Make A Cash Offer In Person

Do not borrow the money, and do not make an offer though any commission-based buyer's agent. Save, invest, and make a cash offer in person or by mail direct to the seller (not the seller's agent!) You will come out way ahead by saving and paying cash with no agent because:

Remember: if you need a mortgage, you can't afford it!

OK, there is an exception: if you can find a house so cheap that the rent would cover all mortgage and other costs, and you would also still have a comfortable cash cushion left over, then perhaps it is OK to take out a mortgage.

Here are free offer forms and other contracts you can use. Make sure you leave yourself contingencies so you can back out.
Free Real Estate Contracts (

If other people see the wisdom of paying cash as well, then YOU don't have to pay as much either. Help spread the word, for everyone's benefit. Please consider buying a bumper sticker. Offer strategies to discuss:

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