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Your whole life is summarized by the credit card you carry.

You have your debit card,
you have your no benefit credit card,
you have your gold, platinum and black card.

My old boss and father-in-law carries the Amex Black, which inspires me to work on the same. It says a lot about yourself and what you demand of yourself. Some poeple want surf and turf, some wants caviar and Foie Goie yet some just want a full stomach.

What do you want in your wallet?

SFace's most recent comments:

  • On Sat, 28 Feb 2015, 8:40am PST in Obama wants to make it easier for people to squander their 401K, SFace said:

    There is no 401k loan with no job.

    If you can't repay the loan, you get to report the income as well as pay penalty. That would make the loan as stupid as a loan shark.

  • On Fri, 27 Feb 2015, 9:26am PST in Bloomberg Financial Interview: Housing 2015 & The Truth About Demand, SFace said:

    It's not a surprise homeownership rate is down, which is quite bullish for the housing market.

    Over the past five year, SFH has been institutionalized like a mofo. companies like Waypoint, Silver Bay, American properties, Starwood are 0 properties to 10K property portfolio trading on wall-street. How may more 2K home portfolios are out there, plenty? How many 30-50 portfolios LLC's out there, huge? This bode ill for first time homebuyers.

    In the end, the only thing that can slow prices down is building and completing more new homes than that can be absorbed. That has not happened yet and which is why home prices will go up until completions go way up. The economy runs in cycle but in the end, social science tells you people compete for everything, including homes. If you can't afford it, someone else will. many factors are keeping homes off the market, the inventory number amid three years of rising prices reflect that.

    Anything based on median metric is quite useless unless everyone has the same wage and wealth and no outside factors. The median household is nearly a retiree or a single person household.

  • On Thu, 26 Feb 2015, 7:10am PST in Opinions on SODA?, SFace said:

    The product was not useful. Making your own soda taste nasty and people gave up on it. Hence revenue dropped like a mofo.

    But companies with increasing dividends are winners. So dividends can go up or down. If you get the latter , you will lose $$ just as easy.

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