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jazz_music says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Explain to us the law
The law doesn’t vanish because the victim is negroid

Under what law?

It is well established in SCOTUS precedence that the police does not have the responsibility to save or protect you;

The constitution clearly establishes that there shall be no title or privilege, therefore being "negroid" does not entitle one to any police protection that is not given (see above sentence) to other people who are not "negroid."

The only law I can think of that would criminalize the by-standing policemen would be if you can prove the police department is a criminal organization, then the nearby ones would be accomplice in crime.
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Newbie123 says
The rioting kids just went on summer break. The next check is coming soon (heroes act).

Those arrested for rioting can easily have their checks garnished (and lien against their income from Soros) to reimburse riot victims.

They all got masks, nothing to do and they got a reason! I don’t expect the remaining officers to be arrested soon so why would the rioters just go back to playing fortnite? There are still stores that haven’t been looted and have those bikes, Nike shoes and other shit behind the window. They are just one baseball hit away from grabbing it.

How long do you think those items will stay behind windows? How many pairs of Nike shoes can a thug wear at the same time without fenching off most of them? Selling on Ebay takes time, and Ebay may well suspend the sale of likely stolen items.

By the way, I am a republican voting for trump. I just happen to be a non-racist one. I like and respect my fellow Americans in any color.

It's hilarious to see Democrats are so unpopular nowadays that even a race-baiting riot instigator working to crash the economy in order to discredit Trump has to pretend to be a Republican voter for Trump. Looks like we may just have a Nuremberg-style trial in the near future for the radical Democrats who are committing crimes against humanity.

As the wise King Solomon once observed: the woman who was willing to cut the baby in half doesn't deserve to be the mother. Likewise, those who are so power-hungry that they want to destroy the society in order to gain ruling power don't deserve such power.
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Newbie123 says
Look what happened to the slave farm owners.

With English like this, Newbie123 is likely posting from a Chinese army (PLA) base or a prison in China (i.e. forced prison laborer assigned to propaganda).

That may explain why his rhetoric is so repetitive and hell-bent on instigating riot in the US.
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jazz_music says
Winston Churchill antifascist

Winston was also very racist. What exactly is your point?
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Newbie123 says
Millions in damages? That’s what you are worried about? An innocent, black, unarmed men was killed by police for no reason. That should worry you and you should support the protestors. Bring them some water and food today.

The riots during the last couple nights have killed at least two people and have severely injured dozens.

Most people can only work about 2000hrs a year for about 50 years; i.e. 2000 x 50 = 100,000. If those hours average out to be $20/hr, then the entire life-time earnings is about $2mil. That's what a person has to sustain his/her entire life without ripping someone else off (and we are using 0% tax rate here). Wanton destruction of millions, billions and trillions of dollars of wealthy/resources like those riots and shut-downs are doing will end up costing tens, thousands and millions of lives!
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Newbie123 says
They are guilty as seen on the video footage.

No they are not. Do you believe every murder or death in movie is real?

Floyd and Chauvin knew each other for years as they worked at the same dance club as security at the same time. There is nothing in the video indicating Chauvin's action was motivated by racism. His action could have been due to personal conflict or due to both of them being paid to stage an act; Floyd could have died for numerous other reasons (why wasn't his body tested for Covid-19? like so many other bodies are). It is for a jury to find out what really happened in a court of law.
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Newbie123 says

Maybe cops need to learn a lesson? Don’t kill innocent black man and protect and serve instead?

Should they torch your house and kill you to teach cops the "lesson"?
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Newbie123 says
you should support the protestors. Bring them some water and food today.

LOL! If you are rioting, you shouldn't eat any food or drink any water handed to you . . . the food and water may well be poisoned!

In fact, your handlers would have very strong incentive to poison you! So they can make a martyr out of you, and they don't have to pay you after you die.

Heck, they may even kill you with "stray bullets" just to make another push for gun ban.
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marcus says
how can we make real changes in police hiring and street practices, or something else that's in support of what the protesters are so upset about ?

We can start by:

1. Full 2nd Amendament rights for citizens in cities where the riots took place, and all surrounding suburbs as well (and the entire state); federal constitutional rights for the individual trumps state unconstitutional laws against gun ownership (It is the new Civil Rights Movement!) . The riots clearly showed that the police is not able to protect the public; more police would only result in more chances of abuse of power like what allegedly took place involving Floyd and started the protests.

2. Recalling the mayors and police commissioners whose cities had massive riots and issued stand-down orders to police when the riots started. And banning them from ever seeking public office ever again. They were obviously either grossly incompetent in stopping the riots or complicit in starting the riots.

