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HeadSet says
mell says
I've always been driving inexpensive (but fun, mostly convertible) cars, and people have asked why I don't by a "nice" car with the money I earn.

Most people who have actually earned their money and did not inherit it, understand your point of view and would not ask that. Exception would be if the car you were holding on to was constantly breaking down, smoking, top leaking, and so on.

It’s insane that this is a meme…and it’s a meme because it’s so exceptional that a man worth hundreds of millions pumps his own gas and still drives his 1983 Benz. Really shouldn’t be exceptional.

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Lol. You can’t say names.

The fuck I can’t. Until you have the KGB drag my ass off I can say whatever the hell I feel like.

Reminds me of the Jimmy Valvano speech and a guy is signaling that a man who has a month to live has to wrap up his speech.

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mell says
Patrick says
The idea that people are born gay is a purely modern invention.

In the ancient world, there was no concept of "innate and permanent" homosexuality.

Everyone understood that men will fuck pretty much anything, including sheep and boys.

But it was considered very shameful to be the "bottom" or to suck dick.

There is definitely no proof for the gene or gene combo so far, but what would be the reason for somebody with an otherwise unremarkable, regular childhood to develop it? Also we seem to be more lenient towards women, esp. if they're bi or hot or both. What about bi men? Just straight men who acquired a bad habit? At least research should continue, but completely unbiased and uncensored.

It doesn’t. Modern psychiatry has demolished any sort of unbiased study about gay men in the name of the unholy political correctness.

Patrick is most definitely onto something in his train of thought. As you correctly point out Mell, it doesn’t account for other preference, but testosterone level does at least partially.

What is known but isn’t spoken is the very heavy “wiring” damage an adult sexual abuse of a child does to the victim, literally changing their entire life.

It’s pretty damn clear that gay people don’t speak with an affect and assume characteristics and behaviors of the opposite sex because they were born that way. That fruity kid you had as a classmate was one hundred percent molested by an adult male.
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Church and dog rescue were the long term ones. I’ve done one day volunteers for political and community causes.
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richwicks says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Church and dog rescue were the long term ones. I’ve done one day volunteers for political and community causes.

You've also done dog rescue?

I gave it up thinking that I was just replacing another dog in a shelter that would otherwise be pulled. When I had to put my dogs down it kind of shattered me and I just couldn't do it any more. All the fosters I've had, must be dead at this point.

What was your involvement in church service? I'm pretty much an atheist, but I recognize the utility of religion. Do you think it was worthwhile?

The dog rescue work was mostly just day to day care of the dogs. They had employees, just not enough of them. Often also setting up and staffing at adoption and other events.

The church stuff was anything from food and clothes drives for low income people, transporting seniors who couldn’t drive to general maintenance. Was it worthwhile? That doesn’t really factor into my thinking. My mindset is more…something needs to be done and im capable of doing it.
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FuckCCP89 says
The last thing a restaurant chain should want to be associated with is the butt stuff. And yet, here they are...

Chipotle has been associated with butt stuff for well over a decade:

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Ugly as hell inside and out.
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I may need to consider this
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I’m new to this being the wise old guy thing. What do you call absolute fucking morons who have the consequences of their actions laid out before them, yet they in an undignified level of stupidity undertake said action anyway?


This book came out in the early 60’s. The movie ten years later. Any rational reading should horrify the reader. I read it 30 years ago at age 18 during a basic English class in my freshmen year in college. I get that it’s a work of fiction. But the allegory isn’t fiction.

I fear for LA. I’ve still got about two handfuls of years before I can retire. All the major law enforcement agencies here are experiencing a mass exodus. In California a cop can retire after 20 years. Most stick it out for 30 due to the higher level of the retirement. However there’s been an uptick in retirements after 20 years, an upswing in resignations from those with 10 or fewer years, and a surge of applications in cities outside California. The politicians in Los Angeles have made a disgusting filthy disease breeding mess of the homeless and now the idiots impose rules on the police so severe that it renders them impotent.

Even Public Enemy, who made their music based on fighting the system on behalf of black people, had a lyric on one of their most recent albums “yeah fuck the police, but who’s stopping you from killing me”
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Also I’d argue that the imbeciles still wearing the security blankets are more than proof enough that masking wasn’t ever based on “the science”
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This is entirely the theme of Fear of The Walking Dead. So far in my watching, every mini society that gets built is torn apart by outsiders who are welcome into the community, but then proceed to destroy it.
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mell says
Women love men talking like this (zero fucks given). No matter what they say on twatter, it gets their panties wet.

That’s funny. The lyrics of one of his recent song are “my fuck tanks on E”.
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Fuck it. I’m a racist SOB.

Now get in the kitchen and bake me apple pie!
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So something I don’t get. I was single for a long time. I dated a lot but didn’t have relationships. Unlike some assholes, I really didn’t string women along..I was very upfront that I enjoyed my freedom and wasn’t looking for a relationship nor was I open to one, at least until my mid 30’s.

And it was none of anybody’s business. Yeah I shared war stories with my single friends. But I never brought these women around my family. I felt no compulsion or pressure whatsoever to introduce anyone to my dating life. I didn’t bring plus ones to weddings and other social functions because…why the hell would you? Just ruins opportunities to meet other single or otherwise available women.

I don’t understand the need to announce out loud ones sexuality unless it’s for the express need to introduce a long term relationship to family and social circle. It’s not about keeping something buried. It’s about no one needs to know everyone you fuck.

