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Fri 18 Apr 2014
California house sales hit six-year low(sponsored link)
House Price Graph ( comments
Sq ft 84 - Possessions 305 ( comments
Five groups that lie about the housing market ( comments
Voters open to tweaking prop 13 ( comments
Housing Bubble 2.0 Veers Elegantly Toward Housing Bust 2.0 ( comments
The Housing Recovery That Never Was is Over ( comments
Rent Increase or Purchasing Power Decline? ( comments
Property taxes going up in CA ( comments
Housing Market Slow to Hit Its Spring Stride ( comments
Are Chinese losing confidence in their property market? ( comments
Here's why the rest of 2014 will be rough for housing ( comments
Freddie, Fannie reform will foil housing reflation efforts ( comments
These Deals Adding Danger To China's Real Estate Market ( comments
Americans build tiny houses and new lives ( comments
McMansions are a major cause of our economic problems ( comments
Bay Area at high risk of landslides ( comments
The densest settlement in the world ( comments
Americans Are Starting to Miss More Mortgage Payments ( comments
Frustrated house shopper takes revenge on new homeowner ( comments
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