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Heraclitusstudent says

You're right. It doesn't make any sense. Reality is just rationalizing that we need religion.
The real reality is that no one has ever suffered from being too rational - and certainly not from being rational enough to reject religion.

Like I said, might be a good idea to read up on the Cult of Reason and Cult of Supreme Being during French Revolution. Most of the leaders advocating either eventually had their heads chopped on the guillotine by their likewise rational and intellectual colleagues in the name of the Revolution itself (long before the later restoration of traditional religions).
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"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, . . ." means everyone who is born or naturalized in the US while not under diplomatic immunity (e.g. foreign embassy staff working for their governments).

I don't think any illegal alien in the US could claim "not subject to the jurisdiction of" the US. Otherwise, that would be a license to murder and run drugs to just about anyone crossing the border illegally. As soon as a person entered the US, he/she is subject to the jurisdiction of the US, unless under diplomatic immunity extended to foreign embassy/government agents as diplomatic courtesy.

I can see the reason why banning anchor babies would make sense, but this one may have to go through proper constitutional amendment process, not just nilly-willy by executive order.
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FortWayneIndiana says
They get sent back to their home country for prosections very often.

For crimes they had committed in their own home countries before entering the US (i.e. extradition), not for crimes committed in the US. Foreign countries/courts have no jurisdiction over what happens in the US.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Total BS. The French revolution was inspired by the American revolution, coming right after it. It was a revolt against monarchy, with ideas like equality and freedom of men, that included the freedom of religion. Can you read?: Déclaration des Droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen de 1789 .

Heraclitusstudent says
And yes, the French Revolution was a bloody affair. This is what happens when you remove the central authority , and a vengeful crowd rules the streets. Napoleon ended this in 1 day by shooting with canons on that crowd, and reestablishing the central authority. (Take that libertarians).

These two points do seem to be what the public schools have been teaching about the French Revolution. However, combining the two, we can easily see why a student produced by such a system would love a regime like that of the North Korea: can't you read, even their country's name has "Democratic Republic" in it! Shouldn't you like North Korea more than South Korea because the former has "Democratic" in the name whereas the the latter doesn't, and the former has a much stronger and more ruthless "central authority" (the Kim dynasty)

How could there be freedom of religion when priests and nuns were being guillotined for being priests and nuns? How could there be human rights when people were being executed on baseless charges without the presumption of innocence? The reality on the ground seems to be far removed from pie-in-the-sky theory during those revolutions.

Here was the real timeline of French Revolution:
July 1789: Duke of Orleans paid for a mob to attack and occupy lightly guarded Bastille ordinance depot;
October 1789, Duke of Orleans paid for "The Women's March" on Versailles and forcing the king and queen to relocate to Paris and become prisoners;
1793: execution of the king and queen early in the year, shortly followed by mass executions and Reign of Terror; Duke of Orleans was executed half a year later. Cult of Reason invented to fill the spiritual space vacated after mass execution of priests;
1794: Cult of Supreme Being (personality cult of Robespirre), execution of Danton (former close ally of Robespirre.) which so alarmed all deputies that they arrested and executed Robespirre. mass execution burning itself out;
1795: Catholic militia in western France advance on Paris; Paris was so exhausted by the earlier mass executions and political turmoil that couldn't stop the militia/mob from country side until Napoleon deployed canons with grape shots. The Directory was put in power.
1799: hyperinflation and political instability in France induced Napoleon to abandon his army in Egypt in order to get back to Paris to take power via a coup.

As one can see, there was a long delay between Napoleon firing on the crowd and him taking power 4 years later, almost as long the time delay between the start of French Revolution and Napoleon's canon fire on the crowd. It takes time for a revolution/society to burn itself out, and every fabrication about Louise XVI's atrocities to be actually carried out against the civilians. Despite all the theories of "absolute monarchy," Louise' troops wouldn't have fired canons on a crowd (they didn't even fire canons on the mob that stormed Bastille), but after more than half a decade of revolutionary turmoil the troops would! It's just like Czar Nicolas II executed a few dozen political prisoners in his half century reign as an "absolute monarch," whereas the revolution that followed quickly proceeded to dump poisonous gas on entire forests from the air in order to exterminate peasants who resisted confiscation by the communist regime, killing tens of millions of people in the first decade of its rule . . . all in the name of "equality" "democracy" and "people" of course.

The fundamental reality is that: equality and voting by a large cross-section of population is practicable in a "nation of shop-keepers" like England, where a large segment of the population are independent economic actors accustomed to independent decision-making and give-and-take in negotiations . . . whereas in a land of peasants and serfs accustomed to collective mania and being told what to do (aka "students"), extending suffrage much beyond the Prince-Electors would result in utter chaos and democide against the entire population/society.

