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Almost 40,000 people die as a result of firearm injuries every year in the United States

Checking this page:

60% are suicides. Japan has very strict gun laws ... and a far higher suicide rate. Nearly every citizen's home (apartment, condo, home) in Switzerland has a fully-automatic assault rifle by government mandate, yet suicide rates are quite low.

Accidental discharge that results in a death is "negligent homicide" — that's a single round firing accidentally (then people pay attention and stop fooling around); restricting magazine capacity isn't going to stop that. Outlawing semiautomatic long guns means more pistols ... and more accidental discharge.

Supposedly "legal intervention" is only 1%. This is, apparently, the huge wave of police shooting blacks that has the BLM people in a frenzy.

Biden believes we should work to eventually require that 100% of firearms sold in the U.S. are smart guns
We should work to eventually require that 100% of politicians aren't morons.
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Onvacation says
Good luck with that. Any idiot could create a "firearm" from common household items.

And, in fact, people have! Clever! "$5 homemade shotguns handed in at $100 gun ‘give back’"

The real key is the ammunition. Too bad California put a stop to that a few years ago. (And stupid Sunnyvale even a few years before that.)
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I know there are drivers here in Sunnyvale that are working (or whatever) in their home. When you hail them, the put down what they are doing and start driving. I know this because I've chatted with some of the drivers, asking why it took 3 minutes for their car to move originally (assuming that no traffic light in Sunnyvale is that slow). They had to first get dressed!

That said, it's not like Uber is tricking their drivers. If they don't like the work then can work elsewhere. And if you are going to complain they don't get paid enough for anything they can do, that might be true, but: Don't let millions of unskilled people into the country that compete for lowest wages.
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Patrick says
Better to pay at the checkout than pay through ever higher taxes.

Higher taxes, but also: destruction of American culture and values, ever increasing population chasing finite resources, destruction of American schools, and increasing wealth inequality. I'm certainly not a progressive, but I admit a large wealth gap can create a lot of social problems.

And, I don't think the prices at the checkout would be all that much higher, either. That 10% higher cost at the checkout is money going entirely to the higher workers' pay and not the pockets of all the middlemen and profit-skimmers along the way. Plus, it would mean more automation and/or a shift into lower-labor substitutes.
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Fortwaynemobile says
I voted against it. I hate it when companies carve out exceptions.
When I read about the Uber model, it seems they were careful to structure things such that the drivers are contractors. It's been a while, but here's what I remember were the arguments for/against drivers being contractors:

Contractors typically:
• make their own hours
• buy and maintain their own equipment
• supply their own "office" and other support
• choose what projects (ride) they work on instead of being assigned work by a manager

Full-time workers typically:
• get paid a set wage for work

I don't even understand the full-time point, but somehow drivers not being able to set the price for each ride with the consumer means they are full-time employees? Seems to me that drivers do set the price for each ride they give: the price is xxx according to a formula or the price is 0 because they can choose to not take the work.

Any other for/against drivers being contractors?
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rocketjoe79 says
NONE of the MSM fact-checked this issue

True to form, NYT is saying that Pence told far more lies than Harris. I subscribe to NYT's daily email of fake news and got this just this morning (underlining is mine):
To be clear, both Pence and Harris also engaged in mild overstatement and rhetorical flourishes at times. That’s normal in politics. Harris, for example, exaggerated the job losses that President Trump’s trade war with China has caused. But Pence was far more dishonest. At several points, he seemed to want to run on a record that didn’t exist.
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Maybe Trump supporters can cause some sort of Streisand Effect™ with this.
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krc says
This is a tough proposition for me. I remember pre-Uber times and constantly getting screwed by regular taxis - if you could get one. Uber/Lyft have opened up transportation opportunities that would not have happened otherwise. Traditional cabs were not innovating and just simply believing that buying a "medallion" was all they had to do. The "old" way was relying on a monopoly and therefore no need to innovate.

Very tough call for me.

