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When you're one step ahead, people call you Genius....

When you're two steps ahead, people Call you Crazy.....

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  • On 24 Jul 2014 in there you go...june existing home sales, Call it Crazy said:

    Strategist says

    New home sales come out Thursday 10.00am. I think the numbers will be awesome.

    Yep, they're definitely awesome!!!

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The sales pace of new single-family homes dropped in June to a three-month low, according to government data released Thursday that may add to worries over the housing market’s recovery.

    The U.S. Commerce Department reported that sales of new single-family homes fell 8.1% in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 406,000, with drops across the country.

    June’s result missed expectations from economists polled by MarketWatch, who had forecast a rate of 475,000, compared with an originally estimated pace of 504,000 for May. On Thursday, the government reported a sizable downward revision for May, estimating a pace of 442,000.

    New-home sales in June were down 11.5% from a year earlier.


  • On 24 Jul 2014 in there you go...june existing home sales, Call it Crazy said:

    SubOink says

    Logan - You talk a lot but aren't saying anything.


    SubOink says

    It seems you are the chart master but thats just analyzing what is currently happening.

    Maybe you should take a course in remedial economics and chart reading and you would understand the data...

    SubOink says

    We can't seem to get a clear prediction from you. Are you a politician?

    Predictions are like opinions and assholes, everybody has one... NOBODY can predict the future, specially in these economic conditions. YOU need to look at the data and your own personal situation and make a decision...

    Anyone who makes a decision to purchase a house based on what they read on an anonymous Internet forum deserves exactly what they get...

  • On 24 Jul 2014 in More than 10 million Americans helped by Obamacare, so far, Call it Crazy said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    So basically you're saying 1 in 5 Americans are racists?

    Well, sort of:

    In other categories, the gap between better off and worse off is larger. In just one demographic group, nonwhites, is the group of those who say they are better off, 29 percent, bigger than the group who say they are worse off, 17 percent.

    Can you say Medicaid???

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