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Biden hasn't shown up for two nominal rehearsals. CGI inauguration?
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OK, richwicks is not fine, but richwicks is fine being not fine.
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If women gave two hand jobs a day, they would have no problem pounding keyboards. It's their own fault for not attending to their duties.
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Hmm, is there some kind of pattern to the barriers and fencing being put up around D.C.?
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LOL! It doesn't occur to the pols in D.C. that something very strange is going on with the military occupation? Who wants to walk into a military occupation that is still controlled by your opposition?

I'd be in there making my deals with Trump's people now. Biden is being given every opportunity to concede right down to the last second. He was supposed to have shown up for two preliminary practice events, and he didn't.

I have to wonder how many Congress people over the weekend will be making calls for deals rather than wait for the handcuffs.

The inauguration of a fraudulently elected President and all who facilitate it are treason by default. Trump is letting as many who want jump onto the treason bandwagon right up to the last moment. The military is in charge, now.

Observed that the Joint Chiefs statement was not dated and was signed with blue ink, supposedly signs that it was unofficial. Such documents reputedly are always dated and signed with black ink.
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FBI is becoming rather lackadaisical in their false flags and frame jobs. The speed of communication and ubiquitous cell phone shots do not favor the old ways of insurrection tradecraft. The Capitol false flag was unmasked too quickly, Nashville was false flag theater.

How are they going to get all of those imposter MAGAs down on the farm? The only thing that works any more is full studio CGI.
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NoCoupForYou says
Basic GOP voters: "Even though we saw a landslide election in 6 states totally stolen, and another Georgia Special Election the exact same things happened after the state GOP leaders refused to act, we can totally win in 2022 and 2024 via elections. Nevermind RINOs like Lt Gov of GA Duncan have already sacked 4 MAGA Republicans from their chairmanships and other state GOPe are doing the same. And McCarthy refuses to take Cheney out of her GOP House Chairmanship after she refused to consult other Republicans before voting for impeachment."

Doesn't quite dawn on them that 2022 and 2024 don't exist any more if Biden et alia prevails. They will have destroyed the Republic, the economy, and the currency by then.
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Unlimited budget for cocaine and hookers and lousy society plastic surgeons can do that to a guy. Some of the wee problems of dynasty.
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Patrick says
"Hundreds of trillions" makes it impossible to believe. There is not that much money on the planet.

Maybe the Vatican was planning galactic conquest. Jesuits on mars!

The term Parks used was "34 quintrillion". The Vatican has spent most of its existence focussing on accumulating wealth through religious policies, largely with great success. Such a number seems impossible. However, when you have that much money, it actually does become without value in aggregate because there is no way to put it to work except dribbling it out for contingencies. So, what that figure exactly means is hard to interpret, but may just mean the Vatican is counterfeiting money any which way it pleases, since no amount of gold or commodities could underpin it.
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Robert Sproul says
What difference does it make to them if we know about it?

What they did with the fake news MSM they are now attempting with social media and the internet. Internet is too porous to citizen reporters broadcasting truth.

Anything that represents power will eventually be harnessed by the forces of evil. i think everybody suspected that the halycon days of free information flow through the internet would be numbered, and that it was too good to be true.

Non-responsive, highly selective criminal justice system and courts at all levels (except to prosecute dissent and dissenters), etc. etc. is why the military option is all that is left.

Trump has been meticulous about checking all the boxes before turning things over, but the military has been in control for several days now. We just have to trust that the military is devoted to the Constitution and justice. That would mean tribunals and executions. A working DOJ, FBI and SCOTUS/courts could have prevented any of that, or allowed for the usual tortuous justice with prisons, but they have made it clear they are part of the Commie infiltration.
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"Since the Municipality of Washington, DC, is an "independent, international city state" squatting on our shores, and its government is a "plenary oligarchy" run by the members of some unidentified "Congress" we are left with a gang of international criminals operating a pirate base on our East Coast. "

"Not only have the foxes been in charge of the hen house and eating well for the past 175 years, they've been increasingly arrogant and corrupt about it, until we now finally find it necessary to wake up and take action."

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Again, doesn't seem to be like somebody who doesn't plan for Trump to be around.
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Plan has been USA-cide for a while, stepping into high gear with Obama-IHLlary to finish off the country. Baton has been handed off to Biden.