Taxi services, it seems everywhere in the USA, are a horrible collusion of government regulation and "private enterprise" (from the usual well-connected scammers) that have conspired to screw over the actual users of the service. Rank-and-file taxi drivers are pretty unhappy too; they're willing to work, and they put in lots of hours, but the system serves them very badly. I'm glad Uber and Lyft (and others) have been able to figure out an angle to circumvent that scam to provide far better service at a far better price.
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Kama used her gender to get ahead when starting out in California. (Or should I say "a head" ... hmmm.)

Kama was chosen specifically because she was female and non-white.

So the plan is to use your special privileges (female, POC) for benefit and then also complain about them as a handicap.
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My sister lived in Ohio in 2008, when that was a battleground state. She said she had to just disconnect the landline phone because it was ringing 50+ times per day with robocalls and human calls.
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Just wondering how people manage their phone(s). I only have a cell phone — no tethered phone. It's set to send all calls not in my phone's address book directly to voicemail. Apple's voice-to-text translation of recorded messages, as bad as it is at getting the words just right, is fine at giving me the gist of any message left.
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HeadSet says
It means that Apple, Inc has determined that keeping schools close is hurting their bottom line (Steve Jobs widow controls Atlantic.)

Apple's quarterly report says otherwise, with Mac and iPad sales making strong gains. Maybe it's due to adults purchasing for work-at-home, but I think there has to be some education-based purchases in there too. In my case, I just grabbed the workstation from my desk at work and took it home; didn't help Apple sales at all.
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Hausmeister T says
Pence dodged a lot of the questions

Please tell us some of those dodged questions. Maybe we can discuss them here.
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When a POC or LGBTXYZ lands a job, what better message than: this person earned that spot based on ability.
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That must be pretty bad smoke. The California government has created such a scare over the covid that people are skipping all but the most dire medical visits.
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richwicks says
she kept a man in jail for 6 years for a crime he didn't commit

Harris as prosecutor seems like someone who wasn't very good at her job. In order to make her job performance look good, she went for easy convictions of poor people (or dumb people) who were unable to defend themselves effectively. So, ruin small-fry lives while never doing the difficult work to clean up the large-scale criminals that are much more dangerous to society as a whole.
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FuckCCP89 says
It's weird that donkeys are spending any time at all on CA voters. The shit is in the bag for them here, so why bother? Is it money they want?

Trying to rack up the score so that if Trump wins they can bray that Harris should be president because she won the popular vote.
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Patrick says
SunnyvaleCA says
If an engineer with a few years of experience joined Apple 5 years ago, they would have likely seen their initial $250k RSU grant (over 4 years) blossom to $1MM while simultaneously picking up $800k in salary and $200k from the ESPP (employee stock purchase plan).

The stock thing could happen, but salaries are nowhere near $800K

That was a summary of totals where they would be after 5 years with a conclusion that they could have accumulated in total $667k without much thought (way more than enough to think about buying a house). $800k collected in salary over 5 years is $160k/year, which is exactly what you'd be getting according to your graphic. Your graphic shows $124k stock bonus (presumably every year). The stock is up 4x from 5 years ago, so that's $500k right there ... and some more each of the next 4 years too.
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Shaman says
richwicks says
I can't think of anything that would work with 5G and not 4G - well, 3G for that matter.

That’s more a failure of imagination than anything else. Perhaps I can help:

I'm with Rich on this one.

Please note that 5G could possibly go to 1 gigabit per second, but you're sharing it with others. And that's a best-case scenario. Funny thing is that many parts of the world enjoy fiber-optic to their house and 802.11 AC (which shipped in 2013); that combination can give you 1 gigabit that you don't even have to share with others. So, 5G will really only be giving you patchy, unreliable, shared network speeds that people have had in their homes since 2013.

In light of the above, the inspirational article notes:

• That article wants to use 5G to transmit video and other sensor information to a server farm to make life-and-death decisions of a self-driving car? Surely you jest. Or maybe you have never been through a tunnel. As for flashing a car's firmware ... you could flash at 5G speeds 7 years ago when the car is in your garage and connected to your home 802.11 AC network. Plus, flashing a car of 4G could be done at 3 AM when there's plenty of unused 4G bandwidth.

