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just_adhom_preaching says
ThatGuy says
My guess is that there will be

Luckily we have near 99% certainty there will not be.

On the other hand, a lot of your predictions may come true regardless of Trumps health outcome.

Its a thought experiment, the whole thing was qualified from the very start
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B.A.C.A.H. says
ThatGuy says
what happens if Trump dies of COVID before the election?

The stock market will skyrocket.

Interesting take, why? Short term or long term? Induced by the 2 Trillion bill?
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Patrick says
I just wrote TRUMP in big red letters with chalk on the sidewalk at three nearby intersections.

It was definitely dangerous, but exciting!

Mad Respect! Can you get pictures?
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Patrick says
ThatGuy says
can you write a form & system that takes this list and automates the sending of emails / submissions to each of these companies?

@ThatGuy tell me more about this idea.

I could pretty easily include a mailto link next to each company so you can just click and start a new email in your own email program.

If I send out unwanted email from my own server, my email address will get put on various spam lists.

I think I could do it too, but I don't want to manage it.

I made an MIT open source repository, here:

Sorry, its GIthub... and C#...

Let me know if it works, its just a blank app right now.

Basically, the idea is to plant a 'moral firewall' between customers and vendors.

Not exactly sure how this works but a customer signs up for a 'cause'

and that 'cause' blocks purchases at certain vendors. With a kick in the balls message
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Patrick says
I don't have anything that run's C#, just Mac and Linux.

I like the idea though.

Guess it wouldn't take much more than an interface to make an xml entry to block a website, ported to your stuff?

The trick is putting this shit between the payers and the payees, the establishment won't like that at all
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RC2006 says
Kamala keep switching the the sad little girl voice every time she pushed emotional BS.

Could you imagine America projecting 'sad little girl voice' as our national image?
If you want an American woman, vote Jo Jorgensen
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Is he crossing off every line as he speaks?
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Found some evidence for you
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I think Apple, Google, and Facebook will all be seriously hurt by this election. The public will turn on them.
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BoomAndBustCycle says
Go look at past elections... 2008, 2012, 2016...

This shit has been going on for decades. Looking at past election results is not a valid comparison.

Only way to compare is with an in-person, paper ballot, ID Required revote.
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no comment on the Greta Hulu Special?
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TrumpingTits says
ThatGuy says
no comment on the Greta Netflix special?

Is it going to be like Cuties?

unlike the real show, I might watch your version. Shes 18 now right?
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Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Ceffer says
This lady demonstrates how Dominion machines can be defrauded at the operator level. Counts ballots twice without the machine stopping anything. In another, she shows how she can change votes right on the touch screen.
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We paid off our mortgage on Christmas eve, based on advice / information found here just over 9 years ago. Thanks Patrick!
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I've been kicking around this idea for a few weeks, Until recently I've been in bonds but with the printing presses at full steam I've gotta bail from that position. I moved to a S&P 500 index, but It just doesn't look good to me, its at very high P/E (37.85) vs the mean (15.87) and there is a lot of risk; people are out of work, corporations got their bailouts but the people did not. Politically, if Trump indeed has a 'card', the surprise could shock markets pretty hard... or if Biden doesn't write checks to BLM or Antifa the tantrums (riots) will likely start up again...

So I've moved my money into a diversified emerging markets fund, to ride out any near term risk, and will put it back into S&P 500 when an opportunity comes up... who knows though, I'm a small fish with no real investment bragging rights.
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Shaman says
The medical community is a bunch of lackwit fucktard coward rejects with no desire at all to help patients recover. Fuck all of them.

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Patrick says
Gab is still dependent on Twitter though. They can be cut off easily.

It was a mistake for Trump to make himself dependent on Twitter.

I'm not sure, for a tech company to do this to the President of the USA, sorta highlights how badly we've fucked up, and I'd expect a resolution should come switfly
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Onvacation says
I'm Curious. Do you have to pay taxes on your unrealized gains? or can you wait until you actually realize gains?

This was one of my biggest concerns when I got out of Crypto, There was talk about taxing every crypto trade, I only traded once or twice but had friends trading daily, hourly even. could be a huge tax trap later on.

