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Married to a Muslim.

You make your choices!
She’s got nobody to blame but herself.
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A house I looked at possibly buying almost two years ago ($725k) is back on the market at $1.3 million! It’s been renovated within an inch of its life, although the yard is still pretty basic.
Still, a half million jump in price seems excessive. I’m not sure the neighborhood supports it. The zip code is great, but the physical location is between two freeways.
Definitely a flip tho.
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Onvacation says
Climate is the history of weather

So “climate change” means changing the history of weather? How would you do that? A time machine? Sounds as plausible as anything else the “climate scientists” say.
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someone else says
They accuse non-Muslims of plotting the exact evil that Muslims actually do every day around the world:

Accusing others of the bad behavior you engage in on the regular is a core behavior of the common sociopath.
How interesting that it’s also a core behavior of:
1)Muslims and
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LeonDurham says
It's amazing that some people have yet to realize that Trump IS the swamp.

You’re likely correct for many issues like enriching the already rich, war mongering, and assisting the elite class to remain elite.

However, there must be SOME reason Trump is the most attacked POTUS in the history of the USA. I think it might have something to do with his stances on trade and opposition to rights-eliminating Leftist belief, as well as his opposition to unfettered immigration (especially from horrible countries of horrible people with horrible cultures and religions).

So yah he’s a mixed bag. But better the half good and half bad he represents than the ALL bad that Hilldabitch would have surely been!
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Great news!
Trump’s plan is working!
MAGA bitches!
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LeonDurham says
Do you feel the same way about the Chinese suddenly deciding to approve trademarks for Ivanka?

Way to go
Off topic.
and just when your side was losing horribly!
Odd how that happens...
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The most intolerant culture always wins.

Keep that in mind when the Leftists preach tolerance of hateful belief systems.
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Look; the solution is FCKING SIMPLE! Mandate a $120k salary to H1B visa holders and the problem of companies using them to undercut the labor market goes away!
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I suggested $120k because it’s double what the law mandates now, which is way too low and encourages abuse.
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What I don't understand is the right's infatuation with the topic.

You were doing so well up until this point! Then you based the rest of your argument on this one faulty assumption. Conservatives aren’t interested in trannies. We are getting trans people and trans issues force fed to us daily by media of all sorts, protests, lawsuits, and general rabble rousing on the left designed to RAISE ATTENTION to trans people and their fucking ISSUES! Most of us would be fucking happy to never hear about these disgusting issues ever again!
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Too skinny. Her arms are sticks! Needs to gain 20 pounds to be ideally attractive.
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I’m headed towards the defined benefit pension route. So far I have two pensions and my wife is working on her first (CALPERS). As long as the boomers don’t break all of them we should be fine. Oh and we both have 401k plans.
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HeadSet says
Unions are the only thing I ever seen stop this

Hard to see your point here when today's Unions are pro illegal immigration.

Yah I absolutely hate that part of my own union. The top brass are all “si, se puede” and stuff, “irregardless” of the fact that illegals are union buster scabs. Most of the rank and file agree with me that illegal immigration is a problem. With exception that we have a ton of Latino workers who often have pro-Latino stances “irregardless” of the fact that new illegals threaten their own jobs.
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curious2 says
He was more polite and used better reasoning than Charlie Sheen, but both failed to acknowledge that they needed the skills and efforts of others on their teams, and how to communicate effectively with team leadership. I respect James Damore and I love Charlie Sheen, but they could have done better.

It sounds like what you’re saying is that an expressed opinion should be executed with an appropriate level of skill in communications(or perhaps it’s not worthy of protections?). Obviously I added the bit in brackets, but your argument just appeared to lead in that direction.
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I’d rather American kids learn to code and take the tech jobs than we have to import Chindians to do that work.

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Wonder what the cucked PM will say about his invited guests? You know: the ones he tried to shame the USA into taking more of? The ones he met at the airport with hugs and cookies? Probably he will say that this wasn’t an act of Islamic terror, it was a random act of workplace violence.
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Yahoo went full fake news when Marissa took over and hasn’t looked back.
It’s now just a Leftist mouthpiece that makes the Huffpo look sane and balanced.
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Everyone makes their own choices. I know a guy who commutes over 160 miles through traffic each day for about four hours. Why? He likes the commute. It’s his “me” time.
Not my cup of tea, but before you feel too sorry for someone who is doing something unpleasant voluntarily, stop and remember that you don’t know all their motives.

This secretary just wants what she wants, how she wants it, and is willing to pay for that in time.
She could live closer, rent out part of her house, take on a roommate, or move to a different city or job. But she stays in that situation. Must be doing something for her!
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Just another one of those union professions that offer great pay and benefits for blue collar trade skills.
And you won’t have any dry cleaning to do pretty much ever.
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He’s the wrong sort of Indian!
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Whitey got an entire restaurant chain: Cracker Barrel!
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FortWayne says
We all said that appeasing left destroys companies... well there goes sbux.

