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just_adhom_preaching says
Funny you mention age 35. I was thinking today. Well, do you recall that saying those dirty hippies (before I was born) used to say: "Never trust anyone over 30!".


At this point I believe, "Never trust a Democrat under 35 and still many over 35!".

I was saying that to Iwog, and Dan back in Patnet's heyday.

When I was growing up Never Trust anyone over 30
After Obama was elected
Never trust anyone under 30.
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I think Governments get a pass, as they have a self preservation angle. I think it should be an international crime for NGO's and Filthy Rich Oligarchs to interfere with elections.
And I think it would be no other countries business, if some country sent in a Seal team six, captured Soros where ever in the world he may be, put a bullet in his head and dump him in the ocean giving him an Obama funeral.
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Good I'm glad because Trump's EO was very vague, by the way he worded it, is no different than what they do now.
Twitter, Facebook and Google are very transparent why they censor Trump. Because they hate him, and they are fine with other hate speech.

Trump made no distinction in equal treatment in his EO.

This will make Trump give some clarity.
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Florida has over 1000 people a day moving to the State. We'll survive. How do you know that 100 of those 1000 people coming in a day aren't importing CV19 to make Desantis look bad?
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Al_Sharpton_for_President says

My first job at 15 was at a Greek owned greasy spoon diner. Think "Chee Burger Chee Burger Chee Burger, No Pepsi Coke!" SNL skit was a very accurate portrayal of the environment btw. When business was slow, I would have to fold takeout boxes, hundreds and hundreds of them stacked on overhead shelves that ran the perimeter of the building.
That will give you a Golf ball sized muscle on the top of your forearm near the elbow, and a right hook that will send a fool several yards back on their ass.
I wish I still had it.
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In the age of Deflection and Projection, I have suspected Remdesivir is as bad for you health as exactly what Fauci claims HCQ is.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
I’m curious why Florida is being highlighted when it’s not remotely close to having the highest death rates.

And I’ve heard nothing about Massachusetts or Illinois.

That's because Soros and the DNC machine put so much money and resources into stopping Republican Convention, then Trump pulled the rug out from under their Devil Worshiping Festival they were going to host outside the RNC. It's just a shame to shift focus now, besides all of the Liberal leadership's brains are riddled with drugs that wont allow critical thinking.

Trump is going to announce a new location just days before the RNC, because that's how organized and resourceful We are. Soros on the other hand needs months of heads up to marshal his minions to come shit on everyone. By time they can say "Fuck!" the RNC will be over and a memorable smashing success.

mark my words it's going to be hilarious.
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Jive Ass Motherfucker left his Glory hole to make a Mr Obvious announcement.


Finally Obama gets me, he really gets me.
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FuckCCP89 says
TPB is buying a Tesla!

This is the only electric car I own.

Gas is going to get cheap, eventually idiots will learn it's a sour bet to think Oil just goes up and up, and eventually people get burned.
Oil traders like letting it all ride, building bigger and bigger returns. All it takes is just one crash to wipe them out. It takes a while but eventually all Bubble investors learn their lesson.
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No relation to Ten Pound Bass
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SunnyvaleCA says
We take this cheap energy and squander it.

The Value of Oil comes out of the other end, not in the front end.
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I think the both of them should have been pummeled to a bloody pile.
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Fauci is what's wrong with the World, he didn't get the millions of ass beatings he should have got. You don't become a disingenuous Cock Sucker like that, without years of practice and experience. Lots of missed opportunities for someone to have given him an adjustment. Who knows had he gotten proper ass beatings in his life, he might have actually cured AIDS and the Common Cold.
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Who died and made a lot of people King?
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Kenji says
The young strong black woman needs to be put on trial for this.

Agreed, but Useful Idiot amateur Commie wannabees should always bare in mind. Someone might stomp the shit out of them, for trying to act like that BLM activist they saw on MSNBC informing Comrades how to be a Brownshirt too. People are getting fucking fed up, and your sorry ass just might be the last straw that broke the Camel's back, and your own.

