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  • On 23 Apr 2014 in Middle class disappearing, millenials have to do porn to pay for college, Dan8267 said:

    Reality says

    Maher is making a good case proving people often become poor and desperate due to their own bad judgement

    Nice try, but the average wage in the 1950s afforded people a middle class home, a vacation home, and enough to raise 4 children on a single salary. Today, two salaries doesn't even pay for a middle class home with no children. This is despite the fact that today's workers produce six times as much wealth as their 1950s counterparts.

  • On 23 Apr 2014 in What in the fuck is wrong with you people?, Dan8267 said:

    SoftShell says

    Why should the rest of us have to pay for same sex AIDS proliferation throughout the world?

    That is one of the stupidest things ever utter by mankind. If you want to decrease the proliferation of AIDS, you should strongly encourage gays to marry each other. One, same sex marriage is monogamous. Two, nothing kills sex faster than marriage.

  • On 23 Apr 2014 in What in the fuck is wrong with you people?, Dan8267 said:

    The original definition of marriage is the wife is property traded for cattle. Here are some other ancient, Christian definitions of marriage...

    I don't give a flying fuck about how marriage worked or was defined in Bronze Age societies. The bottom line is that if our modern government recognizes any marriages as legal statuses, it must under the 14th Amendment recognize same sex marriages. Period.

    When it comes to American law, the Constitution trumps the Bible every single time.

    There is no legal justification for two men living together having to pay higher taxes than a man and a woman living together. None whatsoever.

    So tell me, exactly what rights do you bigots want to deny gays from having and why? The right to file joint tax returns? The right to spousal health insurance? The right to veteran survival benefits? There are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in Federal law alone. Exactly which ones of these should be denied because a life-partner owns a penis?

    You know what. Forget about making gay marriage legal. Make straight marriage illegal. Revoke all rights and benefits from marriage altogether and have the government recognize NO marriage. If straight married people can't share these rights with gays, then they don't deserve to have them either. A few years without these benefits will probably change their minds.

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