Trump was a fluke, but may be the skin of the teeth guy who saves the country. We'll see. Terrifying times.
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I read Facebook quietly re-instated Trump's page. Rumblings got them flustered? ZuckFuck doesn't want to get arrested?
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Guy says that everybody leaving D.C. have their ID checked. Entering D.C., no ID check. They're more concerned about the people trying to leave?
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It's vomitous listening to these clown actors, nodding in faux worship of the heinous proclamations. Bobblehead whores.
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Breaking News: Biden Virtual Inauguration From Tiananmen Square.

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I'm hoping that Trump and Chris Miller will address the white supremacist issue by putting a lot of corrupt, white politicians and judges in jail.
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Nancy MIA? Anybody hear where she is, or did her beautiful evil die with a bucket of water?
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Are the homeless collecting tolls yet, or they pelt your car with feces?
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I'm wondering if the strategy is to dissolve the Corporation of America, in which D.C. and USA have been privately (but illegally and extra-Constitutionally) owned by shareholders since 1870 (Reputedly Royal Family, City of London, and Papists/Vatican).

LOL! Biden will be 'President' of the British Duchy of D.C. with all of the insurrectionists, and Trump will disavow the Federal Reserve and set up a new governing capital and Federal Bank for USA as 19th President somewhere else, as constitutionally dictated prior to 1870.

I know, pure idiotic fantasy, but fun.
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Except for Antifa and BLM, patriots looked like a lost tour group wandering around. Reichstag Lite.
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Patrick says
Do You Remember What Joan Rivers Said About Obama Right Before She Suddenly Dropped Dead?

Yup. Apparently the Deep (Shallow) State wasn't ready to drop the ball on their carefully manicured Manchurian legend yet, so Joan got Seth Rich'd.
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I think they changed 'California Republic' to 'California Junta' on the official flag.

I wonder if they will ever go to the trouble of finding out how many Dems are in office from election fraud.
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NoCoupForYou says

Sadly, I am learning more about civics and political science in the past couple of years than I ever paid attention to before.
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Looks like some more dotting the i's and crossing the t's on election fraud:


"The Pillow Guy" claims he has the IP address in China that comm'd with Dominion machines. Guess he thought it would be a major reveal to Trump, but Trump has had that and more. The Vatican Leonardo link was the last piece they needed. They don't need to analyze no stinkin' Dominion machines being jealously guarded and/or erased by implicated Election Boards. Pulitzer showed live in real time at an active Georgia polling station during the Georgia senate runoffs that a TLC TV (Chinese) was acting as a hub accessing the Dominion machines in the room communicating with a Chinese internet address.
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Yeah, Joe thinks the National Guard might shoot him:

We need a betting pool about whether Joe is going to step inside the barbed wire fence or not, or whether it's going to be a ZOOM inauguration from the basement. Maybe the first in which the Pres-elect wears a bullet proof vest and helmet.

Salty says it best: "Hmm, is that a FEMA camp?"

Kamala claims to be vacating her Senate seat tomorrow. Only somebody who was dead certain the election was a total steal would have waited that long, but who knows, maybe she'll wait until Wednesday.
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"Hopium, Hopium. Wherefore art thou Hopium?"
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LOL! Antsy, Guilty-As-Hell China Joe worried about Secret Service, too. Is the poor man getting paranoid? Will Trump squeeze a concession out of him through mere intimidation? Hey, Joe, you have the courage of your convictions? Afraid of a few tens of thousands of soldiers and Marines? Aren't you confident they all love you? Weren't they vetted by Dominion Voting Machines? LOLZ!
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Vaccines can have primary, secondary and tertiary symptoms, or stop after the primary or stop after the secondary, but not always, with each having varying degrees of severity..

Primary would be the anaphylactic reactions, neuropathies, palsies that are reported. Anaphylaxis, or severe primary reactions, can be fatal, of course, especially in susceptible individuals. Some people will have no primary reaction.

Secondary would be a longer term illness related to the immune process taking place around the immunization, and could mimic the illness being vaccinated against itself, though hopefully less severe. Secondary in most people can be mild to asymptomatic, but could as said be as severe as the disease, itself.

The tertiary reactions could be more exotic immune reactions taking place over longer periods of time, possibly as a kind of host vs. graft type reaction, and could be misinterpreted as autoimmune illnesses and arthritides or tissue problems of varying severity. Because they are delayed, the tertiary effects might not even be attributed to the vaccine.

