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Organize a Bus Service for Illegal Immigrants

By WillPowers follow WillPowers   2019 Apr 12, 11:09pm 373 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

(Sing) San Francisco Open up Your Golden Gate, You'll Let Nobody Wait Outside Your Door (news)

Give Illegals' a ride to Nancy Pelosi's District and Neighborhood - Don't Need Anyone's Permission and It's Perfectly Legal, Right? I Mean You're Just Giving Immigrants a Ride, right? Anyone know the law on this?

Start a Fund. I'll do the arrangements: Rent a Bus and arrange for a driver, take care of insurance, and bill it to the fund,

Contact Me AT: mtn.charley@sbcglobal .net
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On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker suggested Trump's idea to bus immigrants to the Sanctuary cities was a good one and just and he thought it was hypocritical of Democrats to call the idea as "dumping" immigrants as Pelosi put it, on other communities, and the Dems were racist for dehumanizing immigrants:

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One reason the Dems are against having the illegals sent to sanctuary cities because the sanctuary cities are already blue. They want the illegals sent to red areas to help turn them blue. This is the same a Saudi Arabia not taking in Palestinian refugees, but instead are financing mosques in Europe. Saudi is Islamic enough, they want the refugees to go to Europe to make Europe more Islamic.

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