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Your whole life is summarized by the credit card you carry.

You have your debit card,
you have your no benefit credit card,
you have your gold, platinum and black card.

My old boss and father-in-law carries the Amex Black, which inspires me to work on the same. It says a lot about yourself and what you demand of yourself. Some poeple want surf and turf, some wants caviar and Foie Goie yet some just want a full stomach.

What do you want in your wallet?

SFace's most recent comments:

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in More than $100,000 increase. Are you kidding me ??, SFace said:

    Dsdf4 says

    Wait, are you really saying that if mortgage rates went to 8%, home prices would go up?

    the ride between 3.25% to 8% wil take housing to another level.

    Interest rates rise due to market condittions (slow inflation which is always house/rent inflation). by the time you see 8% interest, (which is not possible in the short/medium term anyway), housing price will be a lot higher than today. Then it will be a shitty time to buy.

    High interest rates are always the shittest time to buy. Think (cycle) peaks of 2008, 2000 and 1990. Prices zoomed in 2003-2008, 1997-2000 and again 1987-1990. If you are waiting for high interest rate, you will be devastated.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Doubled up on FB, SFace said:

    Goran_K says

    SFace says

    The way I see it, FB can be a 40% operating margin business. If you slap a 40-50% growth for the next three years, we're talking about a 15B dollar busines with operating profits of $6B or $4B net of tax.

    lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    well, here it is about a year later


    46% operating margin and on track for 6B+ in pre-tax income. growth is 60%. I though it would take 3 years, but looks like FB will make 6B in 2014 not 2016

  • On 21 Jul 2014 in Is this thinking wrong ? Please advise, SFace said:

    leo9 says

    For ex - A house which was selling for $650k might be selling for $800k now because of interest rate. If the interest rate goes up then most likely home price will go down. If house prices goes down then the people who bought at higher price will see home equity shrinking or negative home equity. This will put lot of downward pressure.

    Is this thinking wrong ? Let assume all other factors are same - employment, flat wage, etc

    It's wrong because you are thinking textbook math vs. applied math.

    In the real world, wealth, supply, demand, yield, consumer confidence, alternatives, lending policies plays a larger role than just interest rates flux.

    plus who is to say fixed rate mortgage can't go down from here and we have low rates again next year and thereafter. The money has to go somewhere and it has nowhere to go other than equities, bonds and homes.

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