be worried that a Covid infection could do the same thing. You don't seem to have a similar concern about just getting the virus itself from what I can tell. How come?

It's been shown that when people build immunity against the Covid virus itself, they build immunity targeting the spike proteins. The rest of the virus proteins are protected by a lipid layer. This is why the vaccines target the same spike protein.

Our bodies constantly produce antibodies in a random process that could attack the "self", and they would attack at all times of the day if we didn't have a system that eliminates antibodies that bind with our body's proteins before they're let free. The antibodies that bind to the virus proteins are already floating in our body. If those antibodies would bind to proteins in the placenta, that would already happen.
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zzyzzx says

It’s not working: 86 million vaccinated, yet daily Covid-19 cases are the same as they were in February

It's not the same everywhere. Maybe look at why Michigan is so red?

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Onvacation says
Which human body cells create the spikey proteins?

Does anyone know how the experimental biologic agent is supposed to work?

The best I've seen is that it goes in the muscle cells and immune cells, with the latter being the more important one. Would love to find more on this.
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WookieMan says
What is your theory on why it's red? My county on that map is reddish. I have not heard of anyone recently being tested positive. I know a lot of people. Maybe the vaccine works, fine. We were nearing herd immunity WITH a lockdown and mask wearing. This could have all been done with last October. Protect the elderly and weak.

I'm not sure, I want to think some more about it. Michigan and Illinois are states that had more cases in April than February. Looks like a spring wave in North East and East North Central states. I wonder if it's a new strain - apparently you need a stronger level of immune memory to deal with strains like the UK variant, and getting vaccinated gives stronger immunity than getting Covid. If you have had Covid and then get 1 dose of Pfizer apparently you get 50 times more antibodies than just getting Covid.

Since vaccines were prioritized for 65+ until recently, I think a better indicator may be to look at number of deaths instead of new cases. Deaths are down by a lot since February. Most new cases are in the younger population and vaccines just started going in arms for 18-64 recently. It takes 5-6 weeks to be fully vaccinated.
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Onvacation says
Rand Paul EVISCERATES Fauci with Facts

Sure sure. Btw Paul seems to be saying the vaccines are great.
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