3. Recalling the riotous city mayors who issued and extended lock-down orders during the months of April and May and ordered police enforce them (as opposed to "social-distancing" advisory with no enforcement). And banning them from ever seeking public office ever again. It is this prolonged lock-down and unconstitutional restriction of basic human freedom that has the public upset.

4. Lock up those corrupt government officials (who issued those orders) on crime-against-humanity charges, and offer plea-bargains in exchange for testifying who paid them to commit those crimes against humanity.

5. Freeze assets of the Gates Foundation and Soros foundations in anticipation of trial outcome to compensate for the damages sustained by private business owners in those cities during the riots and by individuals and businesses in the US economy in general over the past few months.
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Newbie123 says
It’s on video. Floyd didn’t resist. He was treated and killed like an animal for no reason. You can’t produce a video showing otherwise. He cooperated but was confused why they treated him like this - innocent people that are mistreated by brutal cops usually are confused and want to know why.

Attributing police action to the one subject being black is only projecting your own racism. It's not at all clear the policeman would have treated an intoxicated white man of heavy build resisting arrest (having to be pulled from his car) any differently. The very fact that two other people of color exiting the same car on their own not being treated the same as Floyd was proof that the motivation was not race. You are only projecting your own racism onto that policeman.
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Newbie123 says
“ This happened in a Dark Blue City run by a Radical Left Trudeau Clone, rep'd in Congress by Ilhan Omar the Intersectional Adulterous Bigamist Islamist, in one of the only two states so far left it didn't vote Reagan in 1984.

Ask why this longstanding bastion of Leftism has such a shitty police department.

IN FACT, when you look at the worst places for police brutality, it's Dem Cities. Clean up your shit”

I don’t disagree.
But it doesnt change the fact that police officers can’t just kill unarmed, innocent people without facing repercussions.

Many racists are republican but a republican doesn’t have to be a racist.

Then you take it up with the Democrat party machine that runs those deep blue cities where both alleged police brutality and riots are taking place. Here is a hint: disarming the citizenry, endorsing union politics (including police unions) and stirring racial hatred like the Democrat party has been doing for the last few decades would only result in a powder keg waiting to explode!

Democrats on average are far more racist than Republicans. Democrats are also far more likely to be liars. Your lies pretending to be a Republican is not at all convincing: endorsing and encouraging riot is a typical Democrat/Socialist behavior because you are not capable of empathizing with innocent riot victims who have nothing to do with the police brutality. Your sociopathic tendency to see victims of property crime in a riot as "their class" instead of fellow human beings is what makes you a Socialist / Democrat (if it is legal for you to register and vote in the US), and a would-be fodder for the guillotine and internal party purges in later stages of any "revolution" that you are stirring.

Contrary to your claim, you are not a Republican, but you are a racist: you see everything through the lens of race, completely ignoring the two other passengers of color who got out of the same car without experiencing any police brutality. Floyd was obviously either resisting arrest for real (having to be dragged out of the car by the police) or playing his role in a staged event.
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Newbie123 says
“ Floyd was obviously either resisting arrest for real (having to be dragged out of the car by the police) or playing his role in a staged event.”

Yeah, it couldn’t have been racism.
It’s either staged or the victims fault.
Or it’s bezos, Obama or Soros. Sometimes Hillary.

That’s why we have riots.

It wasn't due to racism because Chauvin and the other initial arresting officer didn't even touch the other two black persons getting out of the same Mercedes SUV from which Floyd was dragged out of, but talked to them with courtesy and took notes. In fact, the other arresting officer (likely Chavin's partner) even helped Floyd up after Floyd collapsed on his own weight against the brick wall in the first video segment before both officers helped Floyd across the street to the waiting police SUV. Then we had the missing video segment immediately after they crossed the street, after that Floyd was treated very differently from either how his two companions were or even how Floyd himself was treated before crossing the street to the waiting transport. Did Floyd try to attack them or try to flee?

Your jumping to conclusion accusing racism is in fact projecting your own racism.

Newbie123 says
I say it again. I am republican. Not antifa. Not a leftist. These 4 cops need to be held accountable and laws need to change. Police needs to be going through retraining and if officers brutalize people they need to be fired and charged appropriately.

Until then, we’ll have riots.

LOL! You are just lying again. You are a Socialist / Democrat stirring the pot and instigating riots.

Newbie123 says
blaming the victims of police brutality and blaming the liberals doesn’t help. Just acknowledge the senseless murder of an unarmed, innocent black man and demand that all 4 cops are being arrested.

