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Patrick says
often because the original contract is sold to several investors over time.

I think if a property is challenged and the county can't determine who actually owns it unless the owner's lawyer shows up to claim it.
Should be auctioned off.

I also support a Federal Property tax on 2nd SFH homes. And a draconian tax on 3 or more. Those third houses would either be back on the market for the American dream, or they will pay off the deficit within 5 years. That's the kind of tax I'm talking about.
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If that bottle water has plastic particles in it, then we need to get the useless Liberals out of Washington once and for all.
We do have a FDA chocked full of the useless Motherfuckers!

Quit fucking with Americans it's the useless bastards with dickall jobs that is the biggest problem in this country fire all of them.

We need more pictures like Obama's staff at the White house on Jan 21 2017.
That times ten.
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The illegal aliens are just doing jobs nobody wants, they said.
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Remember the idea here is to foster home ownership for the Nuclear Middle Class.
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Trump even mused in his last Rally "And we all know about the quality of that Cheap Chinese Steel, it's cheap crap folks, we've got the best steel in the world!"
(Thunderous applause from the crowd)
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So Millennials have the mentality of a 10 year old that never grew up huh?

I remember when I was ten I would take a Refrigerator and build a fort out of it, and imagine myself living it forever.
60 minutes should have done a spot on my vision and foresight.
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Stay relevant my friends. You are never relevant filling a name-tag job for some Publicly traded F500 company.
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Saturday there was such a huge ceremony for this wonderful achievement my friend was under the impression it was opened.

This whole episode reeks of premature back patting, at the expense of real lives. A photo Opp and a construction milestone to bill for work poorly performed.
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just_passing_through says
Neanderthals and Denisovans were 'human' and the same 'species' as us. Different sub-species...

Asians are from Java and Peking Man.
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You're mad at Patrick because you didn't follow his advice?
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I heard someone on NPR say today that he will probably appeal in court and win.
I hope that's not true.
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WHO in the fuck would let a freaking disgusting Liberal kiss them all they want is some dirt on you to ruin you at a future date
Fucking disgusting creeps.
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They fired that bitch like dollar store charcoal.
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Don't cross Liberal bridges don't go under them.
8 people in Miami did that Once!
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Feux Follets says
I hope he not only wins but helps cause more problems for Potus and the rest of the administration.

You mean like Al Franken and Micheal Moore. Where are those cocksuckers now, are they doing the buttpuckers waltz in prison yet for their rapey sex crimes?
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he one by .02% what bragging rights.
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McCarthy should have been given carte blanche.
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So for those of you that know your Patnet History.
The Far Left Censorship Committee Brigade here on Patnet were calling me a Russian bot, or trying to claim anything or anyone they could make go away with typical shame and verbal pestilence. They jump on them then and dismiss them as Russian Bots. Funny how I was called a Russian bot don't you think? Then when all of the Establishment failed to elect Hillary they in retrospect claim. Well his supporters were Russian bots all along.
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The14thRusskiClown says
Is that a fact or just an opinion?

So you gonna do this for a while should I go back to being Tenpoundbass and you be the moniker that makes a mockery of the stupid Liberal cocksuckers and their folly charade.

Hey hey hey!!! Don't you think Jeanine is right, McCabe should have been taken out in fucking handcuffs for him to whine like a little bitch Jeanine said she would slap that pussy.

Fuck Liberal putos and mardicones.
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I like how I manipulate Patnet fools to change their name out of rage trying to give me shit, but instead they bring heat and shed light on their own ineptitude.

Fucking Idiots!
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I get a lot of mileage out of the kick I get out of that I really do!
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Feux Follets says
Haven't had enough MAGA and Winning yet ? Trump's New Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Doesn't Actually Have a Clue About Economics

Yeah but the Cocksucker Liberals confirmed him but rejected Trump's real picks early on.
Just sit back Son and watch a master at work. I mean Trump he's fixing to send Kudlow slinking back into sewer and he will take a few Swap rats down with him.

Like Trump always done. They should have just let him use the Cabinet he originally wanted. Everything else is just great television.

Trump didn't pick Kudlow the Swamp confirmed him.
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The poor guy should have been a Muslim then he could just say it's his religious right.
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That piss soaked head has always supported it.
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Evidence my ass if there was one single tangible bit of information that was more than just his collective Butt hurt with the Liberals. Then he would have acted months ago.
At this point any bullshit digging he does to find anything to hang Trump with. He's got to keep digging because he knows there's no Russia collusion so he's looking for dead baby skeletons in his closet. He needs to be careful though, Trump could have a wide range of shit that could make a case out of for something that is totally unrelated to Trump running for office from years ago. 2A America and the Armed forces would still have his back. And would see Trump fire and imprison Mueller before they would let The Scum of the Slum Maxine Waters gavel on his impeachment.

The only way Mueller could ever pull that off is with real audio and video of Trump meeting with some Russian operative colluding on some determent to America's national security. Otherwise there's no crime in meeting and saying, "Look our countries relationships have been bad, I know the shit the Clinton's was running on America and I'm going to put that bitch away for a long time. We will be doing shit different when I'm president from now on. "

So it's a futile endeavor at this point. But they do it to buy the Liberals some time for their crimes.
The Storm is coming and the cockroaches know it.
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This is one of my favorites.
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Oh my God Rin is Michael Rapaport, in The Sixth Day.
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It's a nice fake story.
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No it was about uploading your memories. Arnold had his mind hijacked and killed some people.
His buddy Rappaport's character had an AI Sex Robot for a girl friend he was madly in love with.