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Dan8267 says

I got a hold of one of her reviews. Want to hear it?

The June Chu Review

Giuseppe's Ristorante

Today I had the anguish of dining at a ginzo wop-house owned by a dago name Mario or Luigi or some guido name like that. Upon entry I was seated by beaner trying to pass for a terrone forcing his Mexican accent into something resembling goombah Sicilian.

I started with the Greek salad. Well, more like bulgaroskopian slop. It was served with baby carrots smaller than a chink's penis. The lettuce was as flaccid as a Bulgarian lumberjack and smelled like an Irishman after 5 p.m.

Next I was served breadsticks with a sauce spicier than a Brazilian butt plug. Normally I would like this, but it left a bad taste in my mouth like Filipino gigolo, and if I wanted that, I would have gone to Dingdong Dantes' place.

The service up to this point had been quite disappointing. The waiter was as incompetent as a pollack, slow as a wetback, lazy as a...


This woman should be promoted.

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In case you guys didn't know. This 'white male privledge' is the frankfurt school of communism.

Instead of focusing on the wealthy as privledged, they focus on racial privledge.

Its divise on purpose, to take over, so that the leaders can be in charge of government funds (they then become the new wealthy).

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He's going be mayor one day.

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uh oh are the SJW monsters turning on the jews now?

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She should accuse everyone attending of rape, and file complaints with police.

That would be nice 'art'.

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ISIS is joining the fight against abusive student loan debt.

The left wing democrats are same as ISIS now.

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