At least one of the 4 cops (the other initial arresting officer, who arrived on the scene with Chauvin before reinforcements arrived) had no more involvement than treating Floyd's two black companions with courtesy and even helping Floyd up when Floyd collapsed on his own weight against the wall (before crossing the street). It's ridiculous to accuse him of racism. We don't have video on exactly what happened immediately after crossing the street what caused Chauvin to hold down Floyd after helping Floyd crossing the street. A big guy (who worked for security) and high on drugs is armed with deadly weapons (called his fists and strong legs that can kick! not to mention during Covid-19 even spitting can be deadly weapon! at least according to the leftists causing this mayhem). Did Chauvin over-react by holding down Floyd for as long as he did? Perhaps he did, but that is no evidence of racism as he was treating Floyd quite professionally before crossing the street, and his partner even helped Floyd up when Floyd collapsed on his own weight after sitting down against the wall. Both of them treated the other two black passengers getting out of the same Mercedes SUV quite professionally. It's not even clear Chauvin's action was the cause of Floyd's death: Floyd was high on drugs and collapsed against the brick wall after sitting down before they crossed the street, he had to get help from the other arresting officer to sit up (i.e. the chemicals in his system was already causing muscle control problems).

Newbie123 says

He wasn’t just another black guy. His life was as valuable as yours is.

As is the life of every victim of the riots (which now count to 6 deaths! as of this morning). You are a criminal for instigating riots.
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Newbie123 says
Not a surprise that he died due to homicide by asphyxia.

Nope, Floyd died of a heart attack. He was having difficulties even before crossing the street, long before Chauvin pressed him to the ground. In fact, Floyd collapsed while sitting down before crossing the street and had to receive help from Chauvin's partner in order to sit up.

Newbie123 says

Btw, I am a republican, just not a racist one.

Nope, you are not a Republican (what Republican would quote Huffintong Post as the gospel?), but you are a racist, projecting your own racial prejudice into a tragic event that was not caused by racial prejudice, in hopes of causing a race war! You are trying to cause the deaths of thousands of blacks to further your political agenda of toppling a legally elected president.
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Newbie123 says
He died on a heart attack? Are you nuts? (Rhetorical question).

That's what "cardiopulmonary arrest" means, a heart attack. That was the cause of death according to the medical examiner's office doing the autopsy.

Don’t make me send you ten different websites stating the same thing.

What same thing? There are more than 10 websites lying on every single controversial subject matter, still don't make the lies any truthful.

Man, there are some hillbilly ** here, rofl
A black life means nothing to them. Sad

So you are not only a racist trying to burn down black neighborhoods, but also a racist against poor whites. For what it's worth, I'm racially mixed, with only about 1/8 white, and the majority of my lineal ancestors came from Africa, if traced back far enough.

You are the one who treat black lives as nothing . . . only fodders for your politically motivated riots. 6 lives were already lost in those riots as of 12hrs ago (Monday morning).

Btw, I am republican but a don’t dislike some over their skin color.

Yet you want to burn down black neighborhoods and call poor whites "hillbilly"
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Ceffer says
Use the Real Doll for bait and start picking off looters.

LOL! Cook some of those rioters, and you get your home-made vaccine against whatever viral/bacterial diseases that are making the rounds in the city.
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Newbie123 says
Hey reality,
Floyd died due to homicide. Do you believe Fox News or is that too leftist? I believe you would say this is if I provide you a cnn link about the autopsy.
So are you happy with fox?

No, I don't believe everything on FoxNews. I haven't watched Fox for nearly two decades. The medical examiner gave "cardiac pulmonary arrest" as the cause of death. That means a sudden stoppage of the heart; i.e. a heart-attack in vernacular terms.

Asphyxia doesn’t not mean heart attack. It means death due to suffocation. Which makes sense if you watch the video. The racist cop kneels on Floyd’s neck.

That doesn't make sense at all. Chauvin's knee was on the back of Floyd's neck. That's not where the larynx or the trachea are located. Putting a knee on the back of the neck like in the video would break the neck vertebraes (which would be fatal and cited as cause of death) before causing asphyxiation. I suppose those English words of anatomy might be foreign to you as a Chinese speaker; feel free to look up what they mean.

Floyd was having difficulty breathing even before crossing the street, due to drug over-dose.

He disregarded/ignored Floyd begging to stop because he couldn’t breathe.
Does that make you happy if a black man is being treated like an animal by a cop?

Perhaps it is legal in China to treat animals that way. Here in the US, choking an animal to death would actually be guilty of animal abuse. Not sure why so many propagandists are using that line "being treatd like an animal." Animals in the US are not treated that way (without breaking the law), quite unlike in China, where they beat dogs to death in order to make the dog meat taste better.

