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Patrick feels intensified determination to defeat censorship.
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RC2006 says
Since she is banned on youtube.

Thanks! This is the best solution. YouTube loses traffic, Bitchute gains it.
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Yes, freedom of speech in particular.

The most important part of that video is the fact that Google doesn't want to let you see it for political reasons.

We need to unify to stop censorship.
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jazz_music says
At the core of inequality, oppression, loss of human rights, privacy, environment, international peace, civil liberties, representation, infrastructure, access to health, education, life stability, dignity in elder years, even truthful reporting about all the above IS THE RELEGATION OF RESPONSIBILITY TO OFFICIALDOM. Who have predictably exploited us, the producers of all wealth converting us in our silenced hoardes into emasculated clown slaves to be used up, exhausted as a resource and then tossed aside the moment we yeild peak benefit. Exactly the same as every other fucking commodity in the value chain.

Thanks @jazz_music I agree with you entirely on this.

Where I disagree is in who exactly the clown slaves are. I say they are the urban liberals who unwittingly defend their corporate masters by yelling Racism! Islamophobia! when the direction of their prosperity and safety is in understanding that the mass import of Mexicans serves only to force down US wages at the low end, and the mass import of Muslims inevitably results in the mass murder of non-Muslims, exactly as the Koran instructs.
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Huh, is really close to what I'm looking for, and that's what Bitchute and Peertube useto distribute videos.

The only flaw is that those sites are about sharing immutable large files like videos. I'm looking for something that can distribute forums like Heartiste, and So they need to allow rapid updates (ie, comments) of small text files (posts).

But maybe if I can read and understand the WebTorrent code (javascript!) I can adapt it to do what I want.
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Rin says

I'd even argue that if it weren't for Persia, there would have never been a renaissance because Caliphates were not into advancing knowledge. They stole from the lands they'd conquered and then later pretended that it was their own wisdom/knowledge. Ppl like Rumi and Avicenna were children of ancient Persia, not Arabs.

I was just talking to an Iranian guy who said exactly that. The Arabs copied Greek and Persian texts into Arabic, but had and still have very few intellectuals of their own.

Islam strongly discourages the independent thought necessary for science.

As does our own version of Islam: liberal intolerance. We have already seen legitimate scientific articles revoked because they were outside the liberal dogma, for example the one which pointed out that men innately show greater variability than do women.
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HonkpilledMaster says
Gonna hit up Ebay for Books written before the mid 90s. I'm also looking out for History/Science/etc. Comics, again before 1995-2000, gonna start reviewing them for other parents sometime this summer.

This seems like a great idea: ranking kids books by their propaganda content.

We also need kids books which explain how they will be misrepresented and shamed if they dare to question "what everyone knows". A modern version of The Emperor's New Clothes.
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The "Cartoon History of the Universe" books by Larry Gonick are very good too, with only a tiny amount of PC spin:
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I think I'm in love with Tulsi Gabbard. First that truth telling video about Saudi Arabia, and now this.

And she's exceptionally good looking for a Democrat.
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There was always the fear that machines would replace humans, right back to the first mechanical looms, which were destroyed by French workers with their shoes (sabot), giving us the word sabotage.

Yet here we are, 200 years later, with full employment.
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Just sayin.
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Here's more:

After dramatic and patently scripted warnings of “Iranian aggression” by bellicose US officials, there then follows – conveniently enough – an alleged sabotage incident in the Persian Gulf region implicating Iran.

The US is a puppet of Saudi Arabia. It's disgusting.

Saudi Arabia should have all of its assets expropriated and given to the relatives of the Americans it murdered on 9/11.
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It's easily explained. The NAR is the second biggest lobbyist in DC.

The first, of course, is the US Chamber of Commerce.
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Yes, that site seems pretty dodgy to me.

Though it's a good idea and the White House should really do it.
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Feminism spreads via colleges and the media, rendering millions of otherwise healthy women sterile. It is a major public health issue.
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As algorithms, violent ideologies which demand you join, pay, or die are very efficient at spreading. Both Islam and Genghis's army worked the same way.

The invading army shows up (probably because your own country has fallen into deep corruption and cannot unify to defend itself), they offer the common people the carrot of a lower tax rate for submitting (Islam mandates a flat 2.5% annual wealth tax - no tax on income, which is very appealing to the poor), and no jizya tax if one simply converts and joins the invading army.