BTW, isn't it interesting that most kids coming out of high school history classes would assume the US and France were the only republics in the world around that time. . . completely ignoring the fact that Venetian Republic had been around for over 1000 years (697-1797), Genoa, Amalfi, Pisa and etc. were all long-standing republics, at times the largest cities in Europe, with population far out-numbering London or Paris during the early middle ages, until conquest by Napoleon! Just like England, all those Italian maritime republics were nations of shop keepers.

How is this relevant to the topic of population control? Commerce, market and the division of labor they produce can pack a huge number of people into a small space like the Venetian Republic for 1100 years (eventually ended by Napoleon's invasion) . . . whereas collectivism and academic ideological rigidity (most revolutionaries were intellectuals) even with the best of intentions like "Bill of Rights of Men" written in the 2nd month of the French Revolution would lead to mass genocide as "solution" to the "over-population" problem created by the lack of creativity and growing expectations of a copy-happy population (i.e. a society where advancement was through education, not the market). Robespirre himself was a law student, and president of student body welcoming the King when Louise XVI inspected Paris University, which was the largest and most prestigious university in the world.
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Memic evolution is indeed subject to Darwinian laws/process; memes include both theistic religions, atheistic religion(s) (such as the Cult of Reason during French Revolution), and everything in between. Richard Dawkins proposed that religion is like a virus of the brain. IMHO, the successful ones (i.e. successful enough to become "traditional") are a little like Mitochondria: having its own DNA and serve a function in the host cell's survival and competition in the outside world. The most important function is actually putting a lid on female hypergamy and making young women reproduce instead of wasting their natural reproductivity on pointless ego-fulfillment (e.g. Instagram models). If atheist want to out-compete theists, the "brights" need to figure out either how to induce women to reproduce more, or come up with an entirely technological solution to mass human reproduction that doesn't involve women.
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Supply and Demand. Government backed loans artificially increase demand and drive up price, and consequently result in more interest payment for banksters during the life of the mortgage because people have to take out longer mortgage (which also have higher interest rate than shorter mortgage). Banks borrow short and lend long, so they profit from the interest rate differential. Longer term mortgages have the highest interest rate differential vis fed window borrowing during crisis.

Investors buying up houses at market bottoms in order to produce yield on their money when the government suppresses interest rates. Government rent subsidies such as Section 8 drive up rent for everyone.
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HappyGilmore says
Wrong--there's nothing artificial there.

"Demand" in economics means Qualified Demand, not unqualified "Want." Everyone wanting a Mansion and Olympic sized pool plus a landing strip for his/her personal jet airplane is not "Demand."
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Daniel is certainly wrong on this (btw, he is never related to Harvard Law School; OTOH, Obama was a graduate of Harvard Law, so much for the brand/badge whores). Here is the link to the relevant Selective Service page:

"Why Register?
It is the Law
Virtually all male U.S. citizens, regardless of where they live, and male immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, residing in the United States, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service."

The phrase "virtually all" is there because foreign diplomats and visitors on tourist/business/non-immigrant visas are not required to register (i.e. not subject to draft lottery). Of course, tourists/business/non-immigrant visa holders are still subject to US laws aside from the Selective Service requirement; diplomats under diplomatic immunity are the only ones not subject to US laws in normal times. That, and if/when there is a real effective rebellion controlling large tracts of land like when the Confederate States held the rebel states, so that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation didn't have to free any slave immediately because all the slaves to be freed under the proclamation were on rebel land not subject to US laws.

There was a logical reason behind making all babies born on US soil citizens automatically: the no special privilege principle behind Constitution (excepting existing slavery at the time, which was considered property back then); we don't exactly want a whole population of hereditary non-citizens living in this country like serfs during European Feudalism. Of course, in today's world, the anchor baby and welfare combination makes the whole process untenable. The real solution has to be found in abolishing government welfare: if immigrants have to either earn their own keep or find private charity for help, then there wouldn't a real problem.
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Quigley says
Essentially, he’d direct that the state department no longer grants citizenship to children of aliens. There is no requirement under the law for it to do so, so the EO would be directing them to stop doing something they shouldn’t have been doing all along.

The State Department was not involved when you were born. When you were born, or anyone else is born in the US, the State Department is not involved, and the person is a citizen automatically. There is no naturalization process for such a person. BTW, if I understand correctly, today's naturalization process is done under ICE (whatever it stands for) as part of Home Land Security Dept, not Department of State anymore. An Executive Order can ban the immigration and naturalization of the parents of citizens whose parents popped them out here as anchor babies (i.e. if born in the US by parents who were both illegals, then such parents shall not enjoy immigration benefits derived from babies/citizens thus born); that will remove the incentive to pop out anchor babies here.
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ForcedTQ says
Wrong here. It's about allegiance; illegals ARE foreign nationals, as are foreign nationals that are here on holiday. They are "subject to the jurisdiction" of their home country. You're referring to being subject to the laws of our country and state of which they currently inhabit.

