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jazz_music says
The people of every civilized country have a social safety net

Social safety nets end up becoming hammocks after you take people's pride and motivation to get ahead in life.

"You're a victim, here's some free shit. I'm a hero!"
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lostand confused says
This used to be a third world problem.

The third world has been imported to the first world.
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Patrick says
Peizheng Qiu thought he could make his fortune flipping houses in Toronto. Instead he ended up strangling his business partner in the basement of a Markham mansion. A story of greed, ambition and real estate.

Hearing many crazy stories coming out of Canada recently. I thought they were supposed to be the quiet, polite and sane inhabitants of North America?
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Equality is never good enough. The constant quest for more and more special treatment will never end.

Progressives are never satisfied.
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The cognitive dissonance of progressives supporting LGBT AND islam always amazes me. Logic be damned.
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joshuatrio says
But diet is at least 60% of it if not more.

Yep, I think it's probably closer to 80%.
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It's easy for President Traitor to take a victory lap when he hasn't done the math.
Everyone make your comments about how MAGA this is so I can blow you out of the water.
Bring your MAGA hats & rythmatic ignorance.
Hope you wash your foot before you place it in your mouth.

Take a deep breath. Only 6.5 years left of the Trump presidency.
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Funny how progressives call Trump a fascist and then try to pull bullshit like this.
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It's almost like the main stream media IS the democratic party. This would consume the news cycle for weeks if it happened today.

This is the saddest chapter in news media. They have destroyed themselves and have no credibility left. Hopefully the free market forces will completely destroy many of these news outlets. The incompetent editors and "journalists" will need to find a new line of work.
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anonymous says

What burns my ass is seeing baseball players in camo uniforms, as if they were an extension of the US military. What’s up with that? Is San Diego suddenly a theater of war? And why do US soldiers need to wear camo uniforms when shopping for eyeglasses? There used to be a distinction between battle dress and what you wore the rest of the time, even during a world war. And why on earth is it necessary to fly Air Force fighter jets over the stadium before the Super Bowl? Who authorizes the spend for that? Who are we trying to scare?

Supporting the military is a simple PR win for any organization. Easy thing to rally around and try to bring the country together.

It's lazy marketing and patriotic at best, it's helping recruit new soldiers and pandering to the public at worst. Anyone who has a problem with this sort of thing is probably a bitter asshole, and that's ok.
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Each time something like this happens it converts someone to a Trump voter. Thanks, idiots. Trump 2020 will be a slam dunk.
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Quigley says
I love her! She’s created so many new Republican voters! Go, Ocasio!

Could there be a better representative of the progressives to convert moderates to Republication voters? The main stream media promotes the hell out of this dumbo and inadvertently red pills the nation.

Is she secretly working for Trump or a GOP organization? Too easy.
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Quigley says
I want to turn that around on Mexico and start bussing our homeless wrecks down there. We won’t be sending our best, either.

This won't work. Mexico has reasonable immigration laws that won't allow for this to happen.
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joeyjojojunior says

Nope--that doesn't make me wrong in the slightest. Data on San Diego rents is freely available:

and they have been rising since 2011. You anecdotal story does not disprove actual data.

Department of numbers is a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

So one specific data point from a random guy on the internet doesn't change the overall trend? Interesting... Haha
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Trump is unlike any other politician because he isn't a politician.

He isn't working for special interests so he figures out what would be best for the American people and then he works towards making it happen. No lobbyists or donors to consult.

This how government should work.
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We should allow the government to run healthcare and every other important industry. Over the years they have proved to be competent and efficient.
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That's bullshit.

This is nothing more than Big Latex trying to move some extra units. Hose em down and you're good.
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It's difficult to save on your taxes when you aren't paying any taxes to begin with.
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It's so sad how seemingly "intelligent" people can think that giving people free shit helps them. Except for extreme cases, handouts are the worst possible thing you can do to people. It robs them of ambition, self-worth and pride.

Democratic politicians understand they are crippling people with welfare and handouts and gaining voters for life.

Instead of handouts, people need incentives that require positive action.
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TwoScoopsOfWompWomp says
This is the death of the Democratic Party.

Thank you Trump for finishing off this disgusting organization.
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Tenpoundbass says
no Conservatives are massively calling for CNN to be shut down.

