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Here's more.

These Lefty Socialists sure do have alot of rules. Let's put them in charge of the government!

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Democrat politician (and brother of Democrat presidential nominee) doxxing Trump supporters.
"Joaquin Castro on Wednesday used his Twitter account to publish the names of 44 Texans who donated the maximum $2,700 to Trump, specifically calling out the owners of several prominent businesses in San Antonio, where the Castro brothers are from."

And people wonder why the polls were all wrong in 2016.

Republicans have to hide their political views from violently deranged Democrats.
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We just need to pay MOAR taxes to Sacramento - right?
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Rand had to have part of his lung removed this week from the damage caused by the attack.

Now we have Democrat politicians doxxing Republican donors - and we wonder why unhinged Leftists are trying to mass murder Republican congressmen at baseball games and attacking them at their homes.
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Run on this Democrats! We need to keep the Bureaucrats living the high life on our tax dollars in DC!
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marcus says
Should being gay still be illegal ? I guess you have to say yes, because starting down the slippery slope apparently causes us to go all the way.

No - but it also shouldn't be illegal to be against gay marriage and the gay lifestyle.
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marcus says
It isn't. Unless by against you mean for example holding hate rallies against gays or otherwise trying to prevent gay peoples "pursuit of happiness."

How about the cake bakers and photographers in Colorado and Oregon that were sued and drum out of business for not offering their services for gay weddings? They still have cases going before the Supreme Court.

How about the lady being sued for not waxing a tranny's balls in Canada?
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SunnyvaleCA says
Part of free markets would be getting rid of the gatekeeper aspect that insurance companies currently play. If insurance companies are locking you out of access, then the healthcare market isn't a free market.


US Healthcare is not expensive because of insurance companies. The big health insurance companies make about 5% profit margins. Raise your hand if you think the unionized government bureaucracy with outrageous pensions could connect people to doctors and treatments for less than five cents on the dollar.

Healthcare is expensive because we pay alot of money to our doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical instrument and drug manufacturers. It is expensive because we go to exorbitant lengths to treat very old and sick people unlike other countries. It is expensive because we have alot of unhealthy people abusing the system. US healthcare is the most heavily regulated industry in the country, requiring loads of expensive admin and legal people along with government bureaucrats to navigate - not to mention regulations limiting the number of health practitioners we could have serving our country.

I think we need to address the fundamentals of why US healthcare (and higher education) is so expensive before throwing more government money at it with Medicare for All schemes.
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I'm ready for some reparations too!
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OneTwo says
No, if there was verifiable proof (of voter fraud? - there’s already proof of attempted manipulation by the Russians), then you would have demonstrated the existence of a serious problem.

Funny, the Media and the Bonkers Donkey party have been going absolutely ape-shit for nearly 3 years claiming Trump and Russia "stole" the election.

Where were all your posts criticizing the Media and Democrats for making such baseless and reckless claims?
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Quigley says
The goal is to get off the grid entirely at some point. But have the ability to throw a breaker and reconnect should we not get much sun.

Yep - I am not interested until the battery storage allows us to be completely off grid for a few days at a time.

Right now the economics don't make much sense for me. Even though I have an electric car that I charge at the house, my electric bill went down because I am getting super cheap rates for off-peak when I charge the car and run my ceiling fans all night.

If/when I get up to 2-3 electric cars, I will reconsider going with solar hoping that storage tech is better/cheaper.
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OneTwo says
Er, I wasn’t posting. I wasn’t even looking at the site.

Sorry - I am referring to most Democrats and the Media who have been claiming Russia stole the election in 2016.

For all my adult life they have been calling Republicans crazy and racists for having concerns about the integrity of our election system. I believe all of Europe and most of the 1st World requires basic photo ID to vote. But it is apparently a crazy thing to require in America where we have literally 10's of thousands of legal and illegal immigrants coming into our country every month.
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I have not had to show ID in California the last 3 voting cycles.
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marcus says

The author of the study (and big Hillary supporter) was on Twitter today defending his study and promised to provide more information in the coming days.

