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This needs a song ...

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This is cheap crap, the RealDolls are much better.

They better invest more money or their business won't last long.

I'd love to slide my pole between those RealDoll knockers!
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Patrick says
a lot of H1B visa holders are doing jobs that millions of Americans could easily do, like manual QA testing.

For many such jobs, the goal is to get either a university student or an H1-B, aka cheap labor. The idea of having a professional class for IT or engineers (see layoffs at places like DuPont, etc) is anathema so really, it's a wonder why more STEM types don't opt for health care like nursing, physician's assistant or just plain MD/medical school. By now, since it's no longer 1998 (where ppl could claim ignorance of reality) but 2018, everyone should already know this.
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drB6 says
Another variation of the same is companies giving small amounts of money to universities to perform research that companies need; the net result is that this research is done by a student/postdoc who gets paid 30K and not by company employed PhD scientist earning 120K. It also cuts down on positions that company needs thus resulting in less job opportunities by students.

Yes, that started a whole generation ago but at least it wasn't a fully scalable solution so places like DuPont, Dow, Johnson & Johnson, etc, still needed corporate R&D depts to keep themselves going.

Today, it's either sending the entire lab to Asia-Pacific or H1B/students stateside.

Let the Americans go to nursing school. If you notice, Urgent Care clinics are popping up everywhere.
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Tim Aurora says
to other countries such as Canada

Not a problem because places like Toronto have the highest amount of cabbies, who have advanced degrees. If anything, the sheer number of educated ppl in Canada, has not generated a job market like the ones in the mid-Atlantic or the Texas triangle.

Why do you think it's so easy to get a hoe, who'd studied at the University of Montreal, looking for a sugar daddy, while she works on that great Canadian novel? It's because no one wants to be a secretary there, work as a pharmacy tech, or at a restaurant.
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Quigley says
Look; the solution is FCKING SIMPLE! Mandate a $120k salary to H1B visa holders and the problem of companies using them to undercut the labor market goes away!

I have an idea ... let's start with a typical physician's assistant salary & move from there.


It's ~$116K/yr in Greater Boston, and use that, as a starting point for H1-B tech careers. We'll need to come up with a working average, which can react to the various urban markets out there.

BTW, that's not too far from your ~$120K/yr target and what it does, since we know that American citizens want health care careers with stability/long term prospects, the PA is the best way to gauge if we keep salaries competitive enough, that enough Americans will choose STEM over health care careers.
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Rin says
BTW, that's not too far from your ~$120K/yr target and what it does, since we know that American citizens want health care careers with stability/long term prospects, the PA is the best way to gauge if we keep salaries competitive enough, that enough Americans will choose STEM over health care careers.

On a more sardonic note ... it's hard to believe that anyone would choose a field, like being a biosciences (or any science/engineering) postdoc, at $40K/yr, over a heath care profession, having had to do twice the avg schoolwork as a typical PA.
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ThreeBays says
We need to stop outsource houses from using most of the H1Bs, and keep H1Bs for jobs that really need qualified people that aren't available.


ThreeBays says
There are not millions of Americans ready to take tech jobs. Tech industry is adding nearly 200,000 jobs per year. US is producing only ~8k EE and 13k CS engineering non-foreign grads a year.

Chicken or egg situation ... all EE/CS American grads start with zero experience sans let's say a summer/fall co-op at let's say Lawrence Livermore or Qualcomm, if they're among the lucky applicants.

With that stated, there are in fact, many older Americans ready for those jobs.

Even on this forum, the cat fan, zzyzzx, was once an experienced EE, and was driven out of his profession via a mix of offshoring & automation. He's not interested in coming back, just to go through that all over again.

And for me, I was in applied chemistry/chemical engineering and had left those areas for one, IT, and then later, hedge fund activities. That latter move made me several millions so I'm a 100% sure I won't be returning, even if Applied Materials begged me.

