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Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates

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Notice no mention of genetic information because as I'd pointed out before, that would be highly illegal. (Republicans have been willing to weaken GINA recently though)

Beyond the health related data mining the credit bureaus do this as well. We all have 'secret' credit scores unrelated to the stuff they have to show us they track by law; or so I've read. Stuff like: Someone who never drinks suddenly having a bar tab on a credit card. (1) Is he about to have a divorce? (2) Some other negative that good actuaries and data scientists can resolve?

Our version China's 'Social Score' maybe....



"Without any public scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race, marital status, how much TV you watch, whether you pay your bills on time or even buy plus-size clothing."

"To an outsider, the fancy booths at last month’s health insurance industry gathering in San Diego aren’t very compelling. A handful of companies pitching “lifestyle” data and salespeople touting jargony phrases like “social determinants of health.”

But dig deeper and the implications of what they’re selling might give many patients pause: A future in which everything you do — the things you buy, the food you eat, the time you spend watching TV — may help determine how much you pay for health insurance.
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How do they know how much TV that I watch? They can't possibly monitor what my antenna picks up.

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