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Strategist says
Wonderful post, Bob. Thanks for posting. (Don't let it go to your head)
If anything, it tells me America is the best place to live in, simply because you can choose the lifestyle you want as long as you are able and willing to move.
The New Zealand lifestyle seems to resemble Hawaii, only better.

You did not mention safety, health care, social programs, and taxes. Would like your input.

Strategist, you're missing the greatest piece ... legal brothels!

Try finding those in your home state.

Here are some of my favorites in Auckland downtown ...



So yes, if you're an American ex-pat, with some money to spend, you can have fun there.

Sure, Australia's a bit more fun but hey, small town hoeing can be fun too!
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Rin says
Strategist, you're missing the greatest piece ... legal brothels!

Try finding those in your home state.

The thing here is that if hoeing were legal in America ... Boston would be the greatest city in the USA.

Imagine banging hoes, catching a Celtics game, walking the Freedom Trail, listening to Aerosmith at the Orpheum, and having Oysters on the Half Shell at Neptunes with your favorite cocktail.

Instead, I'm forced to travel to Australia and New Zealand, to experience the same first world-ness of a place like Boston, minus the accoutrements which makes New England such a great place.
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Sorry, I see a schlong because I want my cock ... in her mouth!
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Booger says
How much are you going to be paying for this?

It's 250 Pound Sterling/hr or $338 USD/hr.

Tenpoundbass says
If you're not careful.

Dude, this is happening at a five star hotel. Seriously, get over the whole 3rd world thing, in terms of boinking. In 1st world nations, where boinking is allowed, men bang hoes and don't have to worry about the human organ legging thing.

You really need to get out of America, where none of this stuff is allowed.
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Quigley says
How much luck do you really need when you’re paying them for it?
It’s like those great hunters who shoot lions at a safari park in Texas. So heroic...

Because unlike the USA, this stuff is legal, outside of Uncle Sam.
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Also, we'll need some Led Zeppelin playing ...

"I've been to London, seen seven wonders ..."
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Automan Empire says
This is like bragging that you got ducks to eat bread.

First of all, it's not bragging. When I put up my post on enjoying a Lobster roll


Was I bragging about it? No, I was simply enjoying the sandwich.

Also, did I care about the personal lives of the lobster fishermen, chef, the waiting staff, or the hotel management? No, provided they did their jobs correctly, I could care less. And yes, for them to do their jobs, they do require some compensation to stay motivated to work.

So you see, it's a trip to London with a boink and some Zeppelin to cool down. That's called an experience, much like the Lobster roll one.
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Ceffer says
Strategist says
Hey @Rin you better be extra careful with your whores. Imagine paying child support for 20 offsprings.

Why? Is one of the whores going to farm out Rin's condom sperm for a plethora of anchor babies?

Here's how I'd stopped Stormy Daniels ...


SD: Your honor, Rin fucked me several years ago.

Rin: Your honor, this is false. Since 2011, I have not fucked a woman in the United States of America. I've only legally fucked hoes in Montreal and other international locations.

SD: Ok, then he fucked me back in ... let say ... 2010?

Rin: Bullshit, I was fucking Alanis Morrisette, a fucked up bitch from Ontario, living in the Boston area during the time. She was my last official girlfriend.

SD: Je suis Quebecoise ... d'accord?

Rin: Stormy, give it a rest! That's the worst French-Canadian accent I've ever heard!
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Don't take our word on anything.

Use this calculator ...


Basically, put in the symbol for a stock which produce regular dividends and in particular, focus on industries which are stable like tobacco, food stuffs, whiskey, utilities, etc. In other words, no company which is a "Wall St darling" where it's all cap gains or bust.

What this calc will do is re-invest your quarterly dividend checks into buying more shares so as a hypothetical example, if you bought the tobacco firm, RJ Reynolds, now Reynolds America (RAI), in 2002, you can see that starting with $500K, if you compound your earnings, you can have an equity stake worth some $10M+ by 2017. And that's only half your time frame.

So what you'll need to do, with your financial advisor, is to determine which companies may be cutting their dividend yields, instead of either maintaining or raising them, on a bi-annual basis and divest yourself from those particular equities. So come up with your happy dozen or two list of companies, and only invest in them with the automated dividend reinvestment (DRIP) in place.

And I'd stay away from later, putting your earnings into an annuity because in effect, if you follow a DRIP program correctly, during retirement, you can just live off your dividend checks. There's no need for an insurance firm as a middle man for an income stream.
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Aphroman says
Thanks for this. 20/1 in 15 years of RAI is not half bad

DRIP also keeps you content with your holdings that aren’t going up in share price relative to others. You’re planning on buying more, so it’s good to be buying on the cheap. It pays dividends to DRIP

It's even better than that, when the overall market tanked, ala 2008, stocks like Reynolds were cutting 10-12% annual dividend checks, as their ticker prices were also beaten down along with the rest of the Dow Jones. In other words, just because the markets panicked, doesn't mean that ppl will stop smoking, boozing, pay their electric bills, or buying food.

