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Dan8267 says

What I'm not willing to accept is those revenue streams going to a bunch of fat cat parasites who did not and could not create or maintain those automations and, in fact, don't even understand how those automations work.

So, the people who made the investment and took all the risk should just have to give all the money away because they didn't personally perform the engineering? Let's just hope you never come up with an idea that requires investors. Conversely, if the investment fails, will you be paying back the salary they gave you? Or are you just entitled to all the winnings?

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Strategist   befriend (2)   ignore (3)   Sun, 29 May 2016, 1:53pm PDT   Like (6)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 5

This is disgusting, and not something to mock.
When are we gonna put an end to this human rights abuse? President Obama, what have you done to put an end to this Islamic slavery. You just sit there like Bush claiming the fucking Islam is a peaceful religion, while this happens right before your eyes. I am ashamed to have you as President.

zzyzzx   befriend (10)   ignore (6)   Mon, 23 May 2016, 9:58am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 6

How many of those 20,000 are in the USA?

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Rin   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Tue, 24 May 2016, 10:22am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 8

BTW, banging hoes is legal in Switzerland.

zzyzzx   befriend (10)   ignore (6)   Fri, 27 May 2016, 9:02am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 9

Former McDonalds CEO Crushes The Minimum Wage Lie: "It's Cheaper To Buy A Robot Than Hire At $15/Hour"

"the $15 minimum wage demand, which translates to $30,000 a year for a full-time employee, is built upon a fundamental misunderstanding of a restaurant business just do the math" Rensi found that nobody has still done the math.

Which is perhaps why the ex-CEO reappeared on Fox Business yesterday to explain to Maria Bartiromo that as fast-food workers across the country vie for $15 per hour wages, many business owners have already begun to take humans out of the picture, McDonalds most certainly included.

As Rensi admitted, "I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry - it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient making $15 an hour bagging French fries - it’s nonsense and it’s very destructive and it’s inflationary and it’s going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe."

“It’s not just going to be in the fast food business. Franchising is the best business model in the United States. It’s dependent on people that have low job skills that have to grow. Well if you can’t get people a reasonable wage, you’re going to get machines to do the work. It’s just common sense. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. And the more you push this it’s going to happen faster,” the former McDonalds Chief Executive added.

Rensi also said that we should do away with the federal minimum wage and leave it up to the states, which is quite logical. It's also why it will never happen.

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Sat, 28 May 2016, 8:33am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 10

The Oakland paper reported IHLlary shouted at a waiter, "Hey, hey, boy! Brisket sang'ich and a urinal, now, boy! My fucking teeth are floating" apparently mistaking the fellow for a household servant from her NY residence.

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Sat, 28 May 2016, 8:01am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 11

It's the only tarpaulin large enough for Rosie to hide under and munch IHLlary's tweety while she walks around

Booger   befriend (1)   ignore (0)   Sun, 29 May 2016, 5:47am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 12

Those were not the titties that we were promised we would see when Trump got the nomination.

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Sun, 29 May 2016, 8:24am PDT   Like (5)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 13

The video of IHLlary wearing a mao suit and gyrating insensately in a lesbian ecstatic dance with the huge negress is telling.

HEY YOU   befriend (3)   ignore (2)   Mon, 23 May 2016, 12:43pm PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 14

Donald Trump is an anchor baby?

HydroCabron   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Mon, 23 May 2016, 10:35pm PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 15

iwog says

ONLY IN HUMANS do female mammals compete for males and in the modern world this competition is frantic and unrelenting.

There are other species: some hyenas, and many bird species, such as the phalarope.

Also, the competition among human females is indeed frantic and unrelenting, but it's likely for status within the whole tribe (females and males). That is: women are trying to impress women just as much, and possibly more, than they're trying to impress men. Most men don't give a shit about whether you're wearing the right amount of base, or whether your designer shoes are genuine (think of Manolo Blahniks - women are not buying $450 shoes to get men). Men mostly care that their partners don't have blotches on their skin, gangrene, or bad teeth: once an attractive woman is over that low bar, she's an acceptable partner to all heterosexual men.

