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When you're one step ahead, people call you Genius....

When you're two steps ahead, people Call you Crazy.....

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  • On 23 Apr 2014 in New Home Construction Plunges- Got Housing Recovery?, Call it Crazy said:

    Tim Aurora says

    Read the whole comment and not just a part of it. The first part said, that until the existing homes are priced above the replacement cost

    Read your comment... How much growth does it take??

    Tim Aurora says

    The house prices , which normally trace inflation have gone over the roof ( think 30% to 50% in the last 3 years).

    If that rise in existing house prices doesn't drive someone to look at NEW houses, nothing will (except LACK of wages)...

  • On 23 Apr 2014 in Who clicks enough internet ads to give Facebook $642 million in 3 months?, Call it Crazy said:

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Once advertisers realize the fraud, fakebook is due for a fall.

    Maybe somebody inside knows that too...

    Facebook says CFO is stepping down

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Facebook Inc. FB +3.49% on Wednesday announced that Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman is stepping down. He will be replaced by David Wehner, currently the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company's vice president for corporate finance. Ebersman will stay with the company through September to ensure a smooth transition. In a statement, Ebersman said, "This has been a tough decision because Facebook is such a great company and has such a bright future ahead, but I've decided to move back into healthcare where I spent my career before Facebook.

    Translation: I'm fleeing before I get skinned alive...


  • On 23 Apr 2014 in The Fed Tapers into a Recession, Call it Crazy said:

    smaulgld says

    Another poor month of housing and job numbers and the Fed might reconsider their taper

    I don't know.... The Trillions in QE already spent has got us to where we are now.... Basically no where (except a propped up stock market)

    Doesn't seem to be helping...

    They're going to have to look into their bag of tricks for a different solution...

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