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Social Justice Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
by Dan8267 in #politics   1 comment, latest 11 minutes ago
Evidently not every student in Evergreen University is batshit crazy. The question is why did this student even bother to go to a crappy college with no standards that is...
"There should be no presumption that he is telling the whole truth,"
by HEY YOU   4 comments, latest 20 minutes ago
For the Democrats: " I did not have sex with that woman." Crime-Guilt-Punishment: Cut off thieves' & hackers' hands. Cut out the tongues of lying politicians. This snowflake world...
Democrats likely to lose Debbie Stabenow's Senate Seat in 2018
by Goran_K   3 comments, latest 35 minutes ago
A new poll conducted by Delphi Analytica reveals one the most amazing results in recent polling history: among those told to choose between the two candidates, musician Robert...
The Better Deal - Liberals new catchy bullshit buzzcock word
by Tenpoundbass   18 comments, latest 40 minutes ago
Done Sign In Tech Politics Business Health Care Science Future of Work Mike Allen 7 hrs ago Featured Dems want to rebrand as the economic party Senate and House...
The Big Club does not guarantee immortality.
by HEY YOU   Posted 47 minutes ago
The semi-Rich might need to be concerned,also. "And when the moment of clarification arrives — the instant of cosmic price discovery — the clueless elites will have to really and...
Foreign money distorts U.S. Housing market
by tovarichpeter   4 comments, latest 58 minutes ago
paid local workers have been pushed out of the city.In Miami and New York, new luxury apartments are rising rapidly, often sold to anonymous buyers, sight unseen. In Melbourne...
Californians Would Pay $1.9B More for Insurance If Congress Passes Border Adjustment Tax
by BayAreaObserver in #Insurance   13 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Californians would face $1.9 billion in higher insurance costs if Congress passes a border adjustment tax as part of federal tax reform, according to a study issued today by the...
The Big Question: Why Isn't the Proposed Healthcare Replacement Ready?
by Roidy   14 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Gentle Readers, Why isn't the healthcare replacement anywhere near viable? It's a disasterous effort that the Republicans assured everyone would be "Wonderful!" Here is an educated guess about that. 1)...
California Proposes Jail Time for Using the Wrong Pronoun
by Booger   20 comments, latest 1 hour ago
California is on its way to passing a new law that makes it illegal to call transgender senior citizens a pronoun they don't like. For example, if an elderly...
Considering buying a SFH. Plan to sell within the next 5-7 years. Any reason not to take ARM or Interest only loan?
by PeopleUnited in #housing   15 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Any of our financial guru's want to ring in? #housing...
America is becoming a nation of renters.
by tovarichpeter   35 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Most Californians believe Russia meddled in elections
by tvgnus   22 comments, latest 2 hours ago
Should you buy a house that was remodeled without permits
by Chicago_Guy in #housing   11 comments, latest 2 hours ago
I am contemplating buying a single family home (approximately $2.2 Million) located in the Bay area peninsula for my 30 year old daughter. If purchased, I will hold the property...
dan8267 blocked me but he comments on my comments.
by komputodo   43 comments, latest 2 hours ago
If I'm such a moron that I don't deserve to comment on his posts, why would he bother to comment on my comments on other threads?
Vietnam vs China Over Oil in South China Sea | China Uncensored
by RealEstateIsBetterThanStocks   12 comments, latest 3 hours ago
California home sales continue downward trend
by tvgnus   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago
AUDIO: A solution to the feral cat problem could be a bottle of wine
by tvgnus   Posted 3 hours ago
55 AMThe myth about cats being good rodent control has been disproved on every island where cats were imported to take care of the imported rodents. Hundreds of years...
WI company to microchip employees
by lostand confused   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago
A Wisconsin company is about to become the first in the U.S. to offer microchip implants to its employees. Yes, you read that right. Microchip implants. "It's the next...
The War on the Freedom of Information Act
by BayAreaObserver in #FOIA   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago
Those in power dislike the public nosing around in their business and are forever looking to shield themselves from scrutiny. But when that happens, the public needs to push back....
Rat Brain Usage
by tovarichpeter   Posted 4 hours ago
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