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Amazing. A bunch of mullet-headed, ignorant fuckwits rallying around a draft -dodging cunt who cheats on his wives with prostitutes, gropes women, and lies constantly. They call him a great American which leads me to believe that they have an odd meaning for the word "great."

Trump is a loser and a coward who lied to get out of serving in Vietnam. He then mocked those who served. And yet, these MAGA hat wearing morons rally around him.
Honestly, the best thing that could happen to the world would be Yellowstone erupting and killing every single American. You are all to violent and ignorant to live.
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Where is the proof that illegal immigration is a net drain?
Perhaps the Left feels that brave, hard-working immigrants willing to sacrifice almost everything to bring their families to America and work hard are worth more than mullet-headed racists who contribute nothing and blame their own shitty lives on black, Jews and immigrants.
Basically, I think we should carpet bomb the Deplorables and relocate all the poor people we have fucked over into the empty space.
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What a load of mullet-headed bullshit! You racist cunts are measuring cost, not benefits.
If we measured the cost of raising a bunch of inbred Trumpturds it would be much higher than the costs shown and those Trumpturds contribute nothing to society. At least immigrants work hard instead of drinking beer and fucking their little sisters.
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LOL. This is soooo American. Anything in the name of Jesus. The same idiots who mock this guy are probably crying tears of joy as they listen to Trump speak or watch their football team win.
This cunt and his fan club of deluded asshats are the same as any other church group or political party. The same morons who give him all that money are the same who cheer politicians at rallies as they tell you they are going to rape you and the future of the country. At least this guy promises eternal salvation.
MAGA...lol...it's hopeless.
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Trump is basically a failure who stumbled into the highest office in the world by spouting bullshit that low-browed morons believed. He was also helped by running against what was arguably the worst Democrat candidate in recent history, Hillary Clinton. Since he has accomplished little on his own and is a pathological liar, he feels entirely comfortable making up bullshit about anything and claiming he could or has done better. Of course, he also makes up shit to justify his failures (I cringe when he excused his failure to help one of America's colonies by claiming there was a "big ocean" in the way.)
He's a lying, megalomaniac cunt whose strong points are ignorance and a very large inheritance.
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Well, she was in all likelihood a prostitute. She was given an "Einstein Visa" and proceeded to bring her family over. She was working under a student visa. Basically she is an illegal alien, but since she is white, that's okay, right.
Fuck you, Trumpturds.
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i am not sure I understand this post. Is this right-wing or left-wing? Most of the things being described have been done by both parties, but many done with more enthusiasm by the right. For example, the Right has been much more effective in creating and maintaining poverty and poor healthcare. The right has increased debt more than the left, at least in the past thirty years. The right is much more controlling when it comes to education (or mis-education, I should say), making every possible attempt to restrict it to the bare minimum in order to create compliant sheep.

So, I don't get how this all leads to a socialist state. It has led instead to the quasi-fascist state we now have. Have things gone so far wrong that assholes on the right and on the left can no longer or simply refuse to accept their own policies? Yes, they have.
Fuck you, America, you're drunk.
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Whining little Trumpturd pussies. So easily triggered. So easily deluded. You can say whatever you want but no one else can, right? You are allowed to threaten and kill but not the left.
This cunt was not stripped of her title because she is a Trump supporter. That is just your sad little delusion. Like "Send her back." You pretend it means to the shit hole she represents, right? Not a foreign country. Well, since most of you are dumb, ignorant assholes, I suggest you do some research to find out what shit hole AOC represents.
Oh, and fuck you, pussies.
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LOL. Enjoy flying while you can, even if it's in the back of the plane with the poor people.
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Um, because too much winning is no good. You can't win all the time. People get suspicious. So Donnie is gonna lose for while and then win YUGE! You see, it's like 34 dimensional check insomuch as it's not real.
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Yeah, I get it. Basically, right-wing christians who are anti-abortion have the same mental capacity as a 10 week old foetus so they think it's human.
Same assholes who are anti-abortion because "killing is wrong" are typically pro-military, pro-war and pro-death penalty. Go figure.
Abstinence only States without sex education (which is to say Bible Belt type places filled with ignorant fuckwits claiming that the love of Jesus will keep girls pure) have much higher rates of teen pregnancy than States where sex ed is taught.
Where are all those lovers of life and defenders of Jesus when the baby is born? Don't see many stepping up to adopt. Well, not black babies or latino babies because...ew! Ignoring the fact that Jesus, assuming he even existed, was a swarthy Middle-Eastern Jew (pretty much like an average Palestinian).

