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For God's sake, wear a condom!
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Why you think Melania is still hanging around after Trump porked a porn star?

Not a prenup, Melania was rich on her own. Women who are attracted by such mega-achievers know they will be cheated on. True for Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and other presidents, Royalty, Media Icons, and Captains of Industry. The lady knows she will get the name and prestige, while the young honey just gets a boink.
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You need more houses than people, then rent will take care of itself. Start by deporting all illegals.

Rent control will only lead to a further housing shortage.
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Glacier National Park is replacing signs that predicted its glaciers would be gone by 2020

Yes, but the folks responsible for putting up the signs in 2010 have already cashed the donation checks and political capital. Now they will work on the next decade with vague predictions and blaming AGW anyway.
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coastal elites who think that the only solution for joblessness is to attend Yale Law School (Hillary, did you catch that one?).

Yes, and despite attending Yale, Hillary repeated failed the Bar Exam.
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Restitution for embezzlement and vandalism should be the norm.
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SunnyvaleCA says
I'd rather a ban on leaf blowers.

+1000. Especially jet engine volume 2-strokes that not only bust the ear drums, but stink up the area.
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He also fumed that officials refused to acknowledge any “hypothetical” situations in which they would come to Congress for authorization for future military hostilities against Iran."

No one with any experience would answer hypotheticals. Not doing hypotheticals has been standard practice with politicians since the beginning. I even remember Bush 1 repeatedly telling reporters that a question they asked was "hypothetical" and Bush would not go there.
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Sigh. Krugman style politically based wishful thinking.
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Hircus says
The judge will be called raycist for approving this lynching on juicy smooliet.

They might even find that Cumala was involved, and if they do, guarantee the raycist card will get played like a spade.

Spade? Pun intended?
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marcus says
Would you be talking about this if you understood that Great Leader is every bit as likely as Clinton or whomever else you think it might have been that did it ?

Clinton has repeatedly been on Epstein's plane and to his Island. Trump has only had an incidental appearance with Epstein and had banned Epstein from Trump properties. Trying to equate Trump and Clinton when it comes to Epstein is outright dishonest.
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No consumer interest, including especially MID, should be tax deductible at all. Neither should charitable donations be deductible.
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Ceffer says
Mostly wiped out by unfamiliar diseases.

So why didn't the Europeans contract an "unfamiliar" disease from the natives that decimated Europeans? Other than gonorrhea.
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Tenpoundbass says
HeadSet says
+1000. Especially jet engine volume 2-strokes that not only bust the ear drums, but stink up the area.

4 stroke weed eaters, crap out in a few hours of use, the carburetors for those tiny engines don't hold up. Electric battery powered ones, shred the weeds, and wont cut think woody hardy weeds.

I was talking about leaf blowers. But in any case, if you have weeds like you describe, you likely live out in the country and are talking about clearing weeds and brush on an acreage. In that case, use a Tim Allen style "rewired" weed wacker and make all the noise you want. I just see no need for a suburban lawn to use loud, smelly devices when for a smaller yard, a rake or electric device are just fine.
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The kid would not turn down the music on his computer during class? Slapped the hand of the teacher when the teacher was going to turn it down himself? Where does one think this behavior is OK?
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Goran_K says
We should also send back the ones who lied about their marital status, or anything on their immigration application.

Or married their brother...
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Trump needs to build 10 new boom towns. Pick a couple river towns along the Mississippi and make about 10 new Miami Dade counties.

If one could just will boom towns into existence (isn't China trying something like this with the ghost cities?), why not just will the boom towns somewhere in Mexico? I am sure the illegals would prefer Mexico to California if they could get jobs, and the illegals leaving California would free up some housing and rents would thus fall.
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Lets see if this "forecast" is any better than the last few anti-Trump based "forecasts."
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But maybe that's just my simplistic view based on the obvious continued presence in central and south America of so many people descended from indians of the Americas.

That may have had more to do with population density than anything else. Indian population in the area of the USA was rather sparse compared to South and Central America.
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Heraclitusstudent says
NoCoupForYou says
The illegitimate birthrate skyrocketed -

Yeah, but no one can undo the pill. You can't put back the djinn in the bottle.

The "pill" did not cause the illegitimate birthrate to skyrocket. The "pill" allowed promiscuity because the threat of pregnancy was severely lessened. The skyrocketing illegitimate birthrate was caused by welfare, paying women to stay at home merely for having a fatherless baby. True here and in England.
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Does any one notice that the 737 Max crashes only occurred overseas with foreign 3rd world carriers? No crashes despite thousands of flight by American carriers.
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"The backlash to gun control in Virginia is being fueled by conspiracy theories and misinformation

Yes, misinformation like: Gun owners are talking civil war and "standard" gun control laws and Multiple Democratic lawmakers have reportedly received threats, including death threats.