Then earlier you used "hillbilly" where "hillbillies" would have been appropriate, a typical Chinese mistake as their language doesn't have plural for every noun. Then the "slave farm" silliness when every native American English speaker would have used a different name for the antebellum southern institution, once again due to translation. The majority of my ancestors are from Africa if traced back far enough, whereas you live in China, which is one of the most racist countries in the world.
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Newbie123 says
Holy crap, you won’t even believe Fox News?
You are something else “Reality”. From which hillbilly village are you from?
Sry dude, but this is getting too dumb. If everything is staged and not even Fox News is real to you than I can’t help you buddy.

LOL! You are running away after I exposed you as a Chinese propagandist working for the Chinese Communist Party.
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thomasdong1776 says
As of Tuesday, the country of around 10 million people has more than 4,400 deaths.

4400 out of 10 million is 0.05%.

If you are that afraid of death, you should ban yourself from cars (which kill 35,000 to 50,000 every year in the US alone), ban yourself from using electricity, ban yourself from hospitals (which kills 100,000 American each year with contagious diseases acquired there, and likely higher number from malpractice), and ban yourself from swimming.
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Fortwaynemobile says
I give up. He’s beyond help. He now posts in Facebook how he supports rioters because white privilege wont let us understand them (he’s white jewish). And thinks they have right to burn and loot.

Then go loot his house and burn it at his invitation. After all, your ancestors came out Africa too.

People who have had too much academic education compared to their limited IQ are conditioned to be suicidal just like your neighbor.
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No kidding! It should have been obvious to anyone who watched the video of the initial arrest that the policemen were not being racist in this case. There were two other African American passengers getting out of Floyd's Mercedes SUV, and both of them were treated very professionally by both Officer Chauvin's patrol partner (was it Officer Kueng?) and Chauvin himself; the officers didn't touch them at all but talked to them professionally and took notes. After Floyd was dragged out of the driver's seat of the Mercedes and hand-cuffed, and sat down by the brick wall, Floyd collapsed under his own weight, Officer Kueng(?) even helped him sit up as Floyd wasn't able to sit up on his own. Both officers then helped Floyd across the street to the police SUV. We are not being shown what happened between that video showing exemplary professionalism and the video of Chauvin holding Floyd down by the neck (which is also hiding the fact that two additional officers obscured by the SUV, including Kueng(?), had to help holding down Floyd). What happened in those missing minutes between the two videos? Obviously, Kueng (?) and Chauvin couldn't have suddenly transformed from non-racist to racist in those few minutes.

The real racists in this stinking mess are the rioters, protesters and the media (and of course the manipulators behind this). Kueng (?) was at least partially black himself, and Chauvin had Kueng(?) as patrol partner, i.e. putting his own life in the hands of a black man. How racist can they be? especially when seeing both of them treating the other two black passengers getting out of Floyd's Mercedes SUV very professionally, and even treating Floyd himself very professionally (and helpful) before they crossed the street to the police SUV.

Where were those protesters when the black Somalian officer shot the unarmed and non-criminal white Australian lady (who had come to the US as a bride-to-be)? The protesters themselves are racists. In fact, the national statistics show that the American police is biased against non-blacks in favor of blacks: blacks account for over half of all violent crimes but only 1/4 of fatality by police. The black community is insufficiently policed! Far more blacks of all ages but especially young black males are killed by criminals than by police. If anyone really care about black lives, they should be calling for more aggressive policing in black communities to stop criminals.
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Well, trucks are useful for escaping rioters when they block roads. If they surround your truck, drive forward slowly to escape, then the moment they (threaten to) break any window, stump on the gas pedal: you are within your right to retreat and escape from deadly threat even in states that mandate retreat, and driving away is retreat. Backing up and move left-and-right if you have to during your retreat. Drive on sidewalks to retreat from deadly threat and avoid other cars is also quite legal.

It's a good idea to get trucks that have big solid bumpers in times like this, so you can push aside obstacles during your retreat and escape.
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Ceffer says
Cleaning rioters off your big truck grill. I hate that.

You can sue the dead rioters and their estate afterwards for the cost of cleaning up if you want to. It's quite illegal for them to put obstacles (including any part of their bodies) in front of your vehicle on public roads in their effort to detain you unlawfully.
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jazz_music says
Crime in the area known as Baldwin Hills, south of Los Angeles, was never so successfully eliminated as when they built the Baldwin Hills Plaza and hired so many young blacks who resided around the area.

There are numerous examples where opportunities to have jobs eliminate crime.