You don't like abortions? Okay, then no more death penalty. And adopt a kid. And teach sex ed and give kids birth control. Or fuck off.
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"Claiming it doesn't feel pain is pure BS. It likely does; and science has NOT proved otherwise."
you have no fucking clue and no basis whatsoever to make this statement. You probably have a degree in air conditioning repair from Apex Tech and here you are claiming that a 19 week old fetus like does feel pain. You have no clue about fetal development or science, but you know that SCIENCE is wrong because...well, because you can't understand it.
How about this? Admit you have no fucking clue but would like to know if anyone has research on fetal pain reactions and brain activity. Then you would be allowed to play with the big kids.
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LOL. I say we send an email to Trump asking him to insult every world leader (well, the four left he has not yet insulted). If we can get Trump to go completely mental on the rest of the world, there is an outside chance that the world will tell America to fuck off. Two options then: first is nuclear war because Trump is so butt hurt, second is Americans all go home and stay there and leave the rest of the world alone.
Option one: nuclear war and we all die. Okay, hard choice but at least America gets wrecked.
Option two: awesome and the world will pay for the wall, as long as it goes ALL THE WAY AROUND!
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hey Trumpturds, Donnie is a sad, pathetic, lying cunt who has gone bankrupt over and over, married two hookers, and bangs his daughter.
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Always amusing to watch a bunch of debt slaves vote for a lying cunt billionaire who made his money by declaring bankruptcy and leaving people like his voters with the bag! Or see them whine about how their jobs are being stolen by Mexican rapists so they have to go into debt to by a $50k pickup truck and an iphone.
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Would anyone care to explain to me why America did NOT deserve 9/11?
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Can America please just kill itself and let the world live in peace and some semblance of sanity?

If the Federal government does not set mileage and emissions standards, then the market will be open to the cheapest possible solution which might be a highly polluting import getting 10 mpg. It will be cheap and Americans, most of who can't do the math to calculate the extra fuel cost, will buy it.

If deregulation is so fucking awesome and the market works so well, why should we have drivers licenses, medical licenses, FDA controls on medication, or food inspections? Surely, if you buy cheap Chinese-made anti-biotics which kill your daughter, you will become a more aware consumer who can then choose some other brand (which might also be from China since there are no labeling requirements in this capitalist utopia).

Being a swarmy prick spouting right-wing platitudes is awesome on line. Not so useful in the real world.
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Drain the swamp! LOL. You ignorant cunts are pathetic and deserve your Gestapo state. And do you really believe that the NSA is NOT listening? They just want to be able to use the information in court. You know, those awesomely democratic and free FISA courts and Gitmo Bay closed door, water-boarding courts where Americans are tortured and sentenced without representation or rights?

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hooray. One more major scumbag dead.
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How are Trumpturds rationalizing this? Any of you want to comment? Trump is on record-setting pace to increase the debt by the most ever! How is this possible when he is also setting a record for the most golf? Does he order extra spending and more tax cuts every time he get a three over on a hole?
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So much winning. Oh, sorry. I meant so much whining. If the economy is so fucking great, why are Trumpturds whining all the time and complaining they can't afford stuff? Why is Donnie whining like a sad little pussy about interest rates if the economy is so fucking great? Why are people working two jobs (so that's four jobs for a family of four with under-age kids)?