FFS - Trump supporters are afraid to put campaign signs in their yards or wear MAGA hats without the Media and their terrorist Antifa army putting their lives at risk. Hell, they can't even donate money to Republicans without Democrats publishing their names.

Is it really hard to believe that the relentless branding and messaging by Google, Facebook and the monolithic group-think Media calling Trump and his supporters racist rapist Commies might have had a statistically significant on voting?
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Ceffer says
Methodical and thorough would have been shutting the entire canard down after a few months when it was obvious it was a fictitious sham, instead of promulgating it for over two years KNOWING it was a sham.

Yep - it was just like the Patrick Fitzgerald Scooter Libby debacle. Fitzgerald and Mueller knew within days it was Colin Powell's deputy (Richard Armitage) that innocuously mentioned Valerie Plame's name to a reporter, but they spent millions of dollars dragging on an investigation for years making everyone believe that the Bush administration was purposefully outing CIA spies.
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Automan Empire says
A 19 week fetus morphologically has more in common with a frog than a human being. It makes no sense to attribute concepts like choice to such an entity.

So do you draw a line anywhere? I believe New York and Illinois passed laws allowing abortion up to birth if the mother can claim mental stress or harm.
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HonkpilledMaster says
How about a 30 week fetus? Far more in common with a human baby.

How about a fully formed baby that has been born?

They are not really sentient and totally reliant on the parents for survival for years after being born.

My oldest was born nearly 6 weeks premature and had to spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit. She is a perfectly healthy pre-teen girl right now. Yet it would have been legal to kill her in some of the bat-shit crazy Liberal states if the mother "chose" to exercise "reproductive rights" after my daughter was born.

Just amazes me how so many on the Left are still going to the mat (even celebrate) this barbaric procedure.

People can be arrested for killing new born puppies or abusing dogs, but we legally kill children by the thousands each day - hiding behind 40+ year old Supreme Court rulings and the scientific and biological ignorance of the Democrat party.
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Expat01 says
Where are all those lovers of life and defenders of Jesus when the baby is born? Don't see many stepping up to adopt.

Vast majority of foster and adoptive parents are religious. They even go to Asia and Africa to adopt children. The Catholic church has a huge organization set up to assist with adoptions.

Expat01 says
Abstinence only States without sex education (which is to say Bible Belt type places filled with ignorant fuckwits claiming that the love of Jesus will keep girls pure) have much higher rates of teen pregnancy than States where sex ed is taught.

Which states don't teach the basics on sex education? I was taught sex ed over 40 years ago in the Midwest at a Catholic school.

Expat01 says
You have no clue about fetal development or science, but you know that SCIENCE is wrong because...well, because you can't understand it.

I am sure this moving and kicking baby has no pain receptors.

Just a tumor - right Mr Science guy?

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I go a couple times a month and pay cash even though my insurance covers it. All I know is that my back has been much better and I have greatly reduced major "episodes". My Chiropractor is a former Olympic athlete and is also a sports therapist. He has helped me understand my body mechanics better and know how to recognize issues and move my body to avoid major back pain.

I have friends who have lower back issues and rely exclusively on steroid injections, narcotics and even surgery - they are all miserable while I am surfing and running every week.
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Barr is using his own money - so what is the story?

All the usual Liberal retards on Twitter yesterday were all hyperventilating demanding that Barr resign immediately thinking he was using tax payer's money.
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BigFrank says
You've been beating this drum for what now, three years? The MAGA cultists don't give a fuck.

The projection from folks on the Left is literally breathtaking.

You all have been 100% wrong on the Russian Collusion shit show for 3 years now. Do you guys think maybe you should stop and show a little bit of introspection on how you let our corrupt Media and Obama hold-overs bamboozle you for 3 years?

