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If Big Business does not benefit from illegals, then how come Koch brothers are all for it?

The same reason Disney was a big practitioner of H1B abuse - lower labor costs at the expense of US citizen employees.
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Ceffer says
Coffee filters for toilet paper? Nobody's stockpiling coffee filters. You can even re-cycle by washing your coffee filters after coffee and letting them dry.

Isn't there a breed of coffee where the beans are eaten and crapped by a monkey before the beans are brewed? Sounds like you could do a "wipe and brew" here for the same exotic concoction.
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Two other good points:

3.5mm jack Yes (stereo out and mono microphone in)
Battery 3,500mAh, user-replaceable
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Patrick says

They will demand it be taken down because they want to get back to outsourcing US jobs to China ASAP.

That is the real reason the libs are front loading cries of "racism" against China merely for acknowledging that Covid-19 originated in Wuhan. They will double down on the racism charges against anyone who speaks of returning pharma and other critical manufacturing back to the US.
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Patrick says
An old boss who was a US Navy officer said to go for the blow job, much lower risk of infection.

The way that sentence is worded, it sounds like you were deciding what lewd act you were going to do to that sailor.
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There are hundreds of thousands of recently unemployed without access to unemployment benefits (part time employees, illegals, and people without the 6 months of necessary employment). Desperate people do desperate things. Crime is going to skyrocket.

Did crime skyrocket during the Great Depression? Actually, crime and unemployment have not historically correlated.
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We bought about 200 rolls of TP back in December because Target gives a kickback (gift card) on that type of stuff. We generally buy those consumable twice a year when they have a sale and do the gift card thing. We have about 6 months of laundry detergent too. Same deal.

That is the right way to pay the commodities market.
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After initially saying that 40% alcohol (ie, 80 proof, like vodka) was not sufficient, the latest conclusion is that yes, it is effective at 40%

Maybe they are thinking 40% is effective if you light it afterward.
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clambo says
A place in Sunnyvale invented a test which gives results in 45 minutes. (Cepheid)

See what happens when you smart people apply brains to real issues instead of silly apps? Now get cracking on that room temperature superconductor.
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WTF is Toilet Paper?

Pages of the Koran.
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Under the plan as it was being negotiated, individuals who earn $75,000 in adjusted gross income or less would get direct payments of $1,200 each, with married couples earning up to $150,000 receiving $2,400 -- and an additional $500 per each child. The payment would scale down by income, phasing out entirely at $99,000 for singles and $198,000 for couples without children.

So it seems to be based on a person's 2019 tax return. Apparently this includes EIC folks who paid a negative tax in the first place.
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So a man who earns $100k/year with a stay at home wife and one kid would get $2900 whether he lost his job or not?
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Could it be counter-argued that these people are just victims of the global neo-liberal capitalist system, and therefore that something should be done to ameliorate their situation?

In that case, you create a reservation. That is, cordon off a portion of Mexico where they will be allowed to live like their ancestors did in 800 AD. Just like North Sentinel Island off of India's coast, or several "uncontacted" tribes in South America. No outsiders allowed in, and if you leave, no benefits other than education of children.
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Who would argue against bringing critical manufacturing back to the US? Especially bringing it back from a place where the only comparative advantage is slave labor and lax pollution laws.
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Ceffer says
My wife thinks we will get an extra $500, because she says I qualify as both a spouse and a child.

So, technically your wife is a pedophile. And as such, a Democrat.
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Lots of people do that. I think it's called mortgage fraud. Might trigger a clause where the bank can call in the loan as well. Not that they would if payments are being made etc.,.

Fraud is right. And the bank will call the loan if you make the place a rental, as the loan was likely government backed on the provision that it was for owner occupancy only.
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How can a country like France who is less than 25% of our population have more net deaths than America at this point and be considered to have have the #1 Best Health Care system in the world?

And remember a few years back when a heat wave blew through France and left over 10,000 dead?
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We get to see him fire thousands upon thousands of non-essential government employees

Never seen that happen when tax money is threatened. Usually they lay off cops, fireman, and clerks the public will notice. Laying off non-essentials runs the risk that no one will notice or miss them, and thus tempt the public to want to pare down and save money permanently.
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AOC rips Republicans because the coronavirus stimulus bill doesn't include cash payments to illegal immigrants

I guess that time as a bar tender brought here in contact with the inner city crowd, and she saw first hand how easy it is for illegals to vote. Gotta service that constituency to get reelected in her district.
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“His hands were on me, and underneath my clothes,” Reade later says. “He went down my skirt, but then up inside. He penetrated me with his fingers.”

