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indc says
And then you say you are not racist?

Yeah - piss off with your racist charges.

India has made some great strides in recent years, but it still has massive problems - namely being one of the poorest places on earth. I think India is #2 behind Nigeria in number of people living in extreme poverty?

It is not racist or bigoted to point out that India's civilization has some work to do to catch up with the 1st world - if your civilization values the well being and economic health of its people.

If civilization was only based on race as you seem to contend, your country would absolutely be fucked....
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indc says
India tried the socialist approach as it had to ride on Russia's coat tails. That was one of its major mistakes.

That probably set India back another generation. That shitty economic system can screw up cultures and civilization.

Now you have American companies like the one I work for setting up shop in India employing software developers and doing some manufacturing.

Does that work for the original Indian ethos?
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indc says
You guys are complaining that all the problems India has is its own.

I'd argue that India hitching it's wagon to the USSR and flirting with Communism did far more harm to the people living today than the British colonial rule.
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Expat01 says
Where is the proof that illegal immigration is a net drain?

Gee - let's just look at California. Despite having some of the highest taxes and richest people in the country, California has:

- Highest poverty rate in the country
- Highest income inequality rate in the country
- Lowest education scores
- Poorest rated infrastructure
- Hospitals and ER's clogged with uninsured illegals
- Massive homeless camps

California has one of the highest legal and illegal immigrant populations in the country. So why don't you provide the "proof" that having all these sanctuary cities and massive illegal immigrant populations is doing good things for California?
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HeadSet says
So do you think Hillary's collusion with British National Steele and the Russians to create the Steele Dossier was treasonous?

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Here is more data for confused Expat.

*California set to become first state to offer health insurance to some illegal immigrants*

We can't fill our potholes or even keep shit off the streets of our major cities, but we can find tens of millions of dollars to spend on illegal aliens' healthcare?

How much does it cost each year to imprison them?

*One in five US prison inmates is a 'criminal alien'*
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How can we forget? The Israel haters never stop talking about it.

Do the Israel haters think people will look back at this incident from 40+ years ago and somehow think it eclipses all of the Islamic terrorist attacks, genocide and ethnic cleansing going on by all of Israel's neighbors?
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If this is really a "War" and we only have 12 years left to save humanity - we better get busy bombing the shit out of dirty Chinese and Indian coal and oil power plants.

Everything else is background noise.
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Hircus says
Slick. We have a temporary tax revenue surplus, so they go on a spending spree with this crap. We will be stuck with it even in future years when we have serious deficits.

We don't have a revenue surplus if you consider the gigantic and unpayable municipal pension liability facing the State and hundreds of cities.
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Hey RafiMass - can you explain why California has the highest poverty rate in the country?

Not too many Republicans or poor white trash here to blame.

Take your time.
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RafiMaas says
But considering Republicans aren't logical they probably can't figure that spending $100 mil on keeping the congestion down at emergency rooms helps all Californians.

Isn't that the same type of "logical" thinking where California cities handed out free needles to improve the health of drug addicts - now we have massive homeless camps filled with drug addicts in our major cities shitting all over the place and bringing back diseases wiped out in the 19th Century?
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marcus says
All the respect we earned in WW1 and WW2 and since then, down the drain. The great generation, and so much more, all that respect, down the drain.

Were you around during 9/11? We had about 2 days of sympathy before the ankle-biters in Europe were shitting on us saying we had it coming or it was a conspiracy.

Were you around during the 1980's when the same ankle-biters were shitting on us for protecting them from the USSR saying that cowboy Reagan (and Capitalism) was a bigger threat than Communism?

marcus says
The world laughs at Americans now, and Trump Cucks. have no idea why.

Can you name one tangible thing "the world" gave the US during the 8 years of Obama? All the Euro wussies loved and respected Obama - right? What did that respect get America other than dragging us into doing their heavy lifting in overthrowing Libya?

You need to get around, most of "The World" has a massive inferiority complex and love seeing America being taken down a peg while they live off our largesse and safety umbrella.
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RafiMaas says
Can you explain why you wrongly think California has the highest poverty rate?

Take your time

"California ranks No. 1 in poverty once again"

"California’s poverty rate is still the highest in the nation, despite state efforts"

"California's poverty rate highest in the nation"

How does this happen Rafimass? California is run top to bottom by uber Progressive Democrats with super majorities with some of the highest taxes in the country along with the richest Google billionaires and Hollywood types.
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RafiMaas says
Wow they are homeless and travel around the world? Being as you wrongly believe Cali has highest poverty rate I'm guessing this is more misinformation.

For starters, the bad hygiene in the drug/bum camps created by brain-dead Progressives brings back primitive diseases like Typhus.

