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Oh, good lord. There are still morons out there who try to turn these attacks into "it's really white men who are the victims." Gosh, white males have simply lost all their power in Washington, Hollywood, and Wall Street. And why are the blacks so mean to poor us? We gave them a cabin and free meals when they were slaves. Talk about ingratitude. And the fucking Muslims. We have spent the last fifty years delivering free bombs to them and they suddenly attack us with no warning because they hate our freedoms.
Fuck off, you hypocritical vicitms. If white men are really the new downtrodden, it's because you are obviously largly inferior to the minorities who you claim have taken over. If you can't fend off blacks, Jews, Muslims, and Hispanics when they make up perhaps 25% of the population, it is very clear that they are vastly superior to whites. So stop whining and accept your position: you will get free cabins and meals.
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"Who claimed the tax cuts would pay for themselves?"
Er, I can't tell if this is sarcasm, ignorance or fake news? Is this just an attempt by a Trumpturd to rewrite history to suit your delusions? If you really are asking this question, then I suggest either getting a high school diploma or a vasectomy. Either you are undereducated and that might help or you are too far gone and your genes should be removed from the gene pool.
You might look up Mnuchin, Trump, and dozens of other Republicans cunts who claimed the cuts would pay for themselves. And that they benefited the middle class. LOL.
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Keep spinning until you hit a lie that is irrefutable. That's the spirit!
Unemployment is not at a record low and employment rates are still extremely low. Real wages are stagnated. No one mentioned Obama. Why not bring up Hillary and Hitler while you are whining? Next thing you will tell us that the Democrats are to blame because they are secretly controlling America and stopping companies from hiring. Or it's the Muslims or Jews or some other minority.
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Fox News is probably the most dangerous media in America. While all media is biased to one degree or another, Fox does not even pretend to be news; it proudly claims to be an entertainment channel with some news programming. It has been filled with hatred and vitriol for years but really let loose once Captain Bonespurs and his band of mullet-haired supporters legitimized racism, xenophobia, hatred, and misogyny. Fox cleverly latched onto the notion of Fake News, claiming it was the only source of true news. The so-called left-wing media did not try to stoop to the level of Fox.

Academic studies have shown that watching Fox makes viewers dumber. It certainly makes them more dangerous.

