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  • On 29 Aug 2014 in CA-if a woman smiles, enjoys sex with you-you still raped her, turtledove said:

    rooemoore says

    but it appears she was slipped a mickey and that she had had sex.

    rooemoore says

    Both girls were mortified by the prospect of defending themselves and hearing the details of what happened.

    This is exactly the problem. The people with legitimate cases aren't the ones who are so quick to launch complaints because they are truly scarred and humiliated by what happened. Under no circumstances should the guys who did what they did to your niece and her friend have been allowed to get away with it. I am truly sorry for what happened to them.

    Unfortunately, there are plenty of young women who use the system to get back at a guy who doesn't want to commit, for example. They aren't scarred or particularly humiliated, so they have no problem telling a sordid story just to get even. In fact, they like the attention it gets them.

  • On 29 Aug 2014 in Evictions Soar in Hot Market; Renters Suffer, turtledove said:

    Can't speak for the rest of the country, but we've had a whole bunch of houses for rent in my SoCal area. They are all over 45 days, sitting empty, with huge monthly price tags attached to them ($1,000 more per month than I was seeing a year ago).

    I see that rent went up, but I'm not seeing that people are rushing to pay these prices. It's like they raised the prices because of news reports that say rents are rising... But until people actually agree to pay these rents, did rents, in fact, rise?

    I know that people don't put a lot of stock in the "rent Zestimates," but according to the rent Zestimate, these houses should be going for $1,000 to $1,500 less than they are asking. Seems like a big difference. Makes me wonder where any of these people get their numbers from.

  • On 29 Aug 2014 in Are low house prices better than low mortgage interest rates?, turtledove said:

    bubblesitter says

    Absolutely. Just think about paying fat property taxes for 40 years.

    Like they wouldn't just change the millage rate.

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