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I will laugh my ass off when she and her defeated (but still on the ballot) primary Democrat split the vote and the Republican guy wins her district.
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Tenpoundbass says
So I asked her if she wanted to get an abortion, She decked me with a closed fist square on the nose.

Best thing I’ve read here today!
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curious2 says
In other words, as John Lennon wrote, "Life begins at 40."

You’d advocate for a 163rd trimester abortion?
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curious2 says
Trying to identify the gun by ballistic markings is less reliable than coding the ammunition itself.) You have to register a car, even a dog, but not guns and ammunition. That anomaly enables murderers to get away with murder.

Have you ever heard of hand reloading? It’s cheap and fairly easy. A reloading kit can be purchased for less than $200. And the components of bullets are cheap and readily available. If all ammo sold in stores was coded or tagged, criminals would just hand reload or use smuggled bullets. Just like drugs are illegal but somehow still readily available.
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Why not compute it at a “per billionaire environmentalist?” Or compare such to normal working Americans?
How about compare environmental lawyers to oil rig workers? Or pet groomers? Per capita is way too imprecise of a measurement.
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That second chart is a factual lie. The tax cut EXPIRES in 2027. It doesn’t raise taxes then on middle class. It just stops lowering taxes then! I’m sure that’s in there as incentive to keep on hiring MAGA people for government so our taxes won’t go up like they did when the W tax break expired and we all paid a lot more in taxes under Obama’s reign of terror. Even though he promised our taxes wouldn’t go up unless we made over $250k! I sure paid a lot more. I don’t think I got a refund for like six years. In fact I had to pay extra in April.

When I get my taxes done next April, I bet I get a refund.
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Russia is a foe.
Democrats are a failed party of full retardation, and are spitefully hating on Americans because our awesomeness makes them look that much worse.
Republicans are being transformed by the MAGA movement, and remain our only alternative to Democrat insanity.
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I just hope this campaign season brings California Democrats who are so utterly fringe batshit crazy, they alienate even the illegals who usually elect them.
Although I have met a number of (middle aged to older ladies) who are actually Democrat die hards and believe whatever that party sells them with the fervor of a thousand suns.

I really am coming to think that women’s suffrage was a big fucking mistake. Most women don’t care about politics until they’ve dropped their last egg. And they think with their emotions rather than their heads, so they’re easily manipulated into positions that make no fucking sense at all. But which they will defend to their last breath because “the feelz!!!”
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I disagree that there’s nothing for low IQ people to do. Even the mentally retarded and people with Down’s syndrome have work they can do. It’s repetitive work, sure, but we should reserve that sort for them. People need meaning in their lives to be happy, and work brings meaning. This is known.

What we need is for low IQ people to be given more aid in finding work. It won’t be well paid work, but some work is better than none.

Tesla just had to disassemble it’s robot factory and replace the robots with human workers. This is because the tasks were too complex or delicate for robots to get correct each time. However, an assembly line may be manned with people of any IQ level. They don’t have to be the best people, just able to be trained to do one thing well. Low IQ people do this better than most because they have high tolerance for repetitive work.
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Reality wins yet another thread! Seriously nice thoughts! Interesting ideas too.

I had one more. Look, does anyone realize how much thought and effort has to go into designing and programming a robot to do something like assembling a phone? I’ll tell you now that the cost is prohibitive. It’s much simpler to use a human who can be trained to do several steps of the process in hours than to spend years of engineer and computer systems man hours on the problem. The human doesn’t even need to be bright, just consistent. Even low IQ humans are capable of learning to do tasks with much less effort than training a computer to do it!

You only get so many bright young lads and gals. Don’t waste them on mundane work! Fuck race-based admissions/scholarships. We need test score based admissions and scholarships to glean EVERY eligibly intelligent mind out there and train them to be as useful as possible.

The rest can do the repetitive or uninteresting work. A relatively small amount of government interference could accomplish this. Means tested financial aid for bright young students would be enough! Add some feel-good films on the subject and some creative networking along with abolition of HR departments would be enough.
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Ok so what’s worse: addicts running about getting high on Reefer Madness or criminal gangs who supply them and create blight and violent crime?

For sure opioids are a problem, but more people overdose because of inconsistent concentrations or addition of fentanyl than because they want to die. We wouldn’t tolerate a pharmacist who makes up deadly drugs, so why should we let low life criminals be the pharmacists for so many millions of drug using Americans?