I’m thinking all of these pronouncements are just more attention seeking behavior. It’s not rooted in sexual orientation, discrimination, or anything of the sort. Rather, it’s the “look at me” mental illness.
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richwicks says
FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Ami Horowitz did a great video on the insanity and lack of reason employed by liberals…there is no reality bias, there is no follow the science. There is only blind devotion. These people are brainwashed. Literally every thing the left accuses Trump supporters of being.

I will point out that 15 years ago, the "right" at the time were calling people who didn't believe that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction program, crazy, stupid, traitors, "blame America firsters" (really!), conspiracy theorists, etc.

But they were right.

What people fail to recognize is both parties lie to them, constantly, and people that believe those lies, they are the people who engage in blind devotion. They are brainwashed.

Chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction and Sadaam had those.
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Great business plan! Target one percent of the population!

Where do there idiots come from?
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Patrick says

Charles Barkley says he's going to retire from TV by 2023 because "you can’t even have fun nowadays" without jerks "trying to get you canceled"

That ones pretty bad. Charles Barkley politically is pretty much a true moderate and goes after both sides. And he has always been very vocal about it. If he’s fed up, that’s sort of not good. I’m glad he’s directly calling the people he works for cowards.
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That’s a near impossible leap. Literally the author provides no evidence of the connection.

-no statement of the contents of the executive order.
-zero evidence of a link between a contract started by his bank in 2017 when Trump was President.

Just pure speculation. Basically as bad as a Jean Raphio Sapperstein free word association.
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Patrick says
Hell, I might call Fort Carson myself and demand that this pantyfa be cancelled.

Inspector general 719-526-3900
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Patrick says
The reason given for the move is: the mental fragility of its journalists, but also of Canada’s general population, which, as a public broadcaster, CBC said it has the obligation to protect by preventing “the harm from comments” that might be inflicted on its audience, employees, and those they report about.


The only proper response to an ADULT who allows another persons comments to emotionally hurt them is continued hurtful comments.

How the hell do these people function?
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
The ban on CRT in Florida just passed.


Liars! We had bullshit training on this recently at my workplace which is a fucking huge employer. “Unclear how much it shows up in the classroom”.

Absolute scum wrote that.
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I know when I’m in a bad neighborhood, I’m hyper vigilant on the lookout for white supremecists.
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WookieMan says
At some point is it just a made up thing?

Almost entirely and sold to stupid effeminate white leftist males and bigoted blacks and Hispanics. It’s a fairy tale that’s a necessary element of their other fairy tale.

Critical race theory is loosely unified by two common themes: first, that white supremacy, with its societal or structural racism, exists and maintains power through the law;[6] and second, that transforming the relationship between law and racial power, and also achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly, is possible.[7]

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When I was a kid I wanted to be Steve Garvey but really wasn’t good at sports. I figured Alex Keaton was more realistic. So yeah, I was an ardent Republican, in a family of blue collar union Dems by age ten. I used to watch McLaughlin group on early Saturday evenings. No joking, my parents got kinda grumpy at me criticizing Democrats and said I should vote for the man, not the party(which at the time was correct). Of course both my parents plus my grandparents all registered as Republicans in 1984.
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Patrick says
The town of Sequim is in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula, and so gets only the same amount of rain as LA, about 18 inches per year.

One of the couples on 90 day fiancé was living there. They didn’t work out, but the guy…Mike…seemed to be very down to earth.

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RC2006 says
Patrick if you like forest area and dont mind some snow check out Coeur d'Alene, or if you want to be near boise but in wilderness Payette Lake area is nice to.

Some snow is an understatement. It’s amazing gorgeous, but I had a relative who lived there…right on the lake…and they were basically snowed in about two months a year.

The redeeming factor I find about the place is the size of the city…it’s not strictly a small town. I’d have real problems living in a town of say 15,000 people and nothing within a couple hour drive. Andditionally it’s only a 30 minute drive from Spokane which is a decent size city, airport, and so forth. But the snow ons would keep me away.
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I don’t understand. The “fact checker” hasn’t actually checked anything nor spoken to someone who did. I’ll go a step further and state that unless they asked some of the 950 people from that series of ballots whom they actually voted for(if at all), how can they possibly state the claim of voter fraud is false?

I wish I knew who the person who wrote the USA Today article was. They seem to be extremely disingenuous.
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How is a major publication ok with running this drivel? Since when is an armed populace beholden to politicians whims?
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The mouth breathing idiots still wear masks where I live.

Wife and I are amoung the few that don’t.
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They misspelled “flabs”
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$100 says he suffers from depression(probably undiagnosed) and offs himself within five years.

And I’m not joking. Dudes like this are a fucking mess and a half.
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HunterTits says
How the hell is Yellowstone National Park BLUE?

Jackson Hole.

It’s a liberal bastion.
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
How many of those Police live in suburbs and commute to the city? A great many

Every last one. Hardly any LAPD/ LA County Sheriffs live in the city.
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There won’t be a rebellion. The Dems learned their lesson in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s why Obama was a bitch boy and had the feds back off of Cliven Bundy.

It’s also why it’s so important to stand our ground. The Dems give any time they meet resistance. Kid Rock proved this when he publicly called people faggots and there was no repercussions once people realized he wasn’t apologizing.

No apologizing, no backtracking, no retreat. Ever.
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Taryn Manning is a fucking moron if she made that statement.

Other than that, this movie looks so over the top that it seems campy good, like Sharknado or Krampus.
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