The reality is: “second amendment sanctuary” resolutions, which promise that local governments will not enforce state gun laws they see as unconstitutional. You know, like sanctuary cities.
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Chiromancer says
Goran_K says
Did those racist democrats STAY democrats or become Republicans?

No it's not simple.

In other words, virtually no racist Dem changed parties.
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Michelle's IPP is coming for your gun!

What is IPP, Immense Prolapsed Pussy?
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I'm a grown ass man,no one can offend me.

You are an ass, man? Who knew.
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So there is a 3 way involving Saunders, Biden, and Warren? Geriatric porn at its finest.
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Chiromancer says
HeadSet says
In other words, virtually no racist Dem changed parties.

Some did some didnt. Those that didnt are mostly dead. But today the "David Dukes" support Republicans.

I suspect that the "David Dukes" are so rare they are far outnumbered by black Republicans.
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Ok, let's fix the bogus here:

They should have been able to detect the transponder reading from the airliner

Transponders are used for air traffic control, period. The transponder code is set by the pilot to whatever Air Traffic Control says. Military Mode 4 IFF is a completely different issue. A SAM targeting radar does not care about transponders. Most likely is that the SA-15 operator was on high alert for a possible retaliatory attack and pushed the fire button when he saw what looked like a threat profile.

To all of us who climb into those "pressurized tin cans" to be blasted into the stratosphere, and spend hours in an environment with little oxygen and -65 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, this is a warning. There is no such thing as a routine flight.

"Routine" flights happen 20,000 times a day without incident. A airline shot down in a hostilities area does not change the "routine" safety of air travel. And by the way, the outside air temp at airliner altitudes is more like -35, not -65.
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The dispute began in 2003 when CNN fired a group of unionized subcontractors working as video technicians and in other technical and support roles.

The cabler then hired new, non-union employees for most of the same functions.

For a network that spouts left wing like diarrhea, this is sheer hypocrisy. They should be a proud union shop.
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It appears you lefties are digging that old 1988 story about the USS Vincennes mistakenly shooting down that Iranian airliner as a counter balance to the recent Iranian shoot down of an airliner. That USS Vicennes story appears in virtually every news article about that recent Iranian downing of that Ukrainian airliner.
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Now that the first Amendment has been overtly and deliberately violated, you can be charged with a crime for supporting Trump, or for insulting Trump.

One may be arrested for supporting Trump, but no one will be arrested for insulting Trump. Just like only a White was arrested for saying the "N" word, but a Black would not be touched if he went around yelling out that same "N" word, or "Cracker," or "Honkey."
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There is no way, that any honest scientist, with all the variables and various fluid dynamics involved, could seriously make a prediction like that.
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Ceffer says
RealDoll technology giving robots lifelike cleavage, stiff nipples and tip jars will solve this problem

Is there such a thing as a Blowbot? You know, something like attaching a Real Doll head to a paint shaker.
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Tenpoundbass says
I can't believe my Crock Spread is hitting on me.

Must be Muslim, as I see the clit has been removed...
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Because many of those most defensive about being called racist are in fact totally racist by my definition.

Your definition? Well that makes it easy. No wonder the claim of "racism" can be thrown at working class Whites who voted for the Black Man twice, but did not vote for the White woman. Ohio, for instance.
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We really lead to claw back Federal Loans for frivolous degrees, or limit the total amount based on projected job growth or something.

Claw back Federal loans for college to zero. Pay as you go, or have a sponsor that needs to hire you once you complete the degree. Easy Federal loans have caused the price of college to skyrocket for all, and impose high debt on the borrowers.
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Solution - leave your smart phone at home and still turned on. Then borrow your buddies phone when you go to the bordello.
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rd6B says

Funny, but Bernie became a millionaire the same way any other politician gets rich after being elected, by selling influence and taking bribes.
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Miraculously, tuition will now be 10K per year.

Correct. Because cost cutting steps will come about, such as cutting bloated administration, constructing facilities when needed and not as a monument to the dean, paring inter-collegiate sports, and having on-line classes for Humanities like English so a student can lean from an interactive video, repeat parts as needed, and take a proctored test.
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If threatening to commit a "war crime" prevents the war in the first place. I am all for it.
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