Then we have thousands from all around the world crossing our borders every day trying to get free shit in California. Even people from Ebola countries in Africa are making there way through Mexico to get to the US.

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RafiMaas says
Well maybe in new Mexico but I'm guessing Arkansas and Mississippi don't have many illegals. Got any proof?

Former Democrat slave states with lots of minorities living in Democrat run cities kept in poverty by cynically thought out welfare programs that break up the family and keep people in generational poverty needing government handouts.
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RafiMaas says
Hey didn't you say California has the highest poverty rate? You know you are wrong? For starters let's hear you say how wrong you are about that before we move on to other bullshit.

I guess you missed my reply? Here it is again.

"California ranks No. 1 in poverty once again"

"California’s poverty rate is still the highest in the nation, despite state efforts"

"California's poverty rate highest in the nation"
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RafiMaas says
Yes I did. Unfortunately I was speaking of the OFFICIAL poverty rate. Not the SUPPLEMENTAL poverty rate. The only reason California is number 1 in the SUPPLEMENTAL rate is because of the high cost of housing.

What's the point of measuring poverty if you don't consider one of the biggest costs of living (i.e. housing)?

It's like California Democrats crowing that they have a budget surplus this year without taking into account the multi-billion dollar pension liability.
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RafiMaas says
The point is 97% of the 100 poorest counties are in red States.

How many of those counties have big dysfunctional cities that have been run by Democrats for the last half century?

It's like saying Michigan is a "Red State" for voting for Trump and ignoring the shit-holes in Detroit, Flint etc which have been run by Democrats forever......
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BigFrank says
Liberals aren't concerned over homosexuals because they can't be bothered to care about something that doesn't directly effect them.

Tell it to this guy in Colorado getting sued a 3rd time for not creating gay and transgender themed wedding cakes.

Tell it to the numerous people who are getting harassed or thrown off Social Media for refusing to participate in the Left's mental illness believing there are a gazillion genders.

Tell it to the millions of people like me being forced to spend my precious work time in HR lessons learning how to assist mental people with their gender transitioning during "Pride Month".
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Quigley says
So you’re saying the Q poll might be worthless?

Even Nate Silver says this poll (any poll) is worthless this far out.

I also think there is a sizable chunk of the electorate that are not keen on making their support for Trump known publicly lest they get harassed by Antifa and other SJW's who still have a dominant role in our culture.
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I saw an interview with him last night. Hope he gets more attention.

He made the good point in how the Democrats are conflating LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants.

He said it's like calling "Street drug dealers licensed pharmacists".
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rdm says
Voter fraud is a very minor problem used as an excuse to make it harder for minorities, students and low income people to vote.

I'd wager there is a higher percentage of voter fraud than there are number of people who are super motivated to vote, but don't have the wherewithal to get a simple photo ID.

Why are Lefties so racist to think black people are incapable of getting ID's and functioning in society?
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d6rB says
That has always been a mystery for me - how come getting a photo ID is so difficult that requirement to have it is automatically racism/voter suppression etc?

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rdm says
Who are the people without a photo ID? The poor and minorities, who do they tend to vote for?

Lots of quasi-racist assumptions here. All the black people in the video from Harlem were incredulous that white liberals thought they couldn't get ID's.

rdm says
Do we want wider participation in elections or narrower? Isn't that the essential question? In their own self-interest Republicans want narrower and Dems want wider. And so it goes.

Honestly, I don't want people voting who are too lazy or totally incapable of getting a photo ID.

Seriously, what percentage of people in the US (who are LEGAL residents) can function in society without some reasonable ID?
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marcus says
So you believe that that's the same republican party as today ?

Simple fact is that once the South became more Republican and shed their Democrat roots - the South became less racist.

Yet the Democrats have been spinning this as a bad thing to cover up their shameful racist past.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Further cementing the idea that the Democrats are the party of technocrats and snobs.

Bernie hasn't even run an ice-cream stand.

Warren is a lifelong academic.

Biden hasn't been right about anything in 40 years.

I think I will take my chances with a New York building developer who will have 4 years of experience as President successfully navigating against a corrupt and entrenched bureaucracy allied with our corrupt liberal media.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
Lying about WMD to start the gulf war is also just silly...a lie perpetuated by a leftist media such as the Washington Post and unfortunately repeated by President Trump.

It is surprising that Patrick still falls for the "Bush Lied" bullshit.

There are plenty of legitimate complaints about the decision to depose Saddam Hussein and how it all went down. But aping Islamist/Russian propaganda that we made all the shit up is pretty weak IMO.
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What do you suppose the Iranians are doing here?

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Patrick says
Saudi Arabia is our enemy. Iran is no active threat to us.