Then why did you support the draconian Covid-19 lockdown? Were you being a racist and deliberately tossing blacks out of jobs?
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jazz_music says
The idea of doing that is bad because black people have suffered an almost unique history of being murdered as if their lives LITERALLY do not matter.

No other group of people in our history have been devalued so horribly except tribal Americans and Chinese immigrants to some extent in the 1800’s who were somehow procured mainly to reduce costs of labor for building railroads by the oligarchy.

Aren't you contradicting yourself with these two paragraphs? Isn't your support for the riots in essence treating people murdered during the riots as if their lives LITERALLY do not matter? Even lives of black policemen! and black business owners.

jazz_music says
When America was young, black people were kidnapped internationally for profits, enslaved, and denied status as human beings.

Every single race experienced slavery first-hand, including European whites, who were enslaved by Romans of somewhat darker skin and "Barbary Pirates" (muslim regimes of North Africa) as well as fellow whites before Christianity banned enslaving fellow whites in fellow Christiandoms. The alternative treatment for prisoners of war before slavery was killing all the prisoners and eating them! Selfishness predates capitalism and even the human species itself. Why would a tribe (of human or monkeys) waste food feeding defeated enemy males? and females of older than reproductive age? The original solution was that they didn't feed them! The defeated enemies were killed, then cooked and eaten! Except for the females of reproductive age. The introduction of slavery and slave trade was what saved millions of human lives from certain deaths. Sub-Sahara Africa was a land replete with tribal warfare with the goal of eliminating excess population before industrialization. If not for the muslims merchants carting them north to be sold into the Califphates, and then later sea-borne merchants carrying them off to the New World, almost all of those victims of inernecine wars would have been killed . . . just like the European medieval wars saw the mass murder of captured peasant infantry (couldn't sell them into slavery in Christian Europe as enslaving a white Christian was banned, didn't want to waste food/money feeding them, and couldn't allow them to loot their way home-bound through what was now land belonging to the winning side) , while the feudal lords were kept alive for ransom. The slave traders were essentially providing the ransom that incentivized the winning side to feed POW's to keep them alive until shipping was available.

BTW, most blacks in the US, excepting recent immigrants, are not only descendants of slaves but also descendants of Slave-Owners! That's why their skin tone is much lighter than average African blacks, and having average IQ about 20 points higher than average African blacks in Africa.
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Sally Kohn, a liberal political commentator, tweeted: “Property is insured and can be replaced. Lives cannot. Check your priorities, America.”

Where does this idiot live?

Did she just extend an invitation to burn down her home and car? They are insured, right?

Did she just extend an invitation to strip her butt naked, then rape and beat her to within an inch of death? She has medical insurance, right?
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Patrick says
Also, why do African blacks do so much better in America than American blacks?

Even Haitians look like wonder kids compared to American blacks. Same people by ethnic origin, same history of slavery.

Because of on-going Plantation Slavery run by the Plantation Slavery Party (Democrats). The Plantation Slavery Party (Democrats) provide free housing, free medicine, free education and free food, all at the discretion of the Plantation instead of the individual, just like plantation slave-owners did for slaves when Plantation Slavery Party (Democrats) dominated the Southern political landscape. After supporting slave plantations, founding the KKK, instituting Jim Crow laws, the Plantation Slavery Party now advances plantation slavery by lionizing professional criminal blacks like George Floyd while marginalize blacks who succeed in life, and penalize blacks who advocate blacks to seek success in life like normal free people do.
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alpo says
there is hardly any "Black" person in United States who doesn't have White ancestry.

That is actually a very good point. Most "African Americans" (who are not recent immigrants from Africa outside of Liberia) are actually descendants of Slave-Owners! Due to the advantage for slave girls to reproduce with masters (both for herself and for her offspring).

What the Slave-Plantation Party ("Democrats") advocates as "Reparation" is actually taxing the descendants of Union citizens during the Civil War (the Union white population far out-numbered the Confederate white population) who supported, fought and died for the abolishing of slavery to pay the descendants of Confederate Slave-Owners.
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Tell that to the BLM mob.

While you are at it, also let them know, the overwhelmingly White idiots among the so-called "protesters" are only projecting their own racism because the overwhelming majority of Blacks actually want "All Lives Matter!" despite the criminal elements taking advantage of the BLM riot opportunity to loot. Black Americans are actually walking off the Slave Plantation that some Democrats want to keep them on.

