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richwicks says
What are they effective doing?

Name anything that 20 years of wars that the US has accomplished? It's bankrupted the United States is appears. Name anything else.

killing bad muslim guys (and bad muslim woman/children). Thats a huge accomplishment. Not many countries pull that off.
Keeping us safe at home so we can buy houses and stocks and have pool parties without having to deal with muslim terrorists here.
The war machine is creating lots of high paying jobs at home.
Compare the US to Europe. Europe is over run by muslim scum. We dont have them here :) :)

I can probably go on, but these are some of the highlights.
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Patrick says
Actually going to go look at non-Seattle towns around Puget Sound in a few weeks.

Exciting! keep us updated on your rent Vs own analysis on Puget Sound.
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MisdemeanorRebellionNoCoupForYou says
Bitcoin such a great store of value

Could not agree more. I put about 30k into BTC last year and it more than doubled. Imagine I would have my funds sitting in a savings account. I would have lost purchasing power due to inflation.
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richwicks says
Just War Theory

It seems very just to prevent bad guys (muslim terrorists) from killing innocent americans and others.

richwicks says
Name 10 that were killed

There are not just 10. We killed 1000's if not 10000's of muslim terrorists! Good Job US forces!

richwicks says
China seems to be doing a spectacular job, and they do it without spending a trillion dollars a year on their military

China is a terrible, terrible country. To say they are doing a spectacular job is pretty hilarious....Why dont you move to China and try to make ends meet there?
We are so fortunate to live in the beautiful US!

spending a trillion dollars for the war machine......its needed to advance in war tech, be the #1 in the world, create jobs at home, stimulates the economy.

You seem like you could be part of a muslim terrorist sleeper cell. Is that true?

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Fortwaynemobile says
More reasons to leave the state.

Why leave CA? I like to piss of radical liberals. Especially in my extended family.
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Onvacation says
1 year

What an insane performance!! I remember when people said "who pays 20k for 1 Bitcoin"? Now those people would be jumping up and down if they could buy BTC at 20K
It just shows....HODL is the way to go with digital gold.
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richwicks says
Bitcoin says
richwicks says
Just War Theory

It seems very just to prevent bad guys

I'm talking to a child. It's pointless.

or you could have just admitted that you cant win here by defending muslim terrorist (bad guys).
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richwicks you just dont like my answers. You wont be able to convince me that "china is doing a spectacular job" and that somehow the work our US forces are doing in the middle east is all for nothing. The US has always and will always step in when help is needed. We chase down the bad guys in this world and keep the world in balance. If we dont do it, who do you rely on? The middle east is a cluster fuck and we step in to not let it get out of hand. We destroyed ISIS. Who would have done this if not us? I cant think of anyone.
If you let a cancer like ISIS grow it becomes unmanageable. We even did it without troops on the ground (mostly). At what point do you admit the US has done well? If you hate the US so much, why live here? If China is so much better, why dont you pack your bags and try it for 6month?

These Seals fight for our freedom. They deserve to be honored and respected
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richwicks says
The assholes that run this nation have destroyed this nation by wasting endless resources in pointless, never-ending wars

destroyed this nation? LOL

The US is the best place to live!

This is a relatively affordable place to buy in the US:

This is Ahmad burning our flag in the cluster fuck called middle east

And this is in China. Enjoy the air!

I can imagine you moving to China because they do such a spectacular job.....I give you about 2 days until you want to come back :)
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Buy the dip! Great buying opportunity!
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When I read the headline I gave it the following chances:

50% its a nigger
49% its a fuckin muslim
1% its a white guy (victimized by niggers or muslims)
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joshuatrio says
According to her, after her husband got the 2nd shot, he'd never been sicker in his life and had to call out for a week + from work.

Seems like the demand has dried up - no one wants it anymore and they are incentivizing it like crazy.

First sentence is anecdotal. Everyone can make up stories.
Second sentence is not true. In Europe for instance they cant wait to get vaxxed but there is a shortage/no supply of the vaccine.
Last part of the second sentence is true. I have gotten points by my employer (basically money) because i disclosed i got vaxxed. And you get discounts/free shit for being vaxxed at a lot of places. Not really signficant to me but at least some of your stories/statements are true.

quick status report. I feel fine. Not dead yet. No dementia. Not even herpes yet. my dick works well too. Its been over 2 month now. When are all these side effects supposed to kick in?
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WookieMan says
And this is why I work in sales and generally know how much people make. Same with the wife. Don't need points or an employer or any of the other bullshit for at best a $150k job.

