13 Questions that determine who will be our next President
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This professor has predicted every presidential election since 1984. He’s still trying to figure out 2016. Allan Lichtman says he can predict the outcome of any U.S. presidential election. He...
Migrant Muslims Adapting to European Societies
By Exleftie   1 comment, latest 6 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
When media misreports or under reports, when authorities disregard long understood truths for temporal correctness, and when GOOD MEN STAND BY AND DO NOTHING...evil has space and time to...
"I pay half my income for rent"
By tovarichpeter   12 comments, latest 7 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://money.cnn.com/2016/07/1 All my money goes to rent and utilities. I am living pay day to pay day," she said. Mayo, 36, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her 10-year-old...
Clinton's new email problem
By BayAreaObserver   #Clinton  #DNC  #emails   31 comments, latest 11 minutes ago   ↑ Like (7)   ↓ Dislike
In one email dated May 5, 2016, with the subject line “No s–t,” the chief financial officer of the Democratic National Committee, Brad Marshall, plotted how to try to portray...
About those B61 thermonuclear warheads in Turkey
By BayAreaObserver   #Stupidism  #DoD  #politics   3 comments, latest 13 minutes ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
“Either you keep custody or you should expect a mushroom cloud,” said Peurifoy, who designed the first use controls on weapons based in Europe. “It might not be overnight but...
Political History for Tim Kaine, Hillary's V.P. Pick
By Ironman   32 comments, latest 27 minutes ago   ↑ Like (4)   ↓ Dislike
Looking at his past political experience, this guy can't hold a position for more than one term. Here's his political resume: Mayor of Richmond (1998–2001) Lieutenant governor of Virginia (2002–2005)...
Hillary's Veep Pick
By thunderlips11   33 comments, latest 47 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Almost nobody is talking about it, so let's do it here. Will it be... the enemy of Chicken Plant Unions and Agribusiness Activist , "Round Up Ready" Tom Vilsack?...
The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup
By indigenous   8 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
September 1961. Geneva, Switzerland. A Turkish classmate of mine named Turgut burst into my room, crying, ‘those bastards just hanged my father!’ The ‘bastards’ in question were Turkey’s generals. They...
Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collu
By mell   #politics   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/ WikiLeaks releases 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the top of the US Democratic National Committee -- part one of our new Hillary Leaks series. The leaks come from...
They're stuck in the ice in July again.
By Tenpoundbass   4 comments, latest 2 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (1)
http://www.breitbart.com/big-g An expedition to the North Pole intended to measure the effects of global warming ground to a halt this month when the scientist’s ship got blocked bythe ice packs...
Gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' executed children in Munich McDonald's
By Ironman   19 comments, latest 2 hours ago   ↑ Like (5)   ↓ Dislike
If Germany only did gun show background checks and banned AR-15's, these ISIS killings wouldn't happen. A gunman shouting 'Allahu Akbar' opened fire at children in McDonald's before rampaging through...
CNN post Trump speech 79% approved 57% would vote for him.
By Tenpoundbass   10 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like (5)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.breitbart.com/2016- On Thursday night, Trump gave a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute speech accepting the Republican nomination. The speech was so overwhelmingly well-received among the crowd that the media did not know what to...
By HEY YOU   3 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://www.businessinsider.com TheGOPmade some pretty arbitrary choices regarding the music the convention played to frame their speeches railing on immigration or presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.In several instances, the music's message...
Erdogan orders closure of 1,000 private schools in first emergency decree
By BayAreaObserver   #Turkey  #Erdogan  #Politics   3 comments, latest 3 hours ago   ↑ Like (3)   ↓ Dislike
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the closure of more than 1,000 private schools and extended the period in which some suspects can be detained without charge, in his first...
Why Trump will smash Hillary
By just any guy   #politics   9 comments, latest 4 hours ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
NeverTrumpers, You Are In Fact Morally Responsible for the Clinton Presidency
By Ironman   #NeverTrumpers  #NeverTrump   9 comments, latest 6 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
I felt it was necessary to dispel the widely-held myth, adored by #NeverTrumpers, that somehow attacking Trump relentlessly does not aid Hillary Clinton, and that they are not choosing Hillary...
Baton Rouge Rapper Slams Hypocrisy Of Black Lives Matter We Don't Care When We
By mell   #politics   posted 6 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/ Just days after Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke denounced their "hatfeul ideology," and following Brooklyn cop Jay Stalien exposing their "false narrative," the 'Black Lives Matter' group faces more abuse...
By HEY YOU   7 comments, latest 7 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (1)
"“Humanity is NOW, TODAY in an abrupt climate change EMERGENCY. This is what science tells us. When the public, policy makers and politicians around the planet recognize this reality, the...
Shouldn't Heidi Cruz Beg to BLOW! TRUMPLIGULA! Isn't That What AMERICA! WANTS?
By DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   8 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Patrick thought about data mining us.
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 8 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
After he started,he thought, What a waste of time with these idiots. lol "“They're data-mining every person in this room for information as to what you're buying, what it is...

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