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  • On 19 Oct 2014 in How dentists rip you off, CL said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    They gas you and fuck your face and charge you for all sorts of shit they don't do.


    And THEN you need the orthodontist work, Turtledove.

  • On 15 Oct 2014 in CIO/CTO/CFO/CEO, CL said:

    Thanks Rin. Are the above true even if the company is not a tech producer or a start-up?

  • On 13 Oct 2014 in In defense of Obama, CL said:

    marco says

    Now even Rolling Stone wants to blow Obama.

    And NPR is the official War Radio Station - love the puff pieces on the "noble service" our war criminals are performing in Afghanistan, etc.

    It's over, folks. Get used to it.

    KPFA calls NPR "National Pentagon Radio" for that reason. They're not liberal, the Republicans just like to work the refs and fuck with everyone's funding.

    Because the GOP is made up of petulant assholes.

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