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  • On 21 Aug 2014 in Patrick.net Anti-Hillary Coalition of the Unwilling to see her be President, HEY YOU said:

    Vote Democrat or Republican. Everyone has the right to vote against their best interest.

  • On 21 Aug 2014 in We say goodbye to CallItCrazy, HEY YOU said:

    Who needs a vibrator when Democrats & Republicans will gladly tear one a new asshole. They've become very proficient.

  • On 20 Aug 2014 in How would you respond to this police officer?, HEY YOU said:

    Call it Crazy says

    HEY YOU says

    "You can bet I will give you my point of view based on my Constitutional Rights."

    We're still waiting.........................................................

    I'm Back.

    " The views presented here are his own and do not represent the LAPD or CTU." Just another troll?

    "..a professor of homeland security." What was he doing on 9-11

    Who does this idiot thinks pays his salary? He's just a socialist govt, employee taking tax dollars,healthcare & a pension(for 17 years?). He needs to get a grip on reality & I would tell him who he works for .He nothing special,just an employee that can be replaced. True Americans don't have Big Govt. jobs. They are successful in the Free Market.If he doesn't like being told about the Big Govt. teat or his work environment, he can quit.

    I really don't give a damn about whether he can handle the truth.
    I will argue & tell him what I think anytime I choose but I wouldn't YELL. I've heard that we have something called Freedom of Speech.If he doesn't like what I say, I'm never bothered by anyone's tender sensibilities. The Constitution trumps what any of my govt. employees thinks.
    I don't have to aggressively approach him, the truth will put him in his place.So I'm not bothered by his vague threats.

    I'm invoking my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.I want my attorney. In other words the 5th is saying "Shut the fuck up ,cops."

    The minute I read this article I wondered if it was an attempt to gain notoriety. Must be working. My comment is #77.

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