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  • On 30 Oct 2014 in One More Crisis and the Fuckers Will Have it All., turtledove said:

    Robert Sproul says

    The report found that the number of billionaires in the world has more than doubled to 1,646 since the financial crisis of 2009

    When will it start being this administration's fault?

  • On 27 Oct 2014 in 5.5 million eye giving up US citizenship-due to Obozo's FATCA, turtledove said:

    lostand confused says

    It means there are many Americans abroad who are facing hurdles to even opening bank accounts. America is the only first world country that taxes citizens even if they don't live here-subject to dual taxation treaties with individual countries.

    Lived in Ireland for several years. The only time you had to pay federal taxes (no state returns were required) was if you paid less foreign tax than what would be due in the US based on that same income. Living in Ireland, that particular scenario would never be the case, as the tax rates are substantially higher. So, we had to file a federal return, but nothing was ever due to the US government.

    Years ago, my husband got a job offer in Dubai. One of the selling points was that "you don't have to pay taxes." Unfortunately, that only works if you stop filing federal returns in the US, which is a major no-no. I think that the return requirements are trying to stop this type of situation from happening... where a person is receiving an income in another country, paying no taxes there, and paying no taxes here. As this person will still be a potential burden on the US system at some point, it's not exactly unreasonable that they pay into the very system they will some day depend on.

  • On 26 Oct 2014 in I'm Rich You're Hot..The Mathematics Of Sugar Daddy Dating, turtledove said:

    Quigley says

    Women are genetically programmed to have THEIR OWN best interests in mind. Always.

    As opposed to men who are programmed only to consider the best interests of others? Puhlease!

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