And thus, if you use the same formula, between 1/4/2007 and 1/4/2012, $10K in RAI turns into $17K during that downturn plus correction period. That's the magic of compounding interest during a down market.

Also, if you were entering retirement and the markets' nose dived, you'll be able to live on those dividend yields and just let the general indexes recover in time, w/o having to lose sleep. In other words, don't buy a rip off annuity. It doesn't take long to do research on a couple dozen dividend stocks.
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Since I'd liquidated 90% of my equity in the hedge fund, my days of active trading are over, even though for the most part, my job was in sales and in supporting the working enterprise, IT plus prop traders.

That 10% is my 'last' true cap gains play.

And thus, I want to live the rentier lifestyle where I just compound dividend checks, while using my consulting fees to pay my day-to-day bills and any excess taxes, where the stuff isn't parked in a tax-deferred vehicle.
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Patrick says
I just can't buy rjr, but sure wish I had invested in something as profitable back in 2002.

More important is to not fall for the solo cap gains play, which is why so many long term investors lose out, esp when the markets tank and they get no dividends from their "halved" portfolios.

If a company can't give regular dividends, then the chances are, they are not long term investments, just intermediate term capital gain plays.

At the bottom in 2009, Reynolds was giving 10-12% dividends for the year. I did zero work for that; the stock took a 30% haircut along with the rest of the Dow Jones. I only didn't sell my shares which allowed me to buy even more shares, automatically, w/o any additional work.

If the same thing were to play out in let's say 2035, during retirement, where one's portfolio goes from $3M to let's say $1.5M, but then, one's holdings give you a 10% paycheck, that's $150K/yr just for owning those stocks. And thus, no need to sell anything to pay one's bills.
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Here's a pic of the Emily Rat' phenomena ...

That's right guys, I've already fucked model gals up in places like Montreal. See below (that's a real Quebecoise escort/model) ...

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FortWayne says
No one watches that show for "talent", it's all looks.

Many decades ago, there was an American woman who did have both the looks and vocal talents ...

Today, most women are trash.
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Ceffer says

I don't mind sliding my pole between a pair of plastic knockers.

What I mind is society telling me to fall in love/lust and then, extorting me of my retirement account for some action.
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Bullshit says
Sounds like a good idea. $338/hr an hour is actually a good price. I'm not sure how I feel about prostitution. I have many friends that are paying endless child support for a few nights of fun (with women that are now ugly and nasty), an alternative, such as this, makes a lot of sense. And it takes away a lot of power women have over men. I know one guy in particular that is literally being worked to death to pay his child support to a woman he had a short "relationship" with. $338 an hour would have been a huge bargain compared to that.

Finally, someone on PatNet who knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Women are not worth it anymore. For the most part, they are parasites for the modern man.

Why is it that the Femi-Nazis are so upset about the next generation sex robots? It's because it completely steals their power over men. And what's so amazing is that their complaints about present day sex dolls is that it allows men to rape women. Last I'd a checked, a piece of plastic isn't a human being.
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Actually, wasn't the worst really the trench warfare of WWI?


The movie, the 'Lost Battalion', only depicted a crew of 600 whereas at least half a million went through that hell hole during the final five weeks of the war.

Pershing was lucky when the armistice was called because if not, the US casualties of WWI may have been doubled and he'd probably be the most hated man in the country.
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Ppl, seeing hoes is legal in Canada. If the US and Canada become enemies, I won't be able to boink, only 5 hours from Boston.
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The trip to London is over but here's some more Led Zeppelin ...

It's a great post-orgasm track!
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If you want to know, she looks actually more like Jeri Ryan than the escort pic ...

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Aphroman says
Ugh, if only everyone were a Libertarian/Republican, then we’d be free to enjoy niceties like this domestically. But no, Liberals hate Freedom and personal responsibility, and Liberty, so we’re stuck with these shitty laws that force Great Americans like Rin to travel across the border for free market fun.

In this case, it's a vector cross product between feminists and Puritans, who'd made this a reality for America.
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HeadSet says
Why is it that the Femi-Nazis are so upset about the next generation sex robots?

Especially since women have had dildos for millennia. Even Cleopatra had a disembodied dick attacked to the back of her sandal so she could sit and rock on during boring royal meetings.

Sex robots mark the end of the Femi-Nazi reign of terror.

When guys are happily boinking a Raquel Welch look-a-like at home, why would they bother taking a rotten bitch out on dates and then later, pay for child support/alimony?
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Patrick says
we're fucked in a few generations. Feminism is everyone's enemy.

It's already happened. I believe that tipping point has already occurred.

I predict that sex robots will be the greatest game changer in modern history. It's the social equivalent of the atomic bomb where in effect, men will unleash 'The Age of Pericles' for the 21st century since they won't be wasting their time/money with Femi-Nazi girlfriends and wives.
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Yup, it looks that ppl are afraid to admit that I'm right. Men don't need women anymore!
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Hassan_Rouhani says
And masturbation using plastic motorized vagina is not even sex.