Also, the overwhelming majority of black Americans are descendants of slave-owners, not just descendants of slaves. That's why black Americans have much lighter complexion than average Africans in Africa, and have 20 points higher IQ than African average despite a large number of the lightest skinned black Americans having "passed" to self-identify as whites in the past 100+ years. In a slave-owning society (whether 140+ years ago south of the Mason-Dixon Line or today in Communist countries), it is simply more advantageous for a slave girl to mate with the slave-owners (both white and black owners in antebellum South, and other races as in today's Communist countries) than to mate with average slaves (even among slaves, it was more advantageous to mate with those who were about to redeem themselves and possibly subsequently becoming owners).
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> What Happened to the Political Center?

One of them was elected the President of the United States. Most of the rest are disgusted by the nearly four years of daily lies, fabrications, incompetent and murderous policies of the loser leftist radicals that have been unable to accept this simple fact. Just look at this website and this thread, it's as if someone out there were paying the same few people to regurgitate the ridiculous lies every day to prove how imbecilic the "left" are nowadays. People usually don't want to be seen as members of the moronic class.

The "Left" vs. "Right" paradigm in the US used to be about ripping off the tax-farm-animals to pay welfare bureaucrats vs. ripping off the tax-farm-animals to pay war-merchants. The political Center finally had enough, and decided to walk off the plantation in 2016 and elected one of their own as POTUS; now even some of the historically most reliable captive votes are starting to walk off the plantation. Democrats' murder of blacks and hispanics through mass intubation and removal of policing in minority-heavy cities resulting in mushrooming murder and crime rates in the minority neighborhoods is now showing the original color of Progressivism == Racism, as the most well known Democratic Progressive Woodrow Wilson was the one who segregated the federal employees (federal employees had been integrated half a century earlier by Republicans after the Civil War).
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Right now it is so fucking obvious to see Trump’s ineptitude as an executive and EXACTLY WHY all his businesses ended in bankruptcy and abject failures.

So how many businesses have you started in your life? Every single businesses eventually dies, just like every government eventually dies, and every human being eventually dies. It is the process and during the life of a business, a government and a natural human being that accomplishments are made. By that yard-stick, Trump's career as a businessman in several different fields was remarkably successful. Sure, his timing in some businesses could have been better, and I was timing better on a smaller scale in than he was on a large scale, but there was no saying I would be able to convince bankers to time my way instead of the mainstream way even if I had a bigger ship to run.

The search for perfection is often the most mortal enemy of what is good enough (or the best option there is realistically). That is why every single leftist revolution quickly turn into self-destruction: nothing and nobody is good enough for the mob of coddled perfectionist hypocrits who have no first-hand experience at building anything.

L@@k see him showering bailouts, deregulating FUCKING EVERYTHING by executive order because his pathetic failures at responding to pandemic is killing off his own base.

Sure, with what we know now, he should have arrested Fraudci and hanged him from a lamp post, then add mass murderers like Cuomo to the next lamp posts for mass killing ethnic minorities first via intubation in places like Queens and then via crime waves all across Democrat-run big metro cities. Yes, more and more ethnic minorities are becoming new election bases for Trump, thanks to those murderous schemes by Demonrats.
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jazz_music says
Reality says
how many businesses have you started in your life?
No, let’s talk about you.

In other words, you never started any businesses, just as I expected.

jazz_music says
jazz_music says
nothing and nobody is good enough for the mob of coddled perfectionist hypocrits who have no first-hand experience at building anything.
What??? There’s no example of that delusion anywhere.

Not a delusion, you are a living example of that. After a few decades of prosperity, a mature society is often over-supplied with coddled idiots with too high expectations and too little skills; that's what "Late Stage Capitalism" is about: foolish young women to be fucked by evil geniuses like Karl Marx, and foolish young men to be fed into the meat grinder called "communist revolution"; haven't you noticed the communist grim reaper flag?

jazz_music says
And where does that leave you with all this Republican propaganda? Lies to seize power and forestall the inevitable crashes that are yet to come. Change your name and disappear? Drinking the fatal kool aid? I’m concerned that the coming fall is going to leave this angry cult with nothing. No money, no great fearless leader, you might join KKK or do something even more drastic.

You seem to have forgotten that the KKK was Democrat . . . just like the federal segregation was also initiated and carried out by the Democrat Progressive Woodrow Wilson. The urban welfare culture started by Democrat LBJ was just another version of Slave Plantation. The Democrat Party is the Slave Plantation Party. Now they are advocating "Reparation" taxing on the offspring of the Union side that fought against slavery (Whites on the Union side far out-numbered Confederate Whites, by 4:1) to compensate the offspring of Slave Owners, which the overwhelming majority of black Americans are also derived from.
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NoCoupForYou says
And having 90nl/ml Free Morphine in his bloodstream, along with traces of speed and THC. He really had moved on from his former life as a drug addict.