I sure hope so! My wife would spend about $100/month less.
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Copycat mass murders, where they're copying Muslims?
Had to happen, I suppose.
Doing the moon god's work...
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Chiropractors have better DC lobbyists than other more reputable professionals like Registered Dieticians. "Muscle testing" will allow them to have you hold an herbal supplement and have them pry the fingers apart of your opposite hand to tell if you "need it." Then they'll sell you that supplement at a mere 200% markup! It's a racket, but it's legal! And it's profitable!
I haven't been to a chiropractor since I read this one little book by the (recently deceased) orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Sarno, "Healing Back Pain." He has other more comprehensive books like "The Mind Body Solution" as well, but that was his breakout book and has helped more people overcome back pain than a million chiropractors could ever do. I learned that my back pain was muscular in nature, not skeletal. And that I could control, manage, and even eliminate the pain with mind/body techniques. Even herniated discs can be managed this way.
PSA over...
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I just discount anything HEYYOU says.
It's a pretty reasonable policy, based on that user's posting history.
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bob2356 says
If there are people out there that don't know the difference then there is very little that can be done to help them

bob, 90% or better of Americans have no idea what the scientific method is or why it's important. That is why they are constantly being duped by hucksters with "sciency" schemes like "Magnets" and "alkaline water" and "wristband therapy."
Those are all billion dollar "Industries" based on absolute verifiable-by-actual-science lies, and they're so very profitable!
If there's anything we've learned, it's that a "Truthy" lie is more credible than a credulous fact.
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CBOEtrader says
it would have been unethical for a rich white kid like myself to take scholarships meant to help the disenfranchised.

And that sentiment is pretty much the only thing keeping anyone from profiting from the extremely generous scholarship largess offered to minorities in this country. One rich smart black girl at my high school got more than 50 grand in scholarships without hardly trying. I had way better scores and grades than her but I barely got $2500. That lesson stuck with me. I wasn’t a rich white kid. I was poor as dirt, wearing Salvation Army specials, and drinking reconstituted powdered milk for breakfast. Her racial advantage wasn’t hard to spot, but it was hard to justify.
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No problem just stick Zuckerfuck with the bill!
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Patrick says

As an old-time labor Democrat, I absolutely agree. I did not leave the Democrats -- they left me. I really don't care about their TDS or Russia paranoia or transgender bathrooms. It's pathetic how Democrats have completely lost their way and forgotten where they came from.

I hear that. I never was a Democrat, but would be a labor Democrat today if such was even possible. Unfortunately, labor hasn’t any stronger enemy than the Democrat party, who is actively working to 1)outsource jobs, 2)insource via H1Bs, 3)bring in and protect illegal immigrants who will work for less, 4)limit house construction via EPA rules and zoning to the point where a worker can’t afford to live anywhere, 5)deny workers anything close to free speech, putting them on notice that any unapproved speech will get them fired.

Democrats are the anti-labor party right now.

Republicans are also against labor, but pro economy under Trump, which will eventually favor labor because of supply and demand.

Even union members aren’t fooled anymore. You should see union forums when the leaders announced support for Hillary or Democrats... open revolt!
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
evil working class whites males.

Those evil white working class males make civilization possible! Without them, the hostile ghetto rats would be scraping the dirt for a living, or just dying of sloth and foolishness.
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In this country, politics clearly trumps the law. Being on the “right” team gives one immunity. Clinton didn’t even try to hide her campaign finance takeover of the DNC. She really believed that when she was President, this would never come up, because she could quash it easily. And before she was President, her friends could quash it like they terminated all the other inquiries and litigation against her for her crimes.
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A man is fucking his fiancée and trying to get her pregnant. They are both way too fucked up in the head to be parents to anyone, let alone a helpless baby. Article summarized..
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Wait... is the author complaining that the wrong candidates are being democratically elected? And what is an authoritarian populist? Seems a contradiction of terms. If you’re an authoritarian you say my way or the highway. If you’re a populist, you say give the people what they want.
Those are opposing views, contradictory in nature. Made-up definitions like this are how the true authoritarians who are used to wielding unchallenged power attempt to wrest it back from a suddenly woke voting populace.
That’s the problem with democracy. It’s just so fucking hard to establish and maintain a totalitarian government! The people get too pissed off, and vote against you!
It must be absolutely infuriating to an elite oligarch when things don’t go Her way!
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bob2356 says
When was the hillary presidency? I missed it.

Way to take a quote out of context and try to make a stupid point. You must work for CNN.
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Unsurprisingly, Hillary's role model of a leader was Chairman Mao. We'd have Federal Communist cells working to control thought crime by now had she won.
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bob2356 says
Since we have established she is NOT president it means her friends can no longer do that quashing thing

Her friends are proving to be harder to get rid of than bedbugs at a three dollar flop house. Obama had eight years to seed the government with his cronies, and he wasn't on vacation all of that time.
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Get ready for some more Lefties eating their own! Love that!

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