Actually, no. They are subject to the jurisdiction of the US while in the US. Even in the notorious cases such as Iranian mullah claiming Fatwah against blasphemer, the mullah was merely encouraging terrorist assassination against the specific person, not even promising legal defense expense for would-be assassin in a US court; it doesn't even carry the weight of a Privateer license of the pre-modern era. US claimed rights to prosecute US citizens for crimes committed overseas only applies when the person returns to the US; i.e. back on land under US jurisdiction. FBI agents wouldn't be raiding an under-age (by US standards) brothel in Thailand or Japan to make arrests according to US age of consent.
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Heraclitusstudent says
It's idiotic to think a revolution could be started by paying a crowd. This is not like renting a crowd to protest for women health issue is SF. People attacking the Bastille were attacking a monarchy that stood for 800yrs and could easily kill them.

Both the crowd attacking the Bastille and "The Women's March" on Versaille 3 months later were actually rent-a-crowds, paid for by the Duke of Orleans wanting to take the crown from Louise XVI. The monarchy was so "scary" that the few guards guarding the Bastille didn't use the canons they already had at the fort against the mob attacking them, quite unlike Napoleon six years later who had to move canons from a different location to be used against the mob. Most of the killed and injured during "The Women's March" were the king's guards, killed and injured by the mob invading the king's private country residence.

Heraclitusstudent says
The King was totally out of touch with the country (and even with the basis of its own power). His court was throwing lavish parties while many people didn't have enough to eat. The King was seen as impotent and unable to control his Austrian wife - let alone France.

According to the journalists bought and paid for by the Duke of Orleans. While there are always people throwing lavish parties while some other people didn't have enough to eat (even in our current time), Louise XVI led a much less excessive court life than his two immediate predecessors. I hope you do realize, the mere fact that the journalists were able to publish all sorts of fake stories that made the king and his queen look bad proves that Louise XVI was not in fact a despotic king. It was precisely his tolerance and laxity that did him in (combined with the political ambitions of the Duke of Orleans and the young intellectuals looking for social advancement while not having any marketable skills).

Heraclitusstudent says
The deputies of the "tiers etat", together with some deputies of the clergy and nobility met in "Jeu de Paume" instead, and swore not to disband until they had crafted a constitution (aiming for a constitutional monarchy).

The grouping was led by the Duke of Orleans.

Heraclitusstudent says
The revolution never led to a stable regime. It was a vortex of chaos that charismatic men like Robespierre briefly influenced before being themselves consumed by it. Robespierre had no reason to kill Danton, except in this situation, Danton could kill him first, so Robespierre had to act first, but to no avail. It was the rule of paranoia and fear on all sides.

As can be expected in those revolutions by the similarly trained good-for-nothing intellectuals: each can easily replace another; no one has special marketable skills. Each was paid for by the same financiers to create chaos and kill each other . . . so that the local real estate price will collapse and can be bought up cheap decades later by outside investors.

Heraclitusstudent says
The French revolution was never built against religion.

The Catholic church became a target of predation simply because the revolution had to pay its supporters and soldiers. Most revolutions turn against existing religious institutions for the same reason.

Heraclitusstudent says
- "academic ideological rigidity" is an expression that doesn't make sense: science is the opposite of dogma and ideology. It is subject to constant change. Some philosophers like Voltaire and Marx produce ideology. The question is: is this ideology based on defending human freedom and rights, or is it based on imposing some organization. Voltaire the former, Marx the later.

Which one do you think has more appeal to a revolutionary mob? What do academic intellectuals involved in revolutionary politics know about science? The answer is usually next to nothing!

Heraclitusstudent says
- development: commerce etc... can lead to feeding wider population, which is exactly the problem we started the thread with. i.e the human species escape its ecological niche and is an "outbreak" in biological terms.

Human division of labor create niche for individuals that are far removed from the natural ecology. Almost nothing you have touched today was "natural resource," but all products of someone else' labor. It's silly to talk about overpopulation running out resources when all the resources you need are produced by someone else! The only "shortage" in human society is the result of unmet expectations; that is due to either raising people's expectations too high or lack of commerce creating the material wealth through exchange between dissimilar market participants. Academic education produces both drivers of "shortage" in abundance.

Heraclitusstudent says
Your instinct is for bottom up organization. I get that. But you fail to recognize when top-down organization is needed. Capitalism is made of many companies emerging from individuals bottom up, however each company is itself a top-down organization, or at least include some top-down parts. There is no such thing as a purely self-organizing company or society for that matter.
I find your beliefs themselves are VERY ideological and rigid.

