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  • On 25 Oct 2014 in Hillary: 'Don't Let Anybody Tell You' That 'Businesses Create Jobs', SoftShell said:

    Agreed. Businesses should get tax breaks on profits reinvested into the company that can be shown to create jobs.

    PCGyver says

    The only way trickle down would ever work is if the government used the force of taxation to get it to trickle down. The other way has obviously failed.

  • On 25 Oct 2014 in The party of tolerance is the party of hypocrisy, SoftShell said:

    That evidence has been on the net for a long time now.
    Pretty sickening...

    Call it Crazy says

    sbh says

    and generally making a jackass of yourself.

    ...Says the guy posting pedophile and child molesting pictures....

  • On 25 Oct 2014 in The party of tolerance is the party of hypocrisy, SoftShell said:

    In other words: Republicans vote against most democratic bills due to the fact harry reid will not allow republican bills to be voted on at all. Democrats don't want Republicans to be able to point to any successful legislation come election time.

    If reid would let all legislation be voted on, as the system was designed, republicans would have had their say whether the bills passed or not, and you would not see this magnitude of obstruction.

    "The president is fond of referring to the House as the ‘do-nothing Congress.’ But we have 352 reasons why it’s a ‘do-Nothing Senate.’

    "352 bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, awaiting action.

    "98 percent of them passed with bipartisan support -- Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation.

    "50 percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition.

    "70 percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support in the House.

    "And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats.

    "352 bills. Why won’t Harry Reid act? These are good bills; bills that put the American people back to work, put more money in hardworking Americans pockets, help with education, and skills training. We call upon Harry Reid to get to work before he adjourns in August to pass some of these bills. The American people deserve better."


    Dan8267 says

    Republicans vote against what they themselves believe is good for the country because they are willing to hurt the country to make government dysfunctional.

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