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'I've been trying to forget this all my life, and now I'm supposed to remember every little detail,' Jim Gensheimer, a friend, said, recounting her words.

Well, yeah, if you are gunning to destroy a man's reputation and career.

Usual lack of agency, responsibility, and accountability. "Well, I was hurt, so it doesn't matter what the fallout is. I can be hysterical even if the facts drift a little! Especially if the drifted facts pursue an agenda that I enjoy emotionally."
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What's worse, after eating all that sushi, Bobrowski was attacked and molested by a mob of blind lesbians.
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it doesn't matter whether the library bought it or not, a libby would just have stolen it.
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Without party man Charlie Manson, it's just not going to be the same.
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"She's one of the rape accusers we keep on ready reserve. They are convinced they have been raped by any number of public figures, and she was close to Kav at one point. We guarantee her lots of spotlights, and secret cash infusions. The ready reserve rape accusers are generally single-use, but the other accusation went nowhere, so we decided to re-cycle this one."
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They're good at streamline testing dildos and strap-ons in wind tunnel simulations.
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"Well, because, I just like publishing slanderous shit whether it's true or not at just the right moment to embarrass and de-rail political enemies. The timing is the kicker."
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These students need to be flogged by purple and green haired diversity officers with secretary glasses and pussy tats. The socialist educational-industrial complex is failing in it's task!
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Stormy: "My nipples are bigger than Trump's dick."
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Silly, they are referred to as "Meth Lab Flats" now. Rent AND score.
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A diverse set of alternative opinions is the enemy of the State. The Great Socialist Paradise will not tolerate this divisive dialog!

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Trump: "Mutant fungus? More like an adorable little truffle with an orange fringe. Kinna like a mini-me"
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Stormy is suffering from facial cock battering post concussion syndrome.

She said she never even felt the air from Trump's dick.
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Shooting and shitting galleries on wheels! I'm sure that these are all occupied by upstanding citizens with jobs.
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"This one holds five quarts of jizz, and balances a kegger on her head while corkscrewing!"
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They'll start requiring built in defibrillators pretty soon, to shock their life insurance clients back to life just long enough to frame them for suicide.
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No, but they'd probably recognize my wallet and credit cards.
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Getting rid of all those pesky feminist supporters who hysterically support your script but idiotically contradict the 'facts' of all of your alleged memories is a problem. Bitches can't get the party line straight.

"Ain't no big thing! After all, it's the emotional scars that count! They're much more important than mere facts, which can be re-written."
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She has a tattoo of his penis, but it's so small, it looks like a nearly invisible orange freckle.
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Those damn feminists, licking each others' lubricious, swollen pussies, flaunting their bouncing breasts and stiff nipples, and, OH! OH! HUH HUNH HUH Goddam SHIT HEAVE SIGH COLLAPSE.

Sorry about that, where was I?
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curious2 says
The rehab programs are especially lucrative due to also subsidizing infinitely the OxyContin fraud. Noam Chomsky might say that as a structural whole, the US medical industrial complex pays lavish attention to maximizing mental health problems by promoting addiction and diverting resources into ineffective treatments that prolong it.

Common aphorism is that rehab doesn't work for those who need it, only those who really, really want it. Otherwise, it's a round robin rinse and repeat cycle without any real effect other than to give three hots and a cot in between runs while listening to all the self pitying con crap from the addicts. Most alcoholics and addicts do NOT want it. Providing government tax paid funds for this would be a bottomless financial pit of ineffective bureaucracy.

Personal responsibility and recognizance are the most evil concepts to homeless and addicts. It's pretty worthless listening to their interviews, because the least reliable source of information about addict/alcoholics are the addict/alcoholic themselves, at least until they are sober for a long time. They are used to blaming everybody and everything for their 'problems' except themselves.

