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  • On 12 Apr 2014 in US Bans The Import Of Russian Vodka, thunderlips11 said:

    Oh, and our top export to China? Soybeans.

    The next one is Civilian Aircraft, but how much of that is Boeing packing up and shipping factories to China? That counts as an export, btw.

  • On 12 Apr 2014 in "Cosmos" irritates the God-botherers, thunderlips11 said:

    Jesus, that was delicious.

    The indoctrination of children is the primary issue. It should be a human right for children to have NO religious education prior to 18.

    And it is indoctrination. Religions know this and fight secular education, knowing the only way they can maintain control and followers is to have as many kids indoctrinated as possible. "It's our freedom as parents to poison our kids minds with Invisible Sky Daddies who will punish them for thinking about masturbating."

    People will laugh at the idea that there is a bearded Viking in the sky who wields a Hammer.

    But they will cry and howl and donate money over a Jewish Carpenter who also wielded a hammer and ascended into the sky.

    What difference is there? None really. Both have holy books - if anything the Prose Edda is more verifiable since we know who wrote it - Snorri Sturluson - a Christian Bishop, so a hostile witness. Compare that to the anonymous or contested authorship of both the OT and NT. Theologians even debate what letters ascribed to Paul are actually Pauls and not forgeries. Luther himself thought Hebrews dubious.

  • On 12 Apr 2014 in US Bans The Import Of Russian Vodka, thunderlips11 said:

    The biggest exporter of arms is the US by a fair sight.


    And the US is most certainly Imperialist in a neo-colonial, open-your-borders to let Bechtel and Citigroup to buy any and everything it wants, or you're a rogue nation sort of way.

    Oh, and of course, bad commercial paper like subprime mortgages tranches.

    Remember, every time a rustbelt factory closes and all the equipment is packed up and sold to a Chinese company at a liquidation or buyout sale, it counts as "Industrial Equipment and Machinery" exports.

    "Industrial Supplies" includes Nat Gas, Oil, Scrap Metal, etc.

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