Why would conservatives call for CNN to be shut down? CNN is helping Trump get reelected everyday.
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LeonDurham says
Dems can focus on jobs, the economy, health care, the crappy tax plan, etc.

Dems only focus on jobs for illegal aliens, not Americans.
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Rep/Cons keep pissing-off the Left & it could move from threats to death.

Yes, children often get upset and throw tantrums when adults discipline them for bad behavior. It's all part of growing up.
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BayArea says
Although these characteristics are unbecoming, you can’t seriously expect these to be enough for a conservative to flip? Flip to what?

As long as he’s for lowering taxes, pro 2nd amendment, tough on immigration, against bs socialist policy, then conservatives will support.

Don’t act so surprised folks. It matters little that he’s an asshole, matters little that he’s rude and offensive.

This is very interesting as it shows how conservatives are willing to compromise while progressives are ready to protest about anything that even slightly disagrees with them.

Who is generally more willing to compromise, adults or children?
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"I hate Trump" is a much better platform. Run on it.
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I heard any interesting analysis of the Manafort case by a liberal lawyer. The special investigation uncovered a crime that had been committed and it had to be investigated. It should be been referred to the southern district but the Mueller investigation went against protocol and decided to take the case themselves, even though this specific alleged crime had nothing to do with Russians, Trump or Trump's campaign.

The only reason they took the case is to put pressure on Manafort and try to get some information out of him regarding "Russian collusion".

They really have nothing on Trump.
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tovarichpeter says
With vacant retail space increasing exponentially (e.g. Toys R Us, OSH, Sears), should this space be re-zoned for housing, multi-family. Amazon is not going away and retail is not coming back.

I've heard they already have some projects where they are converting portions of abandoned malls into housing. It makes total sense.

It's real estate, the highest and best use will prevail.
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The way the public officials bend over backwards to cover up this type of thing is disgusting.

What will be the breaking point? When will people wake up?
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You are foolishly assuming that the laws are currently being applied without political bias.
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Strategist says
Experts are always right.

Never underestimate the power of liberal arrogance.
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Putting all available funds for retirement in a single emerging industry is extremely reckless. This may result in making a ton of money but unless the investor is very young and has time to build up funds again this can result in a personal financial disaster. Overall my investments are not well diversified as most of my funds are tied up in trust deed investments but at least these types of investments have some downside protection with a max loan to value ratio.

Please always remember to diversify. You don't know what you don't know.
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Who could have seen this coming?
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As of late, progressives are experts at showing their true intentions and pushing moderates to the right. It's incredible that progressives can't understand that every move they make hurts their movement.
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HappyGilmore says
That's nonsensical. Banks loan out money as an investment and only do so when their analysis shows it will meet an ROI and generate profits. They will not make unprofitable loans just because they have additional money.

Banks typically originate loans and sell them to government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The banks don't care if they are bad or unprofitable loans since they sold to someone else who is ultimately responsible for them. Private money lenders and other lenders who actually hold the loans they originate will be much more concerned with the quality of loans they are making and the current state of the real estate market.

A major reason for the real estate crash in 2008 was due to banks making terrible loans and then passing them off to other entities. Make the commission then sell off the garbage loan.
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Has any accused of sexual assault ever used the "CPR defense"?
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It may be spreading and becoming more prevalent in certain liberal circles but most reasonable people are sick of this nonsense.

Just because the dumb people have megaphones doesn't mean reasonable people will accept their "ideas".
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bob2356 says
Did a couple of short sales last year so my credit is in the crapper. Now is a good time to sell because property was recently appraised at 2.6 M. My CPA says because I’ve done so many 1031 exchange loans over the years my tax liability on the sale would be over $500K…I am loathe to do this.

I checked into a few Tenants in common syndicate firms who say I can roll into a 1031 TIC which don’t require good credit. I am promised return rates ranging from 8 to 9 % or more, but I don’t know who to believe.

There are private money lenders with less stringent credit requirements that can provide short-term financing to help complete the 1031 exchange. Deferring capital gains is great but you have to pay the tax man at some point.
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It must be terrible for these progressives to live in a country they despise but still not want to leave. Envy and guilt control all of their thoughts.
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Wasn't Rasmussen the only poll that predicted a Trump victory in 2016? No credibility...
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Murderers, rapists and thieves deserve 5 star accommodations. What a soft society this country has become.
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