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Agree, some really dumb process. No wonder US is like 25th in world education, yet spends most.

They give 5 min homework.
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Make porn with doll. There are lot of vids on x videos where guy gets 2 glasses of wine with Doll n humps doll in various positions. Dolls doesn't mind when he drinks all the wine n wants to try positions.
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Why does americans have worse health? $ can buy food but staying healthy its person choice and american dont choose wisely.
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One teacher per county/ subject. Test all online.

Watch video, teacher goes over it and answer any question. Gives online test.
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It will come up eventually, any way to buy oil futures or etf?
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While u still remember, When u went to Montreal, who did u find hoes? Is there a website? Or u searched street.

I saw this video where u can touch thru vr an other person feels it, imagine if doll touched u also.

Also imagine if they incorporated voice and she had basic convos and moaning sound.
Future is good
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Hmm I thought ccp funded cnn. They are always defending china. Also I noticed how 5000 factories moved to chine in clinton administration.
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Wow 18 yr old 220 hr. Bbj daty.... included damn

N they are real pretty.
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Is that canadian 220 or us 220?
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Great story.
Everyone has gun in such remote area. Govt created issue out if nothing. They killed 25 kids.

Instead of tear gas. Just break one wall with tank daily and let them know so they can move kids.

Curious if any of David's own kids survived?

Most people can't manage one girl more than 50 % divorse rate. He had many, so important to study such brain.
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Are #metoo crazies fully supported by dems? I think they fked themselves. Watch them try to kill this.

Kavanaugh accuser went voluntarily to his bedroom, and obviously they made out. When she said no , he let her go. No rape. Seems like it was political.

33% of women are on mental medication. Possibly hallucinating. Guess what, men are staying away. Lowest marriage rate ever.

How the fuck can u date any women if anyone can be accused 40 yrs later for frivolous accusation. Women can just wait and if you get rich they come after u. Ruin your job, take your money... this is crazy.

This shit is crazy. Only people who can date normally are poor , ain't got nothing to lose. If you make more than 100k stay away unless she makes more money.
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Post pics of your dolls privates. And does it come with operating manual?.
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Pharma expense is 9% of total health care. There won't be much saving.

Companies will throw out stuff in us if they find one hair. In other countries lot more lenient on junk that goes into it.

There is hugh liability issue in us made drug, u can sue but in other countries can't do much. Due to frivilous lawsuits pharma have to charge accordingly.

Most drug research fail. U see maybe 10 new drug a year so rest is wasted. Cost to create new drug is 2.2 billion and when they fail cost gets spread over other areas.
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Hard to justify rape of sexworker. Raven, an African-American former sex worker.

Looks like he paid her with his time, he read four feminist essays.

There is hugh need to define rape. Guys start putting ideas together so no women can claim rape. Technically any women can fuck a guy and if not satisfactory , claim rape and rob a man of his life saving.
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Curious what percent of workers are black at burger king? nobody cares since its low paying job.

White women want equality with white men bcs they are in better jobs that pay well. They don't care about garbage collector who is almost always men.

Equality should be option of choice, evey person who completed certain amount of leaning should have option for job.

Doing math hurts brain, and US schools skip on lot of math. Schools need to improve so we don't have to recruit from outside of country.
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Lot of IQ tests are in English, gives native English speaker advantage.
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Fking 3d printing, lost 10k in stocks when 3d printers stocks were hot , n everyone claimed that its the future.

Then it lost 90% of value.
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I am in, start something similar to fb. Can't believe there is no major competitor to fb.
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Some cops start thinking themselves as might powerful. Cops shouldn't treat anyone like that. Few years back they did similar to 70 yr old man. Man could barely walk, want going to run away. Cop with knee should be fired and some years in jail. Other cop probably suspended or fired.
  KgK one   ignore (0)   2020 May 30, 10:49am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Some cops let me go with warning, n some are ass. Was bringing my kids from tae kwando n by error didn't turn my front light on, he kept me on for 1 hr at 10 pm, kids were going crazy. After giving ticket told me to come to court n he will dismiss it. He could have easily just waned me n let me go.
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How hard is it to become prison guard where she will be in jail? Lol
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Real dumb for these people to destroy their own neighborhood n businesses.

In few months they will complain why there are no jobs, n facilities in their area, and why no one invests there.