I hate sales. I feel bad for sales men. My job allows me to buy stocks, RE and Crypto and to enjoy life in SoCal. I cant complain. Especially when i think about others who have to live in IL and must to travel to get out of their shit hole.
I dont need points either. I just got some points for disclosing that i got vaxxed. I dont care if someone knows i am vaxxed or not. But if they give me free shit for it, why wouldnt I disclose it.
I dont care if someone gets vaxxed or not. I would never get vaxxed to get free stuff other than protection against the virus, flu whatever.

your body, your choice. It has nothing to do with what people do for work. But I continue to keep updating you guys on my health status after getting vaxxed. Sooooo many side effects should supposedly happen and everyone is scared of what will happen to your body when you get vaxxed (long term). I am a real example of what happens when you get vaxxed. Absofuckinlutely nothing.
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porkchopexpress says
this poison

poison? Isnt poison supposed to damage you or kill you? Why am i fine after taking the J&J shot? How many more month until i finally get ill?
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Onvacation says
richwicks says
The boomer generation sold out the entire nation for their comfort. Generation X (of which I'm part) isn't much goddamned better.

Don't forget the "greatest" generation. They did some pretty heinous shit to Miss Liberty.

Millennials (of which I'm part) will save the US. We invest in crypto and new tech. We are open to new ideas and will digitalize money/assets. Also, we will make sure to keep the US safe from muslim terrorism.
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Great buying opportunity on our way to 100k Bitcoin. I remember when bitcoin haters where cheering "bitcoin will never reach 20k again!" lol
Some even suggested on this blog that Bitcoin will go down to 1.2k ROFL.
I love how Bitcoin slaps the haters. over. and. over. again.
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Patrick says
Same thing happened to a co-worker of mine.

I highly doubt he was sicker than ever in his life for a week. I think thats simply exaggerated. I was very sick for one night after my J&J shot. The next morning it was all gone and i went on a bike ride. Do I believe some people are impacted by the vaccine for a short time more than others. sure. Do i believe people have never been sicker for a WEEK. not a chance.
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Patrick says

Did you see Ben Stein's video about his reaction to the "vaccine"?

i have not.
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Onvacation says
When I try to tell the vaxxers...

Actually, at this point I don't try to tell them anything.

problem with onvacation is his black and white thinking. He never sees or allows anything in between.
His mind works like this: vaccine bad, all vaxxers evil. Millennials dumb. all of them.
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WookieMan says
Bitcoin says
His mind works like this: vaccine bad, all vaxxers evil.

He's not wrong

I got vaxxed and I am one of the nicest and open-minded guys here. So yes, he's wrong.
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Patrick says
I don't see it that way. I've met the guy and I don't find him to be one-sided.

maybe in person he's less black and white but behind his keyboard he is. IMO. but lets not discuss each other, lets discuss the topic. even though i started it :D
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richwicks says
you ignore errors in your own logic and reasoning

Richwicks, I simple dont ignore people who defend muslim terrorists and pretend the US government kills its own people (9/11). You are free to think that everything is a big conspiracy but normal people will continue to correct you. Not sure what you are trying to sell but its not working. :)
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Patrick says
That's getting pretty personal.

We are used to it by Richwicks. He doesnt discuss the topic but continues to get personal. Its all good reveals his character. >>> Everything is a conspiracy, US government bad. If you dont follow me, than I make personal attacks. <<<< pretty much sums up who richwicks is.
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richwicks says
The United States has repeatedly killed its own people. The Tuskegee Trials is an example of that, the USS Liberty is another example, it's suspected that the bombing of Pearl Harbor is another,

exactly what i mean. There is no end to the conspiracy madness. Everything becomes a conspiracy. US Government bad, mass murders its citizen. Now Perl Harbor is a conspiracy as well. ROFL.

You are right. You arent selling anything. You got sold lies. Wouldnt be surprised if you buy the conspiracy books, cd's etc. Someone's making money by pushing this nonsense. Too far down the rabbit hole and little hope of recovery.

I could see you tripping over a rock and you thinking, that must have been the bad, bad US government.....they have intentionally placed this rock here. So i fall, hit my head and die and the murder will look like an accident. They know that I know the truth and I am a treat to them. They are out to get me and probably listen to my phone. Sound familiar Richwicks?
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clambo says
"Slaps the haters."

countless times too. Again. and. again. How many times have these clowns come out when Bitcoin corrects and cheered momentarily? Just to be disappointed over and over again. To be continued.
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want to go with some buddies to a fishing trip in Alaska....apparently there are no rental car's available. Lol. Thinking of buying a car, hopefully not wreck it and sell it at the end of our trip....
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Onvacation says
Eric Holder says
we're already in the era of manual transmission being a pretty good car theft deterrent ...

And cursive writing being secret code.

Of course, some people prefer dirty coins in their wallet and like to pick up the landline for the scam calls. I hear there are still silver bugs out there. lol. Thats just a small group of people though. Most people advance....
We live during amazing, great times. Money, music, books have been digitalized. Even gold:

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Onvacation says
So the vaccine is less than worthless; it is actually harmful.