XRP paid off my student loans and bought me a Truck. If I had stayed in for 2 more weeks I would have held $6M... whoops. at that max valuation XRP was worth 3x more than Apple, definitely out of touch, didn't see that coming. With limited supply in BTC, large investors can create artificial demand and hodl the greater fools hostage, as long as its considered legal the price may represent the stupidity of people, infinity.
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Actual Libertarian Here, I'm not saying or thinking this. Its the media. This is an advertisement and you're eating it hook, line and sinker. Stop putting words in our mouths.Tenpoundbass says

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Onvacation says
Are we supposed to OOgle her on something?

Supply pics.

yeah I second this, what a lame post so far.
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Franziskaner is the greatest beer ever brewed.

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I knew you guys would have some quality feedback!

So far, there are no taxes, HOAs, telephone, sheriffs or sewers. There is a store to sell you shit like clothing and furniture.

I'm wondering if there is good money in starting a HOA, lol. Or starting a NAR and taking 6% of each transaction!

There is some sort of 'DAO' like a government, maybe it could be hijacked! Its all the rage these days.

Its unclear if I can run a pornography ring out of a 16m x 16m plot... It has mature content but no age verification.

To answer my own question, I read that a favorable annual rent-to-purchase ratio is 15. So $120/yr * 15 = puts fair ownership value at $1800

Maybe not such a bad deal? I'm looking for high-risk investments, if big tech buys in it might work out... if it doesn't I'm left holding a bag
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just_passing_through says
This is a joke right?

You tell me?

It currently has a market cap over $164M

Real world shit like bonds and gold isn't getting me to retirement
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just_passing_through says
Interesting... Well, I suspect yes, there will be ways to make money in virtual 'land'. I like the real shit though.

I agree for the most part, my stock investment plan is mostly based around water, something like CGW
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If he gets re-elected, could they continue with the trial?
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The lines between complete bullshit and legitimacy are very blurred in cryptocurrency right now.

Dogecoin is huge. Worth over 1 BILLION dollars. *edit I said trillion, just a billion
Somebody copied the litecoin source code, spliced in some code from other projects, put a picture of their dog on the thing and that is estimated to be worth over a TRILLION dollars.

My favorite so far was 'Coinye West', I think it came from a South Park episode. Got sued out of existence I think.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we have our priorities all fucked up.
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G36 says
I heard of the the decentraland coin but I like to stick to the top 15 coins based on market cap. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Link, Litecoin...)

I take the opposite approach, mostly because I don't have any money.
I own an absolute fuck-ton of MOON because its already worth the smallest fraction of BTC
If MOON can gain on its value of 0.00000001 BTC, 100% instant return. As it is, I ride the price of BTC, its worth more than I paid assuming I can sell it.
These are projects people can choose to work on, market, and increase. In time I may choose to do so.

MANA is a middle play for me, its on Coinbase, so it has liquidity. Its value is tied to something other than 'it can be traded for the other top 15 coins'.
Corporations have been trying for decades to get VR in your face, this could get trendy fast, if certain industries back it. Partnering with Unity is a big deal, there are lots of people who want to make video games and don't have a platform to share - Not everyone can get a shot on the Playstation ...
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Camela has reserved it to take the shot Xerself
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Onvacation says
Oh it's a guy. Never mind.

Nah, its a somewhat milfy lady from my MBA cohort. The question was in perfect alignment.

I guess in SF it could be a dude or whatever
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I bet a lot of the feminist organizations are pretty pissed about Black / LGBTQ+? stealing their movement
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zzyzzx says
Everybody make this your FaceBook profile picture:

I did this.

And deleted all of my content.

and left with a post saying "I'm not dealing with this company anymore"

which was not shared or visible ever after pressing enter
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This is not who should have been seen. It should have been something like this
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I think they planted that dipshit to detract from the real complaint
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Upfront this seems like a fantastic idea, just don't let it be compromised
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Shaman says
Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of ASSHOLES!

I half agree with this, there were some really greedy fucks who thought they could all get together and make housing prices go up forever with no repercussions. Fuck them
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You might have missed a lot, I watch, search for the channel WOKE

I watched a hundred riots live, definitely a lefty situation. Wasn't happy about it, but better media than anything else I found.

but I watched them riot the day Biden was elected. They hate this guy too, BLM isn't done, they are just getting started.

I'd half expect gun violence at one of these rallies to trigger a gun ban call kind of thing. retch
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NDrLoR says
ThatGuy says
BLM isn't done
All we're going to hear for the next four years is reparations.

Oh god, I found WOKE.NET, trolling now.
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REpro says
That is exactly what big franchise business wanted.

Wow, no shit, kill all the competition and then spark an explosion in business
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