Get rid of Fox and send anyone who watched it back to high school to learn basic biology, physics and math.
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The singular of data is not anecdote.
Studies, not Fox New bullshit headlines, have shown that illegal and legal immigrants have far lower rates of criminality than home-grown white thugs.
Pure bullshit, xenophobia and racism. Frankly, America would be a better place if you swapped every Trump supporter over the border for a desperate immigrant trying to escape some American-made shit hole in Latin America.
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Sorry, what's the point? White have been privileged for centuries. Redressing those privileges seems to be reverse discrimination (How dare you take away my caviar and feed the poor instead!).
Perhaps if non-college educated whites are losing ground it's because they are lazier and dumber than non-college educated minorities. Whites have lived on privilege for a long time and perhaps don't feel the need to make an effort. Blacks, Asians and Hispanics know they need to try harder. So you blame them for being too hard-working. Well, that's a change from "lazy niggers or lazy taco-benders".
I have a hard time shedding tears for a bunch of ignorant morons wearing MAGA hats who blame their misery on immigrants and fail to see that the millionaires they elect are fucking them over much worse. What happened to taking down Wall Street or the Military-Industrial complex? Gone away when some ignorant cunt with orange hair riles up the crowds and tells them it's rapists coming over the border who are to blame.
Fuck off, America.
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gosh, a bunch of black Africans get shipped to a lily-white country and it's stunning that they have problems integrating.
By the way, what does a normal Finn cost the country from day one? Where's that number? Probably similar for homegrown Finns from zero to death.
More racist bullshit wrapped up in cherry-picked numbers.
fuck off.
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The rich don't give a rat's ass about the poor except as a source of taxes. The rich rely on the US sytem to get rich and stay rich. That means education, transport, infrastructure, finance, USD and defense. They think that just because they pay a lot of taxes, they should not have to pay more than a certain amount ("Why should I pay 10% taxes if that means $50 million a year when some immigrant pays only $2k a year and gets all the same benefits?") . Since the rich control the country, that is the policy we have in place.
Freedom. Freedom is just some bullshit word spewed out by someone who wants to live his own way without consideration for anyone else or the notion of society. We have a right to bear arms (as stupid as that might be) but we have no right to fire guns indiscriminately in public. We have the right to privacy in our home but we can't kidnap children, bring them home and rape them. So we know that freedom is relative.
Take away rich people's money for ten years. They mostly stole it anyway. Then see what social changes are made.
And for those who are not rich and who defend the wealthy because they think they will be part of that group one day, you are delusional. If you want socio-economic mobility, move to Sweden or France. In America, the only way to get rich is to be born rich.
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The Israeli government is inherently racist.
Oh, but the Arabs are terrorists and trying to kill us, says Israel. Gosh, what a shocker? Why are they trying to do that? Oh, well, we stole their land, put them in concentration camps, stole their water, bulldozed their homes, tortured and executed them, and forced them into deprivation. LOL...and the world thinks we're the victims.
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Finland is running a debt to GDP ratio of 61%. This cannot be caused by refugees alone so this means that Finns cost more than zero. The author does not say why or how native born Finns were set at zero but the interpretation given to these figures by the author and many of the readers would be that Finns use up exactly as much government resources as they pay in taxes over their lifetime. Bullshit. Finland runs a deficit which exceed the expenditures on refugees.
And since when is running a government a cost-benefit analysis? Should Finland, or any country, euthanize all handicapped because they are a net frain on society? This article is just racist xenophobia disguised as economic analysis.
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Hey, Quigley. fuck you, you arrogant, racist prick. Christians have murdered as many people in the name of religion as Muslims. White Christians are responsible for far more destruction and theft than any Muslim or black. but why let facts stand in the way of being a racist.
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Who cares? Trump is God. Trump can kill babies but it's okay because he is not Hillary. Trump can blow up white Christians but this is fine because he is not Obama. Anything not Trump is evil so no matter how insane, stupid or damaging Trump is, he is better than anything else especially Democrats or Liberals.
LOL. Fuck every single Trump supporter. I hope you all get pancreatic cancer.
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I love how Trumpturds are still clinging to "collusion". Had Obama or Clinton sucked Russian cock as deeply as Donald and his band of cunts, the mullet-headed brigades would be baying for blood. If Hillary had tried to hire someone to assassinate Trump but the person refused to do it, they would want her dead. So, according to Trumpturds, plotting or trying to commit obstruction of justice is NOT a crime. Basically, Trump is innocent because he is sooo fucking stupid and incompetent that even his sub-par cabinet and staff refused to follow his orders.

America deserves Trump, but then it would be nice if America built the wall and withdrew behind it and then a horrible plague came and killed off every last one of them.
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LOL.. Typical right wing lack of intelligence or logic. Blah blah blah....Hillary is a commie and Liberals are destroying America!
Fuck you.
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Blathering bullshit from the assholes on the right. If Trump were a Democrat, the Republicans would be marching with pitchforks and torches around the White House. They would be calling him out every day, insulting him the way he insults everyone else, and carrying out endless investigations into every facet of his life.

Fuck Trump and fuck Republicans for putting party before democracy and reason. It is sad and distressing to see that about one-third of Americans are willfully ignorant, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic assholes, but that is no excuse for Trump.

Democracy means representation for everyone, not for a bunch of mullet-headed ignoramuses and their and paid-for Washington shills.
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And the selective memory of the right wing shills here is sad. Either you are profoundly ignorant or too young to remember how the right treated Clinton and Obama.

The Democrats don't want to tear down a legitimately elected president. They want to remove an incompetent criminal and serial liar from office. Everyone accepts the election results, but they now want to use legal, constitutional means to remove this scumbag.

Trump: draft dodger, serial bankrupt, liar, cheater, boor, ignoramus. A man who spent years screaming about Obama's tax returns, birth certificates and grades but who now refuses to release a single document himself. A coward and a blustering fool who has become, for reasons that escape me, the Hero of the Right. i get it. Hillary was dreadful, but that is no reason to create a delusion about Trump.
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Let's see: No collusion because of incompetence and a few rational people on his campaign staff. But there is plenty of evidence of obstruction, something which Mueller chose to pass to Congress since it is DOJ policy to not indict sitting presidents.

