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Not quite as the Founding Gringos intended.
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The tattoos have been changed to protect the innocent.
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Bend over for one weiner, you've bent over for them all!
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I remember a documentary about a monkey colony that was so infested with ticks they couldn't do anything about it. The monkeys were barely surviving with all of these ballooned, bulging, bloodsucking ticks hanging off of their bodies, trying to go about their business.

That's what it feels like living in California.
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Another fond portrait of the California Libby: they kick the dog on the way out the door, almost run down their neighbor while grimacing and waving the restraining order they got against them, while headed for the Animal Rights rally.
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Must be just another "fake litigation".
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Feux Follets says
Sounds like the everyday common run of the mill conservative redneck to me except they're headed to the 7-11 for a beer or the local celebrity hangout to shoot pool, get drunk, get in a fight or two and make passes at anything that would look at them regardless of age.

To be perfectly fair, not until after 2pm on Sundays. The rest of the week is fair game.
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Gee, a lot more ASSHOLES are surviving now than there used to be. No more Darwinian selection, unless you count walking off a cliff taking selfys.
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On vinyl


Shades of Deep Purple on blistered vinyl (the way I like it). You'll hear shades of Cream, Ten Years After, Savoy Brown, and a splash of Stones in there. "I went to Deep Purple concerts, and they were always REALLY LOUD!"
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Must be the new common core law course required for the bar "Advanced Hamstering Quid Pro Quo" or "How To Generate An Effective Fake Sex Extortion".
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It's a tourist destination. Do you really think they are going to publicize or keep track of anything they don't have to that might keep people from going?

In Santa Cruz, the realtors and Chamber of Commerce brow beat their advertisees to keep the stuff out of the public eye. Got to keep up those real estate prices and keep the rubes emptying their wallets in the town. In reality, it has a property crime rate that is higher than Compton!

It's funny, one of the justification for the amnesty stuff was so that illegals would feel free to "aid and assist the police and authorities without fear". They haven't had a single instance of any illegal "aiding or assisting the police and authorities" in any way.

When I was in Maui, we were cautioned not to leave any surfboard or property unattended for any length of time. At all the parking lots, you have eyes on you waiting for you to leave your stuff alone. You could see the knots of addicts hanging around the parking lots and beaches.
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How many of these so-called "kneelers" are crypto Muslim? How many of them are actually women? Jus askin.
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No sexy cigarette holders or leather for him!
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They don't make tie die khakis for nothing.
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Democrats need drugs to keep their voter base dumb and gullible because they are, duhhhh, starting to clue in.
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"The policy is settled, and we need to tailor the science to suit the policy!"

Lysenko lives! Let the peasants starve for the Great God of Central Planning in the Great Socialist Paradise1
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I can hardly wait to find out all the ways that marijuana is good for mind, body and spirit. Another helpful, healthful God's tonic for the masses!
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They need to line up all the gun owners against a wall and shoot them.
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"@Patrick what does the 2 down on this post mean?"

You've been struck by the psycho dislikers. It's a badge of honor. When you get 30 ignores like AF, you get a Patnet Merit Badge.
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Sometimes, getting a guy to munch bush requires a little coercion.

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"I'm looking forward to sexually harassing the other prisoners."
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"Take your AK47s, your grenades, and pipe bombs, and get out of here! And take all those bodies under the floor boards with you!"
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BradK says
As for Sen. McCain, he can never be forgiven for opening Palin's Box and unleashing her evils upon mankind.

What do you mean? That's probably her best part.
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She's claiming the Metro owes her child support, because that's where she got pregnant while standing on a crowded train.
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This is great for cannibal anarchy. You can order your face sunny side up.
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A woman has to be blowing cock for no less than eight minutes before it is regarded as legal consent.
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How many of those genetically defective babies wound up shooting up high schools or becoming child ISIS beheading jihadi! They never think about that!
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I thought alcohol was supposed to protect you from things like that.
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Congratulations, Rachel. You're almost there.
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Has he offered the judge a three picture deal yet?
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Tenpoundbass says
And allow the flow of Cocaine to overtake Heroine based drugs.
Which has a lot smaller societal devastating footprint.

Honestly? I'm so glad there are "good" addictive drugs to save us from the "bad" addictive drugs. It makes taking the "right" drugs so much more attractive.
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Needle exchange programs COMBINED with high grade, free government heroin at selected locations. They are actually less inclined to be homeless, because they don't spend any money for the drugs and they can use whatever money/welfare the have for shelter. They say 80 percent even manage some kind of job.

The bitches still whine, but so what, they are just whining bitches.
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The slimy lifestyle of addicts and alcoholics/homeless is actually attractive to them as part of the package. They can feel aggrieved and full of self pity, which is a large part of the syndrome and part of the brain toxicity. It also gives them permission for antisocial activities and behavior.

Give the humps all the free heroin they want, there is no more lifestyle, and nobody cares if they sit around nodding off and feeling sorry for themselves. It actually shakes them up enough to seek recovery.

The free stuff also forces them to stay within a narrow fixed radius instead of wandering about at random. Nothing can compete with the free stuff.

I knew a guy once who handed out the methadone at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. He said not once was anybody late for their dose, had transportation problems, claimed family difficulties, etc. They were just there exactly on time for their dosage without comment or complaint. That is how powerful the motivator is for drugs, none of the self excusing and self exonerating bullshit you see from people about every other aspect of their lives.

You start talking about recovery, jobs, responsibilities in any other sphere of life, all the crappy, self pitying bullshit comes right up.
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Fuck a free drink. Take the fucking honkeys out back and roll them.
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Great place to dunk pound cake while waiting for the Man.
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Inclusionary of what? Another "Liddle Slice a da Ghetto" to linearize the crime stats?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Why do you people hate FREEDOM! ?

This should be a complete series like Grand Theft Auto with variations like Active Shooter: Catholic High School with the psychopathic serial killer facing off against Belt-Fed nuns and death dealing archer priests, etc.

You can go to your local titty bar in the game and get a free lap dance if you get a nun and a priest with a single shot.
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I knew a guy who had student loans he just never paid back or even tried to pay back into middle age, to the tune of cumulative $350K. He had nasty collection dudes showing up and harassing him at home, telephone and office constantly.

He eventually hired a law firm to re-negotiate and paid back something like 20 cents on the dollar. He was a general debt turd, and part of the ploy was he was going to declare bankruptcy, anyway, in a year or so, so the creditor should take whatever. Being a hard core dead beat can eventually wear down the creditors, who just want to get the bad loan off the books.
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If they are fucking you in the ass, do they have at least a very robust vibration mode?

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