Primary effects could be mild, but there could still be severe secondary and tertiary effects, or there could be no noticeable effects at all.

Of course, how these different effects play out with the so called Covid vaccine are unknown, since it was rushed to market without being tested. Welcome to the wide wonderful world of being government enforced guinea pigs. Thanks, Bill. Thanks, Dr. Fauci.

Because the vaccine is new, most of the reported casualties are from primary effects so far. Secondary and tertiary effects will crop up, but deniability of association with the immunization is likely. They'll just blame the victim, they can't be sued, anyway.
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Can't believe how unhealthy the students looked in general. Lots of obesity and low T.

Of course, some of the weirdest people I have ever encountered were the students when I was in my first couple of years at UC Berkeley.

What it shows is that college students no matter what their chutzpah generally don't know their asses from a hole in the ground and are easily led.
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Maybe Trump will allow them all to form a government in exile in Beijing.
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Booger says

Now, how exactly would one know it tastes like cock?
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Historically, there has never been a vaccine effective significantly to Covid strains. The 'vaccine' is another symbol of compliance to tyrannical overreach, and gives an excuse for 'quenching' the fake pandemic after the fact, reducing the population to herd experiments. So in addition to the disease itself, add the morbidity of the 'vaccine'.

In other words, fuck you all peasants. Gotta love the Queen/Philip and all the pols pretending to take it. Their doctors would never allow any of them to undergo the risk of taking the real thing, so we have the Satanic theater of them coaxing the 'little people' to their doom.
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LOL! Even Mikhail Gorbachev (yes, he's still alive) says what went on Jan. 6 was a false flag. Guess he has his popcorn out wondering how this is going to play out. Too many false flags anchored by fake news and FBI cucks.

FCC (??) agents telling news stations that they must shut down and accept enforced broadcasting from 8AM Wed. for at least 72 hours or suffer criminal penalties? Must be Trump because he is still the Prez.

Antifa disguised in homeless camps for false flags?

However, Trump is squeezing them hard with uncertainty.
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Anti-Hopium: David Knight compares Qanon to 'The Trust' established by Bosheviks to reassure enemies by posing as opposition and luring them to their destruction.

Qanon as controlled opposition to identify patriots? So far, it seems the Q based timelines and 'red lines' have been pretty accurate, even to Pence's speech on Sunday to 10th Mountain Division.

Of course, Trump backed and surrounded by military lends credence to Q. Is Left just attempting to discredit Q by calling the pundits controlled opposition agents?
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I tried to think about it, but a satellite feed flipped my thinking for reasons I can't fathom.
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Well, in the daft bleachers news, more hopium from Amazing Polly:

Yeah, the gal is an amazing open source integrative genius. She noticed that the 'Punisher Logo' often used by Q was on the helicopter that brought Pence in for his talk at Fort Drum:

In other gossipy bleachers news, the CIA was possibly invaded today by special ops, and claimed to have found trillions of dollars (again). No wonder they never run out of money to prop up failing Mockingbird Pravda MSM Fake News Press. NSA was surrounded by police? uniforms. The claim of trillions was also made about the Vatican raid. These people just counterfeit massive amounts of monies to be used for their cult purposes? I would think a hundred billion or so would do. Who knows if this is true, but if "the Plan" were executed, the CIA would have to be the first bus stop for special ops.

In more 'view from the bleachers' invidious gossip, Rothschild death from 'heart attack' is claimed to be an execution for crimes against humanity. Apparently, the R's bought all the patents in 2012 for SARS type vaccines. The Davos crowd decided that they could not continue to rule the world completely in a controlled manner ad infinitum unless most of the world's unruly population were gone. The vaccines were intended to be one of the routes of this population control fiat, as suspected, and current Covid vaccine is a trial run. Of course, one wonders why not just release a truly deadly pandemic and bunker down for a while with the 'cure' and emerge later to conquest? Maybe the vaccines are supposed to act in a more graduated manner over time to cause sterility and birth control.

This last is hard to swallow until more corroborative evidence is forthcoming, but does not seem to be out side of the realm of possibility since we know that the ultra dynastic oligarchs want most of us in the gas chambers and the rest flogged into submission and tagged like cattle. Our friendly channeled Nazi Klaus Schwab doesn't even try to disguise it.
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