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errc says

Why do people struggle so hard to answer such simple questions?

Isn't that the point... if Rin were brought before a Grand Jury, his response would be ...

"Your Honor, I haven't fucked a woman in the United States of America for 6+ years!"
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errc, Rin is guilty of not dating American women and only wanting to legally fuck hoes outside of the Stars & Stripes.

If I'm guilty, of having done nothing to any American women, then imagine everyone else's situation.

Realize, there are trolls after me, an innocent man, on this board.
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HEY YOU says
big,thick,long,hard idiotic ideology

No, it's a thin and short ideology. If it were big, then they wouldn't need to advocate their P.O.V.s.
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Some Tina Turner here ...
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Snooz ...

When one's already experienced the above, this sort of stuff is childish.
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indc says
hitler co-opted swastika from hinduism.

Duh, both Hinduism and Buddhism, and it's all over Asia (minus the middle east & certain former Soviet territories), not just India.
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indc says
Rin, you are changing the topic. But do you know buddha was born Hindu and started his own religion?

Correct, however, Buddhism has died in India [ post-Kushan Empire ] but has proliferated throughout the rest of Asia, including China, Japan, Korea (before Rev Moon era), Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. And thus, you'll find the Swastika, all over the place in east Asia.
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WookieMan says
Rin says
high income Asian ppl,

I'm sure I missed it in one of your past posts, but you dig the Asians, don't you? I have no problems with the postings, but your more "graphic" image posts generally contain them (Asians) as well. Not taking a shot here, just an observation if it hasn't been stated. Feel free to let me know if said observation is incorrect.

It ain't the digging part. Sure ... I'd titty fucked some but that's not a part of my Americana argument.

In America, Asians, meaning east Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc) are considered a type of model minority, kinda like Armenians from a 100 years ago. They may have smaller/slanted eyes but for the most part, they're fair skinned and thus, fit the model of what's America's so-called melting pot. This isn't me, it's just how the mainstream thinks.

Just look at Joanna Gaines, from the 'Fixer Upper' daily show ...

This woman is as American as it can get, despite having Asiatic features from the Korean side of her ancestry. She fits into the American mainstream, whereas a lot of other ppl don't.
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TwoScoopsMcGee says
Snobby professionals, wanting the unwashed out of their 'hoods while puffing their chest and declaiming diversity.

First of all, let's get a few non-PC things clear ...

Asian-Americans, meaning ppl from China, Korea, Japan, etc, don't see Indian-Americans, as real Asians.

They see them as a bunch of 'Black' South Asians and thus, exclude them from their political blocs.

And then, since these South Asians have a mix of white (Persian, a.k.a. Aryan) features along with Dravidian (see Black ppl) features, they are not typically included in the Asian-American category.

So here's the breakdown ... the ppl of Slavic, Persian, Turkic, Arabic origins, living on the Asian continent are seen as non-Asians, living in Asia. But, because they're "white" or white-like, perhaps a Sicilian skin tone, they're accepted as white hanger-on-ers. This is why the infamous Boston bomber is considered white , even by those who hate him in New England. If he weren't Muslim, he would have been easily assimilated into the greater Boston area as a former Soviet Emigre, like many before him.

Since Indian-Americans remind ppl of the mixing of whites and blacks, ppl tend to not want to accept them but put 'em in a separated category called 'South Asian'. And thus, whenever you meet groups of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese diasporas, you'll notice that very few Indians are invited to their social gatherings. They want to see themselves are whites, but with smaller, slanted eyes.

I hope this explains the racism among Asians.
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Folks, the long standing show, 'Fixer Upper' was about an interracial relationship, despite Joanna Gaines only being part-Korean.

Stop pretending that this is some new phenomena.
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Strategist says
Hey when I was 7 and 8 in Toronto

Wait ... you were there, all those years ago and you haven't been boinking Canadian hoes all this time? What's your problem?!

Seriously, my Boston area high school, put up signs, warning parents not to send their kids to field trips up in Montreal for fear of underaged drinking and strip clubs.