And likewise, if you scour the land, you'll find many Americans with STEM backgrounds, who'd left the tech sector for finance, health care, real estate, management consulting, and other less offshorable (plus downwardly mobile) activities during the span of their early careers. The reality of the situation is that if STEM compensations were like physician assistants, while attempting to maintain a high level of employment, (w/o continuous layoffs) we would never have created this post-STEM diaspora. Realize, many STEM grads are smart, and the expression, 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.' applies here.
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drB6 says
Health professions are good for now, but I think they will crash and burn soon because medical price increases are simply too high. "Medical tourism" will kill dental, ophthalmology, etc.

If I remember my earlier years, this was something which STEM students would tell each other, to make themselves feel good whenever there's a layoff round.

In reality, medical tourism will eliminate the $500K/yr surgeons and anesthesiologists.

For a PA, going from let's say a perky $115K/yr down to perhaps, $80K/yr, is not the end of the world. And Urgent Care clinics are in greater demand and the need for locally provided internal medicine is only going up.

So let's say a PA works ten years at $100K/yr, then gets booted down to $80K/yr, that's still 20 years totally $1.8M.

For a ChemE, it's 7 yrs x $75K/yr and then, the following 13 yrs from underemployment/contract work at let's say $75K/yr but only working at 8 years average, due to all the re-sizings, makes his 20 year career only $1.1M.

As an American and having to do it over again, I'd choose the PA route, if I didn't nail the MCAT.
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CovfefeButDeadly says

Have not been there, but as long as you have money Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are supposed to be outstanding.

Perth is the most far away city at the far end of a desert. Pretty much, to get from there to anywhere else, you'll need a plane.

The places which are more geographically connected are Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, basically the southeast and the east coast.

If I were a wine person, Adelaide would be it but since I'd grown up in Boston, the places closest to that would be Melbourne & Sydney.
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Ppl, let's cut out the racism. They were not named ... Yamaguchi (read: Japanese) or Nguyen (read: Vietnamese), you know ... Shinto/Buddhist migrants.

These were Muslims! Try to make distinctions before you get into the racism thing. Ppl don't need Scottish surnames to not be terrorists.
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HeadSet says
are just little brown people who don't know better

Once again, cut out the 'brown' piece, as Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs have a lot of 'brown' members.

Call 'em Muslims!
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You have got to me joking me!

Seriously, is this what guys, who earn $1M/yr or whatever, are left with in America's new Wall Street, Silicon Valley ... a bunch of useless debutantes with gold digging aspirations who, on the average, will divorce at 50+% of the time, so that the guy pays childcare and then, only sees his kids, once a week or month?

Rin says
matters of the heart

What heart?!

If anything, the thing which characterizes Silicon Valley is the lack of it, as well as culture. Come to a place like Boston, and you'll see what a city with history & culture has.
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Rin says
some of whom pony up as much as $500,000 for a series of hand-picked dates and coaching services.


Seriously, I already had to drive away a Chilean visiting scholar up in the New England region, since as you know, I only boink Montreal hoes!

And believe me, she was a far higher quality woman than any of those American gold digging bitches lurking around Silicon Valley.

Wow! These men are multi-millionaires and are as desperate as some guy who'd just graduated from engineering college, who'd never kissed a gal in 4 years.
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HeadSet says
as transparent as those airline seat pocket magazine ads for "affluent" dating services. These ads target hot young women looking for older rich men and vice versa.

It's certainly transparent but did you see some of those so-called 'hotties' in that video clip? They're at best, average! ... mainly washed up bitches in their late 30s who were riding too much cock during their 20s but didn't settle down with a decent guy back then.

Seriously, I'd been at conferences, universities, & institutes all over the northeast and other parts of the country and many women there were a lot better looking and yes, many of them even had MDs, MPHs, MAs, etc, and yes, the average (ahem) conversation wasn't .."valued added .." and fill in the rest of the b-school bullshit to appear to be business savvy.

These guys in Silicon Valley have got to be the biggest cucks of all time. They don't understand the value of $500K and the use of one's ... yes ... one's free time.

