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  • On 25 Sep 2014 in Poor people are good at explaining their failures, CL said:

    Peter P says

    CL says

    Yes. So if the game were "I am King, and therefore have all the riches. You are not, therefore you do not", then everyone who was not King would not be so due to their own lack of ambition?

    But that is not capitalism, is it? ;-)

    They can also be "kings" in their domain. Or even kingmakers. Labels only go so far.

    You believe that we live in a meritocracy? The point of the King analogy, is that there is limited capacity for jobs and goods. You can distribute them to one person, 1000 people, or to everyone to varying degrees. If you can acknowledge that one man having everything is wrong, then is 2 better? 200 Million? What does the scale look like in a good economic system?

    What makes you think that where we are at on the scale is good enough? That somehow we landed on the right way to distribute goods?

    Hardworking people can't afford to buy the goods they make. Others can't even afford basic shelter. Still others can't even get a job.

    Try harder! There are chairs for you!

  • On 25 Sep 2014 in Most employers say minimum wage should be increased, CL said:

    carrieon says

    tvgnus says

    Most employers say minimum wage should be increased

    Employers can pay any wage now above the minimum they desire. I don't understand whose approval they need, as this title implies?

    They want a level playing field for the employer. If employers have all the leverage (and they do), they can pay very low wages(and they do). Higher wages are more fair and moral than the current minimum, but if the good employer does it, they are at a competitive disadvantage.

  • On 24 Sep 2014 in Scotland, fuck yeah!, CL said:

    zzyzzx says

    No mention of how the media said the election would be close but actual election was a 10 point difference?

    That's easy. It was Republican pollsters.

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