Fundamentally, in the human species men compete for women. Women do compete for men, but men found companies and endure decades in careers which they hate, just to get laid. Women's efforts are directed at raising their status within the entire society. Last I checked, in the study of sexual anthropology, men are regarded as competing fiercely for access to women (with occasional exceptions such as Ryan Gosling, etc.). It's considered a mild irony that women do all the preening, but it seems to be simple status seeking, same as men buying $4,000 amplifiers and aftermarket auto accessories which women wouldn't even notice.

iwog says

The market for cosmetics is $8 billion per year and cosmetic surgery $13 billion. Combined they are larger than the budget for NASA.

These are small numbers in a $15 trillion economy. NASA's budget is miniscule, anyway - a terrible basis for claiming something is huge. I actually suspect your numbers for cosmetics are too low.

Compare with the additional medical bills and man-years of life lost to men stressing themselves in order to impress women: that's certainly a far larger number.

iwog says

There is one single mammal in the world where the females have evolved striking secondary sex characteristics and that is in women.

You have a habit of stating facts as if they are a great revelation, fraught with high significance.

This one's a mundane consequence of humans having a higher energy budget. Females of most other species budget every ounce of energy toward reproductive functions; humans developed labor specialization (huge importance), agriculture and now petroleum, which allows some energy to be devoted to secondary sex characteristics. Yawn.

iwog says

Men see this as an opportunity to have sex with as many women as they can seduce, lie, or trick into sleeping with them without providing any obligation whatsoever

I did this a few times in high school and college. I remember not liking myself afterward, and not feeling good about ditching someone I had lied to, so I outgrew it. And, fundamentally, it didn't turn me on.

I also had sex with women who were clearly seeking a short encounter or two with me. That was more satisfying, but still basically empty.

I am sure many men do this their whole lives. I don't believe that most men do, but, just like you, I don't have the statistics. I'm dead certain that a healthy number of men (at least 1/3rd) don't lead lives like this.

iwog says

Anyway despite the special snowflake wishes of our modern anti-intellectual feminist movement, the end game for the Garden of Eden existence is NOT female empowerment and freedom.


There are some real blockheads in the feminist movement, and they have disproportionate power because they scream the loudest. But their aren't that many of them, and they are roundly hated by most men and women. I think your fixation on them says more about your fears than it does about whatever feminism is these days, and it isn't necessarily this. Plenty of women who consider themselves feminists would like to set Trigglypuff on fire.

I see zero radical feminists in my day-to-day life. I'm peripherally aware of them from my college days - now long past - and from the rants of red-pillers. Management in most organizations is at least 75% male, and the ratio goes higher as you hit C-level employees and corporate boards. The female justices of the Supreme Court are pretty far from Trigglypuff. But for some reason, squawking undergraduates are seen as extremely powerful. Which candidates are they raising tens of millions for? That's the true measure of their influence.

iwog says

and a total breakdown of the family. Islam is particularly fertile ground for this type of society since the heavily misogynistic Muslim faith gives no assurances to married women, lets men bang multiple wives, and proscribes no penalties for abuse.

First you blame the breakdown of the family, then segue thoughtlessly into Islam, which is one of the few societies where there has been no breakdown of the family. You're just ranting at this point.

iwog says

The male sex drive is ridiculed, persecuted, and driven underground.

Crocodile tears. Per your quote above, you yourself believe men to be pigs, seeking to inseminate anything that moves. You're talking out of both sides of your mouth.

iwog says

there are millions of examples of men being attacked and shamed for wanting to fuck.

This has always been the case. If anything, it's getting better for men than it was in the traditional past red pillers seem to long for. Men can now openly admit to masturbating, and there are no longer warnings from "medical professionals" that they'll get hair palms, their teeth will fall out, etc.

But the weirdest thing about you bringing this up is that you consistently express disgust that women also want to fuck. Hypocrite much?

iwog says

Most girls getting tattoos, green hair, and multiple piercings is just the beginning.

