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  • On 23 Apr 2014 in Idiots who can't read, SoftShell said:

    It's about personal responsibility.
    Why should anyone subsidize anyone elses sexual behavior?
    If they choose to have sex, they should bear the responsibility, not anyone else.

    Homeboy says

    gsr says

    ACA exacerbated the problem. It added a bunch of mandatory freebies with insurance. There is a difference between mandatory cancer coverage and free birth control pills for everyone.

    So your big problem with ACA is that it requires insurance to cover birth control pills for women. All right, I think I get where you're coming from now. Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant, eh?

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in The happiest profession is being independently wealthy, SoftShell said:

    Then explain your presence here...

    Rin says

    I don't believe that Ellison will want to meet with anyone, and I include myself in that category, as an intellectual equal or superior.

    Rin says

    The Darwins, Maxwells, and so forth ... don't mingle with the stupid types from the Hamptons

  • On 17 Apr 2014 in need advice from you awesome PatNetters, SoftShell said:

    Car washes. Invest in publically owned carwashes.
    The middle class is extinct.
    Only the richens and guttersnipes remain.
    Latter washes formers luxery sedans.
    All the time. Every day.

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