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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
You are FREE! to worship the FUHRER!

Sorry to do this AF but I'm putting you on ignore. Your hatefilled passion is simply too much. You are too emotional and add nothing to a rational persons thinking. Good luck to you.
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How about that bent over one? Ready to go. I think that's my name tattooed on her back.
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FMTT! Mr. Shostikovitch has 41 infant ignores.

I'm going for 50. Fuck all you Republican patnetters & lurkers.

BlueSardine says

I've been called worse by better men but always appreciated compliments.;-)
Legal/or not,shooters are watering the tree of the 2nd Amendment with Trump's Solution.
Killing of Rep/Cons by gun lovers will not stop if Rep/Cons do nothing.
Apparently I'm not the only one that enjoys a good mass shooting.

All the talk will not prevent Republicans' family & friends from being maimed & killed.
Can the next shooting happen in the midst of Republicans?
How many Rep/Cons can be shot & injured in less than a minute as opposed to a perp using a knife ,machete,stick ,rock?
I can see the future! Rep/Cons will continue to be shot by gun lovers,2nd Amendment colla...

I'll make it 31 for you. If you insist on separating yourself from civilized society, I will oblige you. Sad, so sad you can't be someone who supports society in a positive way.
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Maybe they should suck my asshole and leave.
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How difficult is it to create your own web browser?
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OccasionalCortex says
Cops will be in court all the time as the lawyers argue over what 'necessary' means each and every time.

And the word "reasonable" is more definitive?
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Wow, who's the crybaby?
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zzyzzx says

Dude, you broke your own rule.
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WineHorror1 says
How difficult is it to create your own web browser?

This is a serious question.
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A hammerless pistol is a better choice for CC
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Reality says
Competitive Ownership (and letting the public make choices individually instead collectively, and letting the individuals bear the result/fruit of their own choices) is what makes Capitalism work.

Bingo bango
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
WineHorror1 says
A hammerless pistol is a better choice for CC

Google "Glock leg".

I still say hammerless is best. Clothing or fingers can get caught behind the hammer and render the weapon useless. Especially if you don't have time or can't pull it out of your pocket. Besides, one needs to learn best practices for any gun. Btw, doesn't a glock have a slide yet we're talking about glock leg? Maybe I misunderstood your comment and what side of the debate you are arguing for?

I haven't actually shot a hammerless gun but I would imagine the pull weight is a big factor.
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
with a thumb on the said hammer, which prevents "Glock leg" scenario from happening.

Hmm, sounds like good gun safety procedure. I am purchasing a pistol soon, I'll keep these things in mind when choosing one.
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I had to put AF on ignore. It's just too much.
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Onvacation says
WineHorror1 says
I had to put AF on ignore. It's just too much.

Why hate the truth?

AF is a nutcase.
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WookieMan says
What's the solution? Unless we start offing a large chunk of the population or sterilizing the female or male population, we need resources. I don't like it, but you're getting upset about something that only has one or two solutions. All of which are not politically viable. You're not wrong, but the outrage doesn't and can't do anything to fix the problem.

Yep, interesting how noone ever gets it or talks about it in public. I guess China got it at one point?. The solution? Lots of problems get solved with about 4-5 billion people dying off.
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Heraclitusstudent says
the banks will pay you back contested transactions for example.

This is true. My debit card has been hit 3 times. Every time, I simply went to the bank, filled out a report and my $$ was replaced in 5-7 days.

I can't imagine having to change my bank every time the bank sends me a debit card like Patrick does.
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socal2 says
I go a couple times a month and pay cash even though my insurance covers it. All I know is that my back has been much better and I have greatly reduced major "episodes". My Chiropractor is a former Olympic athlete and is also a sports therapist. He has helped me understand my body mechanics better and know how to recognize issues and move my body to avoid major back pain.

I have friends who have lower back issues and rely exclusively on steroid injections, narcotics and even surgery - they are all miserable while I am surfing and running every week.

I had a C4/C5 herniation. 2 surgeons told me I needed surgery. I saw a chiropractor for 3 months (weekly). Avoided surgery for the last 13 years. Recently reinjured the same area from working out (stupidly over exurted with too much weight). Back to the chiropractor now.