Nah! Lawrence Fucking O'Donnell from MSNBC has a "source" telling him something about the Russians and Trump!

Tell us who the Cultists are again......
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WineHorror1 says
I had a C4/C5 herniation. 2 surgeons told me I needed surgery. I saw a chiropractor for 3 months (weekly). Avoided surgery for the last 13 years.

That is great to hear. Can you put a price on the quality of life you had over the last 13 years? Imagine if you had the surgery and you still had pain? What next? Lifetime of pain pills?

Some people have major herniation of the discs but feel little to no pain. While others have some slight inflammation and are in agony. I've been told that as we get older, our bodies get used to the inflammatory proteins that irritate the nerves and the back pain can get better.

I think the biggest help for my back is forcing myself to get up from my desk every hour and walk around the block at my office. I've also learned to carefully get out of a chair and bed.

Sitting is murder on the back.
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What has been Trump's quid pro quo with the Russians?

- Selling lethal weapons to Ukraine to kill Russians?
- Drilling the shit out our oil and gas reducing the price of oil and hurting the Russian economy?
- Pulling out of the Iran deal?
- Pulling out of the Paris Accords?
- Killing Russians and Iranians in Syria?
- Sanctioning Russian individuals?
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marcus says
The question is how do you get to that point without it taking a thousand years, especially when you take in to account all types of competencies, including social dimensions.

It shouldn't take 1,000's of years to convince people to stop having children unless there are 2 married parents prepared to raise children.

It took about 25 years for the African America out of wedlock birth rate to skyrocket 50 points thanks to bad government welfare policies from the 1960's that incentivised this terrible behavior.

Virtually all of our criminals, mass shooters, gang-bangers............(and poor/uneducated people) come from single parent households.

There is no government welfare or school program that can make up for absent fathers.
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WookieMan says
Bingo. Only thing that could overcome an absent father is a really tight knit family and friend structure that can help out.

That's not even ideal. Boys need men in their lives. Yet I have had debates on this forum with a couple of well meaning Lefties who truly seem to believe there is no difference between mothers and fathers in raising boys.

How many Chicago gang-bangers have a Mom, Granny and several Aunties in their lives helping to take care of the family?

The political Left destroyed the family to make more people dependent on government. And now we have several generations of people locked in grinding poverty, ignorance and crime.

Imagine if our cultural and political leaders started shaming this destructive behavior and curbed the welfare that incentivized it?
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So this story just blew up in Apocalypse's face.

When will these "Cultists" stop and pause and think shit through before running with the latest fake news from the likes of MSNBC?

There won't be an ounce of introspection. They will be back tomorrow throwing monkey shit.
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
So the original story was fake news.

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Hircus says
Do straws consumed in the usa actually end up in the ocean in any meaningful number? I know about the trash heap floating in the pacific, but I've always felt like the majority of that likely comes from other countries. Maybe some of our boats dump some portion of their trash at sea, but other than that we do a good job of using landfills, so it seems pretty safe to say using a straw wont end up in the ocean.

I believe 90% of the plastic trash in the oceans come from a few rivers in Asia and Africa.

Banning straws in the US is retarded virtue signalling by the retarded Democrat party.
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Expat says
The politicians who said these things are obviously commies and their opinions show they should be driven from office and kicked out of America.

Or maybe they should run off and become priests, rabbis or imams preaching their religious values instead of becoming politicians?

Conservatives are already more generous than Liberals when it comes to donating time and money to various charities. So we are not interested in raising our taxes to make up for cheap-skate and greedy Liberals who don't volunteer their time and money.

Government should provide a very basic safety net. Just enough money to keep you off the street, but not enough to be comfortable.

Private institutions like charities and religious organizations should provide the rest.
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Majority rules! It's Free Market Capitalism that triggers America hating Rep/Cons.

