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  • On Fri, 9 Oct 2015, 10:45pm PDT in Education secretary- Provide financial aid to illegal immigrants, turtledove said:

    Reality says

    Since having medical insurance is a legal requirement, your family being without medical insurance technically makes your family "being in the country illegally." Try apply for medical insurance under that provision, and see if you can get it.

    Open enrollment begins next month, so we should be able to get a policy that starts in January. So I've told my family not to get hurt or sick in the meantime. That should work, right? Regular sicknesses we can handle ourselves. Normally we don't self-prescribe, but one does what one has to do. If the kids have an ear infection, we'll just do what we have to do. Anyway...

    Two bad months when starting a business isn't all that unexpected. We lost insurance in July and were able to repurchase at the end of September. Not that it matters... Once I lost the policy there's no do-over option. I should probably get a temporary policy... The other possibility is that I look at a group policy under the business. You just need two people to make a group (me and my husband would meet that requirement). But then that starts getting into declaring me as an official employee... which requires wages and payroll taxes to set up properly. We're getting by these days, but I wouldn't want to add payroll taxes that we don't need to pay at this point... Just to have insurance. We'd get the payroll taxes back in April, but the point is we cannot afford to pay them now. So, we're in that place where we are getting by, which I think it pretty impressive for a business that opened at the end of April of this year, but we can't handle anything extra... We had a bit of savings when he lost his job, but much of that went to equipment to start the practice. It just sucks. We've done ten surgeries between April and September -- and been paid for two. Thank goodness for the IVF cases (which are mostly cash) or we'd be facing bankruptcy. There's no reason for the delay in payment by the insurance companies. The claims have been approved. The insurance companies just hold onto the checks. We are now at 16 surgical cases in October alone, which is a pretty good growth pattern... but that only means we won't get paid until New Years.

    The super-fun part is that we bought our house in November, 2014 (day before Thanksgiving). The previous employer who shut down their south OC location in January (one of the partners was going through a divorce and he needed to cut costs -- He actually said that) submitted a verification of employment for our mortgage just six weeks before they let my husband go. There's no way that they didn't know six weeks earlier what their plans were. So, six weeks after we closed on the house, we lost the very job used to get the mortgage approved. So, it's been a pretty stressful year. We've somehow managed to keep things together... But health insurance just wasn't one of those things. It just warms my heart to know that illegals are covered. I'll be sure to think of them when we're treating our own kids. Reproductive endocrinologists can totally do pediatrics! My kids are soooo lucky to have us as parents.

  • On Thu, 8 Oct 2015, 9:45pm PDT in Education secretary- Provide financial aid to illegal immigrants, turtledove said:

    My husband and I started our own medical practice earlier this year after he lost his job with a big clinic. We had personal health insurance for a few months, but it took longer to get things straight with the payers than initially anticipated (Like I got paid in September for a surgery that was done in April -- It's a lot harder and more brutal than you might think). One thing that fell by the wayside was our personal health insurance. I just didn't have the money to pay the premiums. And my kids cannot eat health insurance. So, we lost our policy. A couple of months later, things were going much better and I looked into how to get my insurance coverage back. What I learned is that I can't. I have to wait until the "open enrollment period." So, basically, we haven't had insurance since July. I thought, this can't be. Surely they make exceptions in cases of temporary hardship. Well, short of bankruptcy, I'm screwed. HOWEVER, I'd like to point out that one of the acceptable hardship reasons listed as "life events" that allows a person to obtain insurance outside of the open enrollment period is "being in the country illegally." I find that shocking. All I've done is work my ass off to start a business from scratch with NO forewarning, keep my home, put food on the table... and some person who is here in the country illegally has priority over me when it comes to obtaining insurance.

  • On Wed, 7 Oct 2015, 1:07pm PDT in Women piss them selves... well because they think men like to, turtledove said:

    Reality says

    I think the idea is that men get to pee standing up and without pulling pants down, so these women wanted to try on the "male privilege."

    Marinating in their own urine... they certainly showed men a thing or two... Have you all learned your lesson?

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