At least the regular east coast white collar professional, making a mere $100K-$200K, can get a woman w/o putting his portfolio into the furnace.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
For this kind of money, you could buy an island in the Philippines, kill all the guys and consecrate the surviving desirable women as your concubines and live a normal life, rising early and presenting your turgid god member to the harem and enjoying their entreaties to gift them with the sanctifying balm.

You see, the above makes sense. The Silicon Valley stuff, however, doesn't.
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On the flip side of the coin, if one is already an experienced business analyst in the white collar workforce, it's not a bad idea to know some coding, to solve problems w/o needing to get IT involved at every turn.
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anotheraccount says
Rin says
to solve problems w/o needing to get IT involved at every turn.

You are assuming that in most big corps IT knows how to code.

And yet, another reason for a business analyst to learn some coding skills.

I think it's safe to say that those who're presently in the white collar world, probably do need to learn some level of coding, to help expedite their work.

For newcomers, like the kids in the 6th grade, that ship has already sailed w/ the prior generation.
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mell says
Goran_K says
Silly Con valley and SF must have the worst male to female ratio I've ever witnessed in the country. So the girls over there have a literal pick of the litter when it comes to guys since it's like 10 to 1 in some neighborhoods.

So I see a lot of women who MIGHT rate a "6-7" being treated, wined and dined like they are top tier 10's. It's sad.

All true but basic game and an anti feminist confident anti sjw attitude still gets you plenty prime pussy. There's no natural game in SV only soyboy money and many womyn ironically are starving for men. Still if you're going to settle American I recommend the mid west.

When you're an actual millionaire .. this is the game, "Whatever ... I'll be banging a hot French-Canadian with big tits, in a few hours. Better get your act together if you want to hang with me"

This is in a way, a variant of the Beatles ...

"I go for that that rock and roll music
Any old way you choose it
It's got a backbeat, you can't lose it
Any old time you use it
It's gotta be rock roll music
If you wanna dance with me"
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Goran_K says
Silly Con valley and SF must have the worst male to female ratio I've ever witnessed in the country. So the girls over there have a literal pick of the litter when it comes to guys since it's like 10 to 1 in some neighborhoods.

So I see a lot of women who MIGHT rate a "6-7" being treated, wined and dined like they are top tier 10's. It's sad.

This is the problem ... it doesn't take that much money, to bang a hotter bitch than some worthless SV skank, outside of the region. And I'm not even talking about Quebec, where any average gal, is hotter than the middle 50% line in SV.

Why is it, that these well off guys, can't figure it out?

Seriously, these guys are losers and deserve to be taken to the cleaners.
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zzyzzx says

Yes, I saw that poster in Cambridge/Boston.
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Goran_K says
I'm not in the Bay Area often but the 3-4 times per year I am, I rarely see anyone I would rate above an 8.

just_passing_through says
But here's the thing: There are essentially NO hot chicks in the SF bay area. You'd think with all that money there would be hot chicks! No.

Folks, let's not all get caught up in the world of 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's. I'd already created a Raquel Welch/Sophia Loren thread on beauties ...


The point is that there are these guys, earning $1M/yr plus, who're basically dating a bunch of skanks, who would basically be lesbians at a normal college, since the regular good-looking guy there [ meaning in Gold's Gym shape with a decent haircut ] , wouldn't want anything to do with them, asides from doing homework. And I'm not talking about scumbag 'date rape' frat guys, I'm talking about decent men here.

The fact that with millions of dollars, these guys couldn't improve their lifestyles, tells me that they're a bunch of losers.
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BTW, Priscilla Chan is ugly. And she's Silicon Valley's richest wife.

Even within the Halls of Harvard, she's not an attractive Asian-American woman.

For a contrast, here's Professor Jeannie Suk, both a Harvard Law grad and a professor there ...

So one doesn't have to be ugly, to be considered smart.
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Quigley says
He’s the wrong sort of Indian!