It's not free market capitalism. We won the contract fair and square through a competitive bid process. Now the City is stuck hiring one of our higher cost competitors or trying to do the work in house, which will cost at least 50% more than what we were providing. They will also have to redo all the work we started, which is another hit to the tax payer.
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"People who think the government will provide them with "guaranteed" and quality health care, haven't been to the DMV or the VA in a while"
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tovarichpeter says
People who think private enterprise is efficient and benign have not heard about PG&E.

For every PG&E, I can cite 100 fucked up and near-bankrupt government run municipalities or Federal bureaucracies.

BTW - PG&E is a union shop, so of course you are going to get lazy complacency, just like much of our government.
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Our lawyers are working it.

The City also asked if we buy back the technology we sold them. We told them to pound sand.

I am used to working with unions and morons in government. You can't believe the amount of waste, laziness and idiocy I see in cities all across the West Coast. Usually the engineering departments have their heads screwed on straight and roll their eyes with all of the bullshit SJW stuff their HR departments and unions make them go through.

But this particular engineering department in San Francisco is super woke and not willing to go to bat for us.
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BayArea says
Absolute travesty these pensions.

We need to remember this when all of the California Democrats start running campaign ads to raise our taxes and eliminate Prop 13 with a bazillion propositions ostensibly to pay for infrastructure, schools and to clean up the bum shit and needles in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Every time we raise taxes in California, we are just volunteering to give our money to the union protected bureaucracy so they can retire early with fat benefits.
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Tim Aurora says
1. It was stupid of him to be a weather forecaster, resulting in people in Alabama freaking out and making plans to move.

Since when did Progs from California give a shit about people in Alabama freaking out?

Most normal people who are not obsessed with politics or inflicted with TDS will hear about this story and think: "For real, the Media and Democrats have been complaining 24/7 the last 2 weeks that Trump was overly conservative warning about a Hurricane?"

And if the Hurricane did hit Alabama (as earlier predicted) - you same Sally's would be screaming bloody murder that Trump didn't single handedly evacuate the State. Remember the same Progs blaming Bush for Katrina?
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Tim Aurora says
No , you just want America to live in the past as you perceive it .

I wish we could bring California back to the past when it was not totally Democrat retarded top to bottom with the highest poverty and income inequality in the nation.

In the past, we had the best schools, infrastructure and a booming middle class. People could afford to live here and not be a Google millionaire.

In the past, we had clean cities that weren't near bankrupt with egregious union pension schemes and crazy high taxes to pay for illegals, drug dealers

In the past, we didn't have shit on our streets and diseases that were wiped out in the last century.
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I get it that Trump shouldn't give a shit about this petty stuff. But if the Media are going to run with it like it is Watergate, Trump will gleefully punch down and even threaten to fire some of the political appointees in the vast bureaucracy of the Federal Government.

Trump loves this stuff. The media are just throwing him in the briar patch where he thrives and the Media looks more and more ridiculous by the day getting tangled up in this shit.

The Democrats are blowing it. Having the lap-dog Media in their corner was their greatest advantage. But thanks to their 3+ year temper tantrum, the Media has record low credibility now across all parties.
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Oh - FFS.

I think there is a pretty big fat line between a total neocon war monger and total pacifist McGovern type isolationist. Let alone accusing Bolton of being a "Rat and Swamp Plant".

Bolton is a good man and is more right than he is wrong through the years. I don't recall a single report of Bolton backstabbing Trump or leaking shit to the press like his predecessors did.

Are you pining for the days when we had Obama's foreign policy team bending over backwards to appease and apologize to the Iranians, Palestinians, Cubans, Chinese and Russians?
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9/11 Trooferism is still a thing?
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tovarichpeter says
Isn’t a chiropractor just a massage therapist who calls themselves a doctor. I think that is the problem.

Maybe - but I the bigger problem is that we require an expensive and certified "Doctor" to take care of our basic non-life threatening needs.

The AMA and their credential process is one of the bigger cost drivers of US Healthcare.
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