Do you not realize individual workers can quit the company and seek employment elsewhere at any time? It's nothing like a nation-state or even a slave plantation. The so-called "top-down" organization in a company is voluntary association; i.e. still a bottom-up organization. The owner of the company simply owns the passive capital stock of the company (therefore at a disadvantage and have to be protected by property rights), not the individuals. That is very different from a top-down nation-state (where membership is mandatory), which inevitably comes down to slavery of one shade or another, centralization of power and all the leaders killing each other to grab that power, with the worst scum eventually floating to the top!
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ForcedTQ says
You're missing the point. Being able to prosecute someone for crimes doesn't mean the same thing as what is "subject to the jurisdiction" via allegiance in the 14th.

"Jurisdiction" literally means having judicial authority/oversight over a region/person. Allegiance has nothing to do with "jurisdiction." Many congress critters have allegiance to a different country. 14th Amendment made no mention of allegiance whatsoever. It's not at all clear to whom slaves owed their allegiance, as they were considered properties; Lincoln and his friends packed many of them off to Liberia.
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HappyGilmore says
HeadSet says
The government backing allows too much easy money which is what drives up prices. Without government backing, the irresponsible borrowers would not be able to bid up prices. The only people in the market would be people who saved up the down payment and then the houses would be affordable enough to buy with a 10 -15 year loan.

All that would do is create more landlords and higher rents. That would increase inequality and hurt the middle class. Housing prices would not fall much because anybody who is no longer a buyer becomes a renter and drives up the rental cost. This means investors can and will pay more for housing.

Government backed loans do not keep deadbeat borrowers in their homes (nor would it be fair if they did: what would be the responsible people who do not chase mania? chopped liver?). They still get foreclosed; the lenders/banks get paid by the government backing/put. Encouraging people who are not financially responsible to buy homes end up becoming a way of ripping off the down-payment money from the lower middle class at economic cycle peaks. It's the same as when government encourages women and minority to buy stocks at the stock market cycle peaks.
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MbS says
OK, jurisdiction experts, solve me this puzzle:

This one is easy: the petitioners have no standing in front of a US court for alleged constitutional rights violation outside US to non-US citizens; the US Constitutional protection doesn't extend to non-citizens outside the US. The precedences were set by both the trial of General Yamashita at the end of WWII (which was appealed to the SCOTUS and rejected for lack of standing), and by the much more recent Guantanomo detainees (once again appeals rejected for lack of standing in front of SCOTUS).
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There is a huge difference between Leadership vs. Top-down Coercion. Even among the examples you gave, neither Shackleton nor Jesus exercised Top-down Coercion; they carried out their leadership through inspiration, inspiring their followers into voluntary action. Stalin of course took the coercive state secret police approach. If we have to venture into contemporary politics, Trump is closer to the former approach whereas his political opponents are closer to the latter . . . which is the reason why his political opponents are losing badly world-wide.

"Intelligent Design" would only work if the designer is Omniscient and Omnipotent (i.e. God). Obviously no human being has that kind of qualification. Evolution from the bottom up is the only way real progress can be sustainably carried out in human society. In the relatively backwards societies, such as France (compared to England in late 18th century), Germany and Russia (compared to western Europe in the 19th and early 20th century) and China (compared to Europe and America in the 20th century), the local elite's access to textbooks translated from the advanced economies/societies in other parts of the world may give them a (false) sense of God-like knowledge superiority over their countrymen, just like parents over kids in childhood, teachers/professors over students. The copying may indeed goose the local formerly backwards economy very quickly as the "design" had already been carried out in a different country. Those carrying out the copying may think they are doing "Intelligent Design" . . . however, the implementation is almost always very flawed: the rapid progress creates unrealistic expectations about the natural speed of progress that can be sustained when there is nothing to copy. For example, Japanese economy has been stuck for 3 decades after the copying phase was over; Karl Marx mistakenly thought linear progress (hence "progressivism") was the nature of human society instead of cyclicity, and his followers not understanding that "end state" is literally death: life/living is a process, nothing pleasant about jumping to the "end state" / death. Massive bloodshed awaited French, German, Russian and Chinese when what could be done with copying was coming to an end and there was no native creativity to sustain the unnaturally rapid economic advancement that the local population had grown accustomed to in a few short decades of copying. That is a recurring theme in human history.

Company leadership is about individual responsibility: the owner of the private property has to exercise his intimate knowledge of his capital or the workers would choose to work for someone else. At no time is the owner of the factory allowed to coerce his workers.

The military context is affected by the N-Squared Law, so co-ordination and timely application of as much available force as possible on the enemy is of critical importance. People who are not familiar with military operations may think top-down structure makes military efficient . . . that actually is not the case. The first thing you'd learn in a staff college for training officers is how to inspire local individual initiative. One of the primary reasons why American/British, German and Israeli army units are much more effective than comparable units in their opponents is the emphasis on local initiative and decision making. That is fundamental to Bewegungskrieg. An army accustomed to following orders top-down is one that gets liquidated like the Soviet post-Stalin purge army at the opening phases of Barbarosa and the Egyptian 3rd army getting rounded up at Sinai by a smaller opponent.
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Many will arrive as organs and body parts at medical operating rooms for transplantation procedures. Tens of thousands of "refugees" trying to get into Europe have been disappeared. What are young strapping men with no marketable skills good for? As sources of donor organs and body parts. Organs from male donors are much less likely to result in rejection than organs from female donors.