• The article says we can all enjoy 5G in our homes. Hmm. Or maybe they want 5G hotspots to replace wi-fi hotspots? Either way, many people in many countries have had 5G speeds in the home with great reliability since 2013. Wired networking allows far more multiplexing; I can't imaging 500 homes in a small area all connecting to a single 5G antenna and having better results than the existing copper wire solutions we are using now.

• Using 5G for "wireless VR" is the same concept as putting the computation for self-crashing cars in the cloud, although probably much less dangerous. We can pretty much do the same thing with fiber and 802.11 AC right now. Also, Apple's newest A14 "Bionic" chip — in all the new iPhone 12 models — has enormous hardware capability for VR, video processing, video acceleration, and neural algorithm processing. If anything, Apple seems to be going the other direction by putting these kind of processing capabilities into the phone itself.

The big bonus for 5G seems to be for the carriers. They can now theoretically serve more customers because each customer uses less of the existing bandwidth.
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Is the goal to reduce peak demand so that we don't need to engage carbon-intensive generation? If that's the case, then I'm thinking time-of-use pricing would be a simple way to achieve that.

Cutting off power intermittently is going to lead to unintended (but hardly unforeseen) consequences worsening the situation: people will be using battery technology to store power for the cutoff periods or people will be using their own carbon-based generators.
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Automan Empire says
After all of the banging on about election fraud and discrediting and dismantling the mail system as a method of voting, it's really rich to see the GOP placing their own special ballot collection boxes out in public.

AB306 does NOT specifically authorize partisan groups to place ballot collection boxes, that is a stretch of an interpretation mostly attractive to people biased toward a GOP-postive outcome.

The point of the article, as I understand it, is that Democratic Party proponents have been harvesting ballots for the last few elections and have even changed election laws to make it even easier. Now, when Republican Party proponents start making some moves to harvest ballots, the Democrat-controlled state election officials are upset. It's the hypocrisy of one group setting the rules favorable to their tactics and then complaining when the opponents leverage those very same rules.
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I don't think Greta understands the purpose of the supreme court ... or pretty much anything else.
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Much of current Prop 13 greatly increase "wealth inequality." It's obscene that kids of super-rich parents can inherit not just the mansion, but also the dirt cheap tax basis for that mansion. Typical "kids" are 50 years old when they inherit that mansion, so they're already living somewhere else and that tax break is just a freebie on that all-profit rental.

Prop 13 also applies to corporations, where it distorts and destroys free-market competition.

My prescription: If you want any Prop 13 at all, it should apply ONLY to a person's "primary residence." (i.e.: if you want Prop 13 bonus, you have to pay California income tax)

Better would be that the total property tax revenue would be limited to increases of 2% per year, but all property is realistically appraised and the % tax rate is adjusted (downard) so that total revenue is limited to increasing at that 2%. If everyone's property values double, then that tax rate would be cut in half so that the total increase would be limited and nobody would see a huge tax increase except those people who really did see a massive value increase over and above most of the other property in the state.
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krc says
the objection to prop13 is typically from folks that "recently" purchased

Progressives are all about helping the poor and the young and the immigrants. Prop 13 is a huge obstacle. Also, renters complain that Prop 13 adds another barrier to entering the market. And then there's the fact that California is making up for the non-payers by having the highest income tax and (almost) the highest sales tax. Should we talk about how Prop 13 distorts the market, too?

"Wealth inequality," a major complaint from the so-called "compassionate" progressives, is another issue. Can you imagine any (other) situation where people think INHERITING a tax advantage (a huge government handout) — through no merit at all — is going to help create a "just and equitable" situation? Inherit a free house from your parents AND inherit a tax loophole too? Wow! Next we'll move on to a college admission situation where you automatically get into a college if your parents went there; plus, you're tuition will be the same $400/year that your parents paid. Wharton, here I come! Yeah!
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mell says
there's a simple solution, revoke prop 13 for everybody but lower property taxes for everybody proportionally and enact a moratorium on raising them.

Yes! 100x yes. Put out a proposition where we cancel Prop 13 AND then cap the total collection of property taxes at 2% increases. Everyone gets "fairly" assessed (let the complaining begin!) and the % amount you are taxed is set low enough so that the total amount collected state-wide meets the target. New buyers will see their % dropped from 1% down to 0.4% and the ancients (and super-rich people who inherit stuff for free) will see their 0.05% rate increase to 0.4%. Maybe this could happen over a 10 year period.

