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When you're one step ahead, people call you Genius....

When you're two steps ahead, people Call you Crazy.....

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  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Senate approves short sale tax break, Call it Crazy said:

    HEY YOU says

    Rep/Con/Teas love tax breaks of any kind.

    Apparently, so do the Libbies...

    Call it Crazy says

    Senate passed by a vote of 76-16.

    Call it Crazy says

    the House of Representatives passed by a 378-46 margin.

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Top Trolls, Call it Crazy said:

    CDon says

    Even more amazing, in the space of little more than 2 years, the captain & CIC have somehow vaunted from under CLs 380 to well over 12K each, with CIC blowing the doors off everyone breeching the 14K dislike plateau.

    david1 says

    Honestly Patrick, I am going to have to come to the defense of the "most disliked" on here.

    I can't help but notice the majority of these guys have a well known right leaning skew on their views and posts. Not everything these guys say is trolling.

    What this means to me, honestly, is there are a bunch of liberals on here who find it neccesary to "dislike" everything posted by one of these guys.

    And fellow liberals that feel the need to "dislike" everything you disagree with and "ignore" everyone you don't agree with:
    Grow a pair and embarass these guys with logical arguments supported with facts. Don't click "dislike" and feel like that shows anything.

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Conservative Torture Lovers Based Policy on TV Show 24, Call it Crazy said:

    Dan8267 says

    I guess I'm too ignorant

    FINALLY, you're recognizing that!!

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