You didn't actually think the rich octogenarian fucks threw their money away starting these waves of uprooted walking organs and body parts, did you? Finding a good match takes a long donor list.
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ForcedTQ says
Hans von Spakovsky explains at the Daily Signal that as “John Eastman, former dean of the Chapman School of Law, has said, many do not seem to understand ‘the distinction between partial, territorial jurisdiction, which subjects all who are present within the territory of a sovereign to the jurisdiction of that sovereign’s laws, and complete political jurisdiction, which requires allegiance to the sovereign as well.’”

May want to check the context of the quote. "Partial territorial jurisdiction" in the context of Constitutional Law usually refers to the partial sovereignty between state and federal governments. It might make some logical sense to have citizenship determined by each state instead of the federal government, but that's a whole different discussion. If by "partial territorial jurisdiction" he meant some laws do not apply to some individuals therefore those individuals are not citizens . . . that would beg the question whether any women are citizens because they are not subject to draft.
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Quigley says
So what about the Muslims captured during our war on Al Quaida and ISIS who turned out to be USA citizens? They were returned here for trial and locked away in US prisons, different from the ones who stuck in Guantanamo who were not citizens and thus enemy combatants instead of criminals.

Levying a war against the United States is explicitly defined in the Constitution as High Treason when a citizen does that.

Allegiance matters to the law.
A USA citizen living in a foreign land must pay taxes to the USA on any money he makes there. However a non citizen doesn’t have such an onus. Many expatriates forswore their USA citizenship for this reason alone, as the amount required is on top of the taxes charged by the foreign country.

That is not allegiance per se, but tax-cattle ownership / slavery-by-birth. It's a little like many large countries historically had exit-visa requirement enforced against their cattles/slaves.
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NuttBoxer says

Guns and profits have been around for a few hundred years. But mass shootings have not. Ever asked yourself why that is? I can tell you one thing that didn't exist when Mr. Winchester was alive...

curious2 says
are at high risk of being prescribed SSRIs, Ambien, and other psychotropic drugs that can badly mess up the mind.

That, and the fact that there was no gun-control . . . so even the crazy understood that if he pulled his gun out in a crowd, he'd be shot very quickly. There were no "gun-free" defenseless crowd ready to be targeted like sitting ducks.
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The entrepreneurial founders are usually people with IQ > 130, as are the core engineers recruited during the early stages of successful tech companies. As the companies get bigger, their myriads of staff positions have to be filled by people with IQ between 100 and 120 simply because about 40% of the general population have IQ between 100 and 120, whereas only 5% of the population have IQ>130. Here is a video conversation between Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux on the significance of the IQ difference on the two sides of 120:

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The article is a rehash of brain-dead fallacies that have been plaguing humanity for at least 2000 years. Here are a few obvious facts countering the fallacies:

1. Expensive housing is a phenomenon in the coastal cities created by anti-development zoning laws, which (the zoning laws) are not a product of capitalistic free-market, but socialistic central planning.

2. Of course houses are being built for the working class every day! in areas where zoning laws are lax and are not cramping capitalistic free market: where zoning laws are lax, like in the open plains of Texas, Arizona and Nevada, capitalistic small builders are competing against each other building new housing for the working class. Expensive big developments in the coastal cities and consequently oligopolistic development and large commercial land-lordinging (with sufficient market concentration to set price) are all results of zoning restrictions in the coastal cities and central banking pumping money into favored gambling industries such "heads-gamblers-win-tail-taxpayer-lose" gambler-banking in the Northeast and venture-gambling money-burning near SFBA. Central banking is not an element of Capitalism but Socialism/Communism as it is Plank #5 out of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, written by Karl Marx himself.

3. It's ludicrous to think Karl Marx and his friend Freddie Engels would be plucking away without pay. Communists are always on the pay of someone, usually big bankers who want central banking or seeking high investment return opportunity in a new country by burning it down first! Karl Marx was funded by bankers, Lenin and the Bolsheviks were funded by bankers and German military intelligence, Chinese commies were funded by Russian-run Communist International, which was again an institution funded by bankers to create investment venues by burning down countries. We live in a world where not even the Sierra Club can place a fund-raiser on the ground without letting the fund-raiser keeping 80-90% of the money raised from door-to-door knocking! Profit motive is what gets people out of bed! Including all communists (even the Jacobin Magazine itself pays $200 to the hack for writing up the trash article). If we put housing allocation into the hands of communists, you can bet you'd have to hand your daughter's pussy to them in order to get in line for housing assignment! As it was played out in every single Communist/socialist country where government bureaucrats assigned housing! A society like that is no different from a large slave plantation! except the communist bureaucrats are usually more cruel than private slave owners because you are not even their pet/property therefore they care even less about your well being. It is no co-incidence that Charvez' family and Castro's family became billionaires while Venezuelans and Cubans starved; both countries will be good investment opportunities soon! for big bankers!

