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  • On 28 Jan 2015 in Over 7 Million People Who Suffered Foreclosures Could Return to Housing Market, turtledove said:

    Rents aren't exactly the super-cheap option these days.

  • On 28 Jan 2015 in Man may be jailed for not paying child support for son who isn't his, turtledove said:

    This is certainly an example of unequal protection under the law. In ANY other context, tricking a person into paying for something under false pretenses would be considered fraud. You'd have to make restitution... Perhaps you would go to jail.

    No guy should have to pay for a child who isn't his. The person who perpetrated the fraud should suffer the same consequences of committing fraud in any other context.

    We aren't talking about insubstantial amounts of money, either. If a guy paid $500/month (which is on the low side) for 10 years on a child that isn't his, we're talking over $60k! In what other context could a person steal $60k from someone and it not be a crime? I'm unclear about how having a child acts as a shield from the law.

  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Man may be jailed for not paying child support for son who isn't his, turtledove said:

    iwog says

    The reason these archaic laws remain on the books is mostly the fault of Republicans who have changed the nature of politics from one of solving problems to one of killing government.

    You're kind of right, but for the wrong reason. It was a republican-begun set of laws... However, the purpose of these laws, initially, was to get people off the welfare rolls. By redistributing income, it meant fewer people depending on government handouts... The dems are the ones who made it a "best interest of the child" issue and really turned the screws on fathers.

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