I hate Hillary on principle even though she would have been a better president. I supported the idea of Trump because I figured he would wake the country up and shake it up. And he has. We now see the Republicans for what they really are: rich, arrogant cunts who hate freedom, ecology, education and healthcare. We see that a third of Americans are illiterate, ignorant racist assholes who think MAGA means 1930's America without the Depression, a golden time when lynching niggras was not only allowed, it was encouraged. A time when women were beaten regularly for kicks and giggles. A time when a stupid, uneducated piece of white trash knew that no matter what, no matter how pitiful and worthless he was, he could always find a black, a chink, a Jew or a woman to shit on to make himself feel superior.

So I enjoy watching Trump implode and love seeing his supporters get more and more angry and overt about their hatred of everything that is not them. We now have all your names and pictures. When the racist, hate-filled right is swept away, we will come for you. Good luck with your 2nd amendment, pussies.
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Bur more seriously, this whole white male, republican, deplorable as victim is ludicrous. Hundreds of years of shitting on black, latinos and women is being over-turned and Trump's core is afraid. They start marching and shouting things like "Send them back" or "Jews won't replace us." They wear their swaztikas and white supremacy garb, carry their guns, and say they will kill blacks and jews.

Then Democrats and liberals stand up and say, "Hey, perhaps you should not be so hateful and racist." This is turned into the Greatest Attack on Civil Freedom in History and white victim-hood is born.

Try posting an innocuous opinion or a fact that disagrees with right-wing views and read the joyful comments from KKK members, Trumpturds, neo-nazis, white supremacists and other low-brow mullett-heads. "Die libtard!" "If you don't like America, fuck off to Africa." "Death to all Democrats.!" "We have guns and will shot you , you America-hating fascist commie scumbags."

It's funny how the right accuses the left of being hyperviolent and using slurs and insults when the right also spends an inordinate amount of time whining about how the Left is too PC (therefore would not use insults or curses) and pussies who can't fight. This cognitive dissonance is all part of the larger Trumpturd delusion about their lives and why they are fucked.

So, don't ask me to be polite. I tried. I gave up and now engage Trumpturds in the language they seem to love and the only one they seem to be able to use. And I am not even a Democrat or poor. I am a wealthy capitalist, but I am educated so perhaps that makes the difference.
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Wow, good thing we avoided the dreadful Hillary Dictatorship by electing a man who tells private companies how to do business and basically threatens them because he is a whining little bitch.

As for Greenland, sure, it's not stupid to ask about buying it. but perhaps it should be asked of the residents and Denmark. Greenland has an unusual political status; it is not merely Danish land. How would Trumpturds feel if Britain asked to buy some Flyover state like Tennessee and then got all pissy when Trump said no? What if Britain asked to buy Kansas and Trump said yes without asking Kansas?

Basically, you guys have your heads so far up Donnie's ass that you can't see just how boorish and stupid he is. If he wanted to buy it, he should have approached the deal properly and then not whined like a little bitch when he got rebuffed.
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Where are you when the Trumpturds are calling for lynching the niggers and kikes and other such comments?
I will ignore your call for civility and the hypocrisy of posting such an article and then trying to play the victim. Most "debates" here or on sites like ZH rarely remain sane or polite past the initial comments. Suggest that perhaps people should not hate and you are immediately called a "faggy libtard" or something.

The idea is wonderful. I agree with that. I also agree that ad hominem attacks are not part of serious debates or discussions. But the left did not start this mud-slinging and I won't let it slide either. If the right-wing wants a safe space, they can build a secret club house and wear their white hoods in peace.
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Is this really the best the right can do? Make up garbage arguments claiming that Nazi's were left-wing? Is that what the right is all about today?
This is so intellectually weak and pathetic that it could only come from the right. This ranks up there with Bush Jr. calling Al Qaeda fascists.

