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Putin cut them off and made grease pudding out of them.
Putin loves America more than EU Socialists do.
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Another Schmuck Trump broke. Hehehe!
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Sen. Dianne Feinstein in a 1994 interview urging that we must secure our borders because illegal aliens compete for housing, classroom space, leech medicaid and commit felonies.
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Tim Aurora says
With the shithole comment

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Everyone's finances is dictated by a Judgmental, Prejudice and Opinionated people that is the HR people nationwide.
You met your HR person when you got your Job. Would you trust that person's tip on a horse in a Race?
I know I wouldn't!
Yet we trust them find us cheap insurance that has OUR best interests, and to manage our retirement.

Makes no damn sense at all. These are all services we all should be buying from our Banker, and Insurance broker after got paid the going wage.
And not chump change, after that assfucking that is the benefits package taking 20% of your pay off the top.
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I had to listen to a Liberal idiot drone about how Trump PROMISED he said as he yelled how Trump promised Carrier AC wouldn't go to Mexico, but they did. Like it was somehow Trump's failing rather than the stupid political move on the part of Carrier and all of the Resist actors that lobbied them to do regardless.
In the meantime this Idiot in in sales at our company got a huge bonus this year, way more than the tech department employees got.
Because sales are through the roof.
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My Brother lost his house in Tamarac Florida. I told his stupid ass not to buy in a HOA community.
He had a girl friend he was spending many nights at her house. Around the time his car was stolen and used in a high speed chase and crashed. He bought a new car, and left the crashed one in his driveway for a few weeks. It was during a stormy rainy season. Apparently the HOA left a note on his door, the day it showed up. But he spent the night at his GF house. When he went back to his house days later. The notice must have blown away. My brother eventually had towed away. But by that time, he had already accrued daily fines for the time it was there. The HOA then set on those fines for over a year. Before they sent him to collection with a hefty late penalties, interest and more fines. By now totaling over $8K which they wanted in full immediately. They sued him and turned it into $16K, which they then foreclosed on him, they basically dumped the house for peanuts. By time the bank got their money back, and the HOA got theirs my brother didn't get anything. That was in the mid 90's. I imagine it's easier than that for them to steal your house now.
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Well he's one hell of a salesman then isn't he?
What's wrong with that? I'll take it everytime Trump can show how stupid the Nords are.
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More Liberal honkeys are going to play dress up for Soros and be his Puto Bitch.
This will be the year of Live rounds beating them back, and three cheers for the White dead libtards.

American blacks for the first time in American history is working and feeling self sufficient. So much so, they are sticking around and being fathers rather than running off out of shame and hopelessness. You Liberal Commmie Cocksuckers just try to put them back on Plantation. These aren't African shit tossers, or Haitian charcoal makers.
These are working American family men, your worst nightmare just you dare to take it back from them and put them back in chains, just you try. They'll be pulling the damn triggers in the Army Guard lines with American pride on their faces as they make grease salad out of White Special Commie Soy Boys.

Yeah, so there's that for you Pantloads to consider.
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When I did Carpet I preferred Contracting for Female Designers and Store owners. But that's working for a woman when you only see them before you go and when you come back to get paid for the job.
In an office environment where you're stuck in the office with them all day, I've only ever had one Male Boss that was as big of a Cunt as the many Bitch female bosses I've had.
BTW, some of the best Bosses I ever had were female in my second career as well. And the guy I mentioned before was one of the worst bosses I ever had. I regret leaving that job without sending him on his ass before I left.
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There were 6 people in the meeting. 3 of them wont comment. The two that are lying about it, have a 2 year history of out right vowing to take Trump out any means necessary.
One Senator says the accusations are an out right lie.
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Glad you are bringing up History because without taking lessons from the past, we can't prevent them from happening in the future.
The Idians are doing quite nicely. They actually do have a guaranteed Federal income, on top of every Indian in the Indian nation gets money from legal gambling operations in America. American Indian organizations own something like 90% of the gambling resorts in America outside of Vegas. And they are owning more of that every year. I don't think they need you to make a victim out of them. They are doing far better than Liberals can treat them on the Liberal Plantation.
Every time they team with Liberal causes, White unbathed derelicts show up and shit on their land and dump 25 metric tons of garbage behind.
Liberals have burned that bridge in the last two years just ask one.
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That big mean dummy! Rich and powerful and all. He's got a lot of Gall. No really he's got balls and that's how pathetically inept Liberals are.
They can rig politics on every level and still lose, they are natural losers.
It's nice to have a sensible 4th grader in charge for a change, instead of the Terrible Two Toddlers we had for 8 years.
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Another Lie someone close to the matter disputes. The lady herself said that if it ever happened she would be writing a book about it.
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Senator Cotton says Durbin has a habit of misrepresenting the Truth. Meaning he's a typical Lying Liberal.
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Trump is a germaphobe
has a thing for Eastern European Baltic and Slav Women.
He wouldn't screw a porn star no matter how hot they are.
He's more of a Euro Glam guy than American Thot guy.
American beauty isn't about grace and virtues, it's about impressing the dinner guest with your skill to take a whole banana in your throat, before the party retires to the parlor where She'll regale the guest with her stripper pole. Trump isn't the billionaire that married Anna Nicole Smith.
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Hey guess what day it is guys?
It's Trump is still your President day.
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BayAreaObserver says
TPB - You want to know what other day it is ? MLK day and he got bigger crowds in Washington than the Dotard did, not to mention Obama.

