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BayAreaObserver says
You forgot to mention only white countries should be allowed to vote in the General Assembly, lily white first, off white or similar considered on a case by case basis but definitely no brown people countries ever - for any reason.

Has it ever occurred to you that when black or brown people say “Make America White Again” it is a tacit admission that more white people and less colored people would make things better? Is that really the message the Congressional Black Caucus wants to send to the nation?
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This is America! If your asshole is not BLEEDING, you are not doing your part to pay for DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVENESS and the national debt will RAPE YOU EVENTUALLY! MOAR TAXES! MOAR!
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Immigration should be merit based AND relative to the unemployment level AND national home ownership. A small reserve for the true political refugees, but diverse and not all from one country like the disaster that was the Somali settlement in Minnesota.


Your proposal is fairly close, but keep this statement from TwoScoops in mind.
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Haiti has a pretty fucked up history. According to this, France first fucked 'em. Then, they came back and extorted them. Then, We invaded, took over, and subjugated the 'niggers' again. Oh, and we took all of their gold. We continued to fuck with them, organizing coups, continued to invade them twice in this century. And the UN brought them cholera.
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I agree move any funds to a IRA and just don’t participate in the scam.
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anon_08dee says
Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the House intelligence committee, and the public official who probably has the deepest and widest understanding of this scandal. On CNN Schiff recently declared: “We do know this. The Russians offered help. The campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help, and the president made full use of that help. And that is pretty damning whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a conspiracy or not.

So a top Democrat with subtle hints of “secret knowledge” says collusion happened. If it did, and he actually knows about it, why isn’t he helping Mueller? Why hasn’t Trump been impeached?

Oh right, because he’s a liar and just using his exalted position to lend weight to his lies.
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The problem with people from shitholes is that they have cultural and social issues responsible for CREATING the shitholes in which they’ve lived. When we import such people, they often bring these cultural issues along for the ride. If they settle in a group, they’ll have a chance to create new shitholes right here in America. The only way they are useful is if they drop their diseased culture for the more vibrant American culture. Otherwise they just create problems.
Unfortunately we have academics insisting that we all need to value everyone’s native culture, even if it does turn nice places into shitholes.
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bob2356 says
Like the Irish did?

Apparently you’ve never heard of how savagely the Irish were hated when they first came as immigrants. People compared them as worse than negros and gave them the shittiest work. The government drafted half of the men and got them killed on civil war battle fields. They got acculturated in time and everyone forgot that they hated Irish.
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bob2356 says

You realize that montana with 600,000 people has he same vote in the senate as california with 40 million people.The senate is a joke, a meeting of corrupt officials. Time for the senate to go away entirely it's obsolete.

That is how our Republic is formed. It’s not a perfect Democracy, but that’s intentional because mob rule is one step away from total anarchy. If you like that sort of government, I hear Somalia is nice this time of year. Perhaps you should visit?
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anon_3b28c says
Let Republicans vote against it and use that in all the 2018 midterm ads

Nice to see you’re both at 1)informed and 2)sympathetic towards DACA people.
1)Trump has vowed to veto any “clean bill” without provisions for the Wall.
2)DACA people are gone by 2018 elections and certainly by next January when newly elected Congressional reps can be sworn in... unless these reps right now make a deal.
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Tim Aurora says
He only sells it to the Russians.

You’re thinking of Ma Clinton there and her Uranium One deal.
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So lemme get this straight. He’s a racist bigot if he said it. And he’s a coward if he didn’t say it.

Libtard 101.
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As long as they baptized the corpses it is okay with the Church of Mormon!
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willywonka says
Why shouldn't it continue? it seems to have worked.

Spoken like a libtard who believes he now has the power to take things by force.
Despite not knowing any martial skills or how to correctly shoot a gun.
Those of us with those skills ALLOW people like you to live in our country. You can thank us now.
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Whatever he is, Donald Trump is the President.
Eat a dick!
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Black ghetto people get what they ask for and don’t like it? Amaze balls!
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The final say in any conflict is who can wreak the most savage violence. That’s why we spend so goddam much on our military. We ain’t never wanna lose another fight.

People with power do bad shit. This is why our Founders went to such trouble to neuter the government and make it as ineffective as possible with lots of checks and balances. All thos are playing out in living color over the past year. POTUS signs an order. Some judge bans it. SCOTUS slaps down said judge but it takes a while. Rinse. Repeat.
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He’s virtue signalling frantically whilst trying to land a new movie.
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Either she’s a liar or she’s a contract breaker. Either way I don’t give a shit.
Trump is still POTUS.
Eat a dick.
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Sweden needed a good raping just to wake it up from Libtarded dreams!
Muslim trash are just the fuckers to fuck them.
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anon_3b28c says
That's the point. Let the Republicans own the deportations of DACA folks. The media can cover little children being deported

They aren’t kids anymore.
They’re smug Nigerian actors who need a one way ticket to the shithole they came from.
Trump couldn’t do any better for his base than to deport them all.
The proposed compromise is a sheer goodwill gift. It can be easily rescinded.
Republicans can boot a million Dreamers and win even more bigly in november.
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Looks like Trump is making major gains with the black vote. Turns out they aren’t big DACA and illegal immigrant fans because that makes it easier for employers to discriminate against black workers in favor of cheaper foreign labor. So ya, while Democrats flagellate the immigrant issue, loudly claiming to have moral high ground, black voters are escaping the Democrat plantation.
Ironically, the Republican President who has been called a racist and bigot the most of any TEN Presidents combined is the one getting the best black vote.