Look, if the right is so wonderful and socialism is so evil, then stop using any social services. Stop paying your taxes. Stop supporting the military, the police, the fire department. Stop using your phones, tv's and computers (all devices invented with socialist funding). Stop getting any medical treatment that was not wholly funded by private enterprise.

Basically, crawl off into a cave and die a miserable, lonely death. Or are your principles just more crap?
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There should NO controls on airplanes! Anyone should be allowed to own and operate a 747 or any other kind of plane without hindrance or restriction. And B-2's and F-16's as well. It is our Constitutional right!
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Built-in obsolescence, constant barrage of advertising and peer pressure all drive consumption. Who remembers Bush's advice to Americans after 9-11? He said to get out there and start shopping again. Yes, Democracy would be saved by going to the mall. And when, soon after, a movement started where people tried to live without buying new things (recycling, goodwill, repurposing, hand-me-downs), they were criticized and insulted (mainly by the right-wing, of course).

America is ephemeral (that means short-living for you Trumpturds out there). It is burning brightly but flaming out. Everyone senses this and the reaction on the right to force more consumption, bring home jobs and manufacturing (that can be done cheaper and better abroad), and fantasize about a by-gone era when all was wonderful in America (if you were white, male and Christian, of course).

Humans are hopeless. A nation that mocks a young girl for fighting for the planet and claims she is a pawn of evil, America-hating socialists deserves its fate. So keep on borrowing and buying, America. After all, when you run out of stuff or money, you can revert to form and invade someone (pssst, Canada look like pussies).
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LOL. Republicans are butt-hurt because the system is being used against them. The Orange One is a everything the left claims he is which the right agreed when Trump was not a viable candidate or president. Liar, cheat, serial failure, rapist, unfaithful heathen and a blithering ignoramus.

When it was Bill Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval Office, this was suddenly the end of Democracy and he had to be punished. The proceedings were secret and cost $70 million dollars. Any Democrat complaints were brushed aside as mere political grandstanding and bias. Well, now we have a president who is being charged with selling out American foreign policy to promote and favor his re-election. He has asked a foreign power explicitly to interfere in the elections. Sounds a bit worse than a blowjob to me, but I am not a Republican so my moral compass is normal.

I invite any intelligent Trump supporter here (yes, both of you) to play a mind game if you can. Imagine everything Trump and his family have done (his life, not just the presidency) was done by a Democrat (call him Joe Clinton if it makes you hard) and figure out if you would vote for him, let him babysit your kids or impeach him. I know this is futile; Trump supporters are apparently incapable of playing this game. But give it a try.
  Expat01   ignore (2)   2020 Mar 16, 4:41am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Cherry picking, lying, fabricating. Why is the right so desperate to deny climate change? How is this a personal attack? An attack on Jesus? Or capitalism? Why would scientists make this stuff up? And why are you ignoring evidence that the climate is changing? Why are your anti-climate change heroes not experts in the field? Why are some generally recognized as being lunatics? Why do you believe some government officials but then claim without any basis that the government is lying?

Let's assume that you are correct. Climate change is not anthropomorphic, but it is happening. It's solar cycles or Heat Miser stirring things up. So what? Analogy: your house is on fire. The fire department asks you how it started. You say it was lightning. They say, "Oh, well, in that case, we will just let it burn because lightning is natural" So next time your house catches fire, be sure to tell the fire department that you set the fire.
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I distinctly recall watching Obama claim that there were few cases and they would all disappear. He also said he has made a virgin sacrifice and was waiting for the Gods to perform a miracle to get rid of swine flu. And then he also gave that massive rally where he claimed he was totally not responsible for anything and that Republicans were spreading swine flu in order to kill off Democratic voters. The he eliminated the pandemic team at the CDC, knowing already that COVID would arrive and that Trump would be president at the time and this move would damage Captain Bonespurs, that Great American Stable Genius War Hero who Should Have Been a Doctor Instead of President. And, of course, Obama passed a law forbidding testing for COVID which is why Trump could not even get testing kits.