He's got dark skin so for the most part ... that's what's important.

For example, if Freddie Mercury [ lead singer of Queen ], a white Anglo-Persian, whose family lived in India during the time of the Empire, called himself "Indian", he'd get bashed by South Asians for being an Aryan imposter, trying to impose his family's white power over them. Instead, he simply assimilated into British society and forgot about his colonial background.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Priscilla Chan, on the other hand, is smart.

Pris was already a 4.0 premed and thus, had a $200K/yr-$400K/yr career ahead of her. Hanging out with Zuck, however, gave her a stock option of cashing in at a higher number than a regular doctor's salary and so she took it. I suspect that part of it is that many other guys at Harvard, didn't give her the time of day. Realize, for every Pris, there's 2-3 Jeannie Suks on the campus.

FYI, Jeannie Suk also had a 4.0.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
Is it "national state the obvious day" today? ;)

No, because a lot of ppl assume that an average woman at Harvard, is ugly because she's smart.

My whole point, pointing out Professor Suk, is that attending Harvard doesn't mean that one's an ugly woman.

So in reality, Zuckerberg did not score it big at HU. He happened to date an ugly woman, as he was dropping out. If that were the case, I could have easily dated ugly chicks and today, my hedge fund equity would be on the chopping board at a divorce court.

Instead, my work is all mine.
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Goran_K says
Rin says
Even within the Halls of Harvard, she's not an attractive Asian-American women.

She looks like the Chinese man who does Cupping therapy for me on my back.

This topic makes me sick.

I'm so glad that the early spring is over. I think I'll park myself at Montreal, leaving the Boston area, so that I can boink a hoe on short notice.

I'll just expense all the Air Canada tickets as I'll probably be needing to fly every other day for work.

Even the ugly Chinese gals in Montreal's Chinatown trumps Priscilla Chan. But in MTL, I'll stick with the French-Canadian Quebecoise ...

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Folks, in my entire life, I've never fucked a woman as ugly as Priscilla Chan.

My last GF was a facsimile of the bitch below ...

Sure, she was a pain in the ass but at least she wasn't Priscilla Chan.
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KgK one says
How r u finding these rentals? They took down backpage and usa sex guide sites.

There are still plenty of escorting sites up in MTL. Here's an example ...


Just don't discuss 'boinking' but good companionship as the rules are a follows, boinking is legal but communicating for the sake of a boink isn't.

KgK one says
Also RIn, what kind of consulting do u do.? I need mentor to propel myself from low 6 figure you financial freedom like u.

Here's the problem ... a few friends and I started this firm originally. This was during the time I was dating Alanis Morrisette, the Canadian whackjob. And yes, the relationship was as messed up as Alanis' state of mind in 'Jagged Little Pill'.

Unfortunately, to grow, we had to bring in three senior principals who had all the clients and capital to grow the place from a few guys pulling all nighters pushing trades through London. So w/o that original equity in the firm, I would have never been able to cash out and then, consult back with them. Since all the senior partners have banked $100M plus, they don't have a problem letting one of the guys who basically made 'em rich, stick around the new company as a PR consultant.
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Goran_K says
What was Zuck thinking? I’m no billionaire and I wasn’t even a millionaire when I got married and I still pulled an attractive wife.

Zuck met Pris, just before he dropped out of Harvard. In a way, Pris completely misrepresents Asian-American (actually make that, ALL) women at HU.

If you actually come to Boston/Cambridge and walk through all of Harvard's campuses, you'll find that a vast majority of Asian women there are actually pretty descent looking, I'd say a range from 5.5 to 8.5.

Here's another prof/alum from Harvard, Grace La, and this woman is considered to be brilliant at her design work.

Now, obviously I'm not running around with a camcorder but I think you get the picture. I'm guessing that Priscilla Chan had zero interested guys in her, during her time at HU. So right before quitting, Zuck took her out and history was made. A bottom tier gal at Harvard married a billionaire.
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WookieMan says
That's one less unattractive woman out there that is in the way of getting to the most attractive woman. He took one for the team you could say.

