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When you're one step ahead, people call you Genius....

When you're two steps ahead, people Call you Crazy.....

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  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Actually Fixing Our Economy, Call it Crazy said:

    ....It is simply this: We must stop and reverse the financialization of all areas of our economy.

    What am I speaking of in this regard? The increasing acceptance by us in being sold a payment instead of a price.

    You may not have noticed it but virtually everything nowdays is sold this way. And unlike the various perverse games that are played in Washington DC to screw you in one form or another this one is completely under your control; no President, Senator or Representative can force you, at gunpoint, to acquiesce.

    Of course houses are the worst offenders in this regard. That's how we wound up with the housing bubble -- financialization. And it's how we'll get screwed again and again until we stop it, because as soon as you allow this sort of manipulation to take place in something as essential as housing (or transportation) you are going to get reamed by it no matter whether you participate or not.

    No, you don't "win" by participating while others "lose." You all lose because you overpay.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Bay Area Obamacare mystery: Where are the patients?, Call it Crazy said:

    curious2 says

    I won't call you crazy

    You better not call her that.....

    We're not related....

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in #1 Cause of Death,, Call it Crazy said:

    bob2356 says

    I very much doubt cic knows a "bunch" of special ops people.

    New Renter says

    Well he may know people who claim to be special ops:

    So much speculation from clueless people... Like you have ANY idea who I know or where I've been....

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