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So is this book going to more more damning than Omarosa's, which was at least based in this century?
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Weren't some people talking about the Mayor of Atlanta as a possible VP running mate for Biden?

So the Mayor fired the cop who shot the perp and put the other one on desk duty. I'm hoping that she is out of the running for VP.
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Wait till he tries a campaign rally.
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Obama was not a G W clone. Obama expanded medicaid and increased taxes on the wealthy to pay for it. That's something G W would never do.
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Tenpoundbass says
Misc says
Obama was not a G W clone. Obama expanded medicaid and increased taxes on the wealthy to pay for it. That's something G W would never do.

Obama was hand selected to be his successor, by Bush. Obama is his 5th cousin.

Wasn't handpicked by G W. McCain's economic advisor stated publicly that the economic downturn was all psychological. With an economic advisor like that, and coming from the same political party that had just run the economy off a cliff, McCain didn't stand a chance.
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First no pizza...now no beer ! ! ! ! !
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In the residential space, 8.4% of outstanding loans are in forbearance. That's higher than the top delinquency rate during the housing crash

Wells Fargo tipped its opinion on where it expects housing to go by not making any more HELOCs. https://www.housingwire.com/articles/wells-fargo-joins-chase-in-halting-helocs/

Commercial real estate is just a mess with tenants vacating or not paying rents across the broad swath of properties.

It is possible for inflation to come, but the shear amount of free money Congress would have to send out is mind boggling.
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They re-did Splash Mountain quite a few years back. They changed the rabbit from getting stuck in tar to getting stuck in honey. Even that is not enough for the Wokeness. The left wants them to do away with the briar patch altogether. I don't know what they'll do...maybe something with rainbows.
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Treasury doesn't want to make the list public because it could become a hit-list for rampaging mobs.

Take California for example. I'm sure that there were plenty of connected people that got millions in the state. Meanwhile 20% of renters didn't make this month's rent payment. In a state of 45% renters with a 39 million population that means about 3 million people are looking at getting economically displaced in the state. The governor has a moratorium in place barring evictions until the end of July. All of a sudden, 3 million people are going to be scampering wondering what will happen to them. There will be a certain amount of social friction between those losing their residency and those who got a more substantial bailout.

Police are going to have a very difficult job. The potential for atrocities is high.
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It's almost like nobody here has their "White Discount Card" that merchants take to reduced the price of their goods and services.
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SunnyvaleCA says
As an unmarried adult male, can I insist people use my proper title: "Master."

Only if you have a Master's Degree. Whereupon, if people pointed out how racist/sexist that degree is called, maybe those of the wokenness would recoil in horror at those leading them.
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His book doesn't sound nearly as damaging as that of Omarosa's.
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I don't think we have to worry about Michelle Obama. All Trump has to do is say, "She will do to the country what she did to school lunches."

Every young person in America hated what she did to school lunches, and now they are of voting age.
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Just wait until the feds start deporting illegals into CHOP.
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Today is certainly a confusing day in Baltimore.
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We went from a 3.5% unemployment rate to an 18.5% unemployment rate in a couple of months. 30% of American households did not make last month's rent/mortgage payment. The PPP was a giveaway to the rich and well connected, and the $1200 checks given to the peasants didn't cover enough. The BLM protests were quaint with very little damage to people or properties.

We've all seen the footage of the people driving to get their food handouts from the charities and the numbers involved. There is no plan to rapidly get funds into the hands of people who need it for basic necessities. Remember these people are out of work through no fault of their own. If massive amounts of money are not given to people to cover their rent/mortgage we are looking at trying to economically displace about 100 million people. That bodes ill. The amount of social friction will be intense and the potential for atrocities is high.
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..and he resigned
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TrumpingTits says
Yes. This isn't limited to just pharma, either.

Hence why we should abolish the corporate income tax. We will more than make up for it in expansion of income, capital gains and dividends tax revenues as a result. Not to mention more jobs (where the bulk of the income tax revenue increases will come from).

It is just nonsense to do away with the corporate income tax. This would only benefit current shareholders as it would drive up share prices.

Zero is not a lower bound when it comes to taxes. Negative taxes are certainly a possibility. It may come to that as the current crop of aristocrats try to keep the stock prices ever expanding to maintain their status, control and the free money given to the rich by means of capital gains..
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Teaches Trump to trust the RSVP system as much as he does the polls. Had massive amounts of democrats putting in orders for tickets and not showing. It even spilled over to Trump supporters who were out of state putting in RSVPs to "show their support" (had one here on patrick.net trying to get us to do that, if I remember right). Hence, hugely inflated numbers in those saying they would attend.
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I agree. Extremists should be killed.
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Welfare payments to the poor are also taxed when they spend them. --- Still free money in my opinion.
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Ceffer says
When they said Yale or Jail, they really meant it. Clintons both Yale Law graduates.

Therefore, the equivalent of literally slaveowners.
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She's been in office for 33 years and is just now getting around to taking offense. What made her stop pandering to the Nascar vote?
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zzyzzx says
Seattle Police Chief Tells People To Call 911 If Called Names During Coronavirus Crisis

Please, someone take him up on it
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Looking at the boxes, Kellogg's was one of the very first "WOKE" companies. I mean having 3 fairies touting your cereal back from the 60's.
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They are still going to be sued, if they don't bake them for the faggots too.
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Misc says
I agree. Extremists should be killed.

Leftwing rightwing or both ?

I was writing in the same vein as the comment above. Writing something so asinine as to be funny. I am hoping your reply is the same.
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I still think Omarosa's memoir was much more damaging.
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Yep, he looks like Pink Floyd
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I have an idea. If they don't support those businesses, let's bring back "Mark to Market".
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Radical Islamic Terrorists are Right-Wing.

It makes sense these violent criminals' attacks have been increasing.
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Anyone else notice that the other prominent Democrats have stopped campaigning for Biden.

Not a peep from Obama, Sanders, Hillary, etc.
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They said "TEMPORARY" tax increases on business. - HAHAHAAHAHAHA

This budget deficit is only based on decreased tax "income". Doesn't even include the roughly $2 billion per week in extra outflows for unemployment payments that California is gonna be borrowing from the Feds.

I wonder if those "Restricted Funds" they are going to be borrowing from are California's pension monies.
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Onvacation says
Tenpoundbass says
the Rightwing leadership has never been trouble makers. It has always been the Leftwing causing problems, every time they become irrelevant.

Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Leftists were notorious for murdering over a hundred million people in the 20th century.

Has there ever been a conservative regime that committed genocide?

ISIS was a conservative regime that committed genocide.
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So NASCAR removed the Confederate flag based partly on testimony from this highly unstable person.

Anything called racist and the media falls all over it. People in positions of authority can't seem to tell these snowflakes to grow up.

I bet he wants the Confederate flag replaced by one with a rainbow.
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I Googled "Noose NASCAR" and got 101 million results. This for something that didn't exist. --- Must'uv been a slow news day.
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There were a couple of studies done testing a random sample of the population for COVID. The percentage of people who had already had the disease were substantial. There have been no follow-up studies because the results do not fit the narrative.
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I know, I know when G W Bush left office we were winning the war in Afghanistan. When Obama left office we were winning the war in Afghanistan. What's up with this Trump presidency?
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I don't think this book will come anywhere close to the revelations of Omarosa's book.
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Still not a single loan through the Main Street Lending Program. I hope the economists at the Treasury weren't counting on this $600 billion stimulus.
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