Sorry for the Timing but...
By thunderlips11   9 comments, latest 47 seconds ago   ↑ Like (3)   ↓ Dislike
Guess what just came out?! MOAR DNC stuff. With Voicemails! Thank you Assange/Putin/Xi Jinping/Gufficer/Providence!
Santorum Porn War
By Vicente   40 comments, latest 4 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (2)
Sounds like a XXX movie title doesn't it? No, Rick Santorum promises if elected to crack down on porn.
Colorado Treasure Hunter Confirmed Dead Nearly 7 Months After Disappearing Durin
By P N Dr Lo R   2 comments, latest 7 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike Bilyeu, 54, was found north of Sandoval County's Cochiti Lake along the Rio Grande River, the Santa Fe Office of the Medical Investigator said. Police said their investigation into...
Democratic National Convention: Play-by-play
By justme   82 comments, latest 7 hours ago   ↑ Like (6)   ↓ Dislike (2)
Use this thread to post the happenings of the Democratic National Convention: I'll start: The schedulers are trying to bring out non-booable performers in order to silence the voice of...
By jazz music   37 comments, latest 7 hours ago   ↑ Like (5)   ↓ Dislike (4)
... It's also fear of immigrants, the poor, gays, abortions, gun loss, loss of christian dominance, loss of plutocracy, and providing any assistance to non-donors. GOP Platform Proposes To...
The New Housing Crisis, Not Enough Rental Homes
By Ironman   16 comments, latest 7 hours ago   ↑ Like (3)   ↓ Dislike
The has been a rash of articles as of late suggesting there is a “new housing crisis” afoot. The issue this time, as it is suggested, is there is a...
No American Flags on the DNC stage - What's with these Communists?
By Ironman   39 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (7)   ↓ Dislike (1)
Here are two pictures from the RNC convention and the DNC convention last night. What's missing? It doesn't get any more blatant then that folks? Which party really gives a...
Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party
By Ironman   3 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
FRAUD. - - The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to...
Bloomberg makes The case against Trump
By tovarichpeter   1 comment, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1) Democratic National Convention on Monday, Michelle Obama reflected on the remarkable fact of her African American family living in the executive mansion. I wake up every morning in a...
Biden Busted in Parking Lot Selling Bootleg "I'm With Her" T-Shirts
By HydroCabron   6 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
PHILADELPHIA—Claiming he had been “in way deeper shit plenty of times before,” Vice President Joe Biden was reportedly busted Wednesday in the Democratic National Convention parking lot for selling bootleg...
Biden Regales DNC W/ Story Of 80s Girl Band Vixen Breaking Rocks Glass Ceiling
By HydroCabron   posted 8 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
PHILADELPHIA—Devoting a large portion of his speech to the “pioneering, stiffy-inducing” all-female quartet, Vice President Joe Biden regaled the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night with the rousing story of the...
The Democrats just fell for Trump's Russian Email-hack bait
By Ironman   2 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Grand Theft Convention. No, that's not a new video game. But it is what we just saw Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump do to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, and...
Hillary Campaign: Trolled into Rage Admission
By thunderlips11   4 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (3)   ↓ Dislike (1)
“This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponents,” Sullivan said. “That’s not...
NY AG says "Trump leaves a trail of ruined lives"
By tovarichpeter   8 comments, latest 9 hours ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike (3) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey during a press conference on July 19. (Drew Angerer, Getty Images) Its important to listen to your lawyer, said...
By jazz music   9 comments, latest 9 hours ago   ↑ Like (6)   ↓ Dislike (1)
This is the "How" of the PSYOPS against you using the most profitable propaganda machine in history. It takes almost a billion dollars a year to do this, but...
Zoning does more harm than good
By tovarichpeter   posted 9 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike New York City since the construction of the subways.” It also appears to have been the first set of land-use rules in the U.S. that (1) covered an entire...
Insourcing: American losing jobs to H1B
By lostand confused   8 comments, latest 10 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (2) Disney characters sing lofty messages about finding your true self, developing your special talent and becoming successful doing what you love. Their stories never say: study to become a...
Cops can't police their own.
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The paper of Record Bullshit.
By HEY YOU   posted 10 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://robinwestenra.blogspot. Paustenbach, Miranda writes, “We were able to keep him from including more on the JVF, it has a mention in there, but between us and a conversation he had...
Go ahead Democrats & defend Democrats.
By HEY YOU   posted 10 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike

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