I have talked with several former local homeless around Santa Cruz. They are former homeless because they sobered up. It's usually that straight forward and lacks any mystery whatsoever. Some homeless are just temporary vagabonds who are traveling around and 'living off the land'. If they have enough dough, they will stay in hostels and such. They are just transitional types, not hard core homeless.
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"Benevolently Sexist" means "Sucker with a fat bank account"?
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It's nothing more than the ole sex allegation flash bang. As soon as he is confirmed, she'll sink into instant obscurity without a ripple or a reason.
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Why don't they just sort through Cobain's blasted brains for the Trump TDS cortex?

I knew the day would come when Trump would be dumping bald cancer kids out on the freeway. He is a monster on the order of HITLER with Saddam Hussein overtones.
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The dong is never wrong!
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Nothing worse than a blubbering blubberbutt.
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Cut Che a break. He was from the era when rape, torture, and liquidation of millions by Commies was standard practice.

Nowadays, all Commies want to do is take away your free speech, establish absurd secular religions, steal all your hard earned money to divvy it out to connected apparatchiks, and make you guilty without innocence by hysterical allegation. See how far they have come?
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Some men dry hump the refrigerator and shiny red cars. It's nothing personal.
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If you want to feel raped, get one of those lezzie lawyers after you trying to hang you in public and extort you on the basis of unproven, unfounded allegations.

Bitch retaliation and hysteria rape is so much fun.
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Serves them right. Libby Women losing in athletics and business to their pet trannies.
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By all accounts, Christine Ford has already harvested 350,000 dollars (and climbing), from a variety of GoFundMe accounts, not to mention any under the table money she may be receiving plus free (aka publicity seeking) representation.

Pretty nice paydays to bring accusers out of the woodwork.
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Stormy's stretched fundus could hold the entire case display of a supermarket butcher shop and barely register a blip.
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The letter also mysteriously complains about specific locksteps of Maryland law that might apply to a 17 and 15 year old in such a situation i.e. she claims her life felt threatened etc., pointing to recruitment, mentoring and ghost writing by somebody familiar with the law.
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Trump has flashed multiple women over the last 35 years, and they never even noticed.
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Justice Kavanaugh: "Never eat a girl out in a shoot who smells like a dumpster."
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Vaping=nicotine addiction. Certainly, when the vapes aren't available, and they start jonesing, they'll be smoking standard cigarettes, even if they started the habit with vaping.

There's less harmful, but not entirely NON harmful. I would also think that vaping would lead to heavier nicotine addiction dose-wise.

Why regulators care, I don't know, unless it's the tobacco lobby. However, I would think the tobacco lobby would be delighted with ANYTHING leads to a nicotine addiction.

Bitches are going to smoke anyway, may as well let them vape.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
beta Democrats

You mean omega Democrats? Beta is giving too much credit.
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Strange how the Bay Area has turned into a place of such fuckaciousness. I am fortunate that I can avoid most of it, but even the thought of going to SF gives me a brain cramp, and I feel beleaguered at times with the hive ESP crush, crazies, lack of general civility etc. It seems almost every time I wind up on BART, I have strange experience and feel like I am running a gauntlet.

I always thought a metro area of 800k to 1.5 million would be about ideal for mobility, while still having urban amenities, preferably in a college university town. However, I haven't shopped for such. Even tri-valley area isn't anything like it was just ten years ago, with the yuckies starting to pile up there where it seemed a final refuge. Good luck and let us know what you choose.
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A strange observation about smoking is that the handling the sticks and viewing of the smoke plays a large reinforcing part for some reason. Smokers don't like smoking in the dark where they can't see themselves handling the cigs or blowing the smoke. The nicotine addiction must burn the ritual pathways in the brain.

Maybe the powers that be think that candy coating any smoking habit is like sneaking heroin in M&M's to kids to get them hooked by hook or crook, while portraying it as harmless to their health.

I just think if they smoke, they're gonna smoke, and will just have to try to quit later if they can.

The media lobbies for smoking and drinking are so pervasive and powerful. How many TV or movies show the heroes and heroines sloshing back a toddy at the slightest upset, or lighting up, making it look cool? All the advertising is in the general entertainment media now, with the stars. They inject a lot of money into productions to get the characters to drink like fish and smoke.
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"Mommy, Mommy, Johnny showed me his cunt, and now he's suing me for sexual harassment!"

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