Floyd was actually white ? WTF ?

You have described the vast majority of white trash in fly over country but to be fair some of them are trying to improve their lot in life by becoming entrepreneurs who own and operate their own meth labs

Yet another Leftist proves itself to be a racist. If a "white trash" (quoting your words) died of over-dose while being arrested by police, would you hold as many funerals for him as for this "black trash" (paraphrasing your choice of words)?

The overwhelming majority of BLM protests are racists trying to virtual-signal and cover up their own deep-seated racism. The normal African Americans who are not racists are overwhelmingly against the BLM nonsense and see clearly that it's just another attempt by the Democrats to keep them on the racist slavery plantation . . . just like Democrats who founded KKK and Democrat Progressive Woodrow Wilson who segregated the federal employees.
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mell says
What's your plan or response to the country being divided and torn apart by these subversive forces? Not sure if the end of an empire can be prevented in this case. They did a good job of undermining academia and social media to indoctrinate the youth, gotta give props where props are due.

The leftist cults are always mass suicide cults. They always end up one of three ways:

1. Literal mass suicide; e.g. Jim Jones' (James Warren Jones) coolaid killing 918 people.

2. To be put down; e.g. Bavarian Soviet Republic, and Paris Commune.

3. Mutual slaughter if ever allowed to take power for significant length of time; e.g. Soviet union Stalinist purges killing almost all fellow politburo members, and Maoist purges essentially accomplishing the same thing against revolutionary "comrades."

I don't think what's happening in the US is possibility #3. Possibility #2 and #1 result in many dead young men, and many young women to be raped and sexually exploited before being killed (and the same in Possibility#3 as well, only on a grander scale).

For someone like Soros and Gates with tens if not hundreds of billions to invest, Possibility #2 produces investment opportunities in big city real estate, Possibility #3 creates even bigger investment opportunities decades down the road after the revolutionary purges eventually destroy the countries. That's why those managing assets too big to be nimble enough to take advantage of normal business opportunities are obsessed with creating "Reset" events.
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Kepi says
Now, they're making it illegal for whites to defend themselves when they are being attacked by blacks. This is the new, next step in America's decline into Zimbabwe.

As the white couple backed up their vehicle to leave the parking lot, the black woman rushed behind the SUV to block them from leaving and accused them of ‘trying to hit her.’
The black woman pounded on the vehicle and threatened to beat them.
This is when the confrontation escalated.

So if a black blocks you from leaving (kidnapping), beats on your car (criminal damage to property), and threatens to beat you (criminal threat) and you get out to defend yourself (no crime), you will be arrested and fired from your job. This is how it is in America now.

Think of it another way: is it possible that the real objective of such policies is encouraging victims of those unlawful detention attempts and criminal assault/property-damage to take laws into their own hands and kill the offenders on the spot instead of getting out of the cars to argue and potentially costing more money in court fees and jail fees arresting and holding those criminals? Just like the net effect of turning street blocks to the criminals and the homeless is letting them kill among themselves . . . the net effect of shipping Covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes is killing inmates of those facilities so that government can stop paying for their nursing home cost, Medicare/Medcaid or welfare checks.
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marcus says
Wouldn't it be accurate to say if the numbers (deaths alone) are correct, that it's now the worst it has been ?

LOL! On an average day, California should have 800-900 deaths. Why should it be surprising that some of the lying bureaucrats in the cities would chalk 1/5 of that to Covid-19? Even if someone is killed in car accident, the dead body can be chalked up as dying with Covid-19. The statistic is utterly useless. Despite the book cooking, the "with" count only accounts for less than 1/4 of normal death count in normal times.

The "epidemic" is a joke at this point. BTW, what is the flu and pneumonia death count at this point? Did people that would die of flu and pneumonia in years past suddenly change their causes of death to 'Rona? as the hospitals are paid to lie. Instead of $3000-5000 for treating a flu case, Medicare/Medicaid pay $13000 for treating a 'Rona case, and ramps up to $39000 if the hospital intubates the patient to death! It's actually a miracle that doctors in California are not intubating everyone coming through the door and killing almost every single one of them like some hospital in Queens NYC did!
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Anti-Slavery is Racist.

Slavery has a long continuous history in Africa to this very day! Just like Multi-cultism allows Muslims living in the West to live under Sharia laws undisturbed by modern Western laws, Multi-cultism is advocating that Africans living in the West should be allowed to practice slavery among themselves (and among converts to Slavery, like those pink-purple-green haired SJW's seeking their self-destruction).

That's essentially what BLM movement is: preventing the blacks from walking off the slave plantation. That's why they are toppling statues of historical emancipation leaders.

