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  • On Wed, 4 May 2016, 10:06am PDT in Protestors dispute Trump's claims about Mexicans, BayArea said:

    This is what strikes me...

    At the time the northern CA republican convention was going on in Burlingame, there were still 5 nominees (since then Cruz and Kasich dropped out). With so many options, why not focus your energy on supporting your favorite candidate?

    I have no problem with protesting, which is meant to bring some topic to light that may not be known by the masses. But other than stirring up trouble, what good did the CA protests do?

    Also, I keep hearing Donald Trump is a racist. Can someone who agrees with that statement explain to me how they come to that conclusion? I hear it every single day here in the Bay Area.

  • On Wed, 4 May 2016, 9:29am PDT in For Patrick, How Would you Describe This Site if Someone Asked You..., BayArea said:

    Patrick says

    it's an uncensored anonymous forum.

    i hope to make it pleasant to use while still maintaining everyone's right to speak and to draw a following for their ideas. i especially want to people to have a place to say things they cannot say in person because of family or work or school pressure to conform to the politically correct opinions in their area.

    i'm still happily renting, but would consider buying if i could find a reasonable deal on a place i like.

    Patrick, great summary and now it makes more sense to me. I like the theme you lay out. Is there a reason you don't advertise the site's purpose in some sort of a header, or do you intentionally limit traffic to some degree by avoiding laying out the site's purpose (maybe word of mouth attracts more "quality" members)?.

    I will say that I do like having the housing hashtag available that still covers that topic, as that remains my main interest here (especially with the Bay Area focus). I find it interesting that even with redfin, zillow, trulia, and other forums, I still considered p.net the premier real estate related site out there during previous years.

  • On Tue, 3 May 2016, 2:05pm PDT in Realtor gets insulted, BayArea said:

    jvolstad says

    Is that all it cost to wear the R pin? Cheap

    Costco pizza and NAR membership still remain the best deals in town in 2016.

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