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  • On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, 5:26pm PST in Second Gen Muslim Immigrants: No German Friends, they are disgusting, Mick Russom said:

    Its in the book. taqiyya and kitman.

  • On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, 5:25pm PST in , Mick Russom said:

    Better hope not. The middle class will have a real tough time getting/keeping jobs if things do that south.

  • On Wed, 13 Jan 2016, 5:24pm PST in Ten Reasons It's A Terrible Time To Buy An Expensive House, Mick Russom said:

    conservativethinker says

    - Silicon Valley will always be the center of innovation, that is not going to change. No other part of the world is going to replace or come close to us here.

    Its fading, and fading fast. The real nasty issue these days is that even with successful exits 90%+ of the employees get pretty pathetic payouts. I knew several people who exited when VMware bough Nicira. Unless your employee ID number was single digits or you were an investor, you got less than a downpayment for a house. Then.

    At this point the kind of downpayments needed here you buy cash or close to it somewhere else and sit on unemployment off and on and you'll have a better quality of life than the SF bay area. Bay area has the highest rates of sleep disorders, low vitamin D, thyroid disorders and in certain places cancer. You are signing up to work to death and get little in return. And if you have kids here, hahahaha, every startup I've ever worked at past 15 years is 80-90% foreign born and natives are almost never from the local area, exceedingly rare. So you are pretty much guaranteed your kids will be raised poorly by living here unless you are loaded and can afford nannies (surrogate parent) and private schools. And good chances then you will get a druggie.

    This area is a mind-rape machine. Nothing more. Exploiting the best and brightest not to cure cancer or make super-cheap energy or fix up pollution and figure out how to grow and farm great food super cheap. Nope. They are making new ways to shovel ads in our faces and spy on us.

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