The Liberals back then had the FBI spooks trying to make him out to be some Pervert Orgy sex starved Baller.
Just like they try to do to every great man that tries to drag the down trodden out of their doldrums in this country.
Liberals hate upward mobility and will kill and lie to stop it.

Happy Trump is your President on this Glorious Martin Luther King Day.
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Turns out some Faggy confused transgender Hawaii weirdo tried to start a nuke war, does that count?

PS every Liberal here at work is fed up. When I came in this morning they asked me, due to my technical expertise.
What are the chances of a well worded EMS message pertaining to Nuclear threat during the NK crisis, being a genuine "oopies" moment.
I told them what I thought and they agreed. That it was more Liberals willing to start a nuke war, anything to tarnish Trump. They are now fed up with it.
Keep it up Liberal assholes Doltard is going to win 2020 election with 75% of the vote. Of course the Liberal media will say he got 48% of the vote again.
They all lie, that's all they do is lie it's in their DNA.
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Just look at the caliber of the message of the memes folks. Conservative memes vs Liberal Memes.

Heheh Will "Doody Head" memes beat out "Liberals really are evil and here's proof" memes win.

Tough call seeings how Libgtards aren't even entertaining anymore and have alienated 80% of the actual voting audience.
The brain dead idiots left don't vote. They can't leave the house, they might miss an Oh Snap moment on the View or an awesome video on people playing Video games.

Liberals are the ones making doody in their pants.
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The purposes of the Corporate Socialists is to bring in migrants to raise rents, crush wages, and break social security.

Everyone knows the Liberals are so stunningly out classed by their own stupidity.
Conservatives don't have to lift a finger.
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It's the NAR's fault.

That and the Liberal pols they keep bribing, buying and paying off, to gentrify cities all over America driving families out, razing affordable neighborhoods, while restricting new development. A single room efficiency starts at $700 in most towns in America.
Rumor has it, housing will be Trump's 2nd term issues. While Liberals will be running on their "Fuck Trump!" platform that has worked for us, the last 2 years.
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He's got a dick he's fair game. Seems the Liberal women are going a different way with this thing too!

What's the biggest political poison in the world?
A white Liberal Male. Hahaha.

It's going to be a Liberal female shit show the next few elections as all of the Male Candidates castrate themselves for the good of the "Resist Trump".
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Why don't they develop a few thousand acres for new homes?
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georgeliberte says
But leaving a shitholes country does not make you shit,

Of course not.
Russia doesn't have a translation for "Shithole" so their media is saying "Country where bathrooms toilet smells real bad"
If you walk into a restroom of a place and it looks like the toilet hasn't been flushed in five years, but has still entertained every bad case of Diarrhea that came its way.
You're in a shithole.
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Generation Z learned a lot just by listening and watching what was said and done with their older siblings the Millennial generation.
They don't need much parental coaxing to do the right thing. They've seen the net result of doing what the Liberal educators told the previous generation to do after graduating.
It's a dead end zero sum game they want no part of.

This is why the Liberal Media has to make fake bogus stories every week about how Hip Hop is taking over Television and Movies again. Because the more they put these thugs in our faces the more people cut the cord and quit going to the movies. Ending our Netflix subscription has been discussed recently as Netflix is really doubling down in Scumbag programming. Only a derelict and a fool would watch that filth.
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HeadSet says
Any male who enter the nomination race with any chance of winning will find a slew of accusers claiming sexual harassment or related inappropriate behavior. Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren will lead the call for such male nominees to resign. They will. With all the male candidates cleared out, only Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren will be in the running. Kirsten Gillibrand will end up being the nominee after the Washington Post publishes a leak that Elizabeth Warren has a penis.

Too white! Oprah got Dis!
It's going to be between Oprah and the Rock. That you can count on.
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Next month We're going to start seeing the brown people in this country starting to love Trump when they take home extra money every month to cover their car insurance and cell phone bills.
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BorderPatrol says
i don't see BigTurd & Flies mention it because big Pharma dropped a few big checks in the donation box didn't they.

Funny you should say that. Actually over doses in South Florida alone is down 60% just in the last 2 months alone since Sessions announced the crack down.
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I bet that's an awesome job. I bet they get a premium just for who they are, and to keep them discrete and to honor the NDA.
I bet they make at least $275K a year plus a 6 figure end of contract package.
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I used to know an Au Pair, White ones that also serve as accredited home school teachers.
Make over a 100K a year, for powerful and famous couples. These aren't like middle eastern and Latin families that trap poor people from their country, into being their live in slaves.
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He has no reason to visit those shit holes, it's preposterous to think so.
Why should he put himself in danger?
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Most retarded image of the year.
MLK's surviving family denounces modern Liberalism and blame it for the set back of their father's work. They have endorsed Trump time and time again, and have said MLK would have to.
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He didn't say it, that's the beauty of it. And once again some lying Liberal cork soaker, created fake news with lies and dishonesty and it is now bitting them in the ass.
They created the discussion about "Should we bring people from Shit holes with nothing to offer this country but the death of our own children?"

Even the Pope had a long honest talk with himself and is Tweeting different shit, than that tiered Liberal crap. Give up your home to African refugees because you're white and not worthy,. Identity politics is a dead end street.