The sin of the post-1500CE slave merchants and slave-owners (aside from black slave owners) was not slavery per se (which is practiced even today in Africa, and much sought after among Marxists), but culture-appropriation: they were copying African practices.

That also explains why Marxists are seeking reparation from descendants of those fought slavery (Union whites out-numbered Confederate whites by 4:1) to pay descendants of slave-owners (the overwhelming majority of African Americans are biological descendants of slave-owners; that's why their skin tone is much lighter than original Africans and have 20+ points IQ advantage over Africans in Africa despite the original captives were mostly from the lower IQ elements even by local standards in Africa as the higher IQ local Africans won the local wars and set the traps to capture their lower IQ foes to sell into slavery, statistically speaking). The "one-drop-of-blood" laws were introduced because the white slave owners loved having sex with their black female slaves (and reciprocated love, as women are hypergamous: producing offspring with slave-owner was far more advantageous than producing offspring with fellow slaves); without ODOB laws, the plantations would quickly be deprived of slave labor.

Through nearly 400 years of inter-breeding and women's hypergamy, descendants of original captives slave labor from Africa mixed with their new-world white and black slave-owners were catching up to the societal average in IQ by the mid-20th century. That's when the Slave Plantation Preservation Party (aka Democrats, who had produced KKK, Jim Crow Laws, and the Progressive Woodrow Wilson who segregated the federal employees in 1913, after almost half a century of federal employee integration after the Civil-War in the 1860's) introduced the LBJ welfare-state: in order to bring the blacks back down to the slave plantation, through the break-up of black families and incentivise black women to reproduce with thugs instead of the more productive members of the black community.
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Tenpoundbass says
mell says
Yes, the educational environment has always been more left leaning, but what's going on in todays schools an universities is unprecedented.

Not if you ask China, Vietnam, Cuba, or Venezuela. Communism always gets its foothold in the Universities of the Host Country it infects.

That sad reality started with Plato's original "Academy." Plato's "Philosopher King" was essentially a communist dictator.

The academic environment fosters a very distorted view of one person having far superior knowledge than the others in the classroom. In real life, pluralisitic political decision making, like in (qualified) voting by economically competent/independent in a republic, makes for better results because nobody has all the answers in the real world, quite unlike the exams in the academic environment.
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marcus says
THere are idiots out there burning and looting. You won't find solid evidence of legit BLM leaders supporting that.

The very founders of BLM admit/claim that they are Trained Marxist Revolutionaries. Burn-Loot-Murder is exactly what Marxist Revolutionaries do (for 170+ years now all over the world), as they are always financed by international hot-money to "Reset" a country/economy to near stone-age so as to allow Big Money to buy-in later at bargain-basement prices and take advantage of the impoverished local population at slave-labor wages. That was done to France (in the mid-19th century), Germany (both the mid-19th century and after WWI), Russia (after WWI), China (early 20th century to this day) and India (in a slow-burn recurring format ever since 1948). NYC went through something similar to that in the 1970's-80's, turning into a massive dump with many homes and buildings abandoned by their former owners (like Detroit in the last couple decades), before the mid-1990's clean-up.

Marxism is an ideology for impoverishing the middle-class, and transferring their wealth to the Super-Wealthy. Massive violence within a previously civil society is their standard operating procedure. They are usually enabled by "useful idiots" intellectuals (too much "education" and yet too little marketable skills in a free market place) who usually end up getting impoverished/killed as "Bourgeouisie Intellectuals" in the second phase of the "revolution," along with the first-wave "trained revolutionaries" as the Marxist revolution inevitably turns on itself.
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All of those restaurant owners should join a few class-action law suits against California and San Franncisco for the taking of their businesses without just compensation. If the governments want to shut down businesses wholesale (not for specific violation against existing health codes by specific business) based on the faith in some quackery, there should be eminent domain payment equal to the lost revenue. Newson and Breed can be personally sued for robbery and vandalism / destruction of property via abuse of power.
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A suitable punishment for those white punk kids would be selling them into slavery in Africa (which has slavery even today!)

Slavery is part of African culture. It was practiced long before White and Jewish slave traders arrived there to import cheap labor into the Americas, and has been continuously practiced to this day long after the British Royal Navy outlawed slavery trade on the high seas.

If those punk kids want to live in a racist society run by blacks (instead of what MLK advocated, racial non-discrimination in public life; i.e. All Lives Matter in front of the law), they can be sold as slaves into those African countries that still practice slavery, and experience it first-hand! Why should they get to enjoy the Western-centric ideology of anti-slavery?!
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