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  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 2:56pm PDT in Silicon valley jury fails to beleive feminazi's sob story, Dan8267 said:

    HydroCabron says

    I believe a woman who says she doesn't want children. As long as she's at least 85.

    Obviously, you've never been to Japan. Many of the women 18-40 don't want children. And to a lesser extent, the same is happening in America. More married women in U.S. aren't having children.

    It's nowhere near the predominate lifestyle, but it's a lot higher today than 40 or 100 years ago.

  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 2:34pm PDT in Silicon valley jury fails to beleive feminazi's sob story, Dan8267 said:

    turtledove says

    1) I want the bell of the ball

    2) I'm consumed by jealousy when other guys notice her, too

    Every man wants good sex with an attractive woman, but does not want her cheating on him if he's going to invest in a lifetime relationship. This makes perfect sense. Read The Dangerous Passion: Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex.

    Speaking as a man for myself -- obviously no man can speak for all men -- I would not be jealous if other men noticed my hot girlfriend or wife. I'd expect it. The whole point of beauty is that it's hereditary and we all have pretty much the same concept of it. Otherwise, beauty wouldn't be useful and worth the extraordinary costs we're willing to pay to acquire an attractive mate.

    I would be jealous if she persuade other men, but that makes sense. Similarly, it makes sense that women seek financially successful men. Children cost a lot of money to raise. I have no problem with women having that criteria as it is sensible and not contradictory like the example Patrick gave.

    turtledove says

    1) I want a woman who is smart and challenges me

    2) Her intelligence and ability to articulate ideas emasculates me

    Back when I was into long-term relationships, I pursued intelligent women exclusively. I never found intelligence in another person, man or woman, threatening or emasculating. Intelligence isn't even unique to being human. Why would it be uniquely masculine? It should, in my opinion, be universally attractive as it's never a bad thing to have.

    Now that I'm into just short-term relationships, the intelligence of a mate matters far less, but it's still not a negative. Perhaps some men react negatively to it because it's less likely that an intelligent woman will sleep with a guy who's less intelligent, so they view it as an increase risk of failure to mate. Luckily, I don't have that problem.

    turtledove says

    1) I want to be with a woman who is half my age

    2) She tricked me when after a few years she said he wants to have a family

    Those aren't contradictory statements. Not all women want to have children. Granted that biologically it doesn't matter what age your partner is if you aren't going to reproduce with her, but that's just the brain looking to satisfy its desires even when they undercut the desires of the genes.

    All men want women who's age is the following function.
    woman's age = (man's age divided by man's age) * n
    where n is some value like 16 to 22 years. That's the formula, like it or not.

    turtledove says

    Men can be just as conflicted about things.

    True, but I don't think that undermines Patrick's point that men are told two contradictory things by women and one of the is a lie. Women don't like non-competitive men. Just look at women talk about Millennial men being unambitious Peter Pans and never growing up because they lack the competitive drive and the accomplishments that come from that.

  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 2:17pm PDT in A new good reason to be anti abortion, Dan8267 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Well she's as retarded as a Liberal that want's mandatory Athiest Libinars.

    You have to be pretty fucking stupid to believe in a fictional god because a bunch of Bronze Age desert barbarians did.

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