Trump, during that famous locker talk said "When you are famous, you can grab women by the pussy." I guess Biden was not famous enough.
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I see a marketing opportunity for real dolls in China.

Watch it turn out that the COVID-19 virus can survive on latex for up to two weeks.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says
How many bats does it take to make a Sunday dinner?

I dunno. Guess I depends on how many in-laws you need to hit with the Louisville Sluggers.
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The Daily Mail has started reporting that those with Covid-19 are starting to suffer spontaneous combustion,

No wonder the Italians had such a high death rate. Grease and fire do not mix well.
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I'm douching the portable vagina/torso toy.

Is that a latter day "pocket pussy?"
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marcus says
I can't tell anymore. Is this coming out to raise Bidens popularity or lower it ?

Biden can't remember.
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Wack-a-Mole. A penny or so tax (or mandatory charge, credited against the fixed monthly charge) on each phone call, regardless of origin, and collected from the telcos would immediately end robo-calls.
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We already have lots of believers and none of them are willing to change.

Correct. Any who truly believe can access solar/wind power over fossil fuel generated electricity at any time. Just stop using the dryer and use a clothesline. By doing so, you replace the biggest energy hog in your house with free, non polluting sun and breeze.
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deadly strain of the flu

Really? Please tell us what strain of the flu isn't "deadly."

yellow fever outbreak in Angola

And since Trump disbanded the "unit," we are unprepared for any yellow fever outbreak.
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Fortwaynemobile says
Tenpoundbass says

Look at that token negro on the right. In a group of multimillionaires who are blocking aid to people who make 20k a year.

Yes, and those mutimillionaires got that way in public office, and that "token Negro" is too rich and elite to live in her own district.
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All that anti-Trump could backfire on them. For example, most voters will likely agree that banning flights from China early on was a good idea, and campaign ads can show the Dem politicians being actively against that ban, thus putting Americans more at risk. Also, all that ballyhoo about "over 200,000 deaths" will make it look as though Trump's action prevented that major calamity as well.
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Virginia Commonwealth University is now doing clinical trials using remdesivir, an antiviral medication previously used experimentally to treat the Ebola virus. Several VCU Health System patients with moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 have been treated with remdesivir with very encouraging results. Still early in testing, though.

Redesivir was invented by Gilead Sciences Inc, which is one of your smart California companies. I suspect that throughout the world, other older drugs used to treat various viral diseases are being dusted off and tried against COVID-19.
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That's where the governor was told that after destroying thousand of businesses, tax revenue was going to drop by about $15 billion. New York's share of the stimulus is $5 billion. That's a lot of $120k do nothing jobs that will be cut.

Those do nothing jobs are rewards to relatives of people who do political favors, or have other political value. Any such cuts will be resisted from the top. Maybe Mike Bloomberg can chip in $10 billion to make up for the shortfall.
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Epidemics are like that.

This epidemic is no worse than the flu. You are already spinning like a top.
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End Dangerous Campaign Against Social Distancing

You mean like "hug a Chinese" and Pelosi's trip to get people to patronize Chinatown establishments?
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It looks like they are beginning to pull back from their panic strongholds right about now, so the stoked Panic Pandemic has a new half life of perhaps a week or two before the publicity fiat is pulled

How long until they stoke the mantra "The Trump Over-Reaction That Killed The Economy?"
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Most people lack a natural feel and understanding for the power of exponential growth

I would say most people on this blog are well educated and something as simple a exponential growth is not new. In fact, I would say the ones who taut their intellectual superiority are more likely the ones who just discovered the grade school story about "take one grain of rice, double it each day for a month," and then consider themselves smart. From Oct 2019 until now, CDC estimates up to 62,000 deaths by the flu in the US. So far less than 3,000 have died from COVID-19 in the US. Maybe you can spin this as the only reason more did not die from COVID-19 is that so many were killed by the flu first. Maybe if the rate of deaths does slow down, some can dazzle us with their knowledge of "logarithmic growth."
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Have we gone from under-action to over-reaction?

There it is. Just like I predicted in an earlier thread, the left's narrative will move from "Trump did not do enough" to "Trump Over-Reacted." This new spin will really take off when COVID-19 turns out to be far less severe than than the constant drum beat of the left had predicted.
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I was thinking of a young Sophia Loren, with knockers!

?? The original, real Sophia Loren already came equipped with some bodacious knockers.
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Patrick says
How about this:

Obviously photo-shopped. Sofia Loren did not have fake tits, especially back in the 60's.
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marcus says

How about H1N1? That would be a more fair comparison with Covid-19. Bringing up Ebola is like saying no one dies from Beri-Beri under Trump's watch.
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