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illumina x

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name of technologyillumina x
description of technology

name of company illumina
url of company home page http://www.illumina.com/
company jobs page http://www.illumina.com/company/careers.html

Genetic analysis instrumentation. Relatively new to DNA sequencing but essentially running their peers out of business with disruptive technology developed over the past several years.

Headquartered in San Diego but their primary technology was from the purchase of Solexa in Hayward, CA. Other bay area locations:

Mission Bay (SF)
Foster City - they purchased the old Applied Biosystems site, have demolished the old buildings and are building a very large campus there. It would not be a surprise if headquarters eventually moved to this location. The SF bay area is key for this tech.

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Oops, perhaps Pat can move this to 'companies' rather than 'technologies'...

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OK, now it's here:


Thanks for trying, I didn't know about them, they are in SF, and it's technology. All good.

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Definitely... A mix of biochem, hardware and sw tech. Best company out there ( by far ) to watch for the genomics revolution in the short term.

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