But paying for childcare and alimony is what it's about? Isn't it?
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Rin's User Acceptance Test ...


Rin: What do you want?

Sex Robot: I want ...

Rin: Go on ...

Sex Robot: Your cock ...

Rin: Proceed ...

Sex Robot: Inside me

Rin: Excellent, first test is complete, now, on to the others!
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Strategist says
Half the pleasure is giving pleasure. A couple of orgasms to a real woman, and feeling her joy, thrusts and rhythm. With a sex robot you won't get that. Don't think you would get that from a whore either.

As oppose to what ... putting up with this shit from Alanis Morissette (my last GF) ...

I've been there and done that, I'd prefer a whore or a sex robot over that.
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Here's a timeline of the future ...

Rin says

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drB6 says
Absolutely not true. Even billionaires may be parted with billions.

Yup, it's better to follow the Rin-Wah way.
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justme says
Alanis Morisette sluthood-victimhood intersectionality cult.

In my situation, she not only looked like Alanis but was also from Ontario. Talk about art imitating life!

Think about it, the signature album, "Jagged Little Pill", was the most successful album of the 1990s. If anything, it completely resonated with all the bitches out there because although I knew a couple of guys who had legitimate copies (others pirated), countless women owned a copy or two.

In contrast, many of the guys I knew had a copy of Metallica's "Black Album" a/o U2's "Achtung Baby", two of the 90s other top global selling CDs. And these were fun, rocking albums whereas "Jagged Little Pill" was little more than a portrait of a disturbed female mind.

Alanis's message was clear ... I'm fucked up in the head, now worship me.

Sorry Alanis, but I've got a Metallica concert I need to attend.
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Rin's User Acceptance Test ...


Rin: What do you want?

Sex Robot: I want ...

Rin: Go on ...

Sex Robot: Your cock ...

Rin: Proceed ...

Sex Robot: Inside me

Rin: Excellent, first test is complete, now, on to the others!
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justme says
Rin says
"Jagged Little Pill", was the most successful album of the 1990s.

I felt compelled to look that up. Turns out that in the US that album was the best selling of 1996, and the 3d best selling among the 1990s yearly top sellers.


Another source claims it was the 5th best seller among all of the 1990s albums seen as whole.

In any case, it clearly was a VERY influential album, and perhaps the start of the modern Victim-pop era and possibly even the overall fourth-wave feminsm Victimhood Era. One should not underestimate the effect of these kinds of cultural phenomena. That era is still with us today, and it has gotten to be incredibly bad for men, and as an (unintended, presu...

Here's 'Jagged Little Pill' wiki ...


Its sales is est at 33M worldwide, half of which was in the US. That puts it clearly in the face of Metallica's untitled, "Black Album" ...


Where its estimated sales is some 31M worldwide, with a bit more than half of it in the US.

So there you have it, the Femi-Nazi victimhood signature album toe-to-toe against the actual great rock album of the 90s.

The only positive is that unlike Alanis, Metallica still continues to sell today so eventually, it will be the most successful album of the 90s as future generations of non-pussywhipped men will continue to listen to it.
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justme says
Someone needs to make an album called "jagged red pill".

No need ... that's why there's Metallica's "Black Album", Alanis' competitor for the 90s all time list.

Here's 'Wherever I May Roam' ...

The conclusion is in its final send off lyric ... "Carved upon my stone, my body lie but still I roam!"

Nothing else can tell guys to get off their asses and live a real life than that!
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Have a sip ...

Enjoy the sites and sensations ...

And some Rock 'n Roll ...

This is the Rin-Wah Way!
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Ceffer says
Rhett Butler

Wait ...


That's a SoCo cocktail ...

2 oz Southern Comfort
1/2 oz Orange Liqueur
1/2 oz Sour mix

There's no real hard liquor in there?
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Strategist says

This could turn into a major problem. Deciding who to fuck first.

Not too difficult ... first I'd boink #3. Damn, she's so sassy!

Then, her and I would form a pack and we'll have threesomes with the other 9, over time.

Rin-Wah Law! Rin-Wah Law!

Need more Rock 'n Roll fellas ..

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Strategist says
TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
Rin says

1, 3, 5, 9, 10, and then the rest.

I'm going for #6, and then the rest can slither boobs and pussies all over me.

Ok, I take #3, you take #6, and then, we'll share the rest, while listening to some Metallica solos ...

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Strategist says
It's a deal. When is the great erection day?

Talk to these guys ...

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So in effect, the management consulting firms will have to solicit resumes from ppl on the Princeton debating team, since officially, they can't require that they have a BA from Princeton.

Since prestige mongers like brand names, the end result will be the same, Ivy league grads will work in management consulting and financial services.

Where the effect will be more pronounced is in corporate centers like Reebok, Staples, State St, etc, were for the most part, the average workers is a dolt who doesn't use anything he's learned in school.
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drB6 says
executive order eliminating human resources would be even better

Good idea because in the past, they used to be called 'Personnel' and wasn't such a scam for a department.

The Housing Trap
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