At least Saudi Arabia is making some very late efforts at reform and have a taste of Western life and will play ball to keep their creature comforts.

The Iranian Mullahs are as batshit crazy as ever.

Also, fundamentalist Shia dogma is more dangerous than fundamentalist Sunnism because the Shia believe it is MAN's responsibility to bring about the apocalypse and chaos to this world so their messiah (the hidden Imam) will return and bring peace to the world.
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WookieMan says
I've know quite a few people that have left IL. All I'll say is that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. A lot of people justify their move and throw out BS and then say they're happy in their new place, but it's all rubbish. IL is by far not a great state, but most people that are miserable here, generally end up miserable in their new home state.

Yeah - but can't you live in one of the suburbs next door in Wisconsin or Indiana and have basically the exact same weather and geography, minus the high taxes, crime and Democrat dysfunction?

I can only justify living in California because of the amazing weather and surf. If it weren't for that, I would have moved years ago and be much closer to retirement by now.

Just can't imagine being locked into a retarded Democrat Blue state like Illinois (the state of my birth!) and still suffer through crap ass weather along with the high cost of living!
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*California’s population growth is the slowest in recorded history*

Keep in mind that California is absolutely gorgeous in terms of geography and weather.

So rich people will still be coming here and driving up housing prices.
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Quigley says
Illinois has Chicago, which is a world class city by all accounts. It has everything such a city should have, and can be quite fun!
Other than Chicago, it’s cornfields and Caterpillar and schizophrenic weather, and that’s about it. Everything else about the state is very very meh.

Yeah - but you can live in Indiana and Wisconsin and be in Chicago in less than an hour.
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WookieMan says
My blanket may have been too broad. There are parts that are fine of IN, but overall having traversed the state 2-3 times a year, it’s mostly a shit show.

How is it any different than 95% of Illinois that isn't Chicago?

I spent a good chunk of my life living in Carmel, Indiana. It has best rated the best place to live in America several years in a row now.

Nearby Fishers, Indiana is also makes the top list.

Southern Indiana is beautiful with the rolling hills, Brown County and Bloomington, IN.

You get all of this without Illinois' ridiculously high taxes, high crime, dysfunction and corruption.
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WookieMan says
IL sucks, but if you’re in a cold weather state and have to be there, it’s not as awful as it’s made out to be.

I used to think like that - until I moved to California and had my eyes opened.

Life is way too short living in shit-ass climates like the upper Midwest AND pay Blue State level taxes with Democrat governance dysfunction.
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NuttBoxer says
I guess you aren't aware of the US led economic sanctions on Japan that directly preceded Pearl Harbor...

Do you think the US sanctioned Japan just for shits and giggles?

Are you aware that Japan invaded Manchuria, China and Indochina and formally made alliance with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy before the US issued sanctions?

Are you aware of the total brutality the Japanese inflicted upon the people they conquered?

Seriously, are you suggesting that Japan is some sort of victim here and the US was the aggressor?
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CBOEtrader says
Must be legit. A semi boring small town in IN would legit be a great place to settle down and/or raise a family. Southwest MI also very nice

Carmel and Fishers are suburbs of Indianapolis. So not really a small town. Carmel is now the roundabout capital of America making is super easy and efficient to get across the town. I've been in Public Works hearings in California cities where residents come up at public speaking time saying "I just got back from visiting family in Carmel and they have these great roundabouts installed at all of the major intersections, why can't we have them here!!"

Other than the metro area, I think Indiana is just like 95% of Illinois.

I got a bunch of relatives in Michigan and will be visiting them next month. Once you cross the Indiana/Michigan border, the surface streets turn to absolute shit.
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"What if it is a big hoax and we hike the cost of energy for nothing?"

- Economic decline
- Famine
- War
- Genocide
- Poverty
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marcus says
Nobody is saying we can get everything from solar and wind.

I believe many prominent Democrats and "Green New Deal" advocates are saying we have to be 100% off of carbon energy in 10-12 years.

That is radically extreme.

I agree with the thread title that in 30+ years the world will be 50% on renewables. But we will be burning natural gas for electricity production for at least a few more decades. It is way better for the environment than burning coal and oil and we have plenty of natural gas to go around.
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Heraclitusstudent says
Actually solar and winds are already the cheapest form of energy in many places.
They are because we already invested a lot of money in these, and nothing bad happened to the economy.

I believe all of these places also rely on supplemental gas, coal and oil power plants to keep electricity on the grid during the peak hours in the evening or when there is no wind.

We will eventually get there in terms of renewables with good battery storage technology. But I think we have plenty of time to burn the shit out of our cleaner natural gas (reducing carbon emissions along the way) while the storage technology matures and is more reliable.
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