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Jumped the Shark and signing off
By david1   63 comments, latest 2 years ago:
Bellingham Bill says iwog says The only tool the people have against the aristocracy is government. "The rich have millions of ways to beat money out of the poors. The poor only have two, one...

Its Over
By david1   11 comments, latest 2 years ago:
bdrasin says lostand confused says Did someone tell Dick Morris-he was predicting a Romney landslide?? If Morris had any integrity he would resign all of his positions and admit that no one ought to listen...

Mortgage guidelines for Investment Property
By david1   2 comments, latest 3 years ago:
david1 says Thanks.

Ruh-Roh. Unemployment now lower than February 2009
By david1   3 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Anonymousone says But the number of employed people went down from 141.070 million to 140.681 Maybe I am missing something here, but when I reference the BLS A tables, I see number of people employed...

What a joke..."Appraisal"
By david1   67 comments, latest 4 years ago:
xenogear3 says This is exactly the "catch a falling knife" feeling. Don't blame the "Appraiser" because you overpaid. If you want to feel good, buy a house when the price is raising. Currently, the house...

"New" vs. "Used" houses...
By david1   19 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Here is one just on Yahoo: Apparently buyers are starting to go for the used homes more and more with all of the great deals out there (foreclosures, etc.)

My latest home buying experience
By david1   8 comments, latest 4 years ago:
david1 says Funny thing is we didn’t have a buyer’s if this other “offer” is real and it came through an buyer with an agent, he cost himself several thousand dollars by not buttoning...

Trying to buy a house
By david1   3 comments, latest 5 years ago:
From what I've heard, there's no rhyme nor reason to the way banks sell REOs. They seem to have a set of internal rules that they must follow regardless of whether it would make more...

Bernanke may run into roadblock
By david1   20 comments, latest 6 years ago:
EastCoastBubbleBoy says In the unlikely event that he isn't confirmed... who would replace him, and could they do any better (or worse?)

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