In California weed is now legal. That means I can walk into a clinic and get a safe supply of flower that has no harmful additives like shrooms or LSD or fucking arsenic that some hateful or malicious criminal might add to a blunt they sell on the street. If this matters with an incredibly safe drug like marijuana, how much more does it matter with a potentially deadly drug like heroin?
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ohomen171 says
The guest bathroom suffered a major plumbing failure with the tub not draining and water oozing out from the base of the toilet.

Hate to tell you this, after the fact, but you probably got scammed on this item.
The tub not draining was most likely to be due to a clog of hair a rotorooter plumber could have removed for $100. The toilet leaking at the base was 100% the cause of the wax seal failing. Wax seals cost $5 at Home Depot. I replaced one myself last year on an older toilet. Took about an hour, some heavy lifting, and some not very pleasant work.

The contractor you brought in sold you a bill of goods in an effort to upgrade your minor plumbing job from a $300 (labor only) fix to a $5-10,000 windfall for him. “Plumbing installed wrong” is so bogus! If it was installed so wrong, how did it work for 40 years???

Anyway: perhaps you should consult the board next time you have a situation like this. There’s a lot of people who visit this site from many professions and trades who may help point the right way.
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The moral of the story is this: if you need to emit carbon, be sure to wipe thoroughly afterwards!
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Passports seem to work fine for this.
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You want weed legal or illegal? Make up your mind Aphidman.
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I predicted in November 2016 that Trump would win California in 2020. Maybe this is how it comes to pass? I’ve been astonishingly accurate lately, so I can’t doubt myself!
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Lol “did you just assume my gender?”
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Tim Aurora says

You do know that Emergency care in US is mandatory ( if not entirely free)

It’s only free if you’re an illegal immigrant. Otherwise they come after you with the bill. This is known. Stop trying to obfuscate the issue.
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I thought you were saying legal cannibis was a tragedy because state regulation/distribution led to higher weed prices?
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Oh look! It’s another Cassandra! We have someone calling the next crash every week or so.

$100 that you’re completely wrong!
2019 is going to be YUUUUGE!
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US Intelligence has been proven to have been acting with extreme prejudice and bad faith in regards to Trump and his election. Anything they say about such things is absolutely suspect. It’s sad that one of the lynchpins of our defense has been so thoroughly discredited by the actions of its leaders and the leadership of Democrats.

Russia didn’t build that!
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RafiMaas appears to be correct. This is unsubstantiated rumor at this point, as whatever testimony Page has given remains classified or unreleased. Maybe not fake news, but certainly unreliable.
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Death and slavery brings peace, as well.
Be careful what you wish for.
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I’d argue that advocating for nuclear war or even all-out war with a nuclear power is akin to treason to the HUMAN RACE.

Nuclear war is one of the most obvious ways we can completely destroy our planet’s environment both now and for future generations. As well as throwing our civilization back to the Stone Age. The only sane way forward with true nuclear powers like Russia is diplomatic relations. Trump is doing that. Democrats and NeverTrumpers are pushing for hostilities.

I think it’s absolutely fucking clear who the traitors are. If we had any sort of Justice, these fucks would be taken to a trench and their skulls ventilated.
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The labor supply must also be limited for wages to go up. When you allow uncontrolled immigration, outsource every job that can be outsourced, and allow corporations to import all the Chindians they want to replace tech workers, you thwart this process and keep wages from rising in response to greater labor needs.
It’s so simple a Democrat should be able to understand it!
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Dude why are you watching that crap? Nobody watches it except bored housewives and Leftist feminazis.
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jazz_music says
Democracy. Liberals believe in it.

No they don’t! Liberals are best known for getting the courts to legislate from the bench on social issues.

Aside from that, simple democracy is chaos. It means the rule of law may be changed with the current sentiment. If a majority believes Muslims are bad, we can round them up and gas them legally tomorrow! As soon as we have a vote on it anyway. Or those pesky black people. So many people don’t like the way they disproportionately rely on public aid for living needs. I’ll bet a law prohibiting them from getting welfare would pass. In a pure democracy, this is possible and with speed!

But we have a Constitutional Republic, where laws are harder to change with the winds of public opinion, and minority rights are respected more often than not.

Sounds like you’re all for populism, @Jazzmusic! Even Trump isn’t as populist and alt-right as you!
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Looks like I win this argument by default. Run away! Truth is such a game changer when you use it upside the head of a Leftist.
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jazz_music says
Your wages will continue to decline and your terms of employment will continue to be made more transient.