Not withstanding all due justice of course.
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Wait stick around Jack, you're going to miss the best part.
Typical Liberals believe there will be no repercussions for their actions. They have over played their hand to the point, it's painfully obvious what is going on, even to those that want to believe there's a real pandemic. Tell those Chinks over at the CCP the jig is up and their patsy is going down.



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In a few months I will owe less than the bank is holding in Escrow, I'm going to tell them to take it and pay off the mortgage and tell the insurance company to pound sand.
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Germany is the Bellwether for Commiedom, if the Germans are fed up and protesting in the millions against this covid bullshit. Then I expect it end soon, the establishment can't keep this up.
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FuckCCP89 says
Shouldn't have touched the car. The rest is protected speech so it won't stick.

I agree, but it's nothing less than the BLM and Antifa does everyday for the last 2 months. If their actions aren't labeled as assault then neither is theirs, we need equal application of the law.

Blocking traffic should be a serious law within itself. Your actions are putting people in a liable position for your foolishness. For their safety and the safety of others, and for the legal protection of motorists everywhere, these Street protests and shutdowns should be a Federal crime, punishable for up to 5 years.

And free speech is free speech, blacks should be allowed to yell crackers and honky from the roof tops, just not out in the streets with menacing sticks.
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FuckCCP89 says
Right. But unfortunately "they do it too, why aren't they in jail?" is not a winning argument in court.

Actually it would be a winning argument in court with the right unbiased jury. How ever, I think you meant to say "Not Admissible in court", as the crooked Prosecutor and Obama appointed judge they would likely get, would strike it down every time it got brought up.
As people smeared and prosecuted for hate crimes(being white and standing up for yourself) Almost no defense is admissible. Those trials go down just like Nadler smeared Barr in Congress. The accused gets no say so, and if he's not remorseful for his sins against the Liberal establishment, they'll get life in prison.
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We're coming for this Bitch Ass Mother Fucker with every legal tool we've got. And we're going to go full Liberal on the scumbag Jive ass mother fucker.

We will appeal, and appeal and find sympathetic prosecutors until we finally get one that will nail his balls to the wall. This shit is going to haunt the Scumbags in the Liberal establishment no matter what position, for the next 4 elections to come. Like the Nuremberg Trials, we may see some of these scumbags getting tried when they are in their eighties. Decades even 40 or 50 years later.
This shit wont stop.
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Misc says
I'll start believing in masks when bio-hazard receptacles are put in place for handling their disposal.

Not even then, the reality doesn't match the hype, and Fauci and Birx has never been called out for getting everything wrong since this started.

I don't think there is a single person on Patnet, that would still have a job, if we performed like those two have and cost the company we worked for as much money(comparatively speaking) as they have cost the US economy.
We would be done for, and it would be the end of our careers, we would have zero credibility.

Does anyone think the original creator of the Obamacare website is still employed at that same capacity today?
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That sounded smarter than anything Birx has ever said.
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My Escrow has been going up from tax increases and insurance gouging. They are holding 8 grand of mine.

Ten years ago when I bought, the Tax was 1200 a year, and insurance was 1800. It's gone from 3K to 8K

3K for taxes and 5K for Insurance.
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TrumpingTits says
That is the ONE good thing about Cali: Once your property tax rate is set, it is set until you sell the property, for the most part.

It's set in Florida too, especially if you're homestead exemption. They don't reappraise your house, they just up your millage. And keep raising Fire and Rescue.
I'm paying this on a 160K purchase, I can just imagine what people in Jumbo loan homes are paying in taxes.
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Apparently is a privilege to not try to pass off counterfeit money, then pull and Oscar performance when approached by the Police.

George Floyd and many other Liberal Plantation Political Slaves, don't have that privilege, and somehow White Liberals believe that's my Fucking problem.
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Build Baby Build!
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The guy asking the question sounds fine.
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Here's a side by side comparison, to what they claim is the real vs slowed down.
Thanks to the miracle of YouTube,The first version that they claim is doctored, if you speed it up to 1.25+ to get it as smooth as the one they claim is the real version. It makes the guy asking the question sound like a Chipmunk. For comparison, the spin Doctors didn't include the reporter asking the question. For that very reason. Also Nancy is never fast of a talker as the sped up version.

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