I'm not sure it works exactly like that. Women, on the whole, are catty and manipulative.

When they start to think that a fugly one like Pris, stole a billionaire, then they may decide to not date any guy, in hope of trumping a future Pris.

It's kinda like the bad boy thing but in a more gross, socioeconomic manner where ALL guys are 'beta' trash but then, if you're wily enough (a.k.a barracuda), you may be able to steal one, just as he's about to put the ring on Pris 2.0.

Sure in the end, they'll become lesbians a/o live with cats but unfortunately, that's the psyche of modern American women.
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CapraHircus says
Facebook was the turning point where everyone knew who he was and his wealth. Never again could he trust that a girl liked him, opposed to his money.

First of all, let me post my infamous chart ...

Yes, that 2011 era was my mediocre relationship with Alanis Morissette.

Afterwards, I'd given up on women, entirely.

So what happened was that I saw through the BS and decided to enjoy life, instead of kowtowing to some soulmate fantasy.

Zuck, on the other hand, still believes in the soulmate stuff and thus, is married to the only woman at Harvard, who for one, had no other suitors and two, decided to put up with him despite being a college dropout.

Think about it, if Facebook failed .. she could have dumped him and gone after some other lonely guy in the medical sciences in some lab at UC/San Francisco, would couldn't get a girlfriend.

Who would have dated Zuck, if Facebook failed? Let's see ... only a woman from the mentally challenged (a.k.a. retarded) clinic?
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Goran_K says
Rin when was your last relationship?

2011, remember, it's my 7 year anniversary ...


Yes, it was 'Alanis Morissette'
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Goran_K says
That is a long time. I've been married for too long, and I might be a bit older than you, but I do remember the single days being pretty good. No need to rush.

The point is that I've given up on relationships.

I'd worked hard for my freedom today .. why should any bitch have a part of it?
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
What the marriage of a Chinese man and an ugly Jewish boy has to do with "SV dating concepts"? They met and got together on the opposite side of the country

You don't get it, it's not the "Love Story" movie about Harvard Law.


What this is ... is about the concept of a guy, who couldn't get a regular chick at Harvard, and his GF, a chick who couldn't get anything other than an ugly lesbian, become a billionaire couple.

And what's happened this that SV, an area where ppl (for the most part), don't date and have relationships of any sort, fall into desperate couplings.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
You lived in SV for how long again?

I live in Boston/New England, not that shithole, SV. And yes, I know many in that region and yes, the dating opportunities are sparse over there.

Which in some ways, explains why Zuckerberg couldn't attract anyone else ... aside from waiting for Pris to enroll in UC/San Francisco Medical School to be near him during his Facebook years.
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Satoshi_Nakamoto says
So, basically, you don't have any experience in dating in West Coast shitholes, only from East Coast shitholes. Where, incidentally, Zuk and that Chinese man were dating. Even your experience of dating in East Coast shitholes is somewhat stale (by you own admission). Very stale, in fact.

I'm sorry, Sir, but your credibility as an expert on the subject is hovering around zero.

Whatever makes you feel better about the west coast and your own false sense of being superior to me.

I can only say that in that SV thread on Gold Diggers ...


That no man, earning real money, should be dating skanks like those.

Since I have money now, I don't care for dating anymore. Is this something you can't understand?

If you want to date skanks and feel superior to me, be my guest. My only hope is that you get screwed over and taken to the cleaners.
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Booger says
She looks like she was hit with an ugly stick!

That sums it up nicely.
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The following two are the standards of beauty, Raquel Welch & Sophia Loren ...

And then, we have deviations from the above, to create a more composite picture of what's hot and what's not.
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MisterLefty, the purpose of my post was not to get into the 'Battle of the Classic Beauties' which at some point in time ... becomes entirely subjective, but more that men of means, shouldn't post up ugly a/o fat women, as beauties.

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