And of course the stick is the threat of death for those who resist.
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Most sellers are afraid they will not find a buyer, or not the "best" buyer, if they don't pay the realtor vig.

And realtors definitely will avoid showing a house whose owner does not submit to their power.
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cmdrdataleak says
One wonders if the media’s reaction would have been different if it was two Trump supporters who had shot up a school.

Lol, no one can seriously wonder about that. It is an absolute certainty that the media would be screeching at max volume if it had been Trump supporters.

The mainstream media has no credibility anymore. We must all turn to alternate sources for the truth.
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Hircus says
Please allow youtube videos to go full scren

@Hircus Thanks for the suggestion. My earlier comment was wrong, and is deleted now. Wish granted, at least for videos posted from now on!

I actually had a bug where I did not have "allowfullscreen" on the list of allowed tags for the youtube iframe, so they were being stripped out of the html. You helped me fix it by asking why that didn't work.
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Yes, the old media of newspapers and TV has consistently lied about Trump, which should be clear to everyone by now, especially after the Russia hoax. They are completely dead as a source of objective news.

Their revenue was almost completely shifted to Google and Facebook, which are unfortunately also dedicated to suppressing news they don't like. Their censorship has really ramped up lately, no doubt because of the 2020 election.

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Men should absolutely avoid interacting with women at work as much as possible.

It's a simple matter of self preservation. Feminists have made the danger for innocent men much too high.
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You're right about images, and I was actually working on that today.

I'm going to let people enter external urls, and then simply upload the image to a cache on my server so that:
1. it won't break if the image goes away
2. it won't show the broken ssl lock when the external image is not from an https site
3. it's really easy for users
4. big threads with lots of external images won't bounce around when loading, because all the image sizes will be known
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Also from The Onion:

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Genghis' grandsons adopted Islam though, and ended up erasing Buddhism from India. They became the Mughals, rulers of India for a few centuries.
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Anyone who is white.
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I never understood the theology of judgement. So you die and are judged, but then there is Judgement Day, where Jesus will return in glory "to judge the living and the dead" if I remember my catechism right.

So you get judged twice, or what?
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BayArea says
we've become a bunch of self absorbed selfish pricks here in the Bay Area.

Yes, that sounds correct to me.
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The real reasons for Christian sensitivity to arcane theological issues were revenue and power. Schismatic groups would take their donation revenue and followers with them. "Donation" isn't even the right word. Lots of people were taxed by their religion. Tithing was enforced.

Islam didn't give a hoot about those Christian issues because once in power, it was extracting money and people from Christians anyway, via the jizya and via converts, or legal kidnapping of children to serve in the army or in the sultan's harem.
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BayArea says

How many times more likely is a white person to be a victim of black violence than a black person the victim of white violence?

28x or something?

@BayArea it varies by the class of crime, between 10x and infinity. The infinite case is the one of black on white rape (quite common) vs white on black rape (zero cases, amazingly).

Even if they happen to find the case of a white man who raped a black woman, the difference in rate remains stunning.

In any case, it is very obvious from the statistics that black people deliberately target white people for violence. Of course it is still a minority of black people, and so it is wrong to condemn all black people. But the truth of black anti-white racism is never spoken by the Left.
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Booger says
someone else says

I worked with some of their tech guys a few years ago and was so impressed that I bought the stock. It has done well for me.

Would you buy it at today's price?

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Kind of fun, but can't say I believe it. Predictions like that are always very vague and could match lots of things.
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And even more recently, if you consider ISIS and their capture of Yazidis as sex slaves.

Saudi Arabia didn't even make slavery illegal until 1965 or so, and there are plenty of stories about how it actually continues in an unofficial way right down to today.
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How is Roosh still online when Heartiste fell victim to the globalists?

Maybe he wasn't as much of a threat to them. In any case, more power to him.
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Women are getting exactly what they wanted.
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Trump was better in telling the truth of Islamic hatred for all non-Muslims before he got elected. "I think Islam hates us."

But then the Saudis put a gold chain on his neck, and now he's doing their bidding. The Saudis want to use the US to attack Iran for them.

Very disappointing. Especially since they were behind 9/11 and Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with it.

We should expropriate all Saudi assets in the US.
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That happened to me.
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