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Silly arguments.
Those looking for the supposed equal protection under the law please tell me why I am not able to officially enter into marriage with more than one individual? Who is the state, you , or anyone else to detemine who I can love or who I can commit myself to? Go ahead and throw out the argument that you are just looking to be equal as society and laws are today, but that does not address your very argument that would be just as applicable to the question I ask above. The acronym that defines much of the groups fighting for this equality, GLBT, incorporates "bisexual" which should defintely include an additional argument for multiple marriages. Why isn't that part of the agenda? Too much too early? Someone please help define logically why I shouldn't assume that the efforts to legalize gay marriage are just a farce, since it really isn't including equal protection for so many that have existed for so long in societies even before this country was formed? What about our bisexual friends?
Help me understand?

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Wrong. Not returning, just confirming. Your bisexual friend could only have one marriage at a time then? Or, based on your short answer and to be clear, they don't fall under equal protection? Since 3>2, that is of course if they only had one person they loved of each gender and wanted to commit themself to both and not more.
It isn't an argument against same-sex marriage, it is an argument against goverment dictating anything related to your own morals. It appears that it is indeed not part of the agenda, because the basis of your response to my inquiry is "don't worry about that, it isn't an issue." I argue that it is indeed part of the issue and in the same sense the bisexuals have the same rights as all should have, which includes a 1=1 relationship with man and man, as well as the 1=1 relationship with where it is a man and woman.
Its the old nature discussion, where animals aren't meant to have one mate. Why are humans different? If religion didn't promote marriage for life, your fight would be the greater fight of the government controlling any of our morality. All the same rights are given, but until all are forced to change beliefs there is no end. Don't worry, I understand, I have studied cultures and histories. Nothing new here...please move on.

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Thanks Nobody, I agree with you.

More tax cut for the investment. YES. Spur job growth

More tax cut for 1% of the high income earners. YES as part of greater tax cuts they will benefit. They do pay 80-90% of all taxes.

Cut the government spending on medicare. YES! If you are over 55 you will be fine, but for those under 55, CUT!!

Cut the social security. YES, it was never meant to be everyone's retirement plan! Stop the abuse now!!

Cut the budget on the following:
Education YES, eliminate the Educat Department. Education budget has exploded but results are worse. Why are schools raising people's children instead of educating them? Why are we feeding kids b-fast, lunch and dinner, and then the families during the summer? Bull SH**. Stop this crap and start educating kids. It is not the school nor the taxpayers job to raise your child and feed them. GET A JOB.

Social services such a child welfare protection. CUT IT! Stop the dependency and generation of elfare leeches. Without forcing people to find work and contribute to society, many have no guilt about sucking off of the punblic teat...it is perceived as their right as a citizen, or in many cases not even as a citizen, to get taken care of *Our Nanny State and democratic voters!)

Medical research to find cures. CUT!!! How hippocritical. Corporations are bad for finding cures to many life taking diseases because they make profits. I reject the idea that some beauracrat should choose what research to fund with my tax dollars. Leave it to the private sector.

Spending will not increase, reality will hit the free loaders like a ton of bricks. I HOPE THE GRAVY TRAIN IS OVER. No more "All aboard," it is now show me your cards that reflect you are contributing to society, otherwise it is a swift kick in the rump. BEAT IT! Welcome to the real world where work = $$ and $$ = eat.

Nuff said. MB Out!

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I have $10M in the bank, I paid the taxes I owe on it, since I didn't really earn it without governments's direct involvement.

I hold that money in my account live large and wait to spend it or pass it on through living trusts or some other vehicle to minimize the additional blood letting that Uncle Sam will strive to do.

Or, Uncle Sam gives me incentive to invest that money back into the market where I take all the risks trying to pick a proper investment that will lead to growth of that investment. If that risk and gains on my investment of post tax money is treated as regular income, I'll keep my money on the sidelines. Sure those with $100s millions will invest some, those with 2, 5 or 10 million may not. How many have 100s millions?

No incentive....no investment. Forget it. My risk, not the governments. They are just a bystander trying to figure out how to take more of $$s that are sitting on the sidelines.

If someone inherited money and lives off of the cap gains, good for them. They paid taxes on the inheritance.
The government is trying to tax money at every exchange.

Lower everyone's taxes, cut spending, simplify the tax code, put freeloaders to work and do not covet thy neighbor's goods. Voila! It is that simple.

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