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All Your Base are Belong to Trump

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  • On Thu, 5 May 2016, 6:49pm PDT in Brand new CNN poll gives Clinton biggest lead ever, thunderlips11 said:

    Nate Silver, circa August 2015 - detailing exactly how Trump would peter out and drop out.

    Donald Trump’s Six Stages Of Doom

    Months later, in December, he updated his post expressing confidence that as the primary season approached, Trump would self-detonate.

  • On Thu, 5 May 2016, 6:19pm PDT in Brand new CNN poll gives Clinton biggest lead ever, thunderlips11 said:

    PS Nate Silver's formerly great run and current failings is a great example of "The Trend is Your Friend Until It Ends" and why algos are limited and never universally applicable.

    No ding on him and his method - it's simply not applicable this season, where we could be facing the end of an epoch of the current political system.

    He's not just been wrong on Trump, but also on Bernie in both Michigan and Indiana, for example.

  • On Thu, 5 May 2016, 6:15pm PDT in The Story of Your Enslavement, thunderlips11 said:

    The proper mix is about 70 or 60 and 30/40 Capitalism and Socialism, leavened with healthy nationalism that's based on celebrating achievements.

    One thing we need to do immediately is provide a national employment agency for people receiving unemployment, matching laid off workers with employers. If employers keep rejecting qualified applicants on spurious grounds, or attempt to repeatedly low ball by offering well below average wages, they pay a fine. To get an Work Visas, companies should be required to go through the process of being matched with qualified employees, and if they get more than 5 matches, they cannot insource a foreign worker. One of the 5 will be a good match, otherwise they are being hyperfinicky or an attempting to practice labor arbitrage.

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