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  • On 28 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of super right wing posts lately?, CL said:

    Dan8267 says

    The grandchildren of the vocal conservatives of today will pretend that their grandparents were liberals who supported minority rights including gay marriage

    Hahah. But of course. And if ACA works, it will be BECAUSE it is a conservative idea! You've unlocked the mystery---they are always on the right side, after having been on the wrong side in the history books.

    Because, you see, history books are written by lefty pinheads who promote homosexuality.

    And if the economy is bad under a Republican, it is due to the Democrat before him. If the Democrat is from a generation ago---no problem, he is to blame anyway!

    If a Democrat has a lousy economy, it is entirely his fault, even if it is terrible on inauguration day. Because, ya know, the markets were reacting to a Democratic victory in ADVANCE of the election! Maybe even YEARS before the election!

    ***Ultimately, it was the ending of redlining that caused this mess, because you should be allowed to fuck over black people! It's in the Constitution! Liberty!****

    And remember, it was REPUBLICANS who supported Civil Rights, and freed the slaves. Which also was NOT necessary (because they would have been freed anyway because of capitalism or something). And Had it not been for the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln, who didn't really care about black rights, then the obviously good outcome would have been even better if conservatives had ruled entirely! And Lincoln was not a Liberal, but Hoover was.

    So, you know, the gays.

  • On 28 Jul 2014 in What is up with the rash of super right wing posts lately?, CL said:

    Dan8267 says

    Even when it comes to "gun rights", they believe that certain people shouldn't have guns, namely scary blacks, but that they should have this privilege and it should be unassailable.

    That's why I like to post this.

  • On 28 Jul 2014 in Violent Crime Rises And Falls With Black Population, CL said:

    The Original Bankster says

    Margeret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood was an outspoken Eugenicist

    And the Republican Party were early supporters of Planned Parenthood. Maybe they were only in it for the eugenics?

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