Then again if you know your history, this makes perfect sense. Blacks began voting Democrat in the 1930s and 40s while the party was still huge KKK supporters. Why? The Democrats pushed for social safety nets and this benefitted Blacks economically. So they voted their wallet despite the Democrats being flat out fucking racist against them!
Turns out that blacks, like other ethnicities, are mainly concerned with the economy and their paychecks. And Trump is delivering on those fronts.
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Don’t worry! Dems will still get the illegal vote! And the all-important foreign country approval!
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HappyGilmore says
The weather probably doesn't hurt either. If I was going to be homeless, living somewhere where it's 70 every day sounds pretty appealing.

Nights get a bit chilly in the winter. Homeless guy on the sidewalk next to the donut shop I visited this morning. Pretty bundled up. Most of the homeless around here seem to do it as a lifestyle. I guess it must be easy?
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I think this has gone great! The shithole scandal has shed some unflattering light on sketchy Democratic policies of inviting mass numbers of third world savages who hate us and want to scam on our welfare system. Why? Because votes!

The American taxpayer needs this kind of spotlight, so please thank the corrupt media for shooting the Democrats in the face with a load of their own donkey shit!
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If Trump keeps up this level of winning, all the ghetto homies gonna get jobs and be respectable and stop voting for racist classist Democrat ideas!

Keep right on going with this, you fools! Every time Trump is denounced as a racist, it loses that much more of its meaning. In the end, people of all colors are going to vote with their wallets. And Trump is fucking great for everyone’s wallets!
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Really? Lack of fire alarms that flash? A broken piece on a stairway? Condemn it now! LOL silliness.
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I’d move except for three things.
1) I work outdoors and California has the best weather anywhere.
2) I’ve got fifteen years until I can retire on a fully funded pension. Be a shame to have to work another ten after that someplace else.
3)the wife has a decent job here.
Hopefully the place can hold together until then!
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Heraclitusstudent says
Except there is no reason for concentrations of water vapor to change - outside, of course, the extra heat coming from CO2

Hmm, I’m no meteorologist, but I’m pretty sure that things like:
All change the atmospheric water concentration.
Can you explain the mechanism by which CO2 (alone) changes the water vapor in our air?
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Hutch says
Donnie make moo

Everybody poops.
I read that book to my five year old.
Why are you so behind?
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Jesus was also a baby refugee in Egypt.
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Coastal communities prices will remain unchanged or go up slightly.
The government won’t allow another drop in prices, and certainly won’t allow another bubble to burst. Don’t bet on the fundamentals when there’s enough owned money out there to skew any economic function.
That’s what I failed to see in 2010, when I should have bought a house. But I expected it to crater further as the recession deepened, and didn’t realize the above truth until a couple years later. By then I’d missed out on at least 20% housing price growth.
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If you really believe humans are going to devastate the planet with CO2, best get to fucking work on cold fusion or some other source of limitless energy because people are not going to stop making fires. They’re just not.
And you really can’t make them.
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It takes zero critical thought to scream “racist” at someone. It also takes zero critical thought to blindly accept, parrot, and attempt to enforce whatever dogma seems to be in vogue. When the intelligent critical thinkers are being denounced as heretics, you know society has gone in the WRONG direction!
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This “Trump heart attack watch” is going to backfire like every other silly thing the TDS crowd throws at him. In response to health concerns, Trump might just make some positive changes. With no bad habits other than Ben and Jerry’s, his health is better than most at that age. If he starts eating healthier, loses a bit of weight, and exercises a few times a week, he could stoutly serve another two or three terms! (JK)
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Also, Gupta the CNN parrot is putting far too much emphasis on the BMI chart. At 29, Trump’s high BMI does not signal obesity. He’s 6’4” and the BMI chart doesn’t scale correctly for people over 5’11”. A man his height would have to look like an Auschwitz survivor to be in the “fit and healthy” range on that scale.
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Here you go, Mr. Gunn! Easily deducted from the BMI provided and this government website. Wow are you stupid! Where’s my 100 Grand?
Trump’s weight is 238 lbs! That’s quite reasonable for a man his height!
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I thought the list should be much bigger. But hey, I guess those ten were someone’s “favorites.”

Fake news media lies to us every day.
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You know what Seattle residents call the swarms of Amazon executives that plague their streets?

Got that from a real Seattle resident.

Oh and if the choice was mine I’d pick Atlanta also. Great place, taxes not too high like Boston or Chicago.
However Bezos is a super librul and so he will probably pick someplace a bit more “crunchy.”
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Movies are pretty expensive, so only really special movies get seen at the theater by my family. Or kid movies the kids really want to see.
Last year it was Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast, and the Star Wars sequel. Not sure the kids liked the last one. My five year old fell asleep. Oh and we also saw “Wonder” as that was a special movie. Everyone liked that one.