4. Capitalistic Free Market is the only remotely fair approach to resolving the myriads of conflicting desires from all the different people. Profit/price is the signal device telling the managers of their own capital how to allocate resources. A relatively free capitalistic market place allowing each individual to allocate their own capital is the most efficient way for a society to allocate resources. Even relatively peaceful anti-development regulations would result in high housing prices while fires burning down the entire towns due to uncleaned brushes resulting from government regulations! People are positively stupid when it comes to voting on other people's money and property; people are much better at voting with their own wallet and their own feet! Individual responsibility and division of labor (i.e. free exchange based on private ownership) are the keys to prosperity and human dignity.

5. What the Jacobin communist revolutionaries really want to do is burning down your society, so it can be a good investment opportunity for the big bankers during the rebuilding/development after the fire . . . just like the original Jacobins did to France.

An interesting side question is: who is funding this college-dropout un-American Bhaskar Sunkara character that is running such an overtly communist magazine? and why. Obviously, just like Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao and Hitler (the last monster a national-socialist, an off-shoot of socialist ideology), Sunkara is a bought-and-paid-for failed intellectual shit-stirer as well.
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This is bricklaying, not building a house. Most houses in the US are not built of bricks. Building a house using standard wood boards or engineered boards is much cheaper than building a brick house. For large apartment buildings, steel framing is much less expensive and safer than a giant brick building.

Plumbing, electrical work and internal finishing are also more expensive than framing.

The brick laying approach might be useful for building a brick wall/fence around the yard where those are allowed by zoning code.

BTW, the original Levitt-town took 1.5 days to build a house, on average. That was circa 1950. Much less code requirement back then. In fact, most towns and cities started to have zoning code in the 1960's, precisely to prevent the Levitt-town approach result in too many houses in their town/city.
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Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate to the US, for the simple reason that a real Muslim would not be able to take the Oath of Citizenship (which is a naturalization requirement to become a citizen of the US) without committing apostasy (holding US Constitution above Sharia Law). So the very act of taking the oath is either perjury or apostasy for a Muslim. We shouldn't force them into one or the other, so all Muslim immigration should be suspended indefinitely.

Also, immigrants choosing advocating totalitarian ideologies as their careers should be deported. We don't need uprooted transplant "intellectuals" fitting so poorly into our society that they'd resort to violent totalitarian political doctrines. We don't want monsters like Karl Marx (German immigrant to Britain), Hitler (Austrian immigrant to Germany) or Stalin (Georgian immigrant to Russia), or even men like Eugene Debs (2nd generation immigrant born to immigrant parents), or the two idiots running Jacobin Magazine (both young 1st generation immigrants). Unless both your parents are US citizens at the time of your birth, or at least one of your parent is and the other parent is not the same religious/ethnic origin (i.e. already integrated in the previous generation when born; the dad didn't import a bride from his ancestral country), you don't get to seek a career in political radicalism. That would discourage the likes of the Boston Marathon bombing brothers and Linda the cockroach. We already ban Communist party members and Nazi party members from immigrating for the same reason: discouraging radicalism among transplants. Newcomers should be encouraged to integrate and become productive members of society after arriving in the US instead of bringing the worst of their ancestral countries and spreading it in some sort of ill-conceived self-identity crisis.
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BayArea says
Why does the left protect and defend Islam but denounces Christianity?

Is it because Muslims are a minority in the USA?

Its because the left are feckless pussies who worship violent dictatorship and dream of being abducted and raped in an episode of Stockholm Syndrome. The Left fight in order to lose.
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It's quite amazing that cultists in the 17th century had more common sense and were able to save themselves by ditching communism and embracing capitalistic free market . . . whereas Jonestown 250+ years later ended in mass suicide instead of pulling off another Thanksgiving "miracle" ("miracle" in the same sense as the post-WWII West German "economic miracle" under Ludwig Erhard)
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This is what happens when you allow a monopoly to take over the maintenance of roads.
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15-20 years ago, Gen-X were in their late 20's to mid 30's and ready to buy their first homes; Baby-boomers freshly minted by the dot-com boom (those who cashed out before crashing, or simply had high salaries before stock options) were eager to buy vacation homes / 2nd homes.

Today, the usual age group for 1st-home in their late 20's to mid 30's, the Millennials, can't even think of affording their 1st homes while paying mandatory health insurance and college loans. So it's not even a topic.