It's the dismal tide!

You sound like Pat Robertson. Every middle-aged person for at least thousands of years has tut-tutted "Kids these days!"

There is no indication that women are preening more. If you have it, please provide. But it could be an indication that we as individuals have a higher energy budget. You'll notice that more men (and women) are also taking daily protein supplements than in generations past, and this is no occasion for smelling salts.

iwog says

Almost all remaining marriages will be between American males and 3rd world foreign women.

If you mean "acne-pitted near-autistic aspies who drool and stutter in front of high status domestic women will seek mail-order brides," I'm with you there.

I think many American women are raised very badly, in terms of ridiculous expectations of men and marriage. Many normal American men will remain stupid enough, or indifferent enough to unmeetable expectations and verbal abuse, to pursue domestic hotties. The number of American women going unmarried because of some marriage strike on the part of American men is truly tiny.

There may be a looming mass exodus of American men, abandoning American women for foreign ones. Got any evidence of this tidal wave, other than what you found in your ass?

I'd like to see some evidence that even women who are 5s (out of 10) are going without suitors because they are fucking bitches. Even marginally attractive women In the United States are under no pressure to behave like decent human beings in order to get laid. There is no sign of a marriage strike and corresponding exodus to Thailand by American men who have had enough.

iwog says

it's an obvious choice for American men who can use their relative high wealth to attract young fertile wives half their age.

Do you have any idea what love is?

Once again, you're shitting all over men, describing their marital search as a quest for the fertile and nubile. You might want to bemoan the denigration of men here, as a nice counterpoint.

iwog says

If you have a son, get him the fuck out of Western culture and let him learn about life outside the matrix.

That was a movie.

iwog says

Did you even read this? It's a puff piece, including such items as "they like Mexican food."

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Tue, 24 May 2016, 10:21am PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 16

Every last dime of it will be absorbed by rent.

These people are fucked.

thunderlips11   befriend (12)   ignore (2)   Tue, 24 May 2016, 10:16am PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 17

Best Economy in Years!!! Young people always choose to stay home when they have the High Tech Jobs of the Future selling to ONE BILLION(!!!) new Chinese Customers.

Dan8267   befriend (17)   ignore (11)   Tue, 24 May 2016, 11:59am PDT   Like (4)   Dislike (1)     Share   Quote   Comment 18

FWinston says

My mom would say that the problem is MONEY. She used to say that money is the root of all evil.

DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   befriend (0)   ignore (2)   Tue, 24 May 2016, 7:13pm PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 19

Whatsherface Shitz needs to suck some bankster dick if she wants to restore confidence in the party!

Ironman   befriend (0)   ignore (11)   Wed, 25 May 2016, 7:13am PDT   Like (4)   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 20

Deport And Imprison Them All.

I'm done. You support this you are not American and have no place in this nation.

..." Karla Molinar, a University of New Mexico student, said she participated in disrupting Trump's speech because she felt he was attacking members of her family who are living in the country illegally.

What part of illegal is difficult to understand?

This chick knowingly and admittedly participated in an act of extortion -- she participated in a violent protest in an attempt to force you, I, and everyone else in this country to give a "free pass" to members of her family who are breaking the law.

Extortion is defined in the law as attempting to force you to give someone something they are not entitled to through force, threats or blackmail and it is a crime.

In this case her family members are not entitled to be here; they are breaking the law. Karla participated in attempting to disrupt the lawful speech of a political candidate through acts that did turn violent and lead to both intimidation and property damage for the expressed purpose, as she admitted to a national media outlet, of allowing her family to continue to break the law without consequence.

That facially appears to meet the legal definition of extortion and every single person involved in such an act ought to be brought up on charges, tried and jailed.

Folks, we will get exactly nowhere as a nation until we enforce the rule of law, and nowhere is this more-necessary than in examples like this where people are openly violating the law and then using threats and physical violence as a means to demand that they be allowed to continue doing so.

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