Now we have documents which might indicate that Trump committed bank fraud. But you delusional Trumpturds don't think that is important. Yet, I constantly see you foaming at the mouth over the slightest hint of impropriety from any Democrat.
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Fuck off. Just a classic attempt to lure anti-Trumpers into being insulted by mullet-headed cunts who suck the cock of a man they would happily lynched before he started spouting the racist, xenophobic bullshit they eat up.
What do you want to hear from those rational, educated adults who see Trump for what he is? That the answer is Hillary? Or Bernie? or AOC? Or Marx? Because if you hate Trump you are a commie or a corrupt, establishment Democrat?
About 36% of Americans support Trump whatever he does. That number is enough for me to wish fervently for Yellowstone to erupt and bury the entire country in lava. America is a fucking disaster. A danger to the world and an embarrassment to humanity.
There. happy?
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Wookie, stop being a pedantic prick. It doesn't make you smart and it doesn't address the issues at hand. If you like Trump's and the Republicans' dick solidly embedded in your ass, then come out and say so, but the "you are an expat so fuck off" line is hollow and childish. You want to claim I am not an American and have no rights because I live abroad, I can send some Marines I know around to your place and you can explain to them how they lost their rights to comment on America because they are living abroad.
Arrogant little prick.
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This is why Americans need to go to Yellowstone and jump up and down and try to set off the mega-volcano. You're all a bunch of sick, racists cunts. One crazy black man is an anecdote. White male Americans are by far the most dangerous thing to ever roam this planet. White male Americans have slaughtered millions of people and forced billions into deprivation and despair around the world.

But you don't know this because you are basically undereducated, ignorant morons. Carry on now and feel free to tell me to fuck off because I am an expat. LOL That is usually the best you can do instead of bothering to learn some facts.
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Liberals might not all have critical thinking skills, but at least they can think, unlike Conservatives. When a nation is being guided by a bunch of delusional cunts who base their political and moral systems on a novel about some jewish sect written 1600 years ago, it doesn't bode well for the country.
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Biden is a terrible choice, but since America is fucking ignorant, delusional and stupid enough to elect Trump, Biden might have a chance. In any case, I recommend mass suicide of all Americans to save the world.
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Waaah! Where's my handout? Where's my government subsidy? Where's my protection from cheap imported food? Where's my mandated ethanol?

Bunch of hypocritical, whiny cunts. When it's medical care or education, they are hard-line capitalists who made it themselves, by gum! When it comes to helping themselves, good lord, they sure do stick out their hands and beg.

Most American farmers are multi-millionaires. They are conglomerates or large land owners. The poor little American farmer struggling to plow his forty acres is a myth. They are all rich cunts with the snouts deep into the government trough. Just like car makers, airplane manufacturers, banks, defense contractors, professional sports teams, and just about anyone with money.

but don't let that stop you for voting for some cowardly, lying, cheating, tax-evading, constitution-shredding cunt who tells you he will kill all the Mexicans, Blacks, and Arabs and turn America into the land of paradise it was....when?
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Given America's track record in South America (or anywhere else in the world), I side firmly with Venezuela and Maduro whether or not he is wise, just or socialist. Name one country the US where the US has installed a democracy (outside of the liberated nations of Western Europe after WWII and that exclude Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy).

You would have to be a delusional, moronic patriot to believe a single things any cunt in DC says about anything south of the border.
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It's okay because he is rich and he empowers mullet-headed racist cunts who vote for misogynistic, rich white men. If Trump were a democrat or, heaven forbid, a nigger, then this would be important. So, carry on...nothing to see here.
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So, by extension, we should arrest Bush, Obama and Trump and execute them for crimes against humanity. I would cheerfully pull the switch.
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Patrick, the Russian interference was not disproved by the Mueller Report. Your head is up your ass. Mueller's report said that Trump's staff were too incompetent to carry out the collusion and a few key players refused. Otherwise, it seems obvious from the report that Trump et al were very eager to collude; they were just to fucking stupid to do it.

As for Russian interference, this is undisputed. So peddle your bullshit if you want, but it's still bullshit.
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The CIA has poured hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars into the coffers of the Japanese political parties. Obviously they stand up and beg in front of their benefactors.
And the main stream media (as opposed to right-wing fringe media) did report this.
If you have to make up fake news to justify your hatred of the left, then I suggest that you are an ignorant cunt who should probably finish high school and get a decent job.
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so what? Are you saying this makes slavery okay, somehow? Or it justifies your pitiful attempts to improve your own self-image by rationalizing your racism?
If so, then I will cheerfully buy all your daughters. Skank whores should be cheap so I might run out of room before I run out of cash.