Besides, while young people who rented houses (like 15-20 years ago) thought about issues like when to buy (i.e. over-priced vs. buy-now-or-priced-out-forever), people who live in their parents' basement don't have to think about renting vs. buying at all.
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The foreign-born population ranking is mistaken. Germany and Russia are not even close to the top in terms of foreign-born percentage, not even the US! Countries like Kuwait, Qatar, UAE have more foreign-born population than native-born population (i.e. more than 50% are foreign-born). The reason is money/opportunity. Its just like NYC and SF have much higher percentage of transplants than Boondock does. The city of Detroit had more than 80% transplants from other parts of the US when the carmakers built the city in the 1910's and 1920's.

This brings into focus the real counter-point to the video: the real legit reason for allowing immigration is not our charity, but should be to our own benefit! primary in two ways:

1. People from poorer foreign countries tend to work harder after they arrive (before the age of welfare), harder than the coddled native borns. That's to the benefit of Americans.

2. Drain the brains of countries like Russia, China and India, so they don't out-compete us in the long run. This happened previously with Germans in the 19th century. US saved England in both WWI and WWII; Eisenhower was obviously of German ancestry.

What should be abolished is the welfare system. Stopping welfare has the additional advantage of forcing immigrants to integrate into American way of life and American value, instead of isolating themselves and building their 7th century sandcastles at taxpayer expense.
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Rin says
give welfare to those citizens whose jobs are permanently automated forever.

Does that mean stevedores should receive welfare after the invention of cranes? How about farmers after the invention of steam tractor? Of course then the steam engine mechanics after the invention of diesel engine for tractors? Then Combines and GPS-directed self-driving Combines?

Only the old and truly disabled should be receiving charity . . . and private charity (i.e. run by competitive channels) can deal with frauds much more efficiently than government bureaucrats can. Of course private charities are more likely to help citizens instead of snackbar just coming off the boat. Foreign-funded charities should be banned, as they are usually arms of foreign governments.
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Rin says
Not this time around, those were the agricultural to industrial to service economy shifts.

This time, however, there will be no future economy for anyone to move into, once AI eliminates all jobs. The problem with today is that the workforce has so many inefficiencies, that we can maintain a long term contracting (non-full time) workforce for at least another generation. Afterwards, however, it'll all be gone.

When AI eliminates all human jobs, AI will eliminate all humans or turn human beings into pets (and the pound usually puts a limit on how many days the strays are kept); that's a decision for them to make.

So far, the evidence is that human beings are still the most versatile tool on the planet. However, they have a built-in preference for leisure. So removing the incentive to find new jobs or work will quickly reduce people to idleness, as all the socialist experiments found out (from Mayflower to Soviet Union).
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Those are Slaves... I mean, guest workers who have their passports taken and regularly beaten and abused. Kuwaitis flipped out when the government mandated a single day off for "Domestic (Slave) Laborers".

They were not abducted from their native countries, but volunteered to go to countries like Kuwait. H1B visa recipients are not exactly free labor either, but they still come.

Also, Germany, Russia, France, UK, Brazil, etc. are Real Regular to Large sized countries, not little Sultanates like Kuwait or Qatar with a long history of living off slave labor and producing nothing but repacking exports between east and west with a markup

The real difference is money / monetary system. Huge numbers of Brazilians and Canadians immigrated to the US in the past few decades, for the same reason that huge numbers in the middle of the US migrated to NYC and SF, both of which are closer to the source of the global monetary system. $2 a day was a huge amount of money at the time of Wyatt Earp, who bought his house for $20 a century and half ago. The same house would be worth at least $200k today, due to monetary inflation. Monetary inflation benefits those who get the new money first (spending the money before inflation propagates through the economy), at the expense of the people who get it later (having to spend against the inflated prices). That's why people flock to regions privileged with new money creation. US happens to be the primary source of new money creation for the entire world, as our primary export is the dollar itself.

Which is why, despite tepid GDP growth since 2000, we have unjustifiably high, 1910s levels of Foreign Born. It's also why housing costs have exploded.

Tepid GDP growth is part of the cause not the result of high number of immigrants. Whenever the US hits recession, one of the solutions is (temporarily) increasing immigration: recession is the result of pricing error/adjustment, jobs not taking place because the buyers want lower price, ergo immigrants providing that source of lower priced labor, so that necessary work can be done while people adjust to new prices. Housing cost is not high in the interior of the US. The coastal rent is high due to government subsidies and zoning control, combined with the monetary system shifting population from the interior to the coastal cities. There is a lot of vacancy and abandoned housing in the middle of the country. Real estate price high is not necessarily a result of housing demand at all, but speculation demand: lower interest results in higher asset price. Foreigners buying up US real estate and other assets at the peak of the market then sell them a few years later in a crash actually benefit Americans, and is the most harmless way of dollar recycling: just like Japanese did in the early 1990's, and Mercedes did buying Chrysler. Those repricing cycles enabled Americans to receive tons of Japanese cars, electronics and German cars for free!
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Taxing the shit out of food, clothing and heating/cooling so that the poor people die in droves will be even more effective in creating lebensraum for the rich assholes! Oh, wait, that's exactly what they are saying!
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The problem started when the founding fathers modeled the republic after the Roman Republic instead of the Venetian Republic.
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komputodo says
Sunnyvale94087 says
I had a nice home-cook ribeye last night. I'm loving my sous vide wand. This cow came straight from the store and cooked for 70 minutes at 137 degrees. What's amazing is that you can get the same result with frozen if you give it 120 minutes.