This would give most of the much-vaulted "stability" falsely claimed to sell the original idea in the 1970's without the market distortion that was the inevitable (and predictable) long term result.
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krc says
So are you saying a reset to a new basis for everyone, or on the property itself "one time"? And then instead of 1% a year you do 2% a year? And when the market goes up 10%

Sorry. I'm not explaining this well. Let me try again.

Last year, with Prop 13 still active, California collected (lets say) $100 BIllion dollars for all property taxes. As a new homeowner, I paid $20k — 1% of of the "assessed value" of the shack I just bought for $2MM. My ancient neighbor payed 1% also, but that amounted to only $975 — 1% of an identical shack with "assessed value" of only $97,500 thanks to Prop 13.

This year, with my plan, everyone has their shack re-assessed accurately. My shack is $2MM and my neighbor's is also $2MM (not $97,500). California intends to collect the same as last year with a 2% increase. That means $100B + 2%, which is $102B dollars. After summing up all properly assessed property values, California determines that the accurate total assessed value of all properties is $22T. So, to collect $102B the tax rate for EVERYONE is set to 102B/22T = 0.463%. So, I pay $2MM x 0.463% = $9,260 and the neighbor with identical property pays that, too. (We need some phase-in or other protections so we don't kick grandma out of her house, etc.)

If, the year after that, the total value of all property in the state increases from $22T all the way up to $25T then, to collect $104B (after that 2% increase) the rate is set to 104B/25T = 0.416% so that the state collects the $104B. So, even though my house went from $2MM to $2.3MM (woo hoo!), everyone's tax rate % went from 0.463% down to 0.416%; my first year was $2MM x 0.463% = $9,260 and my second year was a very modest increase: $2.3MM x 0.416% = $9,568 even though my house value (and everyone else's) went up a lot.

That achieves pretty good tax stability (from the homeowner standpoint and from the tax collector standpoint too). It also removes market distortion — if you sell your shack, the buyer will face the exact same taxes as you paid the previous year (plus 2%).
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krc says
only works if the real estate market reverts closer to a 2% pricing gain in the long run

Correct. That's an inherent problem with setting that 2% limit. Probably why California now has the highest state income tax and (nearly) highest sales tax. Maybe it should be "rate of inflation" increases instead. Or something. If you're really crazy (insane), the CA government should set a budget for the year and then set the tax % at the right amount to exactly grab that amount of money. That could actually work if only homeowners are allowed to vote (isn't that exactly how voting worked back in the old days?).
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krc says
revenue from the 1 percent property tax rate has grown at an average annual rate of 7.3 percent.”
How is that possible?

Simple: Assessed value of all the properties has increased at a rate of 7.3%.
If you build a whole bunch more houses and those houses are assessed at a huge amount of money, you would grow total assessed value.
If someone sells their house, the new owner is re-assessed at "fair market value," which might be massively higher. My neighbor's shack, for example is assessed at a value of about $100k, but if she dies/sells, the new tax donkey will be assessed at $2MM. Taxes will go from $1k to $20k overnight.
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Fortwaynemobile says
She got kicked out the moment she spoke about Kampala’s shitty past. It was clear from that moment that debates were a charade, that Kamala was already prechosen. Fuck DNC.
Yup. And imagine if the press actually went after every politician like they go after Trump and (other) Republicans. Kamala would be completely toast.
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Fortwaynemobile says
They should imo limit number f times property taxes can be inherited.
If you mean limit it to 0, then sure! A single inheritance would push the "fix" off for an additional 30 years. California will simply not last long enough to see that happen.
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Blue says
Thanks to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for the initiate
I've got a much better way that The Zuck could help: stock should be marked to market yearly and taxed on the paper gains (with some holdback in case of a subsequent stock slump). Plus, income taxes should be paid on any money going to a foundation (slush fund) or other tax-avoidance scheme.
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Boomers on average have $920,400 saved for retirement, the Charles Schwab survey found, but expect to spend $135,100 per year