So if 100 billionaire are taking money then attack them or convince them to donate back with projects in their area and promise to never burn or destroy it. When Obama was president, they still had same issues and nothing happened to rich. No tax or any action taken against them. Rich run the politician so nothing will change for them. These dumb people think that destroying small businesses is going to help.
There are racist cops and they need to be addressed, when I get a ticket I hate them too . They are there to prevent n protect.

Pat We should develop are u racist quiz and sell it to many groups with possible solution and team building activity.
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Damn which bank
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We had minor crash 2002-3 then low rates to prop up housing, then actual crash n recession in 2008. All during republican govt.

Current crash is 2002-3 version. Since trump wants 2nd term it won't crash till he is elected.

Thanks run for technical analysis also.
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What happened to video of girl hitting cop with dildo.
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If there is an actual good deal, realtors take it before it comes to market.

Like stock market, they need to be tracked for insider trading.
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Salaries in expensive areas like San fran, ny, dc are higher than philly but cost of living is higher also.
Also manager n director of so pays better.
Also salaries been cut due to covid.

What IT career pays best?
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They are trying to make dolls feminist lol.

When AI comes, I bet some white knight will add features like complaining, pms, n how men are bad when they are not needed.
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Some sort of h1b will live. Us education doesn't produce enough smart people, they product athletes.

Edison , and bulk of scientist are from other countries. Bulk of invention and creativity is done by immegrants. That's how us keeps edge, by importing smart people and selling product they make back to their own countries.
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Wear it in store n near crowd.

But do not wear it in park n biking in neighborhood.
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Hitler, only blue eyes blond hair. Rest of whites are useless.

Even among whites there is hugh racism.
Normal vs redneck
Almost everyone thinks their race is better, German vs czchek republic.

When Europe literally enslaved world, they fought among themselves. Ww1 ww2.
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Ain't nobody sexually harassing 46 yr old. We need rules of engagement with women.
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He gets paid to fuck. Probably less than those women. Why would he ever needs to assult anyone. Women have gone crazy.

Women needs rule of engagement. This is witch hunt for men. I personally stay away from women.

May have to follow rinwah laws
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White women are causing black issue.

Typically 1 black man to 1 black women but 40-50% men are jailed then from remaining 50, the best ones athletes, e.g. NBA , college educated men first have kid with black women then they get lured by white girl.

This leaves black women and their kids without father and no money. Without father next generation will turn out more criminal.

Black women should gang up n beat up some white ladies for stealing their men. How often do u see a white man with black women, very rare.
so why they letting white women steal their man.
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Equator get direct sun light, bulk of population live near equator and is dark skin, more melatonin to prevent sunburn.

White people live away from equator in colder area where there is light. They have less melatonin.

Hope that clears major difference between two.
Yes some exception due to movement. Australia was white criminal colony, but indigenous people are dark.
Jesus was born in middle east so he was most likely brown since middle east is near equator. And he might be short People were lot shorter 2000 years ago.

Some argue about iq but iq test is subjective. I have seen black people from good school/neighborhood do same and even better than white kids. Lot of iq tests are in English, most of non english speaking countries won't do well on them. Compare score from Singapore which is diverse to see that there is not much difference. Also what does iq measure, ability to solve some puzzles?

Give those iq tests to some redneck, see how he does it compare to some African who doesn't speak English.

Read some novels on British living conditions in 17 to 19 th century.

Any one to blame is racist white, asian and even some black women who only date white men. For one Batchelor party saw lot of ad from Asian n black women who only will go with white men.
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He had good theories on women with supporting info. Did not agree with him on IQ
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Sour grape syndrome.

I bet she thinks like this: I didn't get my white man. White man are horrible for not choosing my asian ass. I am special so only white man for me :) . Men of other races are not worthy of me. :)
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Thanks for standing up for American Indians. After American Indians saved people from Europe from hunger by giving them Thanksgiving fiest n teaching them how to farm, Europeans stole their farm, raped women, n enslaved them. Lot of European names, specially polish r fucked up. These r names Pszczyna' ...
'Następstw' ..

Its time they do something about it. :) trolling is fun

So basically there r good n bad ppl everywhere. Don't support extremist on either end. They fk up shit.
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Its like 2-3 % of population thats all of lgbtq.... Left makes it like its 25%

There r males n females n sometimes nature creates odd situations. We have accept them n provide normal environment to live but not every show needs a gay guy.

I have hard time figuring out women now I gotta figure out 20 more sexes. Keep life simple.
Kids these days going to be confused as hell.
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Amazon, tsla on fire, is this 1999? Again
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