Actually the opposite is true. Thanks to unions and Trump!
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If we got rid of a few million illegals, everyone would have a place to live.
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Heraclitusstudent says

There is so much noise because Trump has been adept at deliberately provoking outrage. His actions happen behind constant shrieks of protest from the media about things he says. All signs are that he wants it this way. This is not particularly a good sign from someone that explicitly wants to make the media "the opposition party".

When the media is a dishonest propaganda machine for the enemies of the Republic, it’s fair game to play them as unfairly as possible. Everyone with two functioning brain cells understands that the mainstream media is utterly owned and controlled by six billionaires who are pro-globalism, pro-New World Order, pro-mass immigration, anti-worker, pro-debt, and pro-military industrial complex. They use social issues du jour and racial issues as a way of muddying the waters and dividing people into camps. Before Trump, those camps were divided down red and blue lines, but the party leadership of BOTH sides was following the script and the agenda set down by these billionaires. Therefore it truly did not matter who was elected. The game was rigged!

Then Trump came to play, shook up the game, and somehow won the primary over the strenuous objections of the GOP party itself! Fortunately, unlike the Democrats, the Republicans didn’t outright cheat to thwart the outsider candidate from assuming their top spot. They did everything else tho, including putting up a resistance to Trumpian ideas that has lasted through today.
As the GOP has been gradually subsumed by the party of MAGA, which is diametrically opposed to the billionaire globalists in most ways, the media mouthpieces of these owners have become increasingly shrill! Their game isn’t working anymore, and the opposition party (Democrats) are losing support daily through their continued support of the globalist agenda! When the Republicans were also on board with this agenda, the people had no choice and were forced to make do with subtleties about meaningless social issues. But now that the GOP has been (partially) reformed into a party that more accurately represents the will of the majority, it’s looking very attractive to voters at large. As the primaries weeded out GOPe incumbents and ushered in new MAGA Republican candidates, the choice is even more stark.

Will you side with your billionaire owners or will you side with the American people? It’s really just that simple.
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Yah this is seriously warped. Let the Podestas off and go after Trump’s guy. No bias there! Hah. I don’t care if Manafort goes down for what he did. But giving his boss a pass because his brother managed the opposite campaign is the epitome of bias and warped Justice.
Mueller is a disgrace.
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Heraclitusstudent says

If DT wasn't constantly, day after day, giving the left reasons to think he's immoral, unhinged, incompetent and possibly treasonous

He does that by breathing, being President instead of Hillary Clinton, and conducting normal business. Every day we get the media dredging up some absolutely mediocre action by a sitting President and spinning it like Trump is deranged. Or maybe it’s a Hollywood celebrity who does this. Either way the media covers it. Then Trump gets on Twitter and trolls the media right back.

Hell, the man conducted normal absolutely BORING diplomacy with Russia earlier this week and the media absolutely lost their shot because he didn’t demand Putin surrender for colluding to steal the election from Clinton! That’s fucking deranged. Open your eyes and you’d see who the deranged one is.

Reasonable words won’t work with a deranged opponent who’s dedicated to your destruction. The only thing you can really do is provoke them into a screaming fit and then stand back and appear more rational. That’s what Trump is doing and he’s doing it well.
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Strategist says
How many sports majors make more than minimum wages?

All the highest paid faculty at any state college in the country are sports coaches.
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Good plan for your daughter. First two at the community college and then transfer to complete whichever degree she’s decided to pursue.
I’m planning to encourage my kids to take the same route. The Cal State system is way too freaking spendy, and most of the money goes to sports programs. The assistant cross country coach at CSULB makes over $130k
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Wow that is racist Stever! LOL!
But yah they are stupid.
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Meanwhile, Bob Mueller spent $10 million last month tilting against windmills on a fool’s errand. Even Strzok, who set the FBI up for the “Collusion” investigation, admitted privately that there’s “no there there.”

So yah, hope indicting all those Russian nationals who will never see the inside of a US courtroom was worth it!

Seems like Mueller is now in the business of letting people he catches with the right last name slide! Podesta being one of those correct last names, identical with Hillary’s campaign chief. This level of corruption with a special prosecutor has never yet been seen, and idiots on the Left clamor for more!
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Online classes are available at all state universities and community colleges. All the way to graduate studies in some cases. It’s absolutley a legitimate way to learn, however the instructors need more policing. Far too many of them set up automated classes and barely pay any attention to their students. Like seriously little attention at all. My wife took four graduate level classes recently and got zero feedback in one, like zero. The instructor was entirely absent. The rest were minimal, maybe two or three indications that anyone at all was there.
And that was at UCSD.
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CBOEtrader says
Its hard to get more retarded than this

It’s hard to underestimate some posters here.

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