Whats the timeline on this? You never hear this from the hard core anti-vaxxers. Why are people like me (who got vaxxed) still without herpes and dementia? any day now?
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WookieMan says
Although with these shortages Turo might be a better option. Just throwing it out there.

Thanks Wookie!
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WookieMan says
I got into an argument last night with a nurse friend that thinks masks work, while she wasn't wearing one

ha, sounds familiar. how do you like this one: a relative of mine works in the medical field. Doesnt wear masks herself when meeting friends/family etc. Online she always posts about these dumb republicans not believing in masks. When I asked her why she is not wearing a mask herself she says it doesnt do anything to protect her. Lol. So I ask her why she is telling everyone else to wear one then? not allowed to question her.....She cant handle any form of critics or opposing view. Typical do as I say not as I do mentality. Needless to say I dont get along with her. Needless to say she's hard core liberal, aka brainwashed/mentally fucked.
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richwicks says
Why has nobody in Antifa and BLM been held accountable for the assaults and murders they committed? That's because, probably without their knowledge, were working for the intelligence agencies, to do a coup.

Do you have another explanation?

like I said, everything becomes a conspiracy for ya. And when someone disagrees with you, you get personal.
Liberal leaders are fine with having their own cities destroyed. Trump wanted to move the national guard in, the demorat leaders tried to block that in any way possible. Whatever trump said/wanted, they tried to do the opposite to gain votes by stupid people. Losers buy into the BLM/Antifa movement and donate their little money to these corrupt leaders so they can buy more houses and yachts. This has very little to do with conspiracy amongst the intelligence agencies.
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WookieMan says
Bitcoin says
High performers at successful companies get high boni, RSU's and nice pay raises.

You're a unicorn then. The owners don't pass on the inflation gains this early in the cycle

Good for you to be the owner. Agree, I wouldnt give out 6-8% across the board in pay raises just because inflation is running at 5% if i am the owner.

What i am talking about is high paying jobs at companies like in tech (shareholder owned corp). A director on avg makes about 250k. Does that person care if inflation is running at 2, 3 or 5%? I'd say not really. If your perform well its expected the company pays a raise above inflation. not to everyone, but to those that are rated highly (annually). The avg raises barely keep up with inflation.

Obviously it makes sense to incentivize high performers. They are harder to find/hire.
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ThreeBays says
Onvacation says

lol, maybe I have superpowers.....I took the J&J jab and are still a life. If I can survive a bioweapon attack, nothing can scare me anymore!
Still waiting for that herpes to kick in.
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and just like that.....

"Bitcoin tops $40,000 after Musk says Tesla could use it again"

that's why i keep saying, haters cheering about dips in a bull market get slapped....

dont cheer too early for the bear market....
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Donald says

This is great news for everyone who bought Bitcoin at 62,000

nothing goes up in a straight line....people who bought at 20k are now geniuses.....but back then, haters made fun of them after a dip.
Always the same story with the bitcoin haters.....they dont think long term.....
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Eric Holder says
"Bitcoin tops $40,000 after Musk says Tesla could use it again"

Pump, dump, rinse, repeat.....

its a great store of value....i bought it at its at 40k....imagine i would have sat on cash....that would have sucked....

Bitcoin is a great inflation hedge!
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WookieMan says
It doesn't though. It's valued in fiat.

there a a number of Bitcoin pairs as previously mentioned.

BTC to Litecoin, BTC to USDC (USD Coin), BTC to USD, BTC to ETH, etc.

WookieMan says
That's all traceable and the government can issue a warrant to access your devices or the exchange to see what you traded. There is no privacy on the internet.

Yes, Blockchain transactions are traceable. However, the government has no idea who is behind the bitcoin address. Unless you store your Bitcoin on an exchange. As mentioned many, many times, its not recommended to store Bitcoin on an exchange.

There is a saying: Not your keys not your Bitcoin. Keys means private keys. These private keys need to be stored on a hardware wallet/cold storage device. That device is not connected to the internet. Unless you move your funds.
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Zak says
What good is bitcoin if you are prohibited from buying or selling anything with it?

You can buy anything with Bitcoin. All you need is a seller who accepts Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not intended to buy your coffee with. However, People have bought Tesla and houses with it. Its a store of value / digital gold.

You wouldnt walk around with a brick of gold to buy gum.

The intrinsic value of Bitcoin can be found in this comparison:

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thenuttyneutron says

Got a Glock 17. hasnt jammed yet. outstanding work by Austria
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Onvacation says
If Liz doesn't like it, it must be good.

True! Bitcoin is a great store of value and secure way to store value in a way that cant be taken from anyone. (hardware wallet).
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