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Patrick says
How did this happen? Were they paid "reparations"? No, they did it all themselves.

Oh yeah!

Okay, just a little more picking on the Irish. 'Tis all in good fun.

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Patrick says
potatoes: yes, I've seen Irish families serve three forms of potatoes at the same meal

Sounds great. That is right up my alley. That is, as long as they have some sour cream.

Patrick says
Wow, I knew they were doing well, but was unaware that it was quite this well per person:

Shit, they are closing in on SWITZERLAND! Didn't have any idea.
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Karloff says
That the police and legal system are instructed to do nothing about it, and in fact will punish decent people that defend themselves against these kinds of attacks shows us exactly who the enemy is, what positions of power they hold, and what they have in store for us.

Karloff says
People must stand up and take care of the problem themselves.

I truly am wondering how our society will resolve this incompatibility.
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Wow, great analysis.

When I was looking for something to pull out and comment on, it seemed like I would just be copying the whole post :).

I'll choose this one.

Patrick says
Mass bannings of blogs, websites, and Twitter accounts for holding politically incorrect views which are invariably conflated with "racism" even when they are exclusively about saving US manufacturing jobs and sending illegals back to their homes to save other US jobs for US citizens.

The unique in this world, glorious, American tradition of FREE SPEECH. It's going away.

I have thought for a long time that if someone wishes to know how/where the USA is going just look first at Canada, and then Great Britain. Small example, I have been in Canada and not been able to access web sites because someone has identified them as "hate speech." As far as Great Britain, shit, they are toast.

I participate in another internet forum (that has been around since 2003) that recently had some butthurt fuck contact the site's host and happen to communicate with some SJW fuck and got the domain taken away. The owner of the site wound up getting the site hosted (under a different extension to the original name) under more dependable, reliable conditions in Russia. IN FUCKING RUSSIA! Now, some have to go to RUSSIA!!! for freedom of speech!
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Tenpoundbass says
Chicks is a misogynist word, the name change, and brand self destruct isn't finished yet.

Let's just get to the end of this process.


(No, I did not mistype that. I wanted to just say 'Them," but that might have come off as too "patriarchic." You know, what with the English language being so insensitive and "male" forced and everything -- so I came up with a weird spelling).
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NoCoupForYou says
Andrea Mitchell and Trans, or is it Trans is Andrea Mitchell?

At 0.21 minutes into the video, the dumb-ass blonde lady in the blue dress says, “Where are the police when you need them?” Uhhh, maybe got de-funded, ordered to not respond?

And, even if the police are not de-funded and reduced in strength at this location, usually they cannot do much in a quick evolving situation like this anyway. The police pretty much show up when it is all over and can't really do much. People are just dead or bleeding and the police just make reports and arrest whomever they can.

Hey, blonde lady in the cute sun dress (nice choice for a demonstration), and the pop-tart trans freak, how about do not put yourselves in harm's way and then expect somebody else to come save you? Too much to ask?
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So damn beautiful.
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elliemae says
Patrick, this Jew is gone from your site forever.

Apparently "forever" these days lasts for 6 hours and 7 minutes.
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CBOEtrader says
Im offended by your offense. Do i win?


elliemae says
The reason that I hung it up on this site several years ago was that I was ill.

There is nothing like playing the pity card. Hey, if someone is ill everything changes, right? Oh, wait a minute, no. Better go back to whining, more prospect there.
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Patrick says
I at least want to hear all points of view, especially the ones I disagree with.

Oh yeah! Me too.
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Automan Empire says
Trigger discipline, BITCH!

SunnyvaleCA says
Yeah, she's an embarrassment to actual gun owners. Hopefully it's not loaded!

Yeah, I'm not quite sure what to make of this episode. But, to anyone who does not wish to embarrass gun owners:

Never put your finger on the trigger until you are willing to fire.
Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Her waving that pistol around with her finger on the trigger was embarrassing.

Also, I do not think they were caught with next-to-no notice. At least, put on some sensible footwear.
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Ceffer says
Personal Injury Lawyers? That's great. They can shoot to wound and then run up and give them one of their business cards to sue their homeowner's association.

Ha! Even though I'm laughing, this is not far fetched. Hey, business might be slow.

I was kind of thinking they could somehow get themselves wounded and somehow sue whoever they could find to serve or, maybe, in a pinch, themselves (for insurance purposes) in a weird, bizarre way.

Never underestimate ambulance chasers.
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EBGuy says
My favorite part about this whole affair is the fact that they're barefoot. Isn't that covered in NRA gun safety classes?

Unfortunately, I am afraid no one ever thought it necessary to mention such a basic thing.

Some things people will never learn.
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quick upload download

I beez the popo chief and shit!

Oh, shit, my weave be droopin' and, shit, maybe fallin' out. Damn! Always be happenin'. Gonna beat me some of Laquisia's ass for the weave she done gave me.

Oh, wait I can't beez talkin' like that. Gots to try to use my human voice. I lets the video speak (I done good - no babblin', right?).
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CBOEtrader says
Fortwaynemobile says
We all know why mayor did that.
im slow. spell it out for me

I am slow too. Please, I am genuinely curious. I would like to know.
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just_dregalicious says
I love this couple! A new TV series should spawn from them!

Ha! What a beautiful angle for them to get a show. "Barefoot Ambulance Chasers with Guns! - Must Watch TV!"
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Shaman says
Arm_HK_now says
Can't believe the father didn't beat the crap out of that perv right then and there.

Oh they would have locked him up for that! With extra time for it being a “hate crime.”

This is the horror. (I say, "Oh yeah! Get rid of this piece of shit like a rodent caught in the house. Sledge hammer until dead and then the rubbish bin").

