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What % of men would look past the biological details for a night ?
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Booger says

What a brain damaged pig!
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Ya it’s a him, article says it’s a man
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Don’t ask the white and Asian pageant contestants what they think, they won’t tell you.

Ask the latinas competing, they won’t sugar coat what they think about this lol

In any case, it’s subjective BS at best and woke calculated decision at worst.

But when the smoke clears, there’s an executive up there somewhere that said, “if we select the tranny, EVERYONE will be talking and my bottom line is about to go up, let’s do it!”

This has been the topic of at least three separate social circles this morning... well played and nice puppeteering.
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Ya it’s the same woman in both pics.

Boy does she have a naughty look.
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As usual, those who can pay will pay for those that can’t pay.
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Maybe Russia isn’t as crazy as we think.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Used to be very big NBA fan as did a friend. Since we were kids. Neither of us watch anymore. At all.

Same with NFL.

I’m not supporting assholes who push a political agenda under the guise of equality, equity, or whatever damn communist term China tells them to use next.


I was a huge fan when I was younger and now watch zero nba nor nfl. Would love to see them collapse.
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richwicks says
Rb6d says
When I came to Houston 20 yrs ago, it was perfectly OK to shoot fireworks in city, to shoot your guns in air during New Year celebrations,

Yeah, shooting guns into the air should be banned, sorry - the bullet is at terminal velocity when it returns to the ground, and it can be deadly.

This is reckless behavior. The bullet is likely falling around 600 MPH in its descent, they are designed to flow through the air after all. That could kill a bird, a dog, a child, or an adult if it happens to hit their head.

No, bullets don’t fall at 600mph lol
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On top of what you show Patrick I also look for momentum (this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with fundamentals)

There’s a saying among my buddies in Finance

“Let your horses run”
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Your own personal stock performance over the last decade should not be a measuring stick in how well you select stocks.

A monkey throwing darts at an SP500 list would have performed well over the last decade.
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Sounds like Elena is asking some obvious questions that my 5yr old also asked.
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Those are all spot on
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He does a pretty damn good job of selling guns
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I hardly watch professional sports, same goes for Hollywood movies.

Seems like everything coming through my screen is via the paint brush stroke of an activist.
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AIDS doesn’t have a vaccine and can’t be transmitted through air. Bad example.

Yes, corporate Silicon Valley are asking for vaccine status and scanned copies of vaccine card. This is happening at major SP500 companies today.

They claim it’s optional but will influence what you are and aren’t able to do as companies go back to work during the second half of the year.

Pressure to get the shot, assuming you need that job, is tremendous.
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Woke outrage and free press sells much beer
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Laws preventing theft are racist
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I think you guys are missing the point

These companies are putting immense pressure on employees to get vaccines without actually mandating that they get the vaccine.

Sure, don’t get it if you so choose. But watch what happens slowly to your position at work.
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What’s wrong with saying, “no I don’t need any help”

Or if you really want to make a statement, don’t even look their way, completely ignore them.
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Toyota... I’ve been loyal. Don’t tempt me to jump ship due to unsolicited political BS
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My entire life I’ve heard “Diversity is our strength”

For years I wanted to believe it but can’t anymore.
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We have a 15yr old 4runner and a 20yr old Lexus

Both are phenomenal cars that just keep going and going.

None of my friends can understand why I would keep driving 15-20yr old cars at my income level. I can’t understand why they depreciate new cars every 3yrs.
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Mother in law conversation

MIL: so are you thinking of upgrading the family SUV?

Me: no

MIL: maybe something newer and safer is a good idea

Me: our 4Runner is great, has many years left

MIL: it sure would be nice to have a newer family car

Me: would you like me to show you some new car depreciation plots?

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Starting new bull market
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This guy is awesome, go Larry!
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Lots of us conservatives, who have been accused of being racist, will be voting for Larry!
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
The people that vote for this crap are incomprehensibly stupid.

Spot on
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Patrick says
Pretty much all the guns that blacks are murdering each other with in Chicago are illegally owned anyway.

Maybe just another gun law or two will finally make them listen!
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Looks superb
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Let us know know it goes!
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Well, it’ll be up to those women to take a stand against this circus
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This dude Laurel isn’t the favorite to win the women’s competition
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He’s 6’1 290lbs

Fat fuck should be ashamed of himself.
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Logic is getting flipped on its head over and over and over here in CA
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