Maybe Chuck did a survey only of their own clients, because I have a hard time believing an accurate survey of all boomers in the country would see those same numbers. Spending $135k/year is something like 2x the national average for married couples raising kids; surely the average retiree doesn't plan on doubling their spending when they've already paid off their house and the kids are safely on their own.
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One of the original selling points for Prop 13 was that it allows fixed-income people to afford their taxes.
• An alternate solution to that is that you don't actually have to pay your taxes; have the county just put a lien on your house for the tax amount. Then, when you die and don't really need your house anymore, the county can get the tax out of the sale of the house or from the heir if they want to pay off the lien. In fact, I think that is available right here in Santa Clara county. Remember, the only people who would be facing greatly-increased taxes are exactly the same people who have a huge windfall in property value.

Another of the original selling points for Prop 13 was that people's property taxes were going up massively and very rapidly. Property assessed values were increasing rapidly in some areas and local and state governments kept also increasing the tax percentage — a doubly whammy.
• An alternate solution to that is what I suggested above... specifically define the amount the state can collect in property taxes, which will be increased 2% every year. Asses each property accurately. Then set the tax % by formula so that the total collected exactly hits that target amount. Originally, the target amount could be set at exactly the amount the state collected in the last year under Prop 13 system.
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epitaph says
Property taxes are used to pay for public infrastructure. Ever wonder why California has the worst roads in the nation?

That would be a good idea. Unfortunately, California uses very little of the property tax to pay for roads. Most of it goes to public "education" and, specifically, the teachers' unions.

Instead, California passes ever-higher gas taxes to pay for transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, "transportation" doesn't mean roads. It means not-so-high-speed trains to nowhere, busses that run almost empty most of the time, etc.
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I mark down all my "answers" on the ballot and then go back a few weeks later to check. It's rare that more than 1 or 2 of what I voted are what won. I guess I don't belong here.
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Polls are suggesting that in states with mail-in and in-person voting, democrats are more likely to vote by mail and republicans more likely in-person. I wonder how many polling station problems will mysteriously spring up on voting day?
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B.A.C.A.H. says
socal2 says
high black woman

Does it really matter if she was black (maybe she was not even really a she?)?

Just asking.
Yes. With that high-caliber bonus modifier, she can't be criticized by others and is nearly impervious to the law, too. For example, on this site a few weeks ago we had a video of a shopper yelling, screaming, and threatening a store clerk at Walmart for having the gall to call police when someone with the special skin color walked out of the store without paying for merchandise he was carrying.

As for gender, it's common in English language usage to specify the gender. Maybe that's an unfortunate aspect of having gendered pronouns, but that's the way the language is. Given that being high or drunk has different connotations for adults and children, it would seem rather awkward to call the person an "adult human" or an "adult person."
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Grammar tip: "high school teacher" means a teacher who is high. You probably wanted to write "high-school teacher." :-)
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NuttBoxer says
Patrick says
Commercial property should not be exempt from property tax increases because businesses can live forever, never resetting their tax basis.

Fuck! California already has one of the most unfriendly private business environments in the country. And that's despite Prop 13. Prop 15 will just accelerate the bloat in the most bloated public sector in the US. Don't hold your breath waiting for those trickle down tax dollars to make it to you..

"Business unfriendly" cuts both ways with Prop 13. If you want to build a new business, you'll be paying full taxes on your new building whereas your competition, entrenched for 20 years, will be paying almost nothing. So, in this case, Prop 13 further stagnates the business environment.
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Rin says
I'm at my 'alternate address', awaiting election day, so that if there's another travel lockdown, I won't be stuck at home, not able to cast a meaningful vote.
With vote-by-mail ... ummm "fraud-by-mail" ... you might just happen to get ballots at your current residence intended for multiple people who lived there before who haven't been culled from the voter lists. Unfortunately, the most likely addresses where multiple people have lived recently over the last decade or 2 are related to college students, and those are the voters most-recently indoctrinated by the "education" system. There were elections won by votes from college students who don't really even live in the state; now, those same type of voters will be receiving multiple ballots. Fraud-by-mail is going to move us to a socialist hell-hole nation faster than anything else.
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