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Following this crazy cat on Twitter

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CBOEtrader says
how do you find your clients?

Mostly word of mouth. I know more than a few good mechanical engineers / fabricators who can do all of the ASME code calcs, once the design is roughed out; but struggle to develop the design initially (vessel diameter, height, internals, etc.). That's where my expertise comes in.

One of my current projects is designing a pilot scale modular system for ethanol distillation and separation.
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Not that many of you care (or even remember me) but I'm still alive and well. ...

Somehow I lost my old username / password so I started up a new handle.

Still living the dream....
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
Emissions of what? Harmful gases or particular matter causing diseases? Sure. CO2?

For what it's worth I've designed and commissioned many pollution control systems for a wide range of nasty stuff... CO2 gets all the press

So I'm all for clean air (and water). Aa much as I like the idea of solar / geothermal combination systems rather than heating oil, mining the metals that go into the panels is a dirty process... green energy is a bit of a misnomer in my book...
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Where can we find who voted and how?
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In hindsight, I'm glad I bought. It took persistence and a little bit of luck bit I found a place to meet my needs as well as my budget....

Yes property taxes are high but so is rent, which has also escalated over the past eight years. The rent vs. buy equation is different for everyone.

Next step is paying this off early. I tip my hat to those who have done it already. I have a 30yr loan but paying it off as if it were a 15, so I'm about halfway there. As much as I could cut back on going out and throw a bit more at the mortgage, I dont live just to pay the man... taxes nonwithstanding...
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Since I have a new handle, giving this a bump

Email for more info.

Best to all...
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Rin says
EastCoastBubbleBoy says

If we'd met, some 10 years ago, this would have made you a fortunate in algorithmic, but discretionary, trading.

Now you tell me...
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BayArea says
Hi guys, let’s assume the following

- SALT deduction limited to $10k/yr
- prop tax rate is 1.3%
- home purchase price: $1M
- 3.7% interest rate
- 20% down

Can anyone walk me thru the math on what my payment will be annually with tax benefits included


Depends on your HH income and filing status. If you can afford an $800,000 mortgage you are probably at least int he 32% bracket so the 32% of $10k is $3200. For all practical purposes a drop in the bucket relative to the monthly payment.

1) The SALT cap has screwed many of us.
2) If your buying the house for a tax break your doing it wrong.*

*as an individual. If your a cooperation investing in a "economical disadvantage" area that's an entirely different conversation.
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If the impeachment fails (since Senate will not remove him even if the House brings charges against him) and Trump wins a second term, does that mean we have to endure four more years of this attempt to remove him from office? Can you impeach a president more than once a so long it's not for the same "crime". Is this a case of at first you dont succeed they try again? I don't care for Tump personally but I feel the case to remove him from office is a weak one. After 3 plus years they'd be better of focusing on policy rather than procedure.
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Nowhere in that list do I see

"Male" or "Female"..

Does that make the tally 114?
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HeadSet says
Rogan, a libertarian-leaning broadcaster

Why would a true Libertarian ally with an avowed Marxist?

Free Stuff?
(Or the illusion thereof)
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This got me thinkng...What (if anything) could one do to prepare... even if this one doesn't spread far and wide here in the states... what would / could I do if I were in similar situation?
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marcus says

A Fun Fact

So I did the math. (Article 1)

Population of states where both senators voted guilty (19 states): 143,627,585

Population of states where both senators voted Not guilty (21 states):

[Difference of 15,386,652]

Population of states where vote was split (10 states):

For article 2 move Utah's 3,205,985 people from split to not guilty.

This is why we have a senate... so the states with larger populations dont overrun the smaller ones.
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The irony is sacking him (and his brother) as well as Gordon Sondland so shortly after his acquittal may well qualify as a high crime and / or misdemeanor. If nothing else it's a bad optic.

I'm calling it now. If Trump wins in 2020 he'll be the first president to be impeached twice.
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I never understood why someone who put in all this time and effort would drop out so close to super Tuesday

Bit I'm not a politician
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So Buttigieg is out... and endorses Biden
Klobulchar is out... and endorses Biden

Me thinks the fix is in...