Slave owning by a large percentage of American free blacks was mostly likely the "ownership" of a family member (42% of black slave owners owned just one slave). Some of the owners were effectively mercantile cunts who used slaves as property but had no particular allegiance to the notion of slavery (the slave owners of New Orleans who cheerfully and quickly changed sides in the war and supported the Union).

Slaves were sold by African blacks and Arab traders. This was mercantile and the practice was not as widespread or organized prior to white Europeans creating demand on the scale they did.

While some of this article is true, it is sickening how a bunch of mullet-headed failures use it to justify their racism. If whites are so superior, what the fuck are you pussies so afraid of? Why are blacks "taking over"? Why do Jews run the world? Why do gays frighten you so much? Basically because you are inferior and need to co-opt the State to protect you. LOL. You need a Safe Space. Basically just a minority of sad little pussies.
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In which we discuss weather vs. climate.
While I advocate learning for all the ignorant cunts here, I suggest you stop cherry-picking and reading only bits of articles or headlines that conform to your ignorant, pre-conceived opinions. You are entitled to an opinion, but it doesn't make your opinion any more than a load of bullshit. You can believe the earth is flat or that God exists, but that only proves you are ignorant and uneducated.
Basically, fuck off. If you have to try to win an argument you are unwilling to lose by making shit up, you need to go back to elementary school and start over.
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LOL Quigley. You just proved my point, you ignorant fuckwit.
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Amazing. A bunch of mullet-headed, ignorant fuckwits rallying around a draft -dodging cunt who cheats on his wives with prostitutes, gropes women, and lies constantly. They call him a great American which leads me to believe that they have an odd meaning for the word "great."

Trump is a loser and a coward who lied to get out of serving in Vietnam. He then mocked those who served. And yet, these MAGA hat wearing morons rally around him.
Honestly, the best thing that could happen to the world would be Yellowstone erupting and killing every single American. You are all to violent and ignorant to live.
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Where is the proof that illegal immigration is a net drain?
Perhaps the Left feels that brave, hard-working immigrants willing to sacrifice almost everything to bring their families to America and work hard are worth more than mullet-headed racists who contribute nothing and blame their own shitty lives on black, Jews and immigrants.
Basically, I think we should carpet bomb the Deplorables and relocate all the poor people we have fucked over into the empty space.
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What a load of mullet-headed bullshit! You racist cunts are measuring cost, not benefits.
If we measured the cost of raising a bunch of inbred Trumpturds it would be much higher than the costs shown and those Trumpturds contribute nothing to society. At least immigrants work hard instead of drinking beer and fucking their little sisters.
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LOL. This is soooo American. Anything in the name of Jesus. The same idiots who mock this guy are probably crying tears of joy as they listen to Trump speak or watch their football team win.
This cunt and his fan club of deluded asshats are the same as any other church group or political party. The same morons who give him all that money are the same who cheer politicians at rallies as they tell you they are going to rape you and the future of the country. At least this guy promises eternal salvation.
MAGA...lol...it's hopeless.
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Trump is basically a failure who stumbled into the highest office in the world by spouting bullshit that low-browed morons believed. He was also helped by running against what was arguably the worst Democrat candidate in recent history, Hillary Clinton. Since he has accomplished little on his own and is a pathological liar, he feels entirely comfortable making up bullshit about anything and claiming he could or has done better. Of course, he also makes up shit to justify his failures (I cringe when he excused his failure to help one of America's colonies by claiming there was a "big ocean" in the way.)
He's a lying, megalomaniac cunt whose strong points are ignorance and a very large inheritance.
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i am not sure I understand this post. Is this right-wing or left-wing? Most of the things being described have been done by both parties, but many done with more enthusiasm by the right. For example, the Right has been much more effective in creating and maintaining poverty and poor healthcare. The right has increased debt more than the left, at least in the past thirty years. The right is much more controlling when it comes to education (or mis-education, I should say), making every possible attempt to restrict it to the bare minimum in order to create compliant sheep.

So, I don't get how this all leads to a socialist state. It has led instead to the quasi-fascist state we now have. Have things gone so far wrong that assholes on the right and on the left can no longer or simply refuse to accept their own policies? Yes, they have.
Fuck you, America, you're drunk.
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LOL. Enjoy flying while you can, even if it's in the back of the plane with the poor people.
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