It took me years, to overcome that conditioning.
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Heraclitusstudent says
This keeps us from seeing women as complex human beings, able to wield power, even in misguided or violent ways. And, the assumption that men are always perpetrators and never victims reinforces unhealthy ideas about men and their supposed invincibility.

And then, ppl of society, condemn men like Rin, who only fuck hoes, instead of wasting his time in the dating or so-called sexually predatory game!
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Michelle? Ewe.

Except in this case, Michelle Obama is portrayed by a Maori Beyonce doppelganger ...

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Ceffer says
Where are the Bill, Obama and Trumpligula look-alikes wearing French maid outfits to lick up the cum?

Don't get ahead of yourself, one sexual fantasy at a time.
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What's awesome that she's already working on her American accent using political slogans ...

"We need health insurance, for all working Americans!"

"Education is important, for everyone out there!"

"I will fight for you ... for all of your needs!"

Seriously, she's gotten everything right for a sleazy political climber.
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And don't forget about the Sarah Palin look-a-like ...

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The bigger question is that how is this suppose to help me during my interviews at management consulting firms (McKinsey, BCSG, Bain) or financial services (Goldman Sachs, Morgan & Stanley).

Really, that's the only true purpose of ivy league colleges, little else.
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"I like to play with tits and then ... some ass" - excerpt of RinWah Law verses
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I just want to make sure that no one has an issue with a juicy ass!
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FP says
Rin says
I just want to make sure that no one has an issue with a juicy ass!

I do! The view behind a bent small ass is much better.

I don't know about you, but I ain't complaining about Beyonce's rear end.
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FP says
Sniper, you proved his point.

Don't worry, our so-called sharpshooter and his bum buddy, Blue Sardine, are the most ignored trolls on this board.
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All that this tells me is that RinWahLaw ... is the Law!
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Quigley says
The other 20% representing the best and brightest and hardest working will keep everything going and be rewarded suitably for their economic participation.

Make that number more like 5-8%. Much of today's white collar workers are a bunch of MBA-ologist sinecures, who have little to offer the world.

The 8% crowd will be the creative types, whose work can't be done by expert systems for at least another century.
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Rin says
Except in this case, Michelle Obama is portrayed by a Maori Beyonce doppelganger ...

Ppl, I've got great news!

The Maori gal is not able to mimic Michele Obama but she does know a bit about Beyonce so what she'll do is play Beyonce Knowles, a performing pop diva, with aspirations for winning the Democratic nomination.

This political initiative is what triggers Strap-On Hilly, to launch a full dildo sexual invasion on her backstage, in the changing room during a concert.

I can't wait!!!!!!!

This is going to be the greatest vacation of all time!!!!!!!
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In celebration, I'm going to enjoy a cannoli ...

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Strategist says
Regardless of wether you like Trump or not, this is not acceptable. These baby killers, the product of a fucked up religion must be crushed once and for all.
We will civilize these barbarians at any cost.

Actually, this is the M.O. of organized crime syndicates like the Triad.

They target family members to instill enough terror, so that no one cooperates with law enforcement agencies. I heard of a Chinese family, whose daughter was raped and murdered, as retribution against the parent. In order to protect their only surviving child, they said nothing to the police. No arrests and prosecutions were made.
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Despite the fact that it's no longer relevant today ... a number of decades ago, a number of native Irish-American Bostonians were sending money to the IRA* in Northern Ireland.

It ended as the Irish slowly replaced the mainstay Yankee Brahmins in Boston, to the point were a majority of whites had at least 1/4 Irish heritage. And thus, no one would sponsor terrorists who'd hurt a distant relative or friend in Britain.

How this situation differs is that Muslims need to convert others, they don't assimilate in terms of religious equality.


*IRA in this case means Irish Republican Army, not an Individual Retirement Account.
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The EU army sounds like the French, supporting the Americans in the Argonne Forest during WWI.

In other words, they didn't. The French got credit for capturing the rail hub at Sedan but that'll because of thousands of American causalities, who'd spent much of the autumn of '18, clearing the forest in full force.
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Tenpoundbass says
Thanks Giving is about being thankful for America and escaping the oppression of the Brits taxation without representation.

