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  • On 23 Apr 2014 in What in the fuck is wrong with you people?, CL said:

    FortWayne says

    Dan8267 says

    Remember, someday your boss might be gay.

    I don't have a boss now, and I sure as hell don't plan on getting one.

    Then it almost certainly will be an offspring. My god is hilarious like that.

  • On 23 Apr 2014 in Idiots who can't read, CL said:

    SoftShell says


    It's about personal responsibility.

    Why should anyone subsidize anyone elses sexual behavior?

    If they choose to have sex, they should bear the responsibility, not anyone else.

    Then why subsidize fat people, smokers, congenital defects, sexually transmitted infections, non-sexually transmitted infections, diseases from overseas travel, workplace illness, and on and on?

    YOU chose to travel, you got a blood transfusion (I'm looking at YOU, Ryan White!), you chose to work in a coal mine, you chose to drink that West Virginia tap water! Why should I pay?

    Why not just require everyone to keep 1 million + in a bank account for a rainy day. Why can't we forbid insurance contracts to exist if this is a free-market????

  • On 23 Apr 2014 in Which of the following cities are best to live/work in?, CL said:

    Thanks for the details, DH. Nothing on Walnut Creek? Too bland?

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