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  • On Mon, 30 Mar 2015, 4:46pm PDT in Surviving Spouse Questions:, CL said:

    Thanks for the help. All good questions and points. I'll discuss it with the POA person.
    He was a fairly organized and orderly old conservative. But you still turn over some interesting rocks, and it hasn't even been a week. Call it Crazy says

    The toughest part (for the POA) is going in and trying to unravel all this financial stuff. We had to do it for my brother-in-law that died unexpectedly and I went through in with my father's estate last year... It's not fun...

    And that's why I'm trying to help in any way I can. I don't even her! Thanks again. Feel free to throw any random remembrances in here if the mood strikes you.

  • On Mon, 30 Mar 2015, 1:59pm PDT in Surviving Spouse Questions:, CL said:

    Thanks. I wonder if there are mistakes people make in the Death Certificates, paying for the funeral (are there VA benefits to be aware of?), or Social Security?

    I guess with SSA, you likely need to make an appointment and bring a cert. They've seen more than a few people die before I reckon.

    It seems like if I can space out visits from the maids, MOW, and her Physical therapist it might give her good welfare/safety-check coverage.

  • On Sat, 28 Mar 2015, 8:42am PDT in The Most Important Talk on Drug Use You Will EVER Hear, CL said:

    Of course the drug war is conservative. Curious has conflated Democrats with "liberal". Insofar as the Democratic party has problems, it comes from either acquiescing or adopting conservative positions for political expediency.

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