I want to go see this guy...

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It's because Google = the government.
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WookieMan says
Heraclitusstudent says
Debit cards have maximums, and they have similar protections as credit cards: the banks will pay you back contested transactions for example.

Yup and when you need to go over that maximum, say for paying for a hotel stay, you're fucked. Mother in law just recently had this happen in July. Set it up to pay on arrival and was denied due to the limit. Chase wouldn't allow her to go over the daily limit to pay for the hotel (week long stay). Had plenty of cash in the account. They wouldn't budge.

Moral of the story, if you can't use your own damn cash, I don't want that product. What should have been a simple 5 minute check in at a hotel turned into an hour ordeal with phone calls and having to run to the bank.

Also, fraud protection on debit card varies from bank to bank. Some will reimburse, others won't. Check the fine print. Had a buddy lose $800 on ...

Good comment.
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Show me a government worker who isn't overpaid.
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Quigley says
Children of US military posted overseas won’t get automatic citizenship anymore.
What the hell is Trump thinking?
I’d bet about 95% of the country thinks this is wrong, and service members and veterans will especially be upset about it.

It’s like he’s tired of being President.

Stop crying, it says will not get "automatic" citizenship. This is a good thing. What if the military personnel had a child by a non citizen? Would that matter to you? Overseas?
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Patrick says

I suspect very similar manipulation has gone on with respect to houses.

Patrick, I agree. Think about it. Which is easier...watching RE portfolio increase in value with no work or risk work and debt to create a house? Not only that but, current debt and government revenue, pensions etc must be covered. Actually, I don't entirely get it because banks and government would make tons more $$ if we did like Wookie(?) or is it Tenpoundbass says....we need more cities.
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Question: is anyone getting points for making car payments, insurance premiums, mortgages etc?
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Why do people post paywall crap?
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Quigley says
HonkpilledMaster says
Naturally - leftists have fewer kids.

Get woke, go extinct!

We can only hope. The biggest issue are minorities and the poor out breeding everyone else.
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It seems odd to me that a person with your coding skills hasn't found an industry to strike it rich in. Well, maybe you have stuck it rich?
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6rdB says
I live in a centrally located neighborhood in a huge city without an HOA and with no mandatory fees. It is great, and people tend to keep their properties in shape!

I would NEVER purchase in an HOA. Why would anyone want a mini government telling them what to do all the way up to and including what color their front door was? Cray cray.
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Factory farming is bad.
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It's women who bring society to the cesspool.
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If you have school aged children in California...MOVE NOW!!!
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Iranian_Oil_Burse says
Quigley says
What’s bad is that the police are so utterly predictable in their use of excessive force to spare themselves even the semblance of risk, that this suicidal man could rely on such a simple plan.
Police aren’t trained to be heroes. They’re trained to be the world’s biggest cowards.

It starts with requiring the police to be "not cowards" and "be heroes" and ends up with dilution or complete elimination of citizen's right to self-defense. "So what if he was slamming your head into concrete sidewalk - don't be a coward, don't use a gun on him. He's unarmed!"

I believe the answer is somewhere in the middle of both your arguments.
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There is only 1 agenda...1 world government. Once you understand that, everything that's happening makes sense.
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Tenpoundbass says
I would bet anything the City planners grand scheme is to run every business out of town, and build high rises in their place.

Wow, that would certainly be diabolical.
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Quigley says
In related news, Trump plans to tackle the homeless problem in California, specifically the Bay Area and LA. He’s looking at rounding them up and putting them in federal housing. Not many details yet.

Good thing we have all those FEMA camps ready to go.
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OccasionalCortex says
No. You can place them on a lot. In fact, it violates federal law to have HUD approved manufactured homes zoned out locally.

Not that it stops the local government from hassling people who do so anyway.

What? Any way you can back that up? I'm seriously interested in knowing more.
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SunnyvaleCA says
The California state government is trying to turn all of California (and especially Silicon Valley and other expensive areas) into one huge mobile home park by abolishing local zoning laws that forbid ADUs.

What's better, homeless street shitters or mobile homes? Hmm, tough choice.
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This is a payoff, no? How many people are there that would pay to read about narcissists?
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