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  • On 21 Dec 2014 in Change you can believe in...., HEY YOU said:


    Gina McCarthy-a Democratic appointee.

    PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch said:

    “This is a public health policy only Dr. Strangelove could embrace. If this typifies the environmental leadership we can expect from Ms. McCarthy, then [the] EPA is in for a long, dirty slog.”

    “No compelling justification is offered for increasing the cancer deaths of Americans innocently exposed to corporate miscalculations several hundred-fold.”

    I guess that an increase in radiation exposure other than an emergency is OK?

  • On 21 Dec 2014 in Rep/Con/Teas, letting this happen to a white man?, HEY YOU said:

    CL says

    Yeah! You can't trust the Dems or Rs, so you can only vote for a charlatan!

    Charlatans already run the guberment.

  • On 21 Dec 2014 in Rep/Con/Teas, letting this happen to a white man?, HEY YOU said:

    mell says

    These titles are getting old. This has nothing to do with party affiliation, in fact the Feds made many more brutal raids on raw dairy farmers and weed growers/dispensaries under Obama and (place-)holder than they did under Bush. If you really want Liberty and fairness, you cannot vote Democrat or mainstream Republican - you have to vote Libertarian. Rand Paul may currently be the only electable potential presidential candidate in the US.

    "These titles are getting old." Ignore them & don't comment.
    What's getting old is the the hypocrisy on the Right wing. They need to remove that huge target on their backs. Why aren't they marching it the streets to stop these travesties?

    Screw Democrats.

    So how long did Ron Paul hold a Big Govt. job with tax funded salary,pension,healthcare & the benefit of insider trading, etc.? It's on the web.

    It"s great that Libertarians don't use any of the infrastructure funded by BIG GOVT. REDISTRIBUTION,SOCIALIST PROGRAMS.
    Hypocrites are breeding.

    Sheeple,please continue to vote for those in the big club & those that want to become members.

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