When I saw the image, I knew it was prepared sous vide because of the even color of the meat...You seared it after or before? Have you ever tried it with a cheap chuck roast for 24 hrs?

Ok, when does it become a pot roast?
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Strategist says
If $9.00 per gallon works for Norway, it can work for us.
With the tax we collect, we can give a free Tesla to everyone. :) :)

Norway has vast hydroelectricity per capita, whereas the US has very little per capita. Even if we invest massively in nuclear power, using the resulting electricity to make hydrocarbon fuel via Fischer-Troppish process might still be more cost-effective than Tesla's. If people can't afford to buy Tesla's themselves, taxing them and giving half the money to bureaucrats is not going to leave enough money to buy Tesla's for everyone.
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Strategist says
We have lots of solar per capita. Let's use that.

Norway has 31 GW hydropower installed, for a population of about 5 million people. That's 6000 watts per person 24hrs a day (it makes sense for them to export oil instead of transmitting electricity across the North Sea and Baltic Sea, therefore the high tax on fuel to make people use electricity locally)

California has one of the highest solar capacity installations among the 50 states; yet it's only 470watts per person, and solar capacity only translates to about 1/6 (equivalent to 4hrs of peak capacity a day) on average for actual generation (due to nights and clouds/precipitation/temperature), i.e. less than 100 watts per person electricity generated. Storing in batteries would cost another half.
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Strategist says
Solar panels on a roof can generate all the electricity a house would need, and save you money. Each PV panel can now generate 360 watts of electricity. I don't know where you get the 100 watts potential per capita from. Estimates also show 100 square miles in the American desert can generate 100% of the electricity used by America.

I didn't say anything about "potential"; "potential" is meaningless because there are higher priorities in life than covering an entire desert with solar panels. It's just like: killing everyone else on this planet and using their bodies for fuel can "potentially" heat and cool your house and my house for longer than our life time, but that's not likely to happen! Attempting that would drastically shorten your own life time!

The numbers I quoted were installed capacities, e.g. Norway's 31GW hydropower is installed capacity, not "potential." We can only power cars with real installed capacity, not "potential" like the human fat from 7 billion dead bodies.
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As the permafrost thaws across the fast-warming Arctic, it releases carbon dioxide, the top planet-warming greenhouse gas, from the soil into the air. Sometimes, that thaw spurs the growth of lakes in the soft, sunken ground, and these deep-thawing bodies of water tend to unleash the harder-hitting methane gas.

As temperature rises, CO2 solubility in water decreases, therefore the oceans (covering 70% of the earth's surface) release CO2 into the atmosphere. That's the real reason why there is a correlation between temperature and atmospherical CO2 level: warming leading to (and causing) atmospherical CO2 level rise, not the other way around. Warming and cooling are overwhelmingly due to changes in solar activity. So the solution to coping with climate change is increasing humanity's ability to deal with climate change, not raising taxes or sacrificing your first-born at a cult altar.
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Decadence and eventual collapse came much sooner for the Roman Republic than for the Venetian Republic.
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Culture and civilization are what men invented in order to seduce women without having to fight every other man in order to commandeer reproductive resources.

Women are primarily concerned with their own status within the surrounding sisterhood. If a woman is having difficulty integrating into the surrounding sisterhood, she will pursue the weirdest shit in order to stand out from the crowd so as to avoid being at the bottom of a sisterhood. That's why whatever type of car is common among "socker moms" is hated by most women. Women self-hate (which is a biological necessity for them to submit to men, so there can be reproduction. The proud, confident and truly self-sufficient woman is a genetic dead end, so the genes are eliminated from the gene pool; women are literally evolved to be neurotic and dependent, just like they are evolved to have tits and be pretty when young!).

IMHO, refugees admitted into the US should be shipped off to overseas US territories (e.g. Puerto Rico, Saipan, etc.) and exempted from minimum wage laws as well as welfare (i.e. not eligible for welfare), so they can have incentive to integrate, as well as replacing the declining population/labor force of the territories.

Foreign-born women (and men, but especially women) wouldn't be obsessing with their identity shit if they have to work instead of sitting at home nursing their "uniqueness" or "greivences." It's just like, the "Palestinian refugees" wouldn't be there more than half a century after the wars if not for all the hand-outs keeping them there and turning them into terrorists. It's the same reason why "foreign aid" to African countries destroy local farming and prop up dictators, and welfare in the domestic ghettos create gansterism / thug culture.

The Housing Trap
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