Hold it, the 2nd part of that statement is not exactly true. The tax was roughly 3-4% ... that's hardly oppressive.

Today, I can legally see a hoe in London U.K., whereas I can't even do that in Boston.

The British Empire, with all of its flaws, was probably the most enlightened global power of all time.
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anonymous says
Reality none dare name: Feminists are scared shitless men may not need them, therefore will no longer kowtow to them, especially reliable Betas with incomes. Much more drama free to have a sexdoll or two.

RinWahLaw! RinWahLaw!
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Blurtman says
At Harvard

Oh Pleaz....

Look, I'd taken two classes at Harvard undergrad, as a special student, and gotten two A's ... BFD!

Seriously, there's nothing special about that place, which admits dickwad elites like Jared Kushner and Al Gore Jr, into their undergraduate programs. And realize, Al Gore had flunked out of his future law program at Vanderbilt. These are F's, not C's & D's! Al Gore should never have been admitted to any law program out there.

If Harvard undergrads were such geniuses ... all of them, yes, ALL OF THEM, could have learned everything on their own and started in graduate school, at the age of 19-20.

Be honest with yourselves, the very, very best students in America, don't need to attend any undergraduate program out there. They should start their lives in graduate school or do something else.
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anon_38710 says
Rin says
Look, I'd taken two classes at Harvard undergrad, as a special student, and gotten two A's ... BFD!

Regular students take 5 classes simultaneously, not 2. It is not only the difficulty of the classes, but also the workload that is different at the top schools.

Nonsense, at Harvard undergrad, it's 4 per semester.

And I was working at the time, so sure, if I didn't need to work, I could have wiped out 4 A's.

Also, don't forget grade inflation, if I'd pulled an Al Gore, and did no work, I'd get a B-/C+, instead of A's.

Seriously, those who believe that ivies are these amazing places, outside of the admissions criteria, are very deluded.

Please, don't give me that bullshit, Harvard undergrad is not engineering at Georgia Tech, nor the London School of Economics.

HU is overrated!
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Booger says
It's not cheating if you do it with a robot, I think.

Cheating or not, eventually, men will choose the 'bot over women.
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errc says
Rising drug resistance is caused mainly by use of antimicrobials in humans and other animals, and spread of resistant strains between the two.[7] Antibiotics increase selective pressure in bacterial populations, causing vulnerable bacteria to die; this increases the percentage of resistant bacteria which continue growing. With resistance to antibiotics becoming more common there is greater need for alternative treatments. Calls for new antibiotic therapies have been issued, but new drug development is becoming rarer.[11]

Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise. Estimates are that 700,000 to several million deaths result per year.[12][13] Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die as a result

Considering that the active antibacterial agent in Garlic, Allicin, has been scientifically proven to kill countless pathogens, here one paper,

and there are dozens of others out there,

how come so many internal medicine doctors don't even know about it?

Simple ... it's a vitamin/supplement, not so-called medicine.
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FP says
he assignments were really long. The grades were curved so that B (or was is B-?) is the average. So no grade inflation.

I don't know what school you're talking about but at Harvard, a "B-", is considered below average. On the whole, one is expected to get B's, B+'s, A-'s, and A's. Sure, the flat A's are a bit restricted but so what? It's not on some absolute grading standard.

My senior partner had attended the University of London for his LLM. Before, he'd gone to Penn and Columbia and was dean's list at both Ivies. At London, however, he was lower half second class honours because he was up against the best of the British Commonwealth (see Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, etc), where everyone showed up, prepared for class. At London, the marks are absolute ... 70%+ is a 1st, 60%+ is a 2nd.

You get the picture, an idiot Harvard alum like Al Gore would flunk out.
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Strategist says
Rin says
Here's a recent pic of Monica Lewinsky ...

She's not bad. I would fuck her.
Just imagine....I could have a t-shirt that says "Bill Clinton got a blow job. I got everything"

I'd sent a message to the Strap-On Hilly hoe in Australia. After we poke the Beyonce Knowles look-a-like, I'd like to look for a Monica look-a-like to continue the fantasy of banging America's political landscape!