But, how is the man going to do for and be around as a father to his child when HE is in the slammer for years? While the fucked up, mentally ill shit is asking where the washroom is in the next store.
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What I have always wondered about is if climbing Mt. Everest is some sort of intense/ultimate challenge, why do they go up the easy way?

WookieMan says
Waste of time to score a stupid point with your peers who are also likely stupid.

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Automan Empire says
He's hooked on pills and his daughter's life is not a wholesome example of the outcomes of JP's ideas and examples.

She knew she was going to be in front of a camera and she decided to make herself look like she was going to a porn shoot (although she is hot enough to thrive in that kind of work). And, plus, all that whiney ass, woe is me/us shit. Something ain't right.
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FuckCCP89 says

Please, a link to this/these video(s).
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RC2006 says
They are poking at a hornets nest.


CBOEtrader says

"We. Is Not. Fucking Around. No Mo."

"Now make ancestor sounds" Ape sounds from the crowd

The Planet of the Apes has arrived in Georgia!
I watched the videos and oh, boy, that was some serious "Habba Dabba Dooba babble." Especially, in the first video, at the end the rutting sounded like the jungle of the Congo.

Where the fuck are the cops!
As much as I could see, they were well armed and with powerful rifles and talking a bunch of violent shit and posturing in a violent way (e.g., the one who kept pointing a rifle at the building in the background).

And, walking in a sort of formation down a highway. Eeking and ooking along the way.
I am a little surprised the boons managed to get together all at once like that and with such nice gear.

Karloff says
They all appear to be outfitted very similarly. I've noticed the same with many protests where the protesters all have the same professionally designed signs. All very organized. Expensive.

Good point.

It's not like it was a raid on a Best Buy.

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NoCoupForYou says
Democratic U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin said in a statement that Wuestenberg also had participated in one of her voluntary advisory boards, on veterans’ issues. She said she removed him from the advisory board Thursday.

God, she looks like a dumb cunt.

A huge black pearl necklace, hmm revealing.
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NoCoupForYou says

I looked this term up. I am not quite sure what it means besides, "Army and Air Force Exchange Service."

Any other meaning?
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Blacks haven't been punished for their violent attacks against white people for years now. Ever since Rodney King in the 80's.

Now, they're making it illegal for whites to defend themselves when they are being attacked by blacks. This is the new, next step in America's decline into Zimbabwe.

As the white couple backed up their vehicle to leave the parking lot, the black woman rushed behind the SUV to block them from leaving and accused them of ‘trying to hit her.’
The black woman pounded on the vehicle and threatened to beat them.
This is when the confrontation escalated.

So if a black blocks you from leaving (kidnapping), beats on your car (criminal damage to property), and threatens to beat you (criminal threat) and you get out to defend yourself (no crime), you will be arrested and fired from your job. This is how it is in America now.
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NoCoupForYou says
African-American Female Employment Service - any institution that is heavily utilized to provide Make-Work for that group, like the DMV in large cities, or the AAFES itself in certain places.

Appreciated. Now I know.
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I have watched this video a few times.

I say if that strong, take-care-of-shit, prepared, beautiful lady had emptied her magazine into those feral she-boons the world would be just a little bit better. (Of course, her life would be a miserable mess).

I gotta get this in, “Why in the world would anybody talk to, much less, argue with a nigger?” Avoid the groid!!!

Just one meaningless so called “physical interaction” and the boons turn the situation into what they did?

I am scanning through my life memories. I am, so far, not able to recall an episode where “bumping” into someone (as the she-boons say), was reason to go chimp and, really, force someone to draw a gun. (By the way , that gun being pulled was TOTALLY justified).


That is the lesson.
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Malcolm says
but no disrespect

It is not disrespect, it is simple statement of reality.
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Tenpoundbass says
Now today the Left is calling for Noam's head on a platter. I was wondering when the kids Noam and his ilk were agitating to hate Old people, just not them, would eventually turn on them as well.

That is interesting.
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I looked this up a little.

"Brazil Off Duty Cop Shot Robber in the Head December 23 2019

The attempted robbery took place at 4 pm on Monday, 23, at a post office in the municipality of Itapecerica da Serra, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

PM Pedro, who was off duty and in civilian clothing,"

Doesn't look like the first time he's done something like that.
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NDrLoR says
Probably routine day's work in Brazil.

And maybe routine for everyone else.

I wasn't able to find the video, but here is an image of not one, not two, but three customers in a shop gunning down a robber in Brazil.

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For the situation you describe I always think a revolver is nice like the S & W Ladysmith.

Revolvers are just dumb simple to operate (which is really good) and reliable like nothing. I have fired this revolver with .38 special rounds and it was nicely easy to handle and accurate.

Plus, you can get them with pretty handles.
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Al_Sharpton_for_President says
Will they alternate anthems for each ethnic group?

Uh oh. This could turn into the same sort of quagmire as the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ problem or the never ending number of genders being discovered.
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Booger says
Actual video:

That gal is pretty hot.

I suspect being hot is what the dried up fugly academia wymen and LGBT freaks really don't like. They really long to be her.

Also, from the same article now,

"Editor’s note: After publication Tuesday, Pfefferle reached out to The College Fix and said that the school on Monday finally told her it would not revoke her admissions. Campus officials still have not responded to numerous requests from The Fix for comment. "
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Automan Empire says
I sense a preference for solid-state fossil fuel consumption in this one.

Haha! I get it. Interesting take.
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RC2006 says
Blm dog walking

Just had to look this one up. It happened in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

" Officers arrested a woman in connection with the incident in Dartmouth Wednesday morning.

Clarissa Angela Crawley is facing charges of assault with a weapon and willfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The 27-year-old Dartmouth woman is due to appear in court on Wednesday."
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A video.
On The Genealogy of Feminism
WARNING! A lot of Jew bashing in this one.
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