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Californians Would Pay $1.9B More for Insurance If Congress Passes Border Adjustment Tax
by BayAreaObserver in #Insurance   13 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Californians would face $1.9 billion in higher insurance costs if Congress passes a border adjustment tax as part of federal tax reform, according to a study issued today by the...
The War on the Freedom of Information Act
by BayAreaObserver in #FOIA   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago
Those in power dislike the public nosing around in their business and are forever looking to shield themselves from scrutiny. But when that happens, the public needs to push back....
The Dead Thread - Part 3. At the end of her life, my mother started seeing ghosts, and it freaked me out by Steven Petrow
by BayAreaObserver in #Science   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago
Last summer, six months before my mother died, I walked into her bedroom, and she greeted me with a tinny hello and a big smile. She then resumed a conversation...
The Dead Thread - Parts 1 and 2. Symptoms and The Gentler Symptoms of Dying
by BayAreaObserver in #Science   Posted 10 hours ago
Part 1. The Symptoms of Dying. You and I, one day we’ll die from the same thing. We’ll call it different names: cancer, diabetes, heart failure, stroke. One organ will...
Ironic That "Outsider" Candidate Invited Big Banks Back Into Government
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   30 comments, latest 16 hours ago
"PRESIDENT TRUMP": You've written a lot about the wealth gap in this country, during the election Hillary was considered the candidate of Wall Street, but now my whole cabinet is...
Microbiota - The gut-brain-bone marrow connection
by BayAreaObserver in #Medicine   5 comments, latest 18 hours ago
A universe of organisms living inside you may affect every part of your body, from your brain to your bones, and even your thoughts, feelings and your attempts to lose...
Undermining Our Institutions - Trump's Go-To Strategy Remains
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   2 comments, latest 1 day ago
The pattern, by now, has become so predictable that it practically qualifies as a law of nature. A respected person or institution challenges, crosses, or inconveniences Donald Trump, and as...
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reverses Toddler's Brain Damage Who Almost Drowned
by BayAreaObserver in #SciTech   Posted 1 day ago
Eden Carlson, a toddler who almost drowned in a swimming pool and sustained severe brain damage in February 2016, regained her normal way of life after she was administered Hyperbaric...
Painless way to draw blood for diabetics etc. ?
by BayAreaObserver in #Medicine   Posted 1 day ago
Finding less painful and more efficient ways to draw blood is a holy grail for medical entrepreneurs. Seventh Sense Biosystems, a start-up based in Massachusetts, is among the furthest along...
Is America nearing "Peak Empire" ?
by BayAreaObserver in #Empires   32 comments, latest 1 day ago
The average age of an empire? A mere 250 years. As the Fourth of July approaches, the idea that democracy is the highest political calling of mankind once again hangs...
Trump wants a talk-radio host to be the USDA's chief scientist
by BayAreaObserver in #USDA   4 comments, latest 2 days ago
Yesterday, the Trump administration formally named its candidate for the Department of Agriculture's undersecretary of research, education, and economics, a post that serves as the agency's chief scientist. Its choice?...
Kansas Data Breach Exposes More Than 5 Million Social Security Numbers In Ten States
by BayAreaObserver in #Hackers   1 comment, latest 2 days ago
Hackers who breached a Kansas Department of Commerce data system used by multiple states gained access to more than 5.5 million Social Security Numbers and put the agency on the...
When Does A Home Become A Prison?
by BayAreaObserver in #Housing   Posted 2 days ago
In most markets, the seller, or supplier, makes their decision about adding supply to the market independent of the buyer, or source of demand, and their decision to buy. In...
After Mideast, will the Saudi-Wahhabi nexus destabilize East Asia?
by BayAreaObserver in #wahhabism   13 comments, latest 2 days ago
Southeast Asia’s youths are getting radicalized as Saudi Arabia is pouring money for the spread Wahhabism, a fundamental Sunni school of Islam, in the region. If the U.S. is serious...
U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel
by BayAreaObserver in #Israel   Posted 4 days ago
The criminalization of political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the west. In France, activists have been arrested and prosecuted...
Heres how much housing prices have skyrocketed over the last 50 years
by BayAreaObserver in #Housing   14 comments, latest 5 days ago
If you want to buy a house this year, you may well be paying around $199,200, the median price for a home in the U.S., according to Zillow. Houses weren't...
John Feffer, The Invisible Monster of Climate Change
by BayAreaObserver in #Climate   Posted 5 days ago
If you’re looking for fairy tales that are on the grim (not Grimm) side, things that once might only have been in dystopian fiction, look no further than our present...
Trump Team's Russia Meeting Was Really About Releasing Billions to Corrupt Oligarchs
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   32 comments, latest 5 days ago
Donald Trump Jr.’s confirmation that he met with a Russian attorney last year in the hope of obtaining damaging information about the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opens a window...
Analysis: Trump will take health care credit or cast blame
by BayAreaObserver in #HealthCare   1 comment, latest 5 days ago
WASHINGTON — If congressional Republicans succeed in repealing and replacing "Obamacare," expect a big Rose Garden celebration with President Donald Trump taking credit. If they fail? Trump has already indicated...
How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump
by BayAreaObserver in #Trump   33 comments, latest 1 week ago
He’s a divorced adulterer who ran a gambling empire, so how did America’s Moral Majority get so evangelical about Donald Trump? I went down to Alabama a few weeks ago...

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