Reminds me of that old Agatha Christie novel.. And Then There Were None.

What a train wreck.

Let's all write in Montgomery Brewster
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NoCoupForYou says
Don't expect the Media to tell you why Buttigieg would never have friction - I mean traction - with Black voters.

It's part of the narrative to make sure that the biggest bigot group in America never be outed.
at the risk of sounding racist... when did black (or even non white) voters become so important? For the dems / MSM there is an obvious fixation I never quite understood. But for the general election, give me a centrist (either left or right) that is eloquent and a track record of getting stuff done. Too far left or too ar right and your chances of winning the general drop of substantially.

Just my 1.5 cents
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Were assuming this is "flu like" and will dissipate once summer hits. Remains to be seen.

Although the mortality rate is approx. 3% we dont know the long term health risks to those exposed nor do we k ow how many will ultimately contract this thing.

That said this may be (although not quite a nothing burger) not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, at least not yet. It's too early too tell, IMHO.

My point is the unknowns outnumber the knowns right now and that contributes to the sense of fear and panic that are starting to materialize.

Time will tell,but for me I'll enjoy every day as best I can... virus or no virus. Same as yesterday... same as tomorrow. Carpe Diem.
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Frankly I referred to it early on as the WuTang virus. It was a slip of the tongue but it got some laughs.
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Buddy of mine (who I saw briefly over this past weekend) just went in to get tested.

I'm isolating until his results come back.
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Not that anyone cares, but I'm free from my self imposed quarantine.
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Everclear and good scotch.

Worked like a charm.
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I'm irrationally irritated. Dem establishment twice c*@k blocked him in my view... and none of the establishment candidates are "likable" enough to win a general election.

The last true Democrat was probably JFK.. and he'd be considered a republican by most ob the left in this day and age.

But what do I know. I'm registered independent, lean conservative on most (but not all) issues and tend to vote libertarian for the top line.

As much as I think the hallmark of a nobel society is how you treat the very least that's better done on a local not a federal level in my view.

Also I never understood how you can be pro choice and anti death penalty or vice versa.. but thats a whole nother issue and I don't want to hijack this thread.

* dismounts soapbox *
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Normally I'd throw up a quick happy Easter message but these are not normal times. This panic over this virus, the nees to stay home to flatten the curve in many ways shows our underlying fear of the inevitable... That is to say death itself. And although I'm not ready by any stretch, I have faith that when my number is called I'll stand before the Lord in all his Glory. It is my fervent hope that when that day comes, I will hear those welcome words... "Well done thy good and faithful servant. Enter now into the joy of thine kingdom."

From my heart to yours, Happy Easter one and all!
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Welcome back...what did you do give this site up for Lent or something?
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marcus says

Clearly Dick is not a Patnet fan.
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The question is how much more be willing to pay for X if it were NOT made in China... or (heaven forbid) made in the USA.
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Not sure what to make of anything right now. The one thing this situation has done is afforded me more time to try and research what I read, (go right to the source if possoble) look at both sides of a given argument and try to formulate my own opinion based on some train of logic.

Let's say for a minute that this is 100% accurate. What is the end game? The part about the CIA and using media & technology as a conduit for mind control... sure but for what purpose? So millionaires and billionaires can finally do what they allegedly do out in the open? So we can become a amoprhus immoral bunch of sheep participating in group think? Then what? Is this simply a matter of power and control simply for its own sake?

I cant quite circle the square of how the intelligence apparatus is supporting (implicitly or otherwise) a group of elite Satan worshiping pedophiles.

Even if it were true it still sounds absurd.
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Helps to get a wide range of viewpoints.

I'm like Fox Mulder... Trust No One.
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Good point. Kids of a certain age will grow up thinking this is somehow normal. Ugh.
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Its a balance of life vs liberty. In the early days (We're all gonna die!) Life took precedence. Now that the effects are (somewhat) better quantified (more contagious tan a than an average flu, not nearly as deadly as ebola) liberty and commonsense should prevail.

Curve has flattened. Time to go back to normal. NOT the new normal.... just normal.
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