Hey, America. My advice is to hold big Covid parties and be sure to lick each other's nostrils. Do the world a favor and spread it all over the US.

I am curious, though, as to why Trump supporters (generally hate Obama for political and racial reasons) are using Obama as the yardstick by which to measure Donnie. If, as you tend to claim, Obama is the worst president ever (except for your delusional President Hillary who would have brought about the End of Days by being elected), why are you so thrilled that Trump is doing no worse than him?
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hahahah. TDS is very true, but I am not sure Trump supporters understand which way it goes.
Even putting aside COVID, how is that Trump economy going for all you laborers, truck drivers and factory workers? Seen much increase in your wealth? I bet your stock portfolios were doing great before the crash, probably have a multi-million dollar diversified portfolio, right? And your health care is so much better under Trump, isn't it? And what about those pesky wars? Trump surely reduced troop levels and brought all the boys home, right? This obviously led to a reduced military budget and the savings have been passed onto the people, right? And those amazing corporate tax cuts led to major investments in US industry. Obviously no patriotic American corporation went out and bought back shares to make their executives rich and boost the DJIA, right?

Sure, gimme some Trumponomics. I'm a multi-miilionaire so it's great for me. I also have socialized health care so everything Trump does is just a super bonus for me.

Meanwhile, how you peasants doing? Still blaming everything on Hillary and Obama?
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I particularly enjoyed the line "An idiot could have did open ended QE." It's beautiful. It's grammatically defective and ironic. This epitomizes Trump supporters. I rank this up with Trump supporters who claim that 9-11 would not have happened if Obama had not been president.
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Let's do a test.
I hope Trump gets COVID.
  Expat01   ignore (2)   2020 Apr 30, 7:29am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

nice headline. Why not say "Soros probably killed this doctor and staged it to look like suicide"? Or "Hillary Clinton created COVID virus and then when it didn't kill fast enough, she drugged an ER doc and killed her, making it look like suicide."
If this is the kind of bullshit the right needs to see to feel good about themselves, then I suggest the right follows the ER doc's example. Shoot your families and then kill yourselves for the good of humanity.
  Expat01   ignore (2)   2020 May 4, 6:07am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

It's always amusing to see opinions and comments from people who are avowedly and willfully ignorant, who disdain education and science and who believe that everything evil in the world comes from being liberal.
i wonder how a certain Jew would feel about that. My guess is that any right-wing American would nail him right back on the cross for being a libtard commie long-haired faggot.
  Expat01   ignore (2)   2020 Jun 27, 3:53am     ↓ dislike (2)   quote   flag      

Let's see. The author is a stinking genius because he knew that the infection rate was 10% without even having to test (that stat is also just an estimate...and suddenly we love the CDC???). Wow! Why bother reading the rest of the story since the genius author will obviously whip up a cure in his lab.
As for fatality rates, the logic is likely wrong. We did put strict measures in place to limit contagion which reduced flooding of healthcare resources. We know much more about treating the illness. The distancing measures probably protected vulnerable victims more than less vulnerable victims which led to a decreased mortality rate.
Of course, if you look at the stats you will notice that the Covid death rates vary incredibly depending on the political orientation of the state. Blue states have high death rates while Red states have low Covid rates but odd spikes in "other" or "Hey, it's just seasonal flu or a bad cold and certainly not Kung Flu because that is a commie myth invented by Hillary and Soros to destroy the greatest draft dodger...whoops...president in history."

My advice to all of you who think Covid is bullshit is to find someone you know is sick and lick his nostrils. Then lick your entire family or just spit into their faces for five minutes while they inhale deeply. It's all a lie so it's just good old-fashioned fun, right.

America really deserves to be Number One on the Covid hit chart. Go for it! Break all the records!
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