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  • On Tue, 3 May 2016, 4:04pm PDT in Will Sanders' supporters flock to Trump?, turtledove said:

    YesYNot says

    Will Sanders' supporters flock to Trump?

    Who is Will Sanders?

  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 9:33am PDT in Wall Streets latest housing scam, turtledove said:

    Since when is homeownership an inalienable right? If you can't afford to buy a home, you can't afford it. If you want to make housing more affordable, build more units. But they want their cakes and to eat them, too. Prices must stay sky high, but everyone, despite income, must own a home. The only way to help these low income people to become homeowners is to make housing more affordable..... Not new exotic ways of financing overblown priced units that eventually spell financial ruin at the slightest downswing to the economy.

  • On Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 6:44am PDT in Whores cry that a reduced child support of $10k a month-tax free- is not enough, turtledove said:

    Let's not forget, $10k/month is just Charlie's share of the kids' expenses. Mom is supposed to have a share of those expenses, too. Perhaps not an equal share, but a share nevertheless. How much do they think they are supposed to contribute to their own children's financial well being? Zero $$?

    As for the psychology bills for the boys, I'd be more sympathetic to Brooke's plight if she weren't the reason they are in therapy in the first place. I'm sure her drug addiction and subsequent long rehab absences have a lot to do with her sons' maladjustments. Charlie is certainly no prize, but the little guys really need their mom to be mentally present. Not saying that a guy can't raise a little one or two on his own, but it is a special talent that Charlie doesn't have. Her problems are of her own making and she failed to mother her sons as a result. Not to be all judgmental, but a good parent compensates for the failings of